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Thread: Rainbow Family Numbers In Denmark In Huge Increase

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    Rainbow Family Numbers In Denmark In Huge Increase

    In 2013, 84 families in Denmark had same-sex parents. By 2018, that number had increased to 659.

    As this week sees Copenhagen Pride celebrate diversity and equality for LGBT+ people, the number of rainbow families – families with same-sex or LGBT+ parents – is reported to have increased by a factor of just under eight within the last five years, broadcaster DR reports.

    The largest increase, in the Capital City (Hovedstaden) administrative region, saw such families increase from 42 in 2013 to 293 on January 1st this year, according to the report.

    Louise Daubenmerkl, a parent in one such family, told the broadcaster she did not see her family as unusual.

    “We see ourselves as an ordinary family with the same daily tasks as other families. We work, go to school and have playdates,” Daubenmerkl said, adding that “most people accept us with openness and curiosity”.

    Many same-sex couples still experience discrimination, Peder Holk Svendsen, chairperson of LGBT Danmark, said to DR.

    “Things are progressing. But there are still many small things you don’t notice if you’re not in a rainbow family yourself,” Svendsen said.

    “That could be something like picking up kids from school or attending parents’ evenings where there may be problems or uncertainties amongst staff regarding families. Sometimes the fact that it is ‘Dad and Dad’ and not ‘Mum and Dad’ is not taken into account,” he said.

    Daubenmerkl said to DR that she believed continued focus on the subject would see it further given equal footing in society.

    “The more focus there is, the more normal it will be. Then you won’t be met with maybe prejudice, but with interest. We are treated very positively most places we go, so that’s great,” she said.

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    The original "Rainbow Family" is a hippie organization that does "Rainbow Gatherings" in forests every year since 1972, in both the US and Europe.

    The homosexual degenerates have even usurped the term of "rainbow" to put some varnish on their sodomite lifestyle.

    Rainbow Gathering Documentary

    Rainbow Gatherings are temporary loosely knit communities of people who congregate annually in remote forests around the world for one or more weeks at a time to enact a shared ideology of peace, harmony, freedom, and respect. Anyone is allowed to attend and participants refer to themselves as a "Rainbow Family". The goal was to create what they believe is a more satisfying culture—free from consumerism, capitalism, and mass media—that's nonhierarchical, furthers world peace, and serves as a model for reforms to mainstream society. However, the values have been modified recently in an effort to attract more people, and has become less strictly vegetarian (except at the common dinner space), and more accepting to multiple mainstream cultural styles. [...] Rainbow is a "revitalization movement" with many philosophies and practices that have roots in the historic utopian traditions of the mid–19th century.
    Even the hippie lifestyle has to be watered down nowadays to be more "inclusive"...

    Also Rainbow Gatherings were not degenerate enough, so they invented "Burning Man Festival" which has basically no meaning and no values behind it.

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