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Thread: Trad Catholics Burn Rainbow Flag In Act Of Defiance Against Gay Mockery Of Jesus

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    Trad Catholics Burn Rainbow Flag In Act Of Defiance Against Gay Mockery Of Jesus

    Not everyone in the Catholic Church is on board with the happy, clappy, "let's love and forgive everyone" narrative that is being pushed by the organisation's Leftist and pedophile-infested leadership.

    There are still resolute Trad Catholics who believe in standing up for strict, traditional moral values of the Church. These include Father Paul Kalchik of Chicago, who has rejected the creeping homosexualisation of the Church by burning a rainbow flag that had previously been displayed in his parish church.

    The brave clergyman even defied orders from the city's archdiocese in order to make this stand, as reported by The Hill:

    A Roman Catholic parish in Chicago went ahead with the burning of a rainbow gay pride flag, despite warnings from the city's archdiocese.

    In a Resurrection Parish church bulletin posted earlier this month, the Rev. Paul Kalchik vowed to burn the flag as a sacrilege, according to NBC News.

    The burning of the flag, which Kalchick wrote was ”unfortunately hanging in our sanctuary,” was originally scheduled for Sept. 29.

    The flag was originally hung in the church in 1991, but was later taken down and put into storage, according to The Chicago Sun-Times. Kalchik was ordained as pastor of the church in 2007.

    After learning of the planned burning, the Archdiocese of Chicago instructed Kalchik to cancel it. A spokeswoman for the archdiocese told LGBTQ outlet The Windy City Times on Sept. 11 that the pastor “has agreed not to move forward with these activities."

    But Kalchick and a number of parishioners conducted the flag burning anyway in a private ceremony last week.

    Kalchick told NBC News that the flag, which had the image of the cross intertwined with a rainbow, was a “profane” depiction of the cross and a “sacrilege.”

    “We took matters into our own hands and said a prayer of exorcism over this thing," Kalchik said. "It was cut into seven pieces, so it was burned over stages in the same fire pit that we used for the Easter vigil mass.”

    Some people will be horrified by such "hatred" but, really, they shouldn't be, as the teachings of Christianity are quite clear in advocating hatred of the sin, not the sinner.

    Of course there are also people who say that the activities commonly associated with homosexuality are not "sins," or that there are no such things as "sins."

    Well, they might even be technically right. Although it won't matter, as those people will have completely removed themselves from the gene pool within a (de)generation or two.

    But, also, when it comes to the question of who is attacking who, we should also bear in mind that homosexualists (i.e. politically active homosexuals waging a metapolitical war) have been more than active in attacking, mocking, and provoking contempt and hatred for Christ and his followers.

    What follows are a few images from "Gay Pride" propaganda events and marches to illustrate this humble point.

    It should be added that the subject of this hatred and mockery is not just some minor cultural or political figure, but a God and a religion that is sincerely and devoutly believed in by hundreds of millions of people, and, whether you share that faith or not, it helps most of them to live better lives. Contrast that with the self-evidently degenerate and suicidal lifestyles of those attacking and mocking them.

    Father Kalchick's decision to burn the flag is a rejection of this tendency, which has not only infected our civilization but also our religious institutions.

    Indeed, Kalchick's viewpoint is also based on his own deeply negative experience of the "gay community," who clearly could be behaving in a much more positive and less offensive way:

    Kalchik says he was sexually abused by a neighbor and by a priest when he was a teenager, and blames homosexuality for the sex-abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. He has butted heads over the subject with Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich, and told the Sun-Times that the archdiocese threatened him with “canonical penalties” over the flag burning.

    The archdiocese spokeswoman told NBC News that the Archdiocese of Chicago was “unaware” that the flag burning occurred.

    DignityUSA, a pro-LGBTQ Catholic group, has decried the burning, telling NBC News that rainbow flags in churches help foster a community of “welcome and affirmation,” and burning the flag is “disrespectful and destructive.”

    Did they just say “disrespectful and destructive”? Well, would they care to explain what is going on here again?

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