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Thread: United Nations / UN

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    United Nations / UN

    The world was a lot better before the UN. STOP financing ALL these 'globalist organizations': the UN, NATO and the EU. Then they will collapse and vanish. They are all beggars looking for money / financial handouts.

    Long live Trump.

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    UN Agenda 21 Conspiracy Facts

    If you have ever wondered how we got to where we are at today, this video will open your eyes. “Cultural Marxists” said they’d make the “long march through our institutions” and they have. Without exception, the “cultural Marxists” have undermined every institution we have. This is a direct assault on Christian values and their goal is to destroy Western Civilization by destabilizing our society. Take the time to watch this video about Cultural Marxism

    “Cultural Marxism: An offshoot of Marxism that gave birth to political correctness, multiculturalism and “anti-racism.” Cultural Marxism maintains that all human behavior is a result of culture (not heredity / race) and thus malleable. While traditional (economic) Marxists focused on class identity in racially homogenous countries (with poor results during WWI), Cultural Marxists facilitated the racial organization of non-whites, while simultaneously asserting that “race does not exist” for white people and that whites must deny all racial loyalties. Cultural Marxists typically support race-based affirmative action, the proposition state (as opposed to a nation rooted in common ancestry), elevating non-Western religions above Western religions, globalization and free trade, speech codes and censorship, multiculturalism, diversity training, anti-Western education curricula, maladaptive sexual norms, the dispossession of white people, and mass Third World immigration into Western countries. Cultural Marxists have promoted idea that white people, instead of birthing white babies, should interracially [sic] marry or adopt non-white children. Samuel P. Huntington maintained that Cultural Marxism is an anti-white ideology….”

    Their goals as articulated by Timothy Mathews found here:

    1. The creation of racism offences. [sic]

    2. Continual change to create confusion

    3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children

    4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority

    5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.

    6. The promotion of excessive drinking

    7. Emptying of churches –assault on Christianity

    8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime ex. hate crimes laws in which only “minority victims” are protected

    9. Dependency on the state or state benefits

    10. Control and dumbing down of media

    11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

    HERE is the full text of the 351 page 40 chapter UN Agenda 21 document.

    "Cultural Marxists" | UN Agenda 21

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    Cultural Marxists have fully infiltrated most positions of power. When I realised this it was a horrific black pill.

    The way I see it is we have a few options; cut ourselves entirely from their systems, or infiltrate them ourselves. Sadly I see neither happening, all I’m seeing is them being ridiculed but still gaining more and more power.

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    My thoughts regarding the UN:

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    Aside from an ever increasing number of mortals who have willfully chosen to worship Satan and his minions, our battle has always been against the powers and principalities operating surreptitiously throughout this twisted world.

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    A United Nations summit in Korea this week adopted a global “action plan” demanding a planetary “education” regime to transform children around the world into social-justice warriors and
    sustainability-minded “global citizens.” Among other elements, that means the UN-directed global education must promote “integrated development” of the “whole person,” including the formation of their ethics, values, and spirituality, the final document declared. The global-citizenship programs, with definitions to be incorporated in curricula worldwide, should also indoctrinate children so that they understand their responsibilities to “protect the planet,” and promote what the UN and its member governments consider to be the “common good.”

    The controversial action plan, approved by the UN's propaganda department and a group of largely government-funded “non-governmental organizations” (NGOs) on June 1 in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea, is aimed at helping the UN impose its Agenda 2030 scheme to “transform the world.” In fact, the title of the summit gave away the agenda: “Education for Global Citizenship: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Together.” As The New American has documented extensively, the UN Agenda 2030 plan, also known as the “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs), was approved by governments and dictators last year as a road map toward global control (tyranny). From national and international wealth redistribution to government healthcare and legal abortion for all, the controversial Agenda 2030 vows repeatedly to leave “no-one behind.”

    However, globalists and the UN know that to achieve their vision of global totalitarianism, the minds of the young must be captured via “education.” Agenda 2030 actually has an entire goal dedicated to UN-guided “education.” And so the latest summit in Korea, organized for NGOs by the UN Department of Public Information, or UN DPI, was aimed at defining what that “education” regime will look like — and how NGOs can help. “Education is a human right, essential to well-being and dignity, and is key to achieving Agenda 2030,” reads the action plan adopted this week. “Further, an ethos of global citizenship is required in order to fulfil [sic] this bold, people-centered, universal, and planet-sensitive development framework.”

    In the “spirit of global citizenship,” the document declares that “our primary identity is that of human beings.” But the agenda is much broader than attacking nationalism and patriotism. The UN DPI and the Astro-Turf “NGOs” that surround it, styling themselves "Civil Society," explained that what they call “education” must also be about more than what people normally think of as education — literacy, numeracy, and so on. In the UN's view, according to the “Gyeongju Action Plan” adopted in Korea, “education must advance the cause of global citizenship.” That means a lot more than one might think, too.

    Among other points, this education for global citizenship must promote “integrated development of the whole personemotionally, ethically, intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually,” the action plan declares. (Emphasis added.) Of course, parents, families, communities, tribes, churches, and more have traditionally been responsible for much of that. When or under what authority government-run, UN-approved schools became responsible for children's physical, ethical, spiritual, emotional, and social development was not made clear. The implications, though, should trouble anyone who values liberty, diversity, national sovereignty, and parental rights.

    The “education” pushed by the UN must also be “imbued with an understanding of our roles, rights and responsibilities for the common good in service to humanity and the advancement of a culture of peace, non-violence, freedom, justice, and equality,” the action plan continued, using rhetoric about the "common good" that has been the rallying cry of countless tyrants. The globo-education must inculcate “a sense of care for the earth, reverence for the interdependent kinship of all life, and stewardship of all ecological systems for future generations.” It should also strengthen “the societal relationships among individuals, institutions, communities, states, humanity, and the planet.” And finally, it should nurture “a sense of solidarity and empathy in order to end poverty, protect the planet, ensure human rights, and foster prosperous and fulfilling lives for all.”

    To those not well-versed in globalist-speak, that all might sound fine and dandy. However, when the UN's agenda is examined more closely, the real agenda becomes more clear. Consider, as just one point among many, what the UN means when it speaks of “human rights.” In Article 29 of the UN's “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” the government signatories claim "rights" can be limited “by law” under the guise of everything from “public order” to “the general welfare.” In other words, you have no rights, only privileges. Separately, the same article claims that everyone has “duties to the community” and that “rights and freedoms” may “in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.” Compare that to the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, which outline and protect God-given, inalienable rights.

    Further down, the global action plan explains that the “education” agenda intends to shape every aspect of human life and civilization. “Education for global citizenship is an essential strategy to address global challenges as well as to promote gender equality, facilitate the eradication of poverty and hunger, build skills, eliminate corruption, and prevent violence, including violent extremism,” the document says. “It promotes truly sustainable production and consumption, mitigating climate change and its effects, protecting our waters and biodiversity, and preserving indigenous knowledge.”

    If “tradition” and individual cultures get in the way of that agenda for UN-defined “human rights” and “global citizenship,” then “educational understandings” of those things will have to be “enhanced,” the action plan declares. The document also makes clear that this must be a worldwide effort, saying the global-citizenship scheming must be incorporated in school curricula worldwide and that “equitable quality education,” as defined by the UN, must be provided to “allpeople.” (Emphasis in original). The signatories vowed to work at the local level, too, to “incorporate education for global citizenship in educational systems.”

    The signatories of the action plan, developed at the “66th United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI)/Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Conference,” also committed to pushing global education that promotes a number of controversial concepts. “We commit to an education that teaches conflict resolution, a deep appreciation for diversity, ethical reasoning, gender equality, human rights and responsibilities, interdependence, multilingual and multicultural competence, social justice, sustainable development, and values,” it said. Those values, of course, are very unlikely to reflect the values of most parents around the world, whether they be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or any other major religious tradition. Instead, the values will be the values guiding the UN: globalism, pseudo-environmentalism, socialism, and more.

    The UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO, is at the center of the UN's global “education” machinations. In addition to a partnership signed with Common Core-financier Bill Gates, UNESCO has been hard at work in its efforts to standardize and dumb-down education around the world. Among other schemes, it runs global programs on “Education for Sustainable Development,” “Educational for Global Citizenship,” and much more. It also has a “World Core Curriculum,” dedicated to and inspired by influential occultist Alice Bailey, that it hopes will guide schooling around the world in the years to come.

    At a previous UN education summit, held last year in Korea, UNESCO boss Irina Bokova, a Bulgarian Communist Party operative who PR agents claim is among the “frontrunners” to lead the broader UN, also declared the UN's intentions. “We have the collective duty to empower every child and youth with the right foundations — knowledge, values and skills — to shape the future as responsible global citizens, building on the successes of the past 15 years,” she said, adding that education would “transform lives” and contribute to “breakthroughs on all the proposed sustainable development goals.” In other words, the UN — not parents, families, or communities — believes that it has not just the right, but the “collective duty,” to shape your children’s values.

    The latest conference on pushing Agenda 2030 through globalist indoctrination of children masquerading as “education” is a crucial follow-up to the adoption of the agenda itself. “Children and young women and men are critical agents of change and will find in the new Goals a platform to channel their infinite capacities for activism into the creation of a better world,” the official Agenda 2030 agreement explains.

    The sort of activists that the UN hopes to make your children into is also explicitly defined in the agreement. “By 2030, ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including, among others, through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contribution to sustainable development,” the global plan for 2030 states. Considering what the UN means by “sustainable development” — population control, central planning, global governance, and more — the agenda for your children takes on an even more sinister tone.

    “Sustainable” children for global citizenship in the new order will be accomplished via what the UN, the Obama administration, and others misleadingly refers to as “education.” In the UN document the word “education” alone is mentioned more than 20 times. And throughout the agreement, the UN openly advocates the use of schools to indoctrinate all of humanity into a new set of values, attitudes, and beliefs in preparation for the new “green” and “sustainable” world order. The UN’s education agenda also puts sex “education” front and center. “By 2030, ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health-care services [abortion and contraception], including for family planning, information and education,” the document also explains.

    For now, Americans, Europeans, and people around the world still have many options to protect their children from the global brainwashing campaign being pushed by the UN — home education, private schools, Christian schools, and more. However, the UN realizes that, too. And so, in recent years, under the phony guise of “human rights,” the UN has started agitating for government control and regulation of private and alternative forms of education in addition to its grip on "public" schools. The UN also continues to push international education agreements and schemes on everything from sex education and reading pedagogy to values and beliefs.

    There is a good reason the UN is ridiculed by critics as the “dictators club.” Most of its member governments cannot be considered “free,” even under the most generous definition of the term. Allowing the UN to make and shape education policy is not just dangerous, then, it is crazy. Instead, education should be a job for families, communities, churches, charities, schools, and more — but primarily parents. The future of liberty literally depends on it.

    Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    UN Adopts “Education” Plan to Indoctrinate Children in ...

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    Bulgarian Communist Is Now “Frontrunner” to Lead UN

    United Nations Exploits Pseudo-“Human Rights” to Attack U.S.

    United Nations Plan: Teach Masturbation to 5-Year-Olds

    UN Pushes Agenda 21 Priorities in Elementary Classroom Curriculum

    If we don't defeat the 'globalists' it's the end of the European races. It's that simple.

    Only Europe and North America are targeted. No other continent or country is threatened by this 'globalist' BS about equality, democracy and open borders.

    If these people in africa, the middle east, India etc. choose to have bourgeoning populations then it's their responsibility to look after them not our's in Europe.

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    Saudi Arabia, the UN and the OIC / the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

    • Saudi Arabia's rejection of a term on the UN Security Council likely reflects its view of itself as helping to establish an alternate international order based on Sharia law. The 56-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation is already the largest international organization after the UN. For Islamists, the UN, like all secular international organizations, lacks legitimacy.

    A stated Islamist goal, to replace Western civilization's liberal democratic order with a Sharia-governed Ummah [community of Muslims], now seems to involve an effort to delegitimize Western international organizations, as seen this week by Saudi Arabia's refusing a seat on the United Nations Security Council. Saudi Arabia's refusal likely reflects its view of itself as helping to establish an alternative international order based on Sharia law. For Islamists, the United Nations, like all secular international organs, lacks legitimacy.

    OIC vs. UN

    The Islamic world threw down the gauntlet to the secular international order in 1990 when it drafted an alternative declaration of human rights, the Cairo Declaration, based on the Sharia law. The 56 countries of what was then called the Organization of Islamic Conference, since renamed the Organization of Islamic Cooperation [OIC], criticized the UN's 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights as being insensitive to religious concepts of the non-Western world. In Saudi Arabia's UN Ambassador Abdallah al-Mouallimi's October 13, 2013 statement, explaining the sudden and unprecedented rejection of a seat on the Security Council, he cites Saudi Arabia's "historical responsibilities toward its people, Arab and Islamic nations as well as toward the peoples aspiring for peace and stability in the world." The Saudi explanation continues by enumerating a litany of UN failures to solve problems in the Mideast. This statement underscores Saudi Arabia's role as the capital of a shadow-caliphate alternative to the current liberal democratic international order.

    Riyadh's sentiment was preceded by last summer's rebuttal -- which revealed the global scope of Islamist objectives -- by the Pakistani Taliban fugitive, Adnan Rashid[1], to the UN address by the heroic Pakistani Malala Yousafzai (then 15 years old), shot by the Taliban for having asked for women's education. In a letter, Rashid denounced Malala's naiveté for placing trust in an international organization that he claimed is a tool of the West with which to punish Islamic nations.

    Rashid's riposte, however, has an unwritten corollary. He and his fellow Islamists bear allegiance to an alternate network that exists in parallel with the institutions of the current international order, the most visible symbol of which is the OIC.
    [2]The OIC, which promotes Islamic social, economic, and political solidarity, is, in fact, already the second-largest international organization after the UN. It has not only attempted to negotiate disputes among Islamic factions in Muslim-majority countries, such as Iraq and Somalia, but has also helped to mediate disputes between non-Muslim-majority states and their Islamic minorities, as in the Philippines and Thailand. In adjudicating these disputes, the OIC has employed, as the legal frame of reference, the principles of Sharia law rather than international law.

    One has only to examine the flag and the logo of the OIC to realize its ambition. A crescent moon encompasses the entire globe. The earth rests on a sea of green, the color of Islam, with the Kaa'ba in the center of the globe. The flag resembles the national banner of the al-Saud Kingdom (the only country among all the embassies in Washington D.C. that, on 9/11, did not lower its flag). The OIC, however, is just one of several all-Islamic multinational organs that parallel secular international community structures. There is also, for example, the International Association of Islamic Banks and several other organs for cooperation, such as the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the Islamic States Broadcasting Organization.

    Jihadi terrorists, as a matter of targeting policy, strike at representative symbols of the existing international order. One of the initial targets of Iraq-based al-Qaeda terrorists was the United Nations Special Commission in Iraq.[3] Pakistani and Nigerian Muslim terrorists have routinely assassinated international volunteers, even those working to eradicate deadly diseases such as polio. The most extreme assassinations have occurred in Sharia-governed northern Nigeria and Pushtun tribal areas in northwestern Pakistan, where, in both places, the murders closely followed sermons that vociferously denounced ongoing inoculation campaigns. Any form of assistance from international organizations is rejected by Muslim extremists as part of a Western conspiracy to influence Muslims to abandon their faith. Inoculations against polio, for instance, have been described by Islamic extremists as a plot to sterilize Muslim children.[4] It is more likely, however, that the radical clerics who urge believers to renounce such aid efforts are more concerned about losing control of their constituency.

    Allah: Chastiser of Nations

    The theological rationale for replacing the Western system of the nation-state rests in the Koran. Allah made it clear to Muhammad that all nations have a term and that all nations will be judged. The Koran contains frequent references to two pre-Islamic nations who have disappeared following the judgment of God: Ad and Thamud, two Arab-related people. The citizens of Ad are described as abnormally tall and were descendent from the biblical Noah. Ad was allegedly a powerful country, which stretched from Oman to Hadramaut (the southernmost province of Yemen, and homeland of Osama bin-Laden). Allah dispatched the Prophet Hud to warn the Ad that they must abandon their worship of false gods. Unheeding of the warning, the Ad people vanished from the world stage. The Koran asserts that the Thamud people met the same fate: oblivion.

    The Koran describes Muslims as the chastisers of godless nations that refuse to amend their evil ways, and who give their hearts to Satan. In a possible attempt to explain why political tyranny triumphs temporarily, Koranic scholars agree that Allah permits nations to practice their corrupt and perverse pleasures until their tyranny and transgression reach extraordinary proportions. "We (Allah) opened the gate of all things (for them) …until they rejoiced in which (what) they were given (but) we seized them suddenly; then lo, they were in despair."[5] This reference of course is embraced by some Muslims, who may hope that eventually the scales of justice will be balanced and that even the "Great Satan" (America) will have its day of judgment when Allah decides. Osama bin-Laden used to taunt the al-Saud rulers of Arabia that, because of their illegitimate nature and having failed to adhere to the ways of Allah, they too will soon disappear. Bin-Laden would call upon the Saudi ruling clique "to fight in Allah's way and to urge believers on because the might of Allah is stronger as is His punishment."[6]

    Some Arabs and Muslims may have derived a sense of confidence that they are Allah's new chosen people; that they will be raised by Allah to become a great nation in a manner similar to the one God promised Abraham. The Koran, for instance, describes how Allah sent 3000 angels to bolster the outnumbered Muslims against the Mecca-based Quraysh forces at the Battle of Badr in 624 A.D.[7] Thereafter, Muhammad consolidated Muslim power throughout the Arabian Peninsula. The early Muslims were then confronted with the hostility of the world's two greatest powers, Rum (Byzantium) and Persia (Sassanid Dynasty). Both attacked Islam first, but Allah again came to the rescue, and Rum and Persia were conquered. Muslim commentators also recall how fierce were the Mongols, who devastated the Baghdad-based Abbasid Caliphate but who ultimately were converted to Islam. These historical lessons are applied to present day enemies of Islam as well.

    The Umma Trumps the Nation-State

    The 1648 Peace of Westphalia elevated the concept of national sovereignty above all other claims of loyalty by a country's citizens.[8] This international agreement ended a century of warfare, which had been fueled by religious differences and the conflicting dynastic claims of the principal royal houses of Europe. The sovereignty principle was the cornerstone of the modern nation-state system, and curtailed the ability of Europe's dynastic families to exploit religious differences within European principalities as an instrument to augment their power. The Westphalia arrangements also helped to establish Western civilization's principle of the separation of church and state by acknowledging the political leadership as a society's primary power rather than the officials of the dominant religious denomination of each principality. This documentary precedent ultimately facilitated the development of a liberal, democratic, and secular order in the West. And it is this order that political Islam intends to expunge, replacing it with a new global system ruled by Islamic Sharia.

    Muslim states have not emulated the West's example. In Islamic countries there is no separation of religion from politics. Moreover, the nation plays a minor role in governmental administration and legislation. Koran-based legality is the law of the land. Parenthetically, the majlis in Islamic countries is a consultative assembly lacking the authority to create law, unlike the legislatures in non-Muslim governments. In political Islam, law-making is the prerogative of Allah alone.

    Islamist clerics preach that loyalty to the worldwide Muslim community, or umma,transcends any ethnic or cultural attachment to one's native land. National borders are seen as artificial constructs of the West -- certainly true of several Mideast countries, the boundaries of which were set arbitrarily by European imperial powers. This historical reality helps Islamists justify their effort to create a separate Islamic emirate that ignores the current borders between, for example, Iraq and Syria, and makes it difficult for the Islamic faithful to integrate fully into the body politic of their native lands -- as in, say, the case of U.S. Army Major Nidal Hassan.[9]

    Extremist Muslims occasionally boast that the Soviet Union, one of the modern two superpowers, disappeared a decade after its invasion of Afghanistan. Muslims attribute this victory to their fighting in the cause of Allah -- a type of conflict that is, by Koranic definition, a jihadist-led defensive war fought by mujahedeen[freedom fighters]. To fight this defensive war is a fard, or individual obligation, incumbent upon Muslims from all over the Islamic world. It was this dynamic that energized Muslims to fight U.S. forces in Iraq, the troops of the secular dictator Qaddafi of Libya, and the forces of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. The rhetoric of jihadists is replete with the same confidence in ultimate victory over the world's remaining superpower, the United States.

    Restoring Muslim Lands to Islamic Governance

    Nations as diverse as Israel, India and Spain also have no legitimacy in the Islamist worldview. Many Muslims believe that these countries have been unjustly ripped from the Dar al-Islam [The Abode of Islam] by the military power of polytheists and infidels. According to this Islamist axiom, the Islamist effort to return Spain to "the glorious era" of al-Andalus is well under way; it is viewed as having been stolen from the Muslims by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in 1492. And Israel is also regarded as land stolen from the Ottoman Turkish Muslims. Both al-Andalus and Israel are therefore viewed as forever part of the waqf [the entitlements of Allah]: land that once belonged to Allah, still belongs to Allah, and that can never revert. Northern India, condemned as being the world's most flagrant violator of the principle of Islamic monotheism, is also seen as eventually returning to the Muslim sovereignty that once flourished under Mughal [Mogul] dynastic rule.[10]

    Although Muslim numbers continue to grow, in large part through the proselytizing efforts enabled by oil revenues from the Arab Gulf states, many Muslims seem concerned about the challenge to Islamic values presented by the secular aspects of globalization, and the corrosive impact this may have on the faithful.

    Dr. Lawrence A. Franklin is a former Iran Desk Officer in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and USAF Reserve Colonel Military Attaché to the U.S. Embassy in Israel.


    [1] Adnan Rashid, a former Pakistani Air Force officer, was serving a life sentence in a prison in Bannu, Pakistan for his role in a 2003 plot to kill the then President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf. The Taliban freed him from prison last year along with about 400 other prisoners.
    [2] The OIC, headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was established in 1969 as a vehicle to speak for the entire umma, the community of the world's estimated 1.6 billion Muslims (OIC estimate). The OIC is an administrative substitute for the Ottoman Caliphate that was abolished in 1924.
    [3] The truck bomb outside the UN offices killed 17 people on August 19, 2003.
    [4] The Daily Beast, March 1, 2013, "Radical Islam Aids and Abets Polio" by David Frum.
    [5] The Koran, Al-Anam (The Cattle), Sura 6, Verse 44.
    [6] The Koran, Sura 4, Al-Nisa (The Women), Verse 84. See also Bin-Laden's article in Nida'ul Islam, October/November issue, 1996, Australia.
    [7] The Koran, Al-Anfal (The Spoils), Sura 6, Verse 9.
    [8] Burns, Edward, Western Civilizations: Their History & Their Culture Volume II, W.W. Norton & Co., New York. 2002. p. 527. The Peace of Westphalia officially ended the Thirty Years War (1618-1648). It began as an internecine Christian struggle between Catholic and Protestant interests in West Europe. It ended with the primacy of the political power of nation-states firmly established.
    [9] Hassan was gradually drawn to embrace the 'higher calling' of his Muslim faith over his loyalty to the United States in his role as an Army officer. Hassan allowed himself to be swayed by the terrorist siren dawa -- call to wage Jihad against his fellow soldiers -- by the internet-based jihadist propaganda of Anwar al-Awlaki.
    [10] Much of India was ruled by a series of Turko-Afghan Muslim dynasties culminating in the cultural zenith of Islamic rule of the Mughals. The Mughal Dynasty (1507-1707) was of Turkic-Mongol origin, invading the sub-continent from Afghanistan. The Muslim Mughals ruled in over the vastly more numerous Hindu population. On occasion the Mughals respected Hindu values but at other times treated native Indian religions with an iconoclastic intolerance.

    Saudi Arabia, the UN and the OIC - Gatestone Institute

    1400 years of history prove that islam is mankind's greatest ever scourge. There is no question that it is getting worse, that's evident.

    The fact that islam and the mass migrant invasion of the West is supported rather than confronted shows how in league our politicians are with the globalists, UN, EU, SOROS and the OIC / the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

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    This reads like the Communist Tenets describing their long-term goals.

    It is exactly what is happening in the US currently and has been going on since the 30's. It is also partly the cause of the fall of Rome in the 300-400's CE.

    There is no voting them out. It is already too late for that, but too early to start shooting. At least in this day and age.

    Shots were fired for much less than is going on now a couple of hundred years ago.
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    Global Free Movement: UN Chief Calls Migration a ‘Right’ in a ‘World on the Move’

    Global Free Movement: UN Chief Calls Migration a ‘Right’ in a ‘World on the Move’

    Global free movement and “safe”, orderly mass migration should be a right for all poor and unskilled migrants from the third world, according to the director general of the United Nations’ Migration Agency.

    Penning an article for International Migrants Day entitled, “Our Right of Passage Should Be Safe Migration”, International Organization for Migration (IOM) chief William Lacy Swing opined that the right of “safe migration” should not be limited to the “global elite” – of which the “privileged” caste he believes to include tourists, students, and legal migrant workers – but should be extended to those who would “have no chance of getting a visa or work permit”. “While we live in a time when a privileged elite considers global mobility virtually a birth-right, it is denied to countless others, trapped in hopelessly bad economic or conflict circumstances,” Swing writes, lamenting that “hundreds of millions who are not part of the growing, truly global labour talent market find themselves outside looking in, and looking onto a world they can only dream of.”

    Swing, a former U.S. ambassador, has previously demanded the European Union (EU) open her borders to migrants and described endless third world migration to Europe as

    Heralding the advent of the smartphone as the “great leveller” in mass migration by giving migrants “intimate knowledge” of “elite” goings on, the open borders proponent said it was “no surprise” that “vast armies of hopeful young migrants” were “vulnerable to the siren song of social media” and began travelling en masse to Europe.

    In fact, the International Organization for Migration ( IOM )is actively contributing to the call of global free movement after the UN organisation launched ‘MigApp’ on Monday – a mobile phone app developed to “empower” migrants which informs them of their rights and allows them to share their migration stories with other “migrants-to-be”.

    Asserting that the world is “on the move” and mass migration cannot be stopped – only “managed” – Swing believes the best way to handle the “toxic issue” of chaotic, uncontrolled migration of unvetted people is to organise the “global mass movements” so they are seen to be “orderly, normal and beneficial for all” – implying citizens of sovereign, Western nations would not notice continents of people on the move if undertaken in an efficient manner.

    “It should be possible to find some common rules in order to allow many more to travel, migrate and return home freely and safely,”
    he writes, comparing mass, mostly permanent, migration of people from alien cultures to administering airline flights.

    Breitbart, 20 Dec 2017.

    William L. Swing - Wikipedia

    en.wikipedia.orgWilliam L. Swing William Lacy Swing (born September 11, 1934 in Lexington, North Carolina). He is a diplomat and former United States Ambassador, and United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Under Secretary General

    Arrest the Rothschilds, the bankers and their minions: Soetoro aka obama, Bushes, Clintons, Soros, etc.
    Apply the law to the MSM and those in education and this chaos will quickly stop.

  18. #10

    Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz will not sign UN migration treaty

    Government fears the loss of Austrian sovereignty on immigration policy.

    Austria will not sign the United Nations agreement on migration in December, joining the United States and Hungary in backing out of the global pact.
    “We have decided that we will not join the pact,” Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz told ORF radio Wednesday, according to Reuters and German media, citing the government’s concerns over a blurring of the lines between legal and illegal migration.

    The 34-page U.N. treaty on migration lays out a common approach to international migration, and includes 23 objectives to better organize the flow of refugees and define their rights more precisely. Participating countries agree, for example, to limit the pressure on countries with many migrants and to promote the self-reliance of newcomers.

    While the pact is not legally binding, Kurz said that he feared the treaty would be at the expense of countries’ sovereignty.

    In July, all 193 U.N. member states, except the U.S., expressed their support for the agreement. Later, the Hungarian government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán renounced the agreement. Poland is considering withdrawing, too.

    The U.N. migration pact is due to be signed in December in Marrakesh and voted on next year. Austria will not send a representative to Morocco and will abstain from the 2019 vote. “We will (…) abstain in the vote at the UN General Assembly in the year 2019,” said Kurz, an immigration hard-liner who governs in coalition with the far-right Freedom Party.

    Kurz has previously joined other EU countries, including Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, in pushing back against compulsory refugee quotas within the bloc.

    Austria will not sign UN migration treaty – POLITICO 31 Oct 2018.

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