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    Eva Herman

    Eva Herman (born Eva Feldker 9 November 1958 in Emden, Lower Saxony)[ is a German author and television presenter. She worked as a news presenter on the nationwide Tagesschau news programme from 1989 to 2006 and also presented various other television programmes for the Norddeutscher Rundfunk until 2007. In 2003, an opinion poll by TNS Emnid professed Herman to be "Germany's favourite presenter". However, a number of her statements in books and the media regarding gender roles and family values led to widespread public controversy in 2006 and her dismissal from the German national broadcaster ARD the following year.


    Herman in 2006 and 2007 published two controversially received books regarding to her beliefs on gender roles and family policy Herman strongly believes in the difference between the sexes. Her article "Die Emanzipation - ein Irrtum?" (Emancipation - a fallacy?) describes her controversial opinions on the causes behind a drop in birth rate in Germany: she believes they stem from the Feminist movement forcing women out of their natural place in the traditional family. Her understanding of female emancipation is that it calls for women to become like men. She refers to working as a 'masculine' attribute, and warns that although women can pursue talents outside the home in moderation, working outside of the home too much risks women becoming 'masculine beings', thus reducing the birth rate.


    German TV Sacks Talk Show Host for Praising Nazi Family Politics

    Germany's public broadcaster ARD fired its well-known talk show host and controversial book author Eva Herman after she praised Nazi family politics. Herman said on Monday her statements were taken out of context.

    "Mrs. Herman's authorial activities are in our view no longer compatible with her role as a television news reader and talk show host,"
    said Volker Herres, program director for German public network ARD's northern division Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), in a statement on the network's Web site.
    He also said that some guests had canceled their appearances on Herman's talk show in response to her public statements on motherhood.

    Herman, 48, who already ruffled feathers last year by arguing that women should raise children rather than pursue careers of their own, was quoted by the media as speaking in glowing terms about the family values that were nurtured in the Nazi era.
    "It was a gruesome time with a totally crazy and highly dangerous leader who led the Germans into ruin as we all know," Herman said."But there was at the time also something good, and that is the values, that is the children, that is the families, that is a togetherness -- it was all abolished, there was nothing left."

    Herman's new book "The Noah's Ark Principle: Why We Must Save the Family" (available in German) is a follow-up to her 2006 bestseller "The Eva Principle: For a New Femininity."

    In both books, Herman openly discredits the merits of emancipation and mourns the loss of traditional gender roles that assigned women to the safe and comforting spot by the kitchen stove.

    Motherhood crusade

    Herman told Bild newspaper on Monday that she didn't understand why there was so much commotion about her views.
    "I expressly distanced myself from the 'Third Reich' at several points," Herman said. "One has to put my statement into its overall context. This isn't about Hitler's values, but about basic human values, which were abused in the 'Third Reich' and later abolished."
    By praising the Third Reich family values, however, Herman managed to raise the scandal bar to unprecedented heights.

    While it is true that the Nazis offered incentives to child-bearing women, their family policies were an integral part of their racist ideology whose goal was the creation of a master race.
    "Frau Herman should know that what characterized the Third Reich wasn't how mothers were treated, because they were just meant to produce cannon fodder," author and Holocaust survivor Ralph Giordano told Bild. "What characterized it was the gas chambers."

    Preaching, not practicing

    Married for the fourth time, having one child and -- until now -- a stellar television career that included 18 years of hosting Germany's premiere TV news show Tageschau -- Eva Herman was an unlikely candidate for a champion of antiquated gender roles.

    She proved, however, that one doesn't have to practice what one preaches and that a successful career woman can tell other women that what they really want is to keep quiet and cook.

    "In Eva Herman's case, even those of us who are women's rights activists want her to return home to her kitchen stove," said Renate Künast, a prominent member of the opposition Green party.

    It is unlikely, however, that Herman, who was often voted in the past as Germany's favorite news presenter, will get a chance to become a stay-at-home mom that she never was. As a proponent of an ultra-conservative, pre-feminist fantasy world in which marriage, obedience and motherhood are considered the ultimate forms of self-fulfillment, she seems busier than ever.
    "Frau Herman is free to carry on her 'motherhood crusade,' but this is no longer compatible with her role as an NDR TV presenter," Herres said.

    German TV Sacks Talk Show Host for Praising Nazi Family ... 10.09.2007

    Was going to edit the ‘left wing’ bias: the gas chambers B S, cannon fodder, etc but left it in.
    We all know Tv is the major instrument of indoctrination to control and manage the masses.
    MSM cannot and does not allow free speech or debate.

    All part of the 'War on the family' to destroy the White race.

    Eva Herman - Die offizielle Webseite - Politik, Medien...

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    I've watched a lot of her videos on YouTube over the years.

    To my surprise, many of them are still there

    For German speakers, here's one where she's informing the public how talk shows are rigged with biased (and paid?) audiences ...

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    Fataler männerhass / fatal men hate


    It is no secret that we are long on the way in a single culture. Let's look at the Numbers: The Federal Statistical office published in 2006, a statistics, according to which every fifth inhabitant of Germany lives alone, a total of 8.7 million women and 7.1 million men. 46 % of women are widowed, which means that 54 %, so more than half of the women living alone, unmarried or divorced or in relationships without a shared apartment living. Whether you live alone? If you miss something?

    Can assume that the ability to form close ties is gradually lost, although the yearning is unabated. The single life is not as fun and exciting to us, as it is in some books or magazines would have it. Millions are not on the search, otherwise there would be the Boom of the online Dating services and Internet Dating services.

    Online-partner Agency "Parship", recently published a study for which she had a Düsseldorf-based market research Institute, 1000 Singles interviewed. In the investigation it came to the question of willingness to compromise. The result: nearly all the partnership concerns the men willing to compromise, were as the women. Only 36 % of women were willing to make a connection with a man that has never had a solid relationship, while 63 % of men had, in the opposite case, no problems with it.Significantly fewer women than men wanted to accept the desire for children of the partner or the Partner more room than the circle of friends.

    Thus, one might conclude that women are far pickier, which would be welcome. But much closer to one other conclusion: That you are considerably more skeptical, and accurate, may also have unrealistic expectations of a relationship than the men have. The Cologne-based market research Institute "Rheingold" to the women a "tremendous expectations".

    No Compromises! Or as few as possible! Spontaneously, I felt Birgit reminded, as I read, your saying that you'd rather be lonely, than make concessions. Since you don't have to wonder, if these women wait a lifetime in vain for the dream partner you have in thoughts to put it together.
    The truly ominous consequence of feminism in the front position, in which many women often unconsciously go. The man appears as an enemy who needs to prove once and for all whether he could not be the friend. Everywhere oppression seems to lurk, subjection, slavery. Anyone who lives in a committed relationship, know that without a willingness to negotiate and willingness to compromise are no long-term commitment. Who weighs only; who is waiting, what wrong could next occur, is controlled by distrust. Not a good base.

    The journalists Angela and Juliana, of gate castle, turn in your book, "love, Drama, madness" against the persistent suspicion that women have for men. Women today are "in a state of constant indignation readiness", which relates to the error of the men. The conjecture about the General wickedness of men was at some point "narrow prejudice" and "stunning intolerance" turned over.

    Of course, feminists would be in talk show appearances today, all types of Men's hostility, far from the ways of. Whether this really corresponds to the truth? As of 1994, the American Lorena Bobbit cut your sleeping husband Penis with a kitchen knife, as revenge for his infidelity, said Alice Schwarzer,
    "she has." your man disarmed in your Emma-article "Beyond Bitch" (2/1994). And concluded, that from now on women have the right to violence: "A has done it. The dam is broken, violence is no longer taboo. It can be beaten. Or stung. American Housewives do not think more chop at the sight of a kitchen knife only to the Parsley." To comment on this, in a neutral stance, can't.

    Schwarzer's conclusion: "There is nothing else for the Victims to act for themselves. And this must trigger a woman joy, if a strikes back. Finally! "Woman of joy" – what a word. And by the way, the men are denied any right to a civil justice system. Vigilante justice is the need of the hour, the fire will be opened.

    This was not a derailment. Because Black had made even before that, for authors such as the American, Andrea Dworkin strong, the preaching feminism, although quite critical, but unbridled hate Men. In her book "pornography. Men dominate women," she had stated: "Terror radiates from the man, Terror to be enlightened beings, the Terror of his purpose in life is." In the case of the Black strongly recommended by the author of the sentence is: "I would like to see a man to a bloody mass of beaten, with a high-heeled Shoe in his mouth rammed like an Apple in the mouth of a pig."

    The covert or open Men's hostility is not an extremist fringe phenomenon, but has long since into the consciousness of many women. And also the men do not remain unaffected. The authors Paul Nathansori and Katherine K. Young warned in their study of men hate (Spreading Misandry: Teaching Contempt for Men in Popular Culture) that men could assume the negative stereotypes that are awarded to you, you be emotion, cold and violent, actually. According to the Motto: "once your reputation Is ruined, it lives quite openly."

    Again and again, the type of woman, for the criticism, if not contempt met of men, a kind of Sport or even in life. Regardless of whether you as a militant women's libber, as a mannered-appearing pin-stripe Manager or as a veteran and harmless-funny talk show-grandma of German feminism occurs,
    always, bears in reality the drawn dagger under the black cowl, it is frightening how widespread and consistently reckless this behavior is. Frustration is behind it, sometimes a real bad experience. A justification for verbal attacks all of this, however, is not.

    The biggest danger is to throw this in a pot with the "healthy" emancipation. It seems to me urgently necessary to recognize the violent roots of this attitude, to be able to reconsider.

    We should not resign ourselves to living in a state of war. Distrust, contempt and hatred are a source of strife, and to obstruct often the way to reconciliation. With femininity, you have to do definitely nothing. We say goodbye to such a front behavior. We lay down the weapons. We are all fallible, men as well as women. To talk we have to give ourselves the Chance to learn, to negotiate. The perfect relationship there is not, just as little as the perfect man. But what woman would presume to call themselves flawless?

    It is high time that we banish the poison of war, and thoughts from our minds and hearts. Otherwise, we will never be true women, and mothers, and the men have just as little as we have the opportunity to grow in a relationship and in the Father.

    The real women have been left long-sleep for many years and the field of the black armed inside. But now your time is coming, the time of femininity.

    Excerpt from the bestselling book
    , The Eva principle of Eva Herman, published 2006.

    16. February 2019.

    All governments are inherently evil. Thus the creed that he who governs least governs best.
    Thomas Paine.
    Racial survival, racial victory in the struggle for life and dominance, must be the goal of every plan, of every policy, of every thought and action. Tribal thinking. —Dr William L. Pierce.

    We must have leaders and governments which will only look after our own native people and are pro family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jagdmesser View Post

    Was going to edit the ‘left wing’ bias: the gas chambers B S, cannon fodder, etc but left it in.
    We all know Tv is the major instrument of indoctrination to control and manage the masses.
    MSM cannot and does not allow free speech or debate.

    All part of the 'War on the family' to destroy the White race.
    Please don't leave these things out. It makes the jew sound ridiculous they always have to toss their holy hand grenades (gas chambers, six grillion, cannon fodder, master race or whatever) the more they use this tactic the more the grenades become duds.
    Life is like a fire hydrant- sometimes you help people put out their fires, but most of the time you just get peed on by every dog in the neighborhood.

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    Civil wars predictable

    "We can no longer digest foreigners,
    there is murder and mayhem."
    Helmut Schmidt (SPD) in 1981

    Civil war predictable

    The targeted mass migration to Europe through the UN, the EU and the Merkel-Regime1, which has increased since 2015, the existing share of foreign cultural and to a large part of Muslim people vastly and continuously increased, inevitably leads to now already observable social consequences, the need to push the countries concerned in the disintegration and the Chaos.2 moreover, It is foreseeable that, in the aggrieved local population against the largely non-integrated, well integrated, end unwilling and in part more and more aggressive foreigners, against the resultant rising crime and the growing impoverishment of their own under layers of increasingly aversions and aggressions, which are discharged in violent clashes and civil wars.

    Clashes of the Locals

    In the issue of the unlimited and uncontrolled intake of refugees and migrants, the Germans themselves are deeply divided. Still, a majority under the influence of the Berlin party cartel and the indoktri keeps alternating Mainstream media for the recording of "humanitarian reasons" is right. A growing number of critics against the view of the global planning for the destruction of nation States and the dissolution of the peoples by a culture foreign and predominantly Muslim immigrants, in whose service the own government and most of the "people's representatives" are obviously active. However, it will take place about this important question, not a factual dispute. The critics will be vilified through the media-all width as xenophobes, racists, nationalists, or fascists, of the thugs of the state-subsidized "anti-fascists" attacked and demonstrations and assemblies are prevented, which, kept for years by the police only with difficulty in the bridle – already a civil war character.

    In this aggressive atmosphere, it is sure to come to mutual radicalization. On the one hand, the immigration critics will gain more and more with growing demonstrations of air and increase in the Share of real xenophobia, what incites on the other hand, the proponents of a more violent fight against "the right", "intolerance", "nationalism", and the like. So a General climate of hatred and of the struggle of the two population groups are increasingly against each other. In the process, the problems will increase due to the escalating group of Immigration critics constantly and your opponent is in the minority pushing for, "but", the Hamburg philosopher Lars green forest, "with the help of the elite-controlled media as Mainstream` and Political Correctness` claims, and will try to defame the majority of the population ideologically and basically, people hostile attitude to. What the opponents of the Immigration critics, the use of such practices, do, is to undermine, systematically of the essential components of the basic law, namely article 4, which allows the absolute conviction that freedom of every human person, article 5, of the guarantees in the broadest scope of the freedom of Expression of every individual, and also with the article 8, which guarantees freedom of Assembly for the diverse aspirations, and the article 9 of the freedom of Association, freedom of, to represent its interests against other interests, by merger of the people." 3

    You accuse the critics of intolerance against migrants, however, even violent intolerance and destroy the fundamental rights of democracy, in which the migrants are supposed to be integrated. So you show them that your enthusiast values a greeter with the freedom base itself on the hat and give you an example of how you can prevail in Germany. And the tolerated Antifa hordes demonstrate them constantly with disrespect, hatred, and physical attacks not only against peaceful protesters, but also against the state police practical guide to the civil war.

    The whole of society, tread the way to a further variant of totalitarianism, "in the other expressions of Opinion and activities as those who are in the Mainstream and the direction of Political Correctness, not approved, and for society as a whole to be outlawed. That would be the Emergence of a new totalitarianism, of fascism, of the "do-gooders" in a sense. On the other side of the stands, but compared to a population of increasing size, that will not accept such kind of treatment simply. And so we have to run in conditions of an internal societal war." 4

    This social war will be a disastrous mixed Fight of German against German, migrants and migrant against migrant. The latter is already in the clashes between Turks and Kurds, and violent clashes in a Refugee home, visible.

    No real integration process

    The Central Problem is a lack of integration process for the immigrants in the German society and culture in such a way that a gradual identification in order to take place. This is due to the large masses of a completely foreign Cultural left in a short period of time and continuously to the country, is not possible. But that this is done is an expression of the will of the German dominant circles, that a real Integration, which deserves the name, not supposed to take place.

    The German political scientist and middle East expert of Syrian origin, Bassam Tibi, 36 years as a Professor at the University of Göttingen, sharply criticized the German integration concept. "I'm talking about as a consultant with management people about Integration, and was amazed. With Integration you mean: registration, Allocation, domestic accommodation, in the best case, language courses. Integration means, however, that adopting a civic identity. Belongs to a home identity. If this factor is excluded, nothing remains. Because the German Problem is: There is no identity to offer." 5

    This is the starting point for the resulting and more emerging parallel societies. The foreigners remain largely among themselves, in the haze of their own cultural, many of the medieval forms of life and habits. In particular, Islam, which most of the migrants belong to that keeps you from the outset to the conclusion and to an opposing stance against Christianity, and liberal-democratic forms of life. Therefore, 90% of the Muslims live in Germany, too, such as Bassam Tibi from his observation notes, virtually in parallel societies. "Most do not want to belong to." The other 10 % of the Muslims are professionals and society therefore, because you belong to the Islam from birth, but on the inside of them have been emancipated, or even have become areligious.

    Sharp criticism Tibi exercises at the German Islam conference, which he described as an "event of dishonesty". She was "German subjugation". The state of surrender before Islam. The Germans carried out a dialogue with only four associations, all of which will be "financed from abroad and Islamist and Scripture are believers". Liberal Muslims had been excluded. In terms of content, it is not a Integration of Muslims, to security and immigration, but to the minority rights of organized Islam.5

    From the parallel societies have already and continue to develop so-called "No-go Areas" - parts of the city with a predominantly migrant population, which, supported by high levels of unemployment, to be hotbeds of violence, crime, drug trafficking, and of hope and hopelessness. There are quasi-legal spaces in which public safety is, also, not more can be guaranteed that the police would dare to go, if at all, only with a big line-up. However, the recording or refugee homes through unemployment, boredom and lack of prospects for the mostly young, vigorous migrant growing sites of unrest, violence and crime, both in part to each other, and, above all, against the German population.


    Many will securely hold that the prospect of civil war is still far exaggerated. But it is important to look things soberly in the eye. Already in his 2009 published book, "beware of civil war!" Udo Ulfkotte put together a Wealth of documented facts, all of which run on the upcoming civil wars. He (p. 129 f.), also mentioned, among others, intelligence studies, such the CIA, the CIA chief Michael Hayden in a speech at Kansas State University a lot of publicity made what the Washington Post reported on 1.5.2008. The CIA chief is quoted with the words, Europe will continue to have a strong Increase in the Muslim population group, the Integration of the European States pose great challenges and the Potential for civil wars and the extremists would increase significantly.

    "In the report, the "ungovernability" of many European Metropolitan areas is forecast to "around the year 2020". In Germany, fall including, allegedly, parts of the Ruhr area -in particular, mentioned about Dortmund and Duisburg, parts of the Federal capital Berlin, the Rhine-Main region, parts of Stuttgart, parts of the city of Ulm, and the suburbs of Hamburg.

    Similar developments sees the CIA for the same period in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, great Britain, Denmark, Sweden and Italy. The study speaks of "civil wars", the parts of the aforementioned countries, would "make it ungovernable". Background of the study migration movements and the lack of commitment to Integration of Parts of the immigrants, the right to free ethnic fight largely homogeneous spaces", and they try to all the Integration with weapons of violence would be defended. The CIA claimed against this Background that parts of Europe "implode" and the European Union will break up in its currently known Form apart. The CIA assigns unrest, heavy Youth, as they have in the last few months in the French suburbs, in the Netherlands, in Denmark, the UK and Sweden occurs, as "harbingers" of this coming civil war, by. In the coming years, the crime of idle children of immigrants will increase, the increase of social expenditure of the European States would not be enough to make this group of the population permanently quiet.

    The CIA study pointed out that already now in some European countries up to 70% of the imprisoned offenders (for example, in Spain, as in France) come from the Islamic cultural circle. Europe will be seen by a considerable part of the migrants as weak and determined to go under. Their laws, values and norms would no longer be recognised. Thus, the potential disorder increases for the coming years is considerable." 7

    The presence of

    Things have evolved with the mass flood of 2015/16, Yes, vastly more, as any day, especially in the alternative media of the Internet can read. Also, the No-go Areas, not already mitigated in 2008 by experienced police officers as "ticking time bombs" referred to wurden8, but have to stay in the picture – the further explosion of material and larger detonator to receive. In the meantime, it comes to Together outpaced demolitions by Muslim youth gangs outside of their quarters against the police, most recently in Munich, the call of the report at the end of the Blog "Le Penseur" "harbingers of the civil war".9

    Also newly arrived migrants in refugee homes to come together against the police, as it is in the night 1. May in Ellwangen happened, where around 200 Africans, three patrol cars, forced occupation of the police, massive violence, a detained Togolese free allow to withdraw and the key for the handcuffs out.10 "Ellwangen represents a turning point: migrants unite against a state that has taken and generously supplied," wrote the Internet magazine "Tichy's insight", under the Heading: "Is this just the beginning?" 11

    In a Dresden-only recording device received on 17. May 2018 because of the food, about 25 residents on the security service of los. The Security staff were attacked with ropes, stones, Beds, chairs, table legs and knives. Three security guards were injured and required medical treatment. A security man arrived with stab wounds to the hospital.11a

    At the same time, it is reported from Greece, especially in Athens, that more and more migrants contact already existing gangs to connect and get weapons on the black market. The reason for this is that many have little hope on an exit to another EU country and no Chance for a better life in Greece. The police were unable to cope with the worsening situation completely.12

    Immigrant crime has constantly increased. The number of "crimes against life" in recent years, about 1.6 million immigrants has quadrupled since 2013, from 113 to 447. The immigrants, who account for a share of 2% of the German population, now represent 15% of the killer and murderer, i.e., 7.5 times more than your share. In the same period, has nine times the number of "offenses against the "sexual self-determination" by immigrants, from 599 to 5258. Alone compared to the previous year, the number of sexual crimes has increased by immigrants of 2017, 54%, of 3404 on 5258 In the process, but will not be displayed according to the experts estimate that 90% of sexual offences. In recorded sexual offenders, immigrants accounted for 11.9% of the perpetrators.13

    According to a further current statistics of the Federal criminal police office, there were 2017 nearly 40,000 German victims of crimes committed by supposedly "in need of protection" – almost six times more than in the opposite constellation. This means that, on average, over 100 citizens per day are victims of crimes committed by immigrants.13a

    The police and the judiciary are hopelessly overwhelmed. Because of dramatic staff shortages, will increase significantly,14 of the identification procedure, a traffic jam, many will be discontinued due to "de minimis", and the courts rulings are often extremely mild, with "migrant bonus" for the pleasure of the migrants, which is mixed with contempt.

    Little of the violence and civil war potential of the open borders, invaded Islamic terrorists, whose exact number is unknown will be noted. The protection of the Constitution counted according to the Focus already in 2016, more than 43,000 people to the "Islamist scene" in Germany, a number that has grown steadily in recent years – mainly due to the strong growth in the group of Salafists, a particularly fundamentalist stream of Islam that have been attributed to 8650 people. About 1100 people in Germany, it was assigned to the "Islamist terrorist" spectrum, including almost 500 so-called threat – so people, which the police trusted that, in principle, they could commit an act of terrorism. Meanwhile, the number of offenders is specified with more than 720.15

    There is also a huge potential for violence grows out of the schools. More and more totally overworked teachers complain of "worst social conditions" and not to often remember how the regular classroom was. In particular, most of the Muslim families isolate themselves completely. These parents encourage their children to Learn and to respect their teachers.16 bullying and violence against German Schüler17 and even psychological and physical violence against Lehrer18 to take on an ongoing basis.

    What will happen to us, can be observed in Sweden. "Sweden's police chief has repeatedly stressed that the police in Sweden was powerless against the odds of living of violent Muslims, and Swedish conservative politicians have admitted that the Swedish state is no longer master in his own country. ... The suburb of Rinkeby in Stockholm is, together with the districts of Husby and Tensta and certain areas of malmö to be the worst No-Go-zones in Sweden. There, the use of firearms and hand-now grenades are commonplace. Mainly Go zones for migrants living in all No. It is dominated by unemployment, economic poverty and violence." 19a "Rinkeby is like a war zone. If the police works there, is she doing this, such as the armed army would do it," said the Swedish Prosecutor Lisa Tamm. "I have asked myself the question, how did you do it in Colombia to defeat the FARC guerrillas and to stop in El Salvador, the war. Or in all other Parts of the world in which you have had so many problems over many, many years. Is there any solution. You have to look beyond the horizon".19a

    What civil war States mean?

    The conditions in the "No-go Areas" for the spreading of radicalisation and criminalisation result in large parts of the country, as it is called in the CIA study, "to be ungovernable". This does not mean that police, prosecutors and courts are able to and also from congestion reasons – less and less to be able to prosecute all crimes and to punish. It is law-free spaces in which criminal actions are arbitrarily and with impunity will be the result. This means the loss of legal security for the people living there, and virtually the local collapse of the rule of law.

    The Hamburg philosopher Lars Grünewald paints the probable scenario as follows: "Where, however, the rule of law has collapsed, as it will come to indiscriminate looting and rioting, and there is pent-up the whole in the past decades, and due to poverty and lack of prospects caused by the Aggression of many of the concerned people to unload. The affected groups of the population had to leave in the past that the rule of law prevented such crimes or, if they have been committed, will be punished. And the entire social contract is based on the fact that the individual assigns his rights to enforce his personal interests, and to punishment of the committed injustice to the state, he relies on the fact that the state will enforce its rights.

    If the state does not have to wait but, then the Executive comes back to the individual people, he will have to shake off this skin and take possession of itself, and it is to numerous cases of lynching, mass clan's persecution and similar conflicts to come. Because the attacked people will not exploit defenseless and slaughter, but they will try to defend themselves as well and as efficiently as possible. And in this case, each differentiation will be assets of the Affected within such an atmosphere of aggressiveness, of such a civil war, will be lost.

    The existing fronts are mixing and breaking up, and as turn out to be largely irrelevant. Because it is then in this General Chaos, and the discharge of such General aggression , not on whether someone is German or a foreigner, or whether he is an alien enemy or alien friend. Of the common opponents of such unrest, the mass will emerge, the German prosperity of the bourgeoisie and the state will be. Because the bourgeoisie for wealth and state is fine. And people are plunged into poverty and Chaos, will have a strong tendency to the exponents of what has been denied, to revenge, and to destroy the corresponding structures. If the citizens are to reach war-like conditions, then it will go into one more by ideological differences and confrontations, but a simple revolt of the poor and of the lower classes against the Rich and Established." 19

    The state is preparing

    Of course, the state is concerned about this development. Udo Ulfkotte reported that the German security authorities would keep accurate lists of potential unrest areas. "The author has the complete list of all the subdivisions of the German security authorities have been allowed to see. There are explosive areas, even if many may currently appear to be still, calm, quiet.... ... In the Federal Chancellery is the thick mapping internally as the Atlas of rage`. In these lists there is a bold name. There is social unrest and angry riots from the perspective of the security authorities to be held in the foreseeable future to be likely`. ... Such lists, by the way, in every European country." 20

    However, you do not leave it in the Watch. As the EU Commission and all EU member States prepared the way for the German Executive, police and army units on internal unrest. Reports "the German army and police to practice together for the first time to respond to terrorist attack", 21, which of course means at the same time, also preparing for major civil unrest.

    The German armed forces since 2012 in Schnöggersburg, a former village and Forest in the Colbitz-Letzlinger Heide, a training city for the city and build houses fight (Wikipedia).
    "In the exercise town of Schnöggersburg the armed forces do not prepare it is with a heavy gun on various missions abroad, but also on houses, fighting and street battles in the Interior. Apparently it keeps the civil war scenarios, not unrealistic," reported recently, RT-English.22

    "The EU is gearing up against internal unrest. In Vicenza, Italy para-trained military units for operations abroad. But since the Treaty of Lisbon came into force, these units may also be used within the EU – and in the case of "man-caused disasters"," reported the Swiss radio. ... "What is a man-made disaster unless, then, the EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and the EU Commission, in a paper from 2012 stated the following: "Any Situation which has an adverse impact on people, the environment or assets or may have." We also know that strikes have an impact on assets." 23

    It is not strange that the government is doing everything to eliminate the causes of the conflicts, that is to stop the uncontrolled mass migration, in the problem areas to clean up and combat poverty to the capitalist root, but that they are observed, and the conflicts can be enzwickeln, and then to intervene with violence?

    If such citizens are at war States, and the police can not be master of the situation, the use of the military, and if the own military of the individual States is not enough, the (US-led) Nato. This is probably a tight reorganisation of the risk of future unrest between the warring population groups is minimized. The strong desire of the European population to peace and order and to a certain degree of economic prosperity will.

    Totalitarian Reorganization

    It is expected that a hidden totalitarian reorganization will be built that not only guarantees peace and order bread and games for all, that is not due to great boredom, and spiritual Emptiness of new unrest. Lars expected green forest:

    "After a Phase of destructiveness, and of the omnipresent Chaos, it will be to make large Parts of the population is easily plausible that the risk for political and social stability on the one hand and economic prosperity on the other hand, in the essence of the freedom of Expression and the freedom of the humans. You will therefore need to ensure that this freedom of speech, and freedom will be impaired to the extent that no threat is posed to social stability.

    This means the almost complete restriction of the right to self-determination of the individual, and thus the abolition of any on individualism based culture. And that is the elites, the superior strategic objective of the Central circles of the political and economic control.

    In a largely monopolized economy, it will need to then come to the introduction of a basic income. Because if a competition-based economy is not possible, then there must be an allocation economy, which creates the state that the individual people are starving to death, with the exception of political opponents. Because, if the state has the economic Instrument for the basic needs of the population as a whole in his Hand, then he will use it, and to deprive his opponents of the System, the basis of life and make them as targeted starve to death. And also, such a sanction is triggered when large Parts of the population a large measure of support." 24

    The first step is to put a stop to this foreseeable development, and, if possible, to undo, can only be to convince enough citizens that the system of supporting old parties in the Bundestag no government majority, and if possible, before the next election, the collapse of the current coalition government and new elections to bring about.

    Bürgerkriege voraussehbar
    22 IX 2019.

    The NWO globalist elite clearly want to put us under ‘martial law’ so they can eliminate us and have the planet to themselves. The replacement mass invasion is a major move on that chess board.

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