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Thread: Anti-Fascist Black Metal Band Neckbeard Deathcamp Part Ways With Guitarist Over Past Social Media Posts

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    This typically shows the general intolerance of the Radical Left. I've spent years in Black Metal and years in preservationist causes, most of my acquaintances knew about this, and it was never a problem. Even the more "centrist-left"-leaning ones within the wider BM "scene" used to enjoy a good and civil debate and they listened to the "evil, racist" bands just as much, for the music's sake. One of them even turned up at a Communist Students' election stall wearing a Graveland longsleeve.

    It's typical that an outspoken Antifa band would seek to oust anyone who disagrees with them, though, and isn't as far-left as they are. Their idea of a "fascist" starts where their own horizon ends. So not surprised about this drama, at all. Not that I heard about the band before, but heck, doesn't seem like I missed much.
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