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Thread: Metal Music Is Dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terminus View Post
    Metal music is sheer barbarism, along the lines of atonal music (which has been systematically catered to by Jewry).
    I'm sure you have heard about the Solfeggio theory, which shifted all notes from the way they sounded once upon a time to what we are used to today. You would have to "learn" listening/understanding the language of the music just as one today has to "learn" listening/understanding Extreme/Black Metal. It's not "Easy Listening" and it's not intended to be.

    Only talking about Black Metal (or generally extreme Metal stuff, not Pop Music like Iron Maiden, Europe, AC/DC, Metallica etc), there's an attempt to reconnect to the archaic soul / archetypes (in a Jungian sense), which you confuse for "barbarism". It's not entertainment, many bands compose their songs with the goal of a cathartic effect, first for themselves, then for the listener, who's willing to engage with what is offered, or in a broader sense a "meditative" approach.

    I challenge you to listen to the album I posted above, Antimateria. If you dare, let it flow, become receptive, be surprised by the beautiful melodies, be carried away by the dreamy nature, the darkness, the yearning, and at the end, you can tell me what this album is about. It's in Finnish, so there's no chance to get an idea from the words, but it is all emotions and if there's something of your Jungian archaic soul awake, you will still get what the point is, because you will feel it.

    Then again, maybe not. Because the archaic soul embraces the darkness, it explores the dark corners of one's soul and mind, your own demons, wrath, hate, violence, all the "dark" things that one is otherwise asked to reject, bury, ignore or fight. But they are still part of everyone, they are part of the holistic human soul. To reject these things and replace them with an impossible ideal of a "faultless" human being who is always light and happy is disillusioned. The Übermensch is born from pain and blood and violence and barbarism, not from a "saint"
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