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Thread: Coming from Endphase21? Please Read

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    Coming from Endphase21? Please Read

    As of recent, it has been made known to us that the forum community Endphase21 (formally known as Germanic-Worlds) has closed. Consequently, a number of Endphase21 ex-members have been signing up on Skadi Forum. While Skadi and EP21 (aka former Germanic Worlds) have a similar, tangential orientation, as well as an array of common members, we would like to make a few notes for the newcomers.

    One is that Skadi Forum is a Germanic community not only de jure, but also de facto. In other words, we are a forum for and about people of Germanic heritage. This is not only reflected in our mission statement and structure, but also when it comes to our membership. More specifically, this means that our community is specifically geared towards a Germanic target audience. While by extension most of our members also embrace a wider European identity, we don't want to be yet another European centric forum. Skadi has had the reputation of being one of the first, largest and most popular Germanic online communities and it is our hope as Staff to maintain this unique quality and Germanic .

    If you are Germanic and identify with your heritage, if you take an interest in the preservation of your people, be welcome to join and invite friends. We hope that our community will be accommodating and that with time, you will make friends here and consider it your online home. If you are not, we wish to thank you for the commitment you show for your own meta-ethnicity and nation, however we would kindly ask you to respect our privilege to operate as a Germanic community. Unlike Endphase21, Skadi does not have a "Friends of Germanics" exception that includes a selection of other non-Germanic European countries. We do however have a "Questions About Germanics" section where our guest audience can pose questions, learn and contribute in a variety of topics. If you are not Germanic but take a great interest in Germanic topics, you might find this section useful for this purpose. Full account privileges are however reserved for those pertaining to Skadi's orientation, i.e. Germanics. We thank you for your understanding and for respecting our right to self-determination.

    We currently approve registrations of partial, predominant and/or full Germanic background. Consequently, new members are kindly asked to fill in their ethnicity field as precisely and unambiguously as possible. If you have Germanic ancestry, be sure to mention this in your profle (ethnicity and/or ancestry field, and if you are of mixed heritage, ideally also percentage). Here is a detailed guide for new members on how to fill in your profile correctly. If you are not quite sure what these terms mean, be sure to read it first.

    Secondly, we desire to point out that while Skadi will not give in to any political correctness in all questions affecting the very core of our values and will not compromise on any reasonable views necessary for the survival and preservation of our people in exchange for short-term popularity or in futile attempts to be loved and accepted by the enemies of our peoples, the forum is in general not a place for "white nationalist,", "white racialist", "pan-Aryan", pan-European or similarly unitizing, collectivist or anti-pluralist ideologies and ideas which promote a weakening of or disregard for our Germanic identity and whose direct or indirect result is the dissolution or the division of Germanics or their genetic substance. To be specific, this does not mean that we do not welcome perspectives that are pro-white, pro-European etc. in addition to or as an extension of already being pro-Germanic, but merely those that come at the expense of the modification and dilution of our Germanic identities. Similarly, Skadi Staff reserves the right to remove contributions that are potentially irrelevant to Germanics or their heritage. As much as we value, respect and appreciate all efforts directed at the survival of Europeans and non-Germanic ethnicities, Skadi Forum is and will remain a Germanic forum by Germanics for Germanics interested in the discussion of issues of relevance to Germanics.

    Another difference between Skadi and Endphase21 is that Skadi Forum is a public forum, largely readable and accessible to guests. We want all who are interested in Germanic topics to have access to what has, over the last sixteen years, become a wealth of information that can help them preserve Germanic heritage in their daily lives. That said, we also value privacy and anonymity, particularly in an era where everything is being forced out in the open. We have a few sections available to our members only, such as a regulars section, a virtual country club for sustaining members and a personal taxonomy section for those who wish to be classified.

    Please note that in order to avoid spam, advertizing, trolling and other inappropriate content, new members' first 10 posts are moderated. Allow thus some time until your posts get rapproved, especially if you write them during late/early hours. Members who are known from other fora or have been invited or vouched for by other Skadi members or staff may be manually promoted earlier though. The sooner we can establish one is legit, the quicker promotion takes place. We understand that waiting for your posts to be approved can be unpleasant, so we want to minimize the unpleasantness.

    Some more userful links for new members:

    Skadi Forum Mission Statement & Rules
    Skadi Forum Disclaimer
    Skadi Forum Privacy Statement
    New Member Information
    Help & Suggestions Forum
    Skadi Staff
    Skadi Contact Us Form

    Should you have any questions, suggestions or issues, you can contact us privately or post your query in the help forum.

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