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Thread: SJWism as Psychological Warfare - And How to Defeat It

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    SJWism as Psychological Warfare - And How to Defeat It

    I thought I'd create a threat to discuss the idea that SJWism is a form of psychological warfare - and discuss how to defeat this cultural onslaught. First it is important to note that there is immense evidence to show that the imagery promoted by SJWs is psychologically unhealthy, especially for men. This is best demonstrated by the fact that the homosexual images blasted on television 24/7 are known to cause men to experience a physiological stress response:

    In heterosexual men, pictures of rotting flesh, maggots and spoiled food induce the same physiological stress response as pictures of two men kissing each other. That is the surprising finding that was recently published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal
    Psychology & Sexuality
    The same is true of seeing interracial couples, trannies, hearing ghetto battle rap, etc. It is obviously psychologically unhealthy for the average straight White man to constantly be exposed to these things. Of course, the SJWs themselves (ranging from blue haired trannies to interracial couples) are merely pawns in this game. They are examples of an advanced form of de facto psychological warfare being waged by the actual elites against those who could oust them from power. The idea behind this is that when you show an 'average Joe' images like this:

    … he will experience something akin to cognitive dissonance. The brain is put into a numb state which makes it difficult for men (especially the masses) to act coherently or efficiently. This result is that potential leaders are blocked from building a coherent movement because the masses are stupefied and stultified to the point that any form of populism will inevitably degenerate into something the elites can control. The goal here is to use images which cause cognitive dissonance against the masses. The actual elites (think of powerful Hollywood millionaires like Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein) do not give a damn about gays or women's rights or blacks. In fact, many of them are sexually abusive towards women but that's another story.

    If it all sounds a bit conspirational, just remember that the elites do not want a repeat of NS Germany and they have - certainly - studied Hitler's rise to power. The modern system we find ourselves in is clearly designed to prevent Hitler 2.0 from happening. IMO this means that:

    1. Arguing / debating / wasting time on SJWs is irrational. They are pawns. We need to shift our focus towards the actual elites.

    2. Traditionalism alone is a tactical dead end. It couldn't defeat the SJWs back in the 1960s and it won't be able to beat them now because traditionalism is bonded to the past - only a forward looking and ever evolving movement can adapt to the SJWs and defeat them.

    3. The most effective way to neutralize the SJWs is to encourage them to fight amongst themselves. The #1 rule of psychological warfare is that you never accuse your opponent of being what you hate - you accuse his allies of being what he hates.

    4. The Anglosphere has never had an equivalent to Hitler because we don't respond well to personality cults. We need to develop an ideology and movement which speaks to our unique psychological traits.

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