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Thread: Western Europe Is Giving Up Its Culture To Muslims Who See Europe As Prey – Expert

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gefjon
    Pah... accusing or implying that every woman who doesn't agree with your ideas is a feminist is a cop out strategy...
    I'm not sure whether you're addressing me or Godwinson here, be less vague. All I say is you don't have to be an archetypical housewife/traditional woman to be on our side. For as long as civilization continues to exist there will be 'feminists' - women who rebel - since civilization is indeed partially founded on the subjugation of women. Velvet rejects the idea of being a "sex slave", as she calls it, as well as traditional male authority, she always has for as long as I've known her. Which is fine, that's her choice, she's old enough to know what she wants. Although I think Germany would benefit from it if she didn't, however, that's just me - and if that's not how she wants to live, she shouldn't. The only thing I imply is that women who 'rebel' yet are on our side can do almost as much as we men can, sometimes more, because women oftentimes make better spokespersons and they create a problem for the dominant narrative by going against it as a woman, as someone who is supposed to side with the invaders and the establishment.
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    Wolgadeutscher: As for blaming the Jews, where do you think feminism originates from?
    It was of course the Jews but why did they have so much success with Western women?

    That was the point I was making, because I knew Hindu families in my home town of Leicester who just laughed at all of this nonsense. In 40 years / 2 generations I never saw ‘feminism’ making the slightest in-road into the Hindu or Sikh communities, despite them being subjected to the same indoctrination.

    In more recent times I've noticed that Poles tend to pretty much ignore 'feminism' as well but the Western girls just lap it up

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