Nathan is one of the few publishers in France which benefits from government contracts, so their books are read by almost all of France’s comprehensive school children.

Nathan has now published a sex education manual entitled “How to make babies?”. The 32-page book, which is written for children from 5 years of age, will be given to France’s state run kindergartens, with millions of children in attendance.

The book answers questions such as, “What is it like to be in love?”, “What does it mean to make love?”. As a typical example the book depicts a mixed-race couple, with a white woman and a man with Arab appearance, drawn on the pages to help children understand “how to make babies”.

Of course there is nothing wrong with interracial couples, but why is it always focused on migrant men having sex with white women? We barely see a woman with a headscarf depicted as dating or having sex with a white man.

The same tendency is seen in a Swedish campaign that focuses on migrants having sex as well. On the website we barely see women with headscarves dating or having sex with white men.

In France, publisher Nathan is holding a leading position in three facets of the publishing business, in particular, Literature, Education and Reference.

According to the company, education has been at the heart of its activity for more than 130 years, and they are one of France’s best-known brands.

Nathan is also a publisher who is no stranger to controversy; last year their maths book for high schoolers featured a maths problem on the drowning of migrants.