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Thread: The RACE CARD

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    £1.8bn UK Bank Fraudster Accuses Govt of ‘Racism’ Ahead of Deportation

    Convicted fraudster and Ghanaian national Kweku Adoboli, 38, who was responsible for the biggest trading loss in UK banking history, has accused the Home Office of “racism” for deporting him for his crime.

    Adolobi was convicted in 2012 of two counts of fraud after losing $2.3 billion (£1.8bn) of Swiss bank UBS’s money and sentenced to seven years imprisonment but was released in 2015 after serving three and a half years.

    During the trial, Southwark Crown Court had heard that the former trader was just “a gamble or two away from destroying Switzerland’s largest bank”. Judge Mr Justice Keith told the Ghanaian that he would “forever have been known as the man responsible for the largest trading loss in British banking history”, adding: “You were arrogant to think the bank’s rules for traders did not apply to you.”

    All foreigners sentenced to more than four years’ imprisonment are automatically considered for deportation. The fraudster lost an appeal against his planned expulsion in 2016.

    He was detained on Monday following a fortnightly police check-in and taken to Scotland’s Dungaval Immigration Removal Centre ahead of his planned deportation on September 10th.

    Despite his criminal conviction, the foreign national who describes himself as British said the UK’s interior ministry was guilty of “racism” for his detention and impending expulsion.

    “The fact that I was born in a different country and have different-coloured skin became part of the labelling process,” the son of a United Nations peacekeeper
    told the BBC.

    It was no longer, Kweku Adoboli who went to Yorkshire at the age of 12, became head boy of his school, went to Nottingham University, contributed to the students’ union, became campus brand ambassador for UBS, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. It was ‘Ghanaian-born rogue trader Adoboli’.

    “This ostracisation process? That is racism. The deportation process that now follows? That is racism.”

    Adolobi’s lawyer Jacqueline McKenzie told The Guardian that the situation was “really unfair” and said it highlighted the issue of foreign criminals facing deportation who have grown up and have built lives in the UK.

    The Livingston, Scotland, resident has significant support from leftist MPs including his local MP Hannah Bardell from the pro-open borders Scottish National Party, who sung an anti-Brexit rap in the House of Commons and voted against Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit timetable.

    Though a Home Office spokesman said it does not comment on individual cases, it told press that, “Foreign nationals who abuse our hospitality by committing crimes in the UK should be in no doubt of our determination to deport them and we have removed more than 42,800 foreign offenders since 2010.”

    Breitbart London reported on Tuesday that UK courts are overturning three out of four Home Office deportation orders for failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants.

    I n addition, more than 40 foreign convicted terrorists have used the Human Rights Act to avoid deportation and remain in the UK, some of them using taxpayer-funded legal aid to overturn their expulsions.

    Breitbart, 04 09 2018.

    Black people use their colour in every part of their lives,
    if they don`t get a job it`s because they are black,
    if they fail at something it`s because they are black,
    if they are poor which they all are it`s because they are black,
    if they are caught breaking the law it’s the law that’s racist against blacks.
    They always pull the race card at every opportunity.

    Freedom for the blacks is freedom to steal and to maim and to rape, and I'm not a racist when I say that. What can we tell them? Just that you have to look after yourself. We cannot look after you. - Eugene Terre'Blanche Afrikaner murdered by blecks, 3 April 2010.

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    How UK Authorities Cover Up Child Abuse by Muslim Grooming Gangs

    In March 2018, shock and outrage surged across Britain as the true extent of a historic child sex abuse ring in Telford, Shropshire was uncovered in the mainstream media. In what has since been dubbed the "worst ever" child abuse scandal in British history, as many as 1,000 young local girls may have been groomed for sex by a 200-strong syndicate of British-Asian men. Victims were said to have been trafficked, drugged, beaten, raped and in some cases even murdered.

    While the scale of the criminal conspiracy, and the specific offenses involved, predictably sickened members of the public far and wide, so too did allegations local authorities knew about the problem in the early 1990s, and failed to maintain details of abusers in Asian communities for fear of being labelled racist.

    Many social workers and victims testified Telford police and council were unwilling, unhelpful and sometimes intentionally obstructive of their efforts to report and prosecute perpetrators. In a particularly perverse instance, police failed to investigate a case five times until a member of parliament intervened — in another, a victim claimed officers discouraged her from pursuing her case after she told them she was speaking to journalists.

    However, for those who have been researching the grooming phenomenon in the UK for some time, the Telford exposures were hardly revelatory. Among them is Peter McLoughlin, author of the 2014 work Easy Meat, which delved into the issue of grooming gangs in forensic detail. For years, Peter believed grooming gangs to be a "racist myth", perpetuated by far-right demagogues. However, his fundamental assumptions were challenged in 2009 when he met people who said their children had been abused in this manner like this. These individuals' immediate and extended families had many non-white members — reasoning they were unlikely to be racists, He began to dig deeper into the issue. What he found shocked him.

    The Grooming Phenomenon

    Peter notes one of the "defining features" of grooming is the ethnic/cultural homogeneity of the gangs, and the refusal of members of their community to speak out about or condemn their behaviour. Moreover, gangs are typically made up of brothers, and/or members of an extended family, who all take part in the grooming and/or rape of young girls. In the UK and in other countries affected by the phenomenon, the gangs are overwhelmingly men — and Muslim.

    "In Britain, sexual abuse of children mostly involves white men — but the UK is 90 percent white. With grooming gangs, the prevalence of Muslims is so out of proportion with their numbers in Britain, ethnicity becomes highly significant. This reality must be addressed first and foremost when dealing with this crime. Islamic backgrounds dominate the profiles of ‘localized groomers', suggesting Muslim culture finds this crime far more acceptable than do other ethnicities in Britain," Peter told Sputnik.

    Despite being widespread, Peter suggests British authorities have "deliberately ignored" the issue for decades — despite politicians, law enforcement agencies and officials, charities, social workers, academics and journalists being fully cognisant of the phenomenon for some time, grooming was rarely if ever documented by the mainstream media, the campaigns of child-care charities, official reports, or academic works. What accounts for this failure to acknowledge an undeniable reality?

    "Stringent political correctness, and a fear of being labelled racist, ensured people didn't speak out, in the process enabling perpetrators to sexually abuse schoolgirls for decades with impunity. This, in an age where parents can be prosecuted for smacking their children! While the Rotherham scandal breaking ended this conspiracy of silence, it wasn't entirely shattered — the public know only a fraction of the true story. Grooming gangs are an epidemic in the UK, and have been operating for over 30 years," Peter told Sputnik.

    Historical Precedents

    Rotherham was, prior to Telford, home to the "biggest child protection scandal" in UK history. There, organized child sexual abuse continued almost unchallenged by legal authorities from the late 1980s to the early 2010s, with up to 1,400 children affected. The abuse included gang rape, forcing children to watch rape, dousing victims with petrol and threatening to set them on fire, threatening to rape victims' mothers and younger sisters, and trafficking them to other towns. Several victims also became pregnant —one aged 12.

    However, prior to the case making national headlines, the town had never been publicly associated with organized child abuse — although local government agencies there knew about local grooming gangs as early as 1996, when Rotherham council
    conducted an investigation into organized grooming. Its resultant report identified most perpetrators as Pakistani Muslim men — Kurdish Muslims and Kosovan Muslims were also acknowledged to be responsible.

    The next year, Rotherham council created a youth project, Risky Business, aimed at helping girls aged 11 — 25 at risk of sexual exploitation. Its chief, Jayne Senior, soon concluded a localized grooming network was operating in the town — and collected so much information about the perpetrators police suggested she start forwarding it to an electronic dropbox on the South Yorkshire Police computer network. Senior, who earned an MBE in 2016 for her role in uncovering the scandal, later learned that police did not read anything she submitted to the dropbox, and its contents could not be accessed by other forces. Moreover, a 2010 internal Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board memo stated "great care will be taken in drafting this report to ensure its findings embrace Rotherham's qualities of diversity. It is imperative suggestions of a wider cultural phenomenon are avoided."

    A 2013 independent inquiry headed by Professor Alexis Jay attributed official failure to address abuse in Rotherham to a number of factors relating to race, class and gender. These included contemptuous and sexist attitudes toward mostly working-class victims, fear perpetrators' ethnicity would trigger allegations of racism and damage community relations, the Labour council's reluctance to challenge a Labour-voting ethnic minority, and a desire to protect the town's reputation.

    Inconvenient Truths

    A palpable demonstration of how political correctness suppresses the truth about grooming gangs, Peter feels, occurred in 2004. In May that year, Channel 4 was preparing to broadcast a ‘Dispatches' documentary — Edge of the City — dealing with Muslim grooming gangs in Bradford, northern England. The project was the culmination of an almost decade-long inquiry by director Anna Hall — she'd been contacted by the city's Barnardo's branch in October 1996, with a view to producing a film warning children and parents about a pattern of child sexual exploitation in the area. As Hall later recounted, local men were targeting girls aged-11 and up, giving them phones, and showering them with attention and affection — when they eventually had sex, the men would introduce their friends to the girls, and they would be coerced into sleeping with them too.
    "Police seemed powerless to stop it because the girls thought these men were their boyfriends…the girls were white and the perpetrators were Asian.Men were gang-raping young girls and everybody wanted to pretend it wasn't happening. All anyone seemed concerned about was the risk of a race riot if we mentioned it," Hall has said.

    It would be almost seven years before Hall began filming — and despite authorities of every stripe evidently being well-aware of the pestilential phenomenon, there were no arrests, much less prosecutions, in the intervening time.

    The completed documentary could have changed that — and produced widespread public concern about Muslim grooming gangs. Hall states the film "dared" to describe the Bradford perpetrators as "overwhelmingly Asian".

    However, after reviewing the documentary, Bradford council sought to block its broadcast. Colin Crampton, West Yorkshire's Chief Constable, successfully secured a postponement, on the basis it could impact the result of the impending local elections in Bradford, and potentially produce "race riots" — skirmishes between local youths, split along racial lines, had engulfed the city three years prior.

    Peter's take on the incident is stark.

    "A national broadcaster crumpled to pressure from an individual who should himself have been facing investigation for the failure of his underlings, and allowed the threat of massive violence by members of Bradford's Muslim community to temporarily suppress vital information. That this was allowed to happen because it could've influenced the outcome of an election beggars belief, and is a clear demonstration of how the UK is not a democracy in any meaningful sense," Peter told Sputnik.

    No Coming Back?

    In 2013, a House of Commons report acknowledged "localized grooming" was an issue in the UK, and the available evidence showed Muslims were hugely disproportionately represented among the perpetrators. However, the authors strongly implied the issue was restricted to towns that had been the subject of national scrutiny, such as Bradford and Rotherham. Peter conversely believes there is reason to believe grooming is a national problem, with such gangs operating in "almost every major town in England" — in fact, he suggests it likely the only towns where gangs do not operate are those "without a mosque." What's more, he suspects authorities will only continue their cover-up of the nationwide scandal, producing many thousands of new victims across the UK every year.

    "Easy Meat was an attempt to wake the public up, and get them to demand civilized solutions to the problem. I feared people could turn to vigilante justice to deal with it if politicians didn't act. However, I expect in ten years the book will still be years ahead of mainstream debate on this issue. Any hope I had of the country changing course has faded now. All one can do now is document the ongoing decline," Peter concludes.

    Sputnik, 09 04 2018.
    The accusation of RACISM is behind the continuous invasion of useless third world muslins and africoons who are here at our expense and are free to commit all sorts of crime: illegal entry, fraud, rape, etc.

    Third world people make third world countries.

    If indigenous Europeans are to survive we must deport all non indigenous and mixed back to Africa, the Middle-East, Asia and the sub continent.

    If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
    If you adopt your enemy’s religion, you are enslaved.
    If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.
    Polydoros of Sparta (reigned from c. 741 to c. 665 BC).

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    Australian cartoonist attacked for 'racist' Serena Williams caricature - ‘Jim Crow memorabilia’

    Australian cartoonist Mark Knight has been attacked as being a “racist” for depicting Serena Williams, currently at the center of a storm over her on-court antics at the US Open, as a baby jumping on her racket.

    READ MORE: 'Liar & thief': Serena Williams launches shocking tirade at umpire in US Open final defeat

    Williams was fined $17,000 for violations that included calling the umpire a "liar" and "thief" during her final loss to Naomi Osaka at Arthur Ashe Stadium on Saturday, for which she was docked a game for verbal abuse and had a point penalty for racket smashing and a code violation for coaching.

    Contributing to the Herald Sun, a morning newspaper covering news in Melbourne and Victoria, Knight portrayed Williams as having spat out her dummy and jumping onto her downed racket while umpire Carlos Ramos asks opponent Naomi Osaka "Can you just let her win?" in the background. Knight has been attacked as a "racist" by some Twiter users for his depiction of Williams.

    Some went as far as to brand the cartoon suitable for "Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia", calling for Knight's resignation and even attacking the outlet itself for harboring alleged racist tendencies for allowing the publication of the cartoon.

    Others tried to pick holes in the authenticity of the cartoon, such as Williams never having actually jumped into the air and onto her racket during her tirade. Osaka's depiction as having blonde hair despite her Haitian and Japanese heritage was also called out, although the player does sport blonde highlights in her natural dark curls.

    Knight however remained steadfast and defended the drawing by pointing to his recent lampooning of Australian player Nick Kyrgios' on-court US Open tantrum as proof his work touched on all aspects of bad behavior, regardless of gender.

    Answering a comment from Julie Di Caro, Knight wrote: "Well Julie here’s a cartoon I drew a few days before when Australian male tennis player Kyrgios at the US Open was behaving badly. Don’t bring gender into it when it’s all about behaviour. I’ll accept your apology in writing," signed off with a smiling face emoji. His sentiments were backed by some, who thought the cartoon was nothing to do with gender or race.

    Williams was met with a backlash from fans and sections of the media, however her allegations of sexism were supported by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), who claimed the matter "brought to the forefront the question of whether different standards are applied to men and women in the officiating of matches."

    READ MORE: WTA backs Serena Williams’ sexism claims amid US Open controversy

    A wealthy African sport egomaniac at the end of her career freaks out at an official from an organization she helped create, made her fortune in and then blames racism and misogyny to legitimize her hissy fit ? Priceless.

    R T, 10 Sept 2018.

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    Convicted Fraudster Has Deportation Delayed

    The “racist” card wins out every time.

    Weaponised words: racism, islamophobic, homophobic, nazi

    “Racist” – a fake word invented by Communist Leon Trotsky in 1927. He certainly WEAPONIZED it as communist political assault tool used by two-faced fake liberals ever since to foment their pathetic revolutions. The word was used to brow beat all dissenters of the Communist ideology. Still used to this day in the West to shut down all non-conformists.

    “holocaust denier”,
    and the one that covers all”nazi”.

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    The race card is the most retarded thing in this world.
    I hate and show no respect to people who use it.

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    If someone 'accuses' you of racism, then ask them to define racism. They often will not have a good answer and your main point should be that you simply prefer your own kind and want them to remain a large majority.

    Quote Originally Posted by jagdmesser View Post
    If indigenous Europeans are to survive we must deport all non indigenous and mixed back to Africa, the Middle-East, Asia and the sub continent.
    The non-white birth rate in England and Wales is already 25% - being realistic, a mass deportation of 15 million isn't going to happen. The only major hope, I reckon, is a very heavy fine for anyone who produces more than one non-white child. Failing that, some form of segregation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maintenance View Post
    The race card is the most retarded thing in this world.
    I hate and show no respect to people who use it.
    The niggers use it at every opportunity. As soon as that card comes out they have lost all credibility with me.
    American by birth, made of parts from Emmingen, Baden-Württemberg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herr Rentz View Post
    The niggers use it at every opportunity. As soon as that card comes out they have lost all credibility with me.'s difficult to respect a people who do not naturally possess a concept of responsibility or virtue. Something akin to trying to respect a toddler as an equal while it's throwing a temper tantrum because it didn't get a cookie, or in this case, free 'gibmedats.'

    I tend to notice only the higher races (three digit IQ average, capacity for civilization, low crime rate) such as White nations and certain North East Asian nations, naturally possess concepts of responsibility and virtue. Whereas, in the lower races, I do not tend to naturally encounter such, with the exception of when outside influences (European conquerors) have otherwise introduced these things.

    This isn't to say individual blacks left to their own devices couldn't of their own develop a concept or capacity for responsibility and virtue, but it is to say that as a people blacks on average do not appear inclined to develop higher principle under natural conditions.

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    Gay bar manager awarded €20,000 after being called 'queer' by boss at work

    The Workplace Relations Commission found in the manager's favour.

    A restaurant has been ordered to pay €20,000 in compensation to a gay bar manager after a director called him ‘queer’ almost every day at work. In the case before the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC), the bar manager gave a number of examples of being subject to offensive comments from his two bosses.

    ‘Director A’ uttered the vast majority of comments to the bar manager and WRC Adjudication Officer, Marian Duffy stated: “I cannot comprehend how senior managers in a workplace would consider it acceptable to call such offensive names or make such offensive comments to a gay man.” She stated: “I am satisfied that it is a breach of their trust and duty of care towards their employee to create and tolerate such a degrading and offensive work environment."

    Ms Duffy rejected the restaurant's contention that the language directed at the bar manager "was banter". Ms Duffy has ordered the restaurant to pay the bar manager €20,000 after finding that he was harassed in the workplace on the basis of his sexual orientation and that staff training should be put in place aimed at preventing harassment on the nine grounds of discrimination under the Employment Equality Acts.

    In evidence, the bar manager stated that ‘Director A’ in particular frequently referred to him and other gay men as “queers”.He said that ‘Director A’ called his attention to two men dining in the restaurant and he asked if he saw “those ‘pair of queers”. The bar manager stated that ‘Director A’ at a birthday party in the restaurant in October 2017 referred to two gentlemen as that “that pair of queers”.

    The bar manager stated that he and his husband dined in the restaurant in or about the 8th of December 2017 and when the bar manager husband ordered a gin and tonic he said that ‘Director A’ referred to the drink as a “queers drink” and asked, “would you like a scarf and umbrella to go with it?”.

    The bar manager said that when he bought a red Mercedes car, Director A said that “it’s a lovely queer car” and “all you need now is a nice scarf and you’ll be a proper queer driving around”.

    On December 23rd 2017, the bar manager was having dinner with his husband and his young nephew when ‘Director A’ approached the table and he asked, “did you see that other pair of queers, they’re there since 2pm drinking”.

    The bar manager said that ‘Director B’ made an offensive comment at a management meeting at which breakfast was served concerning the sausages the bar manager was eating.

    On the night of the Christmas party when the bar manager returned a scarf he had borrowed from ‘Director B’, 'Director B' made a comment “…I hope I don’t catch the gay off the scarf…”.

    The bar manager said he never experienced these remarks in any other place he worked, and he was very taken aback at the conduct. He frequently told ‘Director A’ to stop but he didn't and persisted in calling him “queer” almost every day. The bar manager said being called “queer” is very offensive and it is one of the most derogatory word directed against a gay person. He said that the frequency of the comments were such that they became almost normalized, but they continued to cause him discomfort.

    He said that he received a WhatsApp message from ‘Director A’ on the 24th June 2017 wishing him “Happy Pride Day ye Big Queer”.

    In June 2017 the bar manager said he was fed up with the way he was been treated and he tendered his resignation, but he did not say why he was resigning and he was persuaded to stay. The offensive comments continued and in response to a Happy New Year message he sent to ‘Director A’ he received a response message in the WhatsApp group calling him a “steamer” and the message was sent from ‘Director A’s phone. The bar manager submitted that there were times he laughed nervously at some of the comments as he did not want to appear weak in front of the restaurant’s Directors.

    The bar manager’s husband and two former members of staff gave evidence of hearing some of the comments made by both ‘Director A’ and ‘Director B’.

    In response, ‘Director A’ said in evidence that he never used the name “queer” when he was in conversation with the bar manager. He said that sending the WhatsApp message wishing the bar manager happy Gay Pride and calling him a “big queer” with laughing emojis was meant as a joke. He said he never used the word to the bar manager in any other circumstances.

    He said that he had banter with the bar manager about his sexual orientation and that some of his best friends are gay and lesbian and he understands that the term “queer” is embraced by the LGBT community. He said that another member of staff took his phone to send the ‘steamer’ WhatsApp reply.

    ‘Director B’ denied that he made any remarks which were offensive to the Complainant.

    Three witnesses gave evidence on behalf of the restaurant and they all said that none of them witness any derogatory comments directed towards the bar manager.

    In January 2018, the bar manager was handed a letter confirming that he was being made redundant. He believed that he was dismissed because of his sexual orientation.

    However, Ms Duffy rejected this claim stating that he was dismissed because his position was made redundant. The restaurant stated that the bar manager was made redundant because the business was losing money.

    Irish Independent - Gay bar manager awarded €20,000 after being called 'queer' by boss at work

    Harassed at work 12 Jun 2019.

    "Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society"- Aristotle (Greek Philosopher Born: 384 BC Died: 322 BC).

    Sexual orientation like skin colour, is a profession to be made the best off. Imagine what the award would have been, if he had been dismissed because he was a ‘queer’.

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