I am curious about the meaning behind Odin's brothers Vili and Vé. How do you understand the symbolism. I see Odin as the Allfather view of self-awareness... the soul, the starting point from where everything is. Odin is self creating. Willing to sacrifice himself for himself. Willing to give up his one eye for vision - analyzed as understanding other perspectives to life, beyond ones self value-system. A diplomatic understanding of things. Hanging 9 days to understand the magic of the runes = Understanding strategic language and being powerful in negotiation... But Vili... I see him as intension... the true nature and philosofy of mind. Intention behind every action... The source of passion. True purpose to become the king of your own world. the protagonist. Vé is sacred feeling. Being in the moment of true flow, awarness and holy awe of all your senses alligning in numinous virtue. Consentration that breeds focus. craving the mysterious of life... In that sense... do you have anything powerful to add?