"What would you say to the Belgians who think that they cannot change this massive immigration, this cultural decline in the West, while you with Fidesz [Orban's party] in Hungary, in Central Europe, have shown that change is possible if you are brave enough?" Dries Van Langenhove, head of Schild & Vrienden, asked Orbn.

"May I be direct and honest?" Orbn prefaced. "Awaken. Awaken as soon as possible - otherwise, you will be in trouble."

"Tendencies which are going on are not just unpleasant, not just inconvenient, but changing dramatically, the basis of our civilization. So if you are not awakened in the proper time, Belgium will be different in five or 10 years time. It's about your future."

Orbn clarified that he was merely offering his own opinion to the young men, insisting upon his respect for their "national sovereignty," but added, "It's your future; it's in your hands. Do something. Stand up and fight."

A great honour to be invited by Viktor Orbn, the man who bravely stood against communism back in the day and bravely stands against the EU bureaucrats today. Hungary for the Hungarians. Flanders for the Flemish. Europe for the Europeans. United we stand.

Schild & Vrienden - which translates roughly to "Shield & Friends" - recently made waves across the populist-nationalist sphere when they challenged radical left-wing activists who attempted to 'occupy' ancient Gravesteen Castle to propagandize on behalf of open borders and mass migration.

Compelling video footage of the confrontation went viral across social media, elevating the group's profile and thrusting them into the international spotlight.