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Thread: Troubled Relationships

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    Troubled Relationships

    The author of this therapeutic Kindle book that examines various problems plaguing couples is a personal friend of mine. Not surprisingly, we share similar histories involving traumatic relationships.

    After perusing an earlier draft of this brief but educational guide to help couples overcome their often perplexing personal issues, I highly recommend it.

    "What is the root of all the problems in a couple? What is it that makes people misunderstand each other and end relationships after much pain? What can we do to prevent bad situations to arise when two people really love each other?

    Have you ever wished you could understand why your man suddenly disappears from your life or doesn't want to commit?

    Or why your woman is angry at you when you believe that you have done nothing wrong?

    This little manual will give you great clarity on all this and much more; you'll understand yourself and your significant one much better and this will enable you to prevent and/or end for good many of the problems that usually arise between couples."
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