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Thread: The Politically Incorrect Truth

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    The Politically Incorrect Truth

    Good questions that will never be reasonably answered by Cultural Marxists:

    I wonder why whites are always considered racist, unless they express guilt concerning their racial accomplishments, and no other race is. In fact, the trendy term, ‘rich’ is almost always used to describe Hispanic, African, or Asian cultures.

    There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab
    Americans, etc. And then there are the Americans of European descent who conquered, settled, and developed America with God, Guns, Guts, and their unsurpassed technology-based culture. However, when nonwhites pass whites on the street, they sneer in our direction. They call us “White boys,” “Crackers,” “Honkies,” “Whitey,” “Cavemen”. But when we call them niggers, kikes, towel heads, sand-niggers, camel
    jockeys, beaners, gooks, or chinks, they angrily label us racist.

    They say whites commit a lot of violence against them. So why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?

    They have the United Negro College Fund, Martin Luther King Day, and Black History Month. They have Cesar Chavez Day. They have Rosh Hashanah. They have Ma'uled Al-Nabi. They have the NAACP. They have the Jewish Defense League. They have Mecha.

    They have BET. If we had WET (White Entertainment Television), we'd be labeled racist.

    If we had a White Pride Day, they would label us racist, and demand some form of additional affirmative action to help them compensate for their inherent incompetence.

    If we had White History Month, we'd be labeled racist.

    If we had any organization for only whites to 'advance' our lives, we'd be labeled racist.

    We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Black Chamber of Commerce,
    and then we just have the plain Chamber of Commerce… Wonder who pays for that?

    A white woman could not be in the Miss Black America pageant. But a member of any race can be in the Miss America pageant.

    If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships, we’d be labeled racist… In fact, there are currently 105 black colleges in the US. Yet if there were any exclusively white colleges, that would be perceived as unacceptable, because it would be considered racist.

    In the Million Man March, they believed they were marching for their
    race and rights. If we marched for our race and rights, they would label us racist.

    They are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and they’re not
    afraid to express it. But when we express our white pride, they label us racist.

    They possess a proven propensity to commit reprehensible acts of mindless violence. But when a white police officer shoots an armed black gang member, or uses necessary physical force to apprehend a black perpetrator attempting to evade arrest, they call him a racist. And then they collectively use this as an excuse to commit even more atrocious acts against innocent white people, and their property.

    Due to the fact that I am proud of my European heritage and unsurpassed culture, I am labeled racist… Well, excuse me if I don’t express any politically correct, apologetic guilt about this, because my egalitarian spirit vanished when I realized if it weren’t for our excessive generosity, and compassion, nonwhites wouldn’t be the prolific social parasites they have become; they’d be extinct.

    Let's hear it for homogeneous nationalism!

    (Adding this message to my FB page.)
    Aside from an ever increasing number of mortals who have willfully chosen to worship Satan and his minions, our battle has always been against the powers and principalities operating surreptitiously throughout this twisted world.

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