Results of a new poll show that many Swedes are extremely concerned about the rise of crime relating to immigration in the country, with a heavy majority believing the country is moving in the wrong direction.

The poll measured attitudes to different issues in varying countries and ranked them accordingly; crime and violence being the most important issue that Swedes were concerned about, with roughly 50% of Swedish respondents.

While an average of 56% worldwide think their country are moving in the wrong direction, Sweden represents an extreme outlier with 73% of Swedes feeling this way.

Migrant gang violence has become the new normal for Swedes, with many fearing for their lives; fatal shootings in Sweden had doubled in less than a decade.

The second most concerning issue for Swedes, behind crime and violence, is immigration, with 33% of Swedish respondents suggesting this is the most important issue.

With concerns about Crime, Violence and Immigration so high on the agenda, the Swedish elections happening in one month exactly set to be dominated by the topics.