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Thread: Carpathid/Georgian Subrace

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    Arrow Carpathid/Georgian Subrace

    My answer to:

    It's Alois Hitler jr. who was born of an earlier marriage of Hitler's father.

    In the first place there is Hitler's father, whose influence on the boy's development was undoubtedly great. Alois Hitler was the illegitimate child of a peasant girl, whose family name, Schicklgruber, he bore until he was forty, when he married Klara Poelzl, Adolf's mother. The name of Klara Poelzl's mother had been Hitler, and there seems to be some foundation for the assumption that Alois Schicklgruber, on his mother-in-law's insistence, changed his name to Hitler.

    Klara Poelzl was Alois Schicklgruber's third wife. The first marriage had ended in divorce. Hitler's eldest half-brother, Alois, was born of this marriage. After Adolf's phenomenal success Alois, waiter by trade, settled in Berlin and opened a cafe-restaurant at the Wittenberg Platz. He now invites the passing burgher with the intimate and _gemutlich_ sign "ALOIS."

    (Hitler-Billinger-p. 15-16)
    I believe the father had a Carpathid strain in addition to Faelid. It showed in the lacking of deep-set eyes e.g. (in Hitler balanced with heavy browridges). That wasn't that impossible in KuK Austria, to have such admixture from the Carpathian Mountains?

    The sculptured facial relief of Carpathians in plates:

    Examples of "rugged Carpathian" admixture: =1086590594

    The ugly extreme:

    A definition:
    Carpathid: Round-faced Dinarics in Bulgaria, Rumania

    Lundman about Carpathid:
    "This race, which resembles the east-Alpines in many anthropological traits, has a larger nose. This is due to ancient Armenid strains (which is also the view of Hungarian investigators). The Carpathid race evidently originated from mixtures of Mediterraneans with Armenids."


    In the terms of the anthropologist Renato Biasutti, it is not the Carpathid race I'm speaking about, but his "Georgian"-subtype of Alpine:

    Biasutti's "Carpathid" race is mostly a Baltic-Alpine correspondent to the Walloon type imho and rather just distorts the terms:
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    Post Re: Carpathid/Georgian race

    Quote Originally Posted by Gareth
    My In the terms of the anthropologist Renato Biasutti, it is not the Carpathid race I'm speaking about, but his "Georgian"-subtype of Alpine:
    The Georgian subtype of Alpinid is called Gorid. But Russian historian F. Grebenets spoke about a sort of mix between Cossacks and Caucasians(mostly Chechens).

    “Even in their looks Terek Cossacks reveal features common with mountaineers; in Cossack women the features are especially prominent: along with all-Russian faces, round and rosy-cheeked, we can come across Chechen-type ones, oblong and pale”.

    Local historian F.Grebenets left another observation in 1915 about the outcome of mixed Russian and Caucasian blood: “The Novogladkovo woman is of local origin. She got her slender waist from the Caucasian mountaineer and from the Cossack she got her height, muscle strength and the rationalism of Russian woman. Hence, every Novogladkovo Cossack woman has Chechen, Kabardian or Nogaits blood in her as well as the blood of many other peoples of the Caucasus that one way or another came into contact with them, married into Greben families and became their members”.

    "Mixed families sprang up both in Cossack and in mountain villages. During the Caucasian war Russian soldiers had to retreat to the mountains, where they married Chechen, Ingush, Circassian and Kumyk women, settled down and started a new life. "

    I can inform you that I'm currently surrounded by military men.

    -A comrade from Moscow over the phone

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