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Thread: Migrant Brutally Kicks Puppy In Belly And Tries To Rape Woman Swedish Police Unavailable

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    Migrant Brutally Kicks Puppy In Belly And Tries To Rape Woman Swedish Police Unavailable

    A woman who was subjected to a rape attempt could not get in contact with police, Swedish media report.

    On Thursday, the woman was walking her puppy in the town of Deje, near Karlstad, when she was attacked.

    Police say the woman was called by a man described as: Someone with a language the woman could not understand.

    The man followed the woman for a long time and became increasingly intimidating. At a pond, he attacked her and went to attack the dog.

    He purposefully went towards the puppy and kicked her hard in the belly so the young dog flew through the air, says the woman.

    The man succeeded in getting the woman to the ground, sat over her and tore her clothes. However, she managed to free herself and beat the man with her mobile phone.

    After the assault, the woman called the police via 114 14 and was placed on hold. Since it took so long she phoned emergency number 112 but was referred to 114 14 again and was placed again on hold.

    Due to her long wait, she went to bed because she was tired and shocked by the incident.

    During the day Friday, the woman was in central Deje after a visit to the health centre where her injuries were checked. There she saw a police car and informed them of the incident on Thursday.

    The next day police investigated the crime scene and regret that the woman was unable to reach them by phone.

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