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Thread: 'Concentrated' Camps For Refugees: Austria's Far-Right Government Faces Protests Over Its Anti-immigration Agenda

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    'Concentrated' Camps For Refugees: Austria's Far-Right Government Faces Protests Over Its Anti-immigration Agenda

    With her woolly red beanie, author Susanne Scholl, 68, looked more like a kindly grandma than a fiery resistance leader as she took the stage before tens of thousands of protestors in Vienna last Saturday.

    But as the daughter of two Holocaust survivors and member of "Grandmas against the Right", Mrs Scholl felt compelled to voice her concern at Austria's new populist-right government and its moves to crack down on refugees and Muslims.

    "Our group of older women has taken to the streets because most witnesses of the Nazis are no longer with us, and as the second generation, we have a duty to remind people what humans can do to each other," she said.

    Many of the banners in the crowd below compared Austria's new leaders, Sebastian Kurz and Heinz-Christian Strache to Nazis. Others opposed plans to reduce social welfare, give tax cuts to the wealthy and introduce student fees.

    Mrs Scholl told the crowd she believed "many voters" at Austria's October elections "didn't understand what they were voting for":

    "Everything this government is doing is denying people respect. We are here because we know what it means when people divide people into subcategories and deny them their human rights. We want our children and our children's children to grow up in the same environment as we did, in a post-war Austria that did its best to live peacefully.

    The link to World War II wasn't lost on the estimated 60,000 protesters — an eclectic group from families with children to black-hooded "anti-fascists".

    Their march ended at Heldenplatz (Heroes Square), in front of the former Imperial Palace in central Vienna. This year marks the 80th anniversary of another gathering in Heldenplatz, where 200,000 Austrians enthusiastically welcomed Adolf Hitler three days after his troops marched into the country.

    Reminding protesters of this event in his address, Social Democrat Axel Magnus told protesters that "today we are sending the opposite signal and standing here for a society that will not be split any longer".

    'Concentrated' camps for refugees

    Mr Kurz, 31, chairman of the centre-right Austrian People's Party, was sworn in as Chancellor on December 18 after receiving 32 per cent of the vote in last October's election. He's now the world's youngest head of government.

    Mr Strache, the outspokenly anti-immigration chief of the far-right Freedom Party, came third in the polls with 26 per cent of the vote and was appointed Vice-Chancellor.

    Immigration, refugees and Islam were the focus of the election campaign, which saw the centre left and Greens almost annihilated as the populist People's and Freedom Parties competed for the anti-immigration vote.

    The inclusion of the Freedom Party — founded by former members of the Nazi party after World War II — has made Austria the only western European country to have a far-right presence in government.

    Despite being the junior partner in the coalition, the Freedom Party now has control of key ministries including defence, foreign affairs and interior.

    Last week, interior minister and Freedom Party general secretary Herbert Kickl caused outrage across Europe when he told journalists of plans to create "camps" for refugees "to keep them concentrated in one place".

    President Alexander Van der Bellen admonished Mr Kickl for his choice of words, stating that "the Austria in which we wish to live is conscious of the light and dark pages of its history and understands the responsibilities which come with this."

    Mr Kickl has since backtracked on his use of the word "concentrated", saying he "did not intend to provoke anyone".

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    Of course, "Mr. Kicki" has since backtracked on his use of the word "concentrated". It seems to be common practice these days to state the truth, especially when spoken with questionable semantics, then when some public backlash occurs, they feel somehow obligated to exonerate themselves by offering an apology for doing so.

    I would have said, First round these invaders up, "concentrate" them. Then deport them as soon as possible before too much tax money is wasted on supporting them in the camps.
    If you don't like this logical idea, then please feel free to join your terrorist friends and leave our homelands with them.
    Aside from an ever increasing number of mortals who have willfully chosen to worship Satan and his minions, our battle has always been against the powers and principalities operating surreptitiously throughout this twisted world.

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