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Thread: A Short Discussion with an Anti-Racist

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    Post A Short Discussion with an Anti-Racist

    My original text and the answer to what he said about it, maybe you have some thoughts as well...

    And in fact to much gracility even if it looks beautiful (at womens) is some kind of adaptation to low energy levels as well.
    If this goes to far, f.e. in some tropic regions or through self-domestication it lets populations degenerate.
    They are no longer as competitive if its about physical strenght.
    And to gracile women sometimes get more troubles with birth too.
    F.e. the Khoisanid adaptation to a low level energy household is some kind of weakness in the intraspecific selection.
    Same is true for the pygmaes or Andamans.
    They are physically adapted superior to ther environment, but not for intraspecific selection were they are not just culturally but also physically inferior. (in war, partly in sexual selection etc.)
    So in my opinion, gracility/paedomorphy if too extrem is not just positive.

    Lol, you must be joking my friend. First of all, where is your evidence for this supposed degeneration? Hmmmm? By what measurements or observations?
    The Khoisandi people show distinct primitive features, but primitive features are something else than degeneracy in general. The Khoisand ancestors where taller, stronger build and had a more developed culture.
    Because they were biologically and culturally inferior to the invading Bantu Negroids they lost ground and had to adapt to a region in which they could only survive on a low energy level, like I already said. Whats ridiculous about that? Its the proven truth.
    Its a phenomenon not you can see not only in humans, and of course in humans weaker than in other animals. If the energy level is high and intraspecific selection strong, in Mammals the development of the body and brain is totally different than under deficient environmental conditions.
    You probably know that Khoisanids kept their primitive features, even in their brain, in combination of degeneration in form of a smaller and weaker body.

    Of course they are a type on their own, with their own strengths, BUT both by their physical, mental and cultural abilities their intraspecific selective advantage is so low, that they would have been extinct on the long run.

    None, thats what. Furthermore, what data do you have on the average strenght of a Khoisan vs that of, say, a Dane? Actually, the former is almost certainly more physically fit due to differential life-style that requires khoisans to use their muscles significantly more often than Danes.
    I spoke about genetically and cultural-structural differences. If a Danish couch potatoe is fat, dumb and unable to survive for one week in the Kalahari, it has nothing to do with what I meant.

    Because the question would be, if 1000 healthy Danes with their traditional life style of the Stone Age would come to Africa, would be pigmented or otherwise protected against UV-rays, and would be acclimatized, would come in a fertile region of Southern Africa, in which 1000 Khosanids live, who would be able to keep the land on which only 1200 people can live in a decent way?

    And dont forget, Danes are selected for a completely different region. If a group, so highly specialized to one region, isnt even able to defend this region against foreign, not so highly specialized invaders, it means the specialization was in no way positive but a degeneration.

    The same was true when the Neandertals were eliminated by Homo sapiens after a false specialization process in their homeland. False specialization process usually means an adaptation to low energy levels and small groups, because thats not the optimal specialization for Homo and does lead to nothing on the long run.

    None, thats what. Furthermore, what data do you have on the average strenght of a Khoisan vs that of, say, a Dane? Lol, you must be joking my friend. First of all, where is your evidence for this supposed degeneration? Hmmmm? By what measurements or observations?

    I saw different data about the energy level and body height. And I know something about the general diet of Stone Age "Danes" and Khoisan people in the Kalahari. Never forget, they wouldnt live there if they wouldnt have been driven away from more fertile regions by both culturally and biologically more advanced, stronger Negroids.

    Same happened in South Eastern Asia, Northern South Asia, Siberia, America (Australoid vs. Mongoloid), Europe (Neandertal vs. Europid sapiens)

    How do I know that, any fool whos ever seen a documentary about the Khoisans peoples is privy to that information.
    So every fool should know the difference between racial standard, cultural and biological degeneration, right? Read what I wrote above to understand that...

    Lastly, drop those rediculous, archaic anthropological terms. They make you sound like a complete moron. I hope you know physical anthropology, ie. frenology, craniology, physiogonomy, etc etc, was debunked 80 years ago.
    Dont mix up different things. Physical anthropology was teached and methodologically improved until the "cultural turn" or "politically correct" turn in the 90's. Maybe you are to young or to uneducated to know what happened at this time and how genetic data was used in a scientifically absurd way to justify ideological dogmas of human equality and "there is no race" nonsense.
    But even those, which are against any form of racial categorization, still use craniological and physiognomical standards for studies, especially if its about palaeanthropology and sexual selection/attractiveness because such means are just time-tested and useful to determine individual human differences.
    And still the racial terms, or synominous population terms still has to be used to describe genetical and phyisical differences.
    The only reason you dont hear to much about that might be, that in the "politically correct" media machine such terms are nowadays avoided by all means, especially in the dumb mainstream program.
    I wrote about what happens today in the scientific community in the German section of Skadi, but you might not be able to read it and I'm not in the mood to translate it for you, because it seems that you dont want to speak openly and without prejudices about this theme and are already manipulated, or have a serious reason to believe in the "new world ideology" which even corrupts science.
    I would never say that the German anthropologists of the 3rd Reich were always right, they made mistakes too, they had to be corrected, but what we see nowadays is an ideological influence on science, even stronger than in most totalitarian regimes, just to stop science from harming the liberal-individualistic and pseudo-egalitarian ideology of the West we all suffer from these days.

    But that doesnt mean that the last word is spoken or the "one world" and "there is no race" nonsense is the last truth we can know about human differences, because its a lie.

    Go find some solid ground to stick your pathetic racism on, oh wait..there is none. Lol
    At least I brought some arguments in the discussion, something you wasnt really able to. Just think with an open mind about what happened in the last 20 years and on what this chances are based upon. That has nothing to do with science or new knowledge, science was just there to justify what happened.

    Best regards
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