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Thread: Preppers and Prepping: Growing number of people leaving society to prepare for the apocalypse

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wuotans Krieger View Post
    Death comes to us all eventually. What matters is how we face it-with courage. All this clinging to life is unmanly.
    I agree we should face death with courage! But we should live with courage too! Courage is very important, both in life and death... We should try our best in life as well, and not just waiting to die...

    Quote Originally Posted by schwab View Post
    "Other than that, being self-reliant sounds like the best option..."

    The key word is "self reliance".
    I lost some of it by moving away from it.
    My electricity was solar, I rarely paid any bill for 20 years.
    I had my own water well.
    I made my own bio diesel.
    I lived on 10 acres 50 miles from Los Angeles.
    I had a big garden and a greenhouse.
    I heated my house with a wood stove.
    I'm now 82 and can no longer catch up with what I had.
    To be reliant, one must move away from the city and live in a small town or acreage.
    During WW2, most small villages escaped destruction.
    So well said... Very good example!
    Small villages are a good option and I'm considering it. I don't like big cities anyway, and even Scandinavian cities seem too big for me, ideally I'd live somewhere further from the main cities, with all the self reliance you just described. That sounds very much like the ideal lifestyle for me!
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    "I agree we should face death with courage! But we should live with courage too! Courage is very important, both in life and death... We should try our best in life as well, and not just waiting to die... "

    Avery human being has some kind of "voids" in their heart and Spirit. Humans turn to all kinds of beliefs and I don't condemn any one of them, whatever makes them happy.

    I believe in the Creator or some call it "Intelligent design", he is everywhere to be seen
    in Nature, he has given us everything to make us happy.
    I turned to Christianity but I'm not connected to any church label, most of them preach another gospel and don't stay true to the Scriptures.
    Most members on this site believe in all kinds of "Heathenry".
    I chose to believe in a living God, it fulfills me and keeps me going no matter what.
    Every day I thank God for giving me another day.
    The greatest preacher in our time was Billy Graham, he was my guide.

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