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Thread: The Sophistication of Ancient Germanic Tribes

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    The Sophistication of Ancient Germanic Tribes

    The fact that the Germanic peoples were great poets has been mostly ignored or described as a mere curiosity, characteristic of pre-civilized societies. However, anyone who knows anything about poetry should realize that the poetic art of the Germanic peoples was more sophisticated and complex than the one of, for example, the Aztecs, who had a big civilization that also put a lot of importance on the art of poetry.

    It is really baffling to think that the Ancient Germanic peoples who consisted of societies in the stage of infancy, in scattered communities of several thousands, were more technologically advanced and had a more sophisticated art of poetry than a mature, centralized civilization like the Aztecs, which organized several millions of people.

    It is not that the Aztecs lacked an interest in poetry, in fact they were proud of their skills, but nevertheless their art was crude compared to that of the Vikings, Germanic peoples who lacked the numbers to specialize into intellectual classes, but somehow managed to develop a writing system of their own, now called the runes, something in which they also superseded the overpopulated Aztecs. It would be downplaying their achievement to say that the Germans learned to use the alphabet from contact with Greece and Rome, because the Aztecs had also the opportunity to learn the art of writing from the Mayas, but nevertheless never managed to do so and had only comic books as mnemonic aids to learn their human-sacrifice-centered myths.

    We should also note that the Germanic peoples created the greatest seafaring ships of the world during those times, while the seafaring abilities of any civilization that existed in the Americas were totally non-existent.

    For many years the idea that Norse/Germanic mythology was just a bunch of superstitious cowboy stories intended for entertaining simple farmers has been taught in the universities, but now a few scholars have started to demonstrate the deep philosophical and spiritual sophistication that lies behind the poetry and mythology of the pagan Germans. What is being revealed is a surprising understanding of the origins of the cosmos and the transcendental nature of the soul, only slightly disguised by the use of poetry and covered with allegories of giants, dwarfs, gods and heroes.

    These new interpretations, based in things as simple as translating the names of characters, thus revealing what they really represented, shows that the Germanic peoples were conscious of the fact that life and matter are recycled, that souls continue their learning experience after death, that there are no good and bad emotions but just complementary aspects of the human experience, that morality is not god-given, that violence can be as sacred as peace and that courage is the only way of coping with life regardless of your gender and age.

    Based on the name the Vikings poets gave to the sun (Dagstjarna, Star of the day), it seems that the Vikings knew that the sun was simply another star in the vast universe, no much different from the ones in far away galaxies, in this sense they had more modern understanding of the cosmos than the Romans themselves.

    Perhaps we will never know how advanced the Germanic peoples really were in Science, since their lore was mostly passed-on in poetry and other non-literary ways, but we can be certain that despite their few numbers, their societies had a lot of personality, developing their own way of making roads (wooden ones that actually worked opposed to Roman ones which did more harm than good), ships, buildings and the runic alphabet, in stark contrast with the Romans who borrowed everything, and even that they did in a mediocre way.

    It is well understood by scholars that the Romans were no men of science, rather they were eloquent politicians who excelled in any art concerned with deception in politics and meaningless wars of expansion and conquest. They were the first to promote the idea of a globalist culture detached of race and origins, differing with the healthy idea of waging war only for the sake of increasing the numbers of your people and not simply absorbing anyone who has two arms and two legs.

    We hear of the Vikings as violent and ruthless, when in fact men who became Vikings were only a small fraction of a people who lived in peaceful communities in Scandinavia. In those times all peoples needed to make some use of violence in order to acquire land and resources, and to protect them.

    To think about the Germanic peoples as a bunch of berserkers is as absurd as to think that a division of the German Navy is a sample of German High Culture in Stuttgart or Munich, or that they represent the daily lives of modern German people in those cities .

    These ancient Germanic peoples had sophisticated laws and technology sometimes even superior to the Romans, who never invented anything and whose plows and farming systems were from the stone age compared to the heavy plow and the three field rotation system devised by the Germanic peoples. Even the Ancient Latin names for better carts and weapons came from Celtic dialects, betraying their barbarian origin.

    Unfortunately they were still numerically insignificant compared to the Romans and thus had not reached the numerical threshold after which you can organize very specialized sectors of society, such as a professional army or public schools. The same men who toiled the land had also to go fighting and to school children at home, but despite that they managed several victories over the well-organized Romans and one of the greatest scholars in history (Snorri Sturluson) was educated Germanic style in Medieval Iceland, the same period and place that gave rise to the greatest literary achievement of those times and the precursor of the modern novel (the Icelandic sagas), done by a few people who were not using Ancient Roman formal modes of schooling.

    The law systems of these Germanic peoples were oriented toward What produces the greatest good for the community? (far sighted) in contrast to Roman law which is oriented to Whats the best for a lonely individual (sometimes at odds with the community)? (short sighted).

    The Celts were no less brutal in their wars than anyone else, but strangely we know more about the beauty of their societies (the Brehon Laws etc.) and how brotherly they were, while having little awareness that the Germanic societies were similar in those respects (Celtic and Germanic belong to the same family of language/culture). Perhaps this is because we take at face value Roman accounts against them, like the ones of Caesar who also asserts that Elks had no joints and thus could never stand up if they fell or other Roman authors describing having seen how birds would take vengeance on the Celts if a sacrifice was not properly done, among other obviously made-up nonsense that no intelligent person should ever believe.

    Today, some people of Germanic ancestry seem to be ashamed of the brutality of their ancestors when looking for a land where to settle during the Volkerwanderung or during Viking raids, but this is nothing other than being ashamed of your ancestors simply for having done whats necessary and natural in order to be human, i.e. look for a suitable piece of land, fight for it and work hard on it in order to have food and shelter.

    Lands werent lotted by god during creation to specific peoples. Desirable pieces of land have always been fought-for since immemorial times and will always be as soon as the owner shows signs of weakness (here I paraphrased Hitler).

    Not even the New World before being discovered by Europeans could avoid conflict about who gets what piece of land. Before being conquered by the Spaniards I dont think there was a single month in the calendar in which the Aztecs didnt launch a war in order to assert their dominion over a land contested by other states.

    We should stop being ashamed and apologizing for doing what is demanded of a healthy human being just because it doesnt seem nice in the eyes of an imaginary Jewish god.

    The same that you cannot have a beautiful and healthy body without an immune system (ask someone with AIDS), you cannot have a peaceful and progressive society without a strong army to protect it, expand it and secure all the resources needed for its self-reliance.

    Today in places like Germany, military service is not mandatory anymore and more people think that by doing away with all armies in the world and creating a global community, all violence will disappear, but in fact violence would still be needed to coerce people to follow the rules of this global regime and of course that would be like giving all-power to the ones who control this global police force (something rather sinister and a blank-check for tyranny).

    But most importantly, this idea of a global community has less than zero basis in reality. Only a few brainwashed, over-civilized countries are fooled by it (along with disarmament or demilitarization) while 95% of the world population is becoming better armed and more bold in their pretensions without any intentions of following a tolerant world view. We would see something like civilized countries disarming and abandoning military service while Third World Countries ruled by ruthless, sub-human drug-Lords and other kinds of unscrupulous criminals getting more militarized and powerful. a really grim future.

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    People assume because someone likes to live a simple life they were stupid. This was not the case.
    The Germanic tribes were more civilized than the Romans were. They just didn't bother with indoor

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