After media again highlighted falsehoods on Croatian Wikipedia, it removed a claim that Adolf Hitler attacked Poland in 1939 because Poles committed genocide against Germans in the country.

Croatian Wikipedia has amended its entry on the history of the Polish city of Gdansk after daily newspaper Jutarnji list reported on its false claims about a ‘Polish genocide of Germans’.

Jutarnji list reported on Tuesday that the unattributed claim – with no supporting literature or sources cited – was made in a section about the cause of Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939, which triggered World War II.

Before it was amended, the Croatian Wikipedia entry claimed that the Hitler demanded that Gdansk and the nearby city of Gdynia be handed over to Germany, and the war started when Warsaw refused.

“But this was preceded by the ethnic cleansing of Germans by Poland and its allies, with some estimates of around 58,000 killed and missing. Such genocide and terror against the German population continued in other Polish cities, which was the real cause of Hitler’s attack on Poland,” Jutarnji list quoted the unamended Croatian Wikipedia entry as saying.

These two sentences were then removed from the Croatian Wikipedia entry on Tuesday evening by an unknown user, only to be put back up within a few hours by a another user named Mateo K 01.

The two sentences were then removed again by an administrator using the name Kubura.

Kubura also removed a sentence saying that the majority of Jews left Gdansk before the attack, but that the Germans arrested and deported a number of Poles.

The two controversial sentences were first added to the entry in May 2017.

BIRN reported on Monday that historians do not consider Croatian Wikipedia a reliable and accurate source of information, particularly when it comes to events from World War II.