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Thread: Muslims Would Not Tolerate Multiculturalism in Islamic Countries -Top Academic:

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    Quote Originally Posted by jagdmesser View Post
    Islam's strategies and goals are not hidden. Islam orders Muslims:
    to hate, kill (Jihad),
    subjugate (Dhimmitude), rape (have sex with what your right hand possess, that is slave),
    deceive (Taqiya) and extort money (Jizya) from non-Muslims.
    Islam ALSO orders Muslims to emigrate to spread Islam (Hijra).

    That’s how islamic expansion and conquest has worked for 1400 years.

    Why is that our leaders and our peoples refuse to comprehend this and acknowledge this?
    Liberals are fundamentally at war with reality. Instead of having the decency to just get themselves killed like delusional idiots in the past
    these people decide their so important they get to take the rest of us for the ride as well. They're NPCs the media tells them that its racist
    to notice these things so they just refuse to acknowledge it. They're the walking soul dead.

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    West needs to wake up to Islam’s real danger now

    Other than a massive drain on the economies of their host nations, Muslims have produced nothing of consequence.

    Europe had a chance to solve a problem before it became one. To a lesser degree, so did the United States. Rather than close the barn door before the horse escaped however, the West chose to leave it wide open, while, for the most part, many of our leaders still think it is closed.

    Apologize for it or not, Islam is a “real and present danger” to our Western way of life. Writing in “The Quadrant Online,” Peter Smith accurately notes that

    “Those who hold to (Islam), however intrinsically peaceful they happen to be, are part of the problem. Apologists and appeasers are also part of the problem.(emphasis added) Unless things change and the will to fight rediscovered, it is only a matter of time before we are swept away into the dustbin of history.”

    Thank you, Merkel and Obama.

    For the immediate past, since 9/11/01, the West has been moving helter-skelter toward a land fill we once called home, a place where civilization thrived despite its differences and ideological perspectives. No more. The fox has been given a free pass into the hen house and solutions are infinitely more complex than they once were.

    Muslims continue to pour into Europe as the tent grows ever larger. Meanwhile, Islamic contributions to their new societies are, as they have been in their own environments for 14 centuries, virtually nil. Other than a massive drain on the economies of their host nations, Muslims have produced nothing of consequence.

    CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, supposedly a media giant who is certainly well paid for his insights, posed the thought that the recent attack in Barcelona might have been a “copycat” of the violence in Charlottesville.

    Using that logic, then every terrorist incident since September 11, 2001 could have been dismissed as a “copycat” of those attacks on the U.S. In other words, hundreds, if not thousands, of terror events, mostly carried out by followers of Islam, were merely “copied”; the Bali nightclub, the Boston Marathon, Charlie Hebdo, London’s bridges, Berlin Christmas Market, Madrid’s railway station and on and on.

    As Muslim populations increase, so too do their ghettos. Other than terrorism, Islamic ghettos are the biggest contribution to Western society. Add in Sharia Law and you have a recipe for disaster.

    But seemingly, we are too busy with concerns about Donald Trump’s pardons, his deals with the Russians and the size of Kim Kardashian’s butt to care.

    “And the answer apparently, is beefed up surveillance and security, inconveniencing law-abiding grannies at airports and de-radicalization programs designed to dissuade Islamic youths from obeying the words of Allah and killing infidels. To wit, us. Hands up anyone who thinks any of this will provide an enduring solution for a fourteen-century old problem, argues Peter Smith.

    How long does this have to go on before the West becomes pro-active instead of reactive?

    No civilized 21st-century society endorses war or the loss of innocent lives. Clearly, negotiation is a better alternative. But what can anyone do when negotiations are impossible and the enemy chooses only random violence as a solution to their so-called grievances?

    Is Europe smothering under the weight of an Islamic invasion?

    Unpalatable as it may be, the West must stop catering to Islamic ideologies based upon making everyone equal. Appeasement is not the answer.

    Time and again we hear, especially after a major attack, that “not all Muslims are terrorists. Most Muslims are peaceful.” So what?

    The majority of terrorist attacks are carried out by Muslims following an antiquated 14-century ideology. Quantifying how many are “good” compare to how many are “bad” does nothing to resolve the true problem.

    In fact, in the eyes of a true Islamist, a “good Muslim” is, in reality, a “bad Muslim” and vice versa.

    The Koran is nothing more than a guidebook. It is a blueprint for Muslim societies about how to live their lives as recorded by a madman 14 centuries ago.

    If the West continues to refuse to find the cojones to recognize the problem and to fight back, it is only a matter of time before we completely lose the identities and freedoms we have cherished for so long.

    Some say Europe is already lost. If so, thanks to closed minds, political correctness, and appeasement, the United States is likely too close behind.

    About the Author: Bob Taylor is a veteran writer who has traveled throughout the world. Taylor was an award winning television producer/reporter/anchor before focusing on writing about international events, people and cultures around the globe.

    The West needs to wake up to Islam's real danger now , 28 Nov 2018.

    An ABSOLUTE NO to Anymore Immigration: africoon, muslim or asian

    IMMEDIATE Deportation of those already here.

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    While a danger may exist, it seems the bigger threat is not from the refugees or immigrants themselves, but those in political power of the country who put into practice suicidal policies. For example, the fact that a "no-go" zone can become established is a larger threat than whatever ideals are represented inside of it.

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