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Thread: Mass Immigration to Europe

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    Afghans Cut Sister’s Throat and Buried Body in Suitcase over Western Lifestyle, Prosecutors Say

    BERLIN (AP) – German prosecutors said Tuesday they have charged two Afghan brothers with murder over the July killing of their sister, whom they allegedly wanted to punish for her Western way of life.

    The men, aged 26 and 22 and identified only as Sayed H. and Seyed H. in line with German privacy rules, are accused of luring their 34-year-old sister to a meeting in Berlin on July 13, then choking and strangling her and cutting her throat. Prosecutors in the capital charged that they took a taxi to a station later that day with her body in a suitcase, then travelled to Bavaria by train and drove to a site near the elder brother’s home, where they buried her.

    The indictment states that the men wanted to punish their sister “for her Western-oriented way of life, which did not correspond to their archaic ideas of honour and morals and their image of women,” prosecutors said in a statement. In particular, prosecutors added, they weren’t prepared to accept that she had divorced her husband, to whom she was married when she was 16, after violent incidents and had a new relationship. The two brothers have been in custody since Aug. 3.

    The Left believe they can reform Islam, and make it's followers compatible with our societies. They are ignorant, thick, and a serious danger to our civilization. Our 'authorities' pretend that these barbarians are entirely compatible with western values.

    Western values of the old, got us to where we are today. I don't take anything for granted. It is folks who live in fairy land and see no problem with the modern feminized west which is on a precipitous fall.

    The idea of equality of the sexes, is not what the Muslim culture teaches. It is a result of taking people who have been living with a 7th Century mentality, and then asking them to live in the 21st Century. They fundamentally cannot accept modern western culture. You cannot make a silk purse from a sows ear. Europe, especially Germany brought this mess upon themselves. FJB.

    They hate Western Culture so much. What the eff are they doing here? Free stuff and the religious duty to spread the death cult around the world. Because they get paid by the cucked West to come to their lands, outbreed the natives and then impose their values and cultures on them.

    Afghans Cut Sister's Throat over Western Lifestyle ...02 I 2022.

    Thanks to the Cooperate Media, sooner will the Dead rise than the people who live in Liberal Democracies.

    Ours leaders are the real enemies of the people. Their job is to serve the corrupt Globalists who push this lawlessness to support their genocide replacement agenda.

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    Woman (20s) dies following serious assault in Co Offaly, Rep of Ireland

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