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Thread: Members of Parliament

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    Lib Dems Jo Swinson exudes the stale odour of rotten remainer movement

    Jo Swinson, the recently elected and youthful leader of the Liberal Democrats, likes to see herself as a breath of fresh air in British politics. Yet in reality, she exudes the stale odour of the rotten Remainer movement in all its fanatical opposition to the EU referendum verdict and its unhinged worship of Brussels.

    This week, at its annual conference in Bournemouth, her party showed the true face of its European fanaticism. By an overwhelming majority, her activists backed a new hardline policy to overturn the referendum result, revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit, all without any further public vote. Swinson called the move bold. But dictatorial and undemocratic would be a better description.

    The adoption of this radical anti-Brexit stance is a desperate step from a callow, unimpressive politician.

    In her speech on Tuesday, Swinson spoke of her ambition to be the next prime minister, but it is a goal that deserves to be treated with derision.

    She has neither the authority nor the experience for the highest office.

    In five years of Tory-Liberal Democrat coalition, she left no mark.

    This is a party leader with even lower approval ratings than Jeremy Corbyn, himself widely regarded as an inept, far-Left ideologue.

    An opinion poll this month showed that 19 percent of voters think that Corbyn would “make the best prime minister”, compared to just 16 percent for Swinson. Boris Johnson, on the other hand, polled 44 percent.

    The great Liberal tradition of Gladstone and Lloyd George is now in the hands of a sanctimonious lightweight, like a nursery school teacher trying to control a class of toddlers.

    Devoid of imagination or originality, her address in Bournemouth was just a string of Left-wing platitudes, held together by the central theme of her antipathy to Brexit.


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