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Thread: Germany: Traditional Sausages Banned in Public Canteens Out of Respect to Muslims, Claims Merkel Ally

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    Germany: Traditional Sausages Banned in Public Canteens Out of Respect to Muslims, Claims Merkel Ally

    A regional branch of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU party is fighting to keep pork on the menu in public canteens, with many institutions allegedly removing the meat from menus out of concern that religious minorities could be offended.

    The proposal will be presented by the CDU's Schleswig-Holstein group in the state parliament's session next week. The group's parliamentary leader, Daniel Guenther, claims that pork products were being taken off the menu in schools, nurseries and canteens across the region.

    "The protection of minorities - including for religious reasons - must not mean that the majority is overruled in their free decision by ill-conceived consideration," said Guenther, as quoted by Deutsche Welle, arguing that tolerance must mean "the appreciation and sufferance of other food cultures and lifestyles."

    Bratwurst sausages and other pork products are at the heart of German cuisine, with pig farming particularly important in the northern state of Schleswig Holstein, where agricultural production is the source of 17 per cent of state revenues.

    The move may have been inspired by municipal authorities in Randers in neighbouring Denmark, which recently compelled public institutions to have pork on the menu.

    The CDU denies it is seeking to legally oblige institutions to serve pork, however the campaign has attracted derision from rival parties.

    "Vegetarians, vegans and Muslims are in a Holy Trinity: taking over power in Schleswig-Holstein canteens," deputy leader Ralf Stegner of the centre Social Democrat party mocked.

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    A few thoughts on this :

    0.) The artiçle appears to be two years old from 2016 , when the Christian Democrats had been in the opposition :
    Rickers führt ein Berufsschulzentrum in Itzehoe an, das zum Ärger vieler Schüler sogar Mettwurst-Brötchen aus dem Angebot verbannt habe.

    Ende Januar hatte der dänische Rechtspopulist Martin Henriksen im Stadtrat von Randers dieselbe Forderung erhoben und einen Sturm der Entrüstung ausgelöst. Rickers sagt dazu nur, er kenne diesen dänischen Rechtspopulisten nicht.

    Rickers betonte der Zeitung zufolge, er wolle keineswegs einen verpflichtenden "Pork-Day" einführen, quasi als Gegenstück zum "Veggie-Day" der Grünen. Ihm schwebe eher eine Empfehlung des Sozial- und des Bildungsministeriums an Schulen und Kitas vor, Schweinefleisch auf dem Speiseplan zu belassen.

    Der Chef der CDU-Landtagsfraktion, Daniel Günther, sagte: "Immer mehr Kantinen, Kitas und Schulen nehmen Schweinefleisch aus ihrem Angebot, um auf religiöse Gebräuche Rücksicht zu nehmen." Die CDU halte das für falsch. "Wir setzen auf eine gesunde und ausgewogene Ernährung. Dazu gehört in unserer Kultur auch der Verzehr von Schweinefleisch." Niemand soll dazu verpflichtet werden, sagte Günther. "Wir wollen aber auch nicht, dass die Mehrheit deshalb auf Schweinefleisch verzichten muss."

    Itzehoe is a town in the metropolitan area of Hamburg .
    Some canteen workers might be already unwelcome refugees .

    1.) City of Randers is main seat of one of the largest butcher / meat companies in Northern Europe : Danish Crown .
    English Wikipedia does not mention them , but the Danish does :
    Et af nordeuropas største slagteriselskaber Danish Crown, Tulip Food Company ... har hovedsæde i byen.

    A little bit ironic for Randers then ...

    2.) The CDU tried to make food from Schleswig-Holstein to become somewhat special recognized by
    " cultural heritage " a few years ago , when the Social Democrats had been in power .
    Of course , the political left rejected that proposal , and wondered , why they did not became re-elected .
    I am not able to find an online article for the moment about this .
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    For pork to be banned in any Indo-European country, would mean the victory of Moses and Sharia.

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