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Thread: Mass Immigration to Europe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verðandi View Post

    Prime Minister Erna Solberg said on Monday that the government would not be bringing deported Afghans back to Norway in light of the deteriorating situation in the country.

    On Monday, the Norwegian PM rejected calls from the leaders of the Socialist Left Party and the Red Party to bring Afghans who have been deported after their asylum applications were turned down back to Norway.

    Both Socialist Left Party leader Audun Lysbakken and Red Party leader Bjørnar Moxnes told newspaper VG that they believed that those who were deported to Afghanistan after their asylum applications were rejected should be brought back to Norway after the Taliban seized control of Kabul on Monday.....
    There is some disagreement about their migration-policy even among the left there. But given that there is no strong stance rejecting immigration in general, this turns into flip-flopping with policy.

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    Belarus Now Forcing Migrants at Gunpoint Over Border in Bid to Destabilise EU

    Belarus Now Forcing Migrants Over Border at Gunpoint in ‘Hybrid Warfare’ Bid to Destabilise EU

    Belarus continues to weaponise migrants, forcing them over its frontiers with European Union member states at gunpoint in what is seen as a “hybrid warfare” attack by the client state against its democratic neighbours, reports claim.

    While the latest wave of Belarus clashes with the European Union date back to its rigged election in 2020, and EU sanctions that followed the Belarusian government diverting an EU plane to kidnap a passenger, the situation on the EU’s borders is intensifying, with reports of forced migration at gunpoint.

    In a new development to the months-long phenomenon of Belarus engineering a migrant crisis on its EU frontier, London’s The Times
    reports Belarusian “officers” were using “large guns” to force migrants into Poland and Lithuania, including firing those weapons.

    A report of eyewitnesses from the paper states that: “[Allegedly forced migrants] said they could not resist the guards, who always carried large guns” and “Locals say migrants were given planks to help them cross the small Swislocz river. Belarusians fired shots into the air behind them to hurry them along.”

    The European Union’s response to this artificial migrant crisis has predominantly been talking to this point, however member state Poland — which borders Belarus, and which historically lost significant territory to Belarus amid the shifting borders of Second World War-era Europe — has now said it will replace the 250-mile razorwire border fence with an eight-foot wall.

    The report of gunfire being used to force migrants into Europe follows earlier developments in Belarus’s campaign against the European Union, which saw the nation flying migrants directly from Iraq to their own nation, before bussing them to the border and sending them over into the European Union.

    London-based think tank Chatham House has characterised the actions by Russian-backed Belarus as “hybrid warfare”, in which the nation witnessed the enormous political and social destabilization the continent suffered after the 2015 migrant crisis and is now deliberately engineering more of the same.

    Chatham House notes a similar tactic was used to attack northern European nations by Russia in the last decade.

    Turkey has also been criticised as a state weaponising migrants. With control of the southern borders of the European Union on one of the most important migrant routes to the continent from Asia and Africa, the Turkish government hasn’t been shy about using its ability to accelerate, slow, or stop of flow of people north to political advantage.

    Turkey has enjoyed huge gifts of money from the European Union for slowing the flow of migrants into Greece, an EU member.

    Chatham House said last week of the Belarus situation:

    This weaponization of migration is a form of hybrid warfare with the aim of destabilizing EU and NATO eastern borders and stirring up tensions within member states as well as between allies… In creating the migrant crisis Belarus is becoming just another tool in Russia’s hybrid warfare against western liberal democracies, and it is unlikely this tactic is being used by Belarus without the approval of Moscow.

    In a statement last week, Slovenia — which presently holds the EU’s rotating presidency — said Belarus’s actions were “unacceptable and amounts to a direct attack aimed at destabilising and pressurising the EU.”

    When Belarus does it with a few thousand refugees, it's hybrid warfare.
    When Turkey does it with a million refugees, it's just diversity and you're a racist for complaining.

    When Joe Biden does it at our Southern border it is virtue signaling.

    Since the EU has pretty much issued an open invitation to economic migrants, it's fairly understandable Belarus would rather the instability it creates, was outside of their borders.

    EU does it to Greece, Italy, Germany, Hungary, UK, France leading to massive destabilization and crime.
    Answer - OK diversity is strength, cultures are being enriched.
    Belarus does it to the EU
    Nobody can evaluate anymore, everybody is just a brain dead zombie.

    I don't see any communists at work here. Just a local tyrant in Belarus and an Iraqi government that doesn't mind a thriving Baghdad-to-Minsk air route.
    But if that's not an issue,should we still be concerned? Yes, and for two reasons. First, Lukashenko has successfully copied Erdogan's weaponization of illegal migrants, for his own purposes. Other countries could and probably will do the same.
    And, second, while right now Lukashenko is using Baghdad-to-Minsk flights filled with Iraqis to work his mischief, who is to say that before long he could instead be using Tehran-to-Minsk flights filled with Afghanis as well? And Afghanis, like Iraqis, won't stay in Lithuania or anywhere else east of the old Iron Curtain. They want to go to Germany, Sweden, and the UK.

    The EU lectures everyone that all migration is legal, this feels just. Alexander Lukashenko is fighting Soros and his minions by using their own tactics.

    Belarus Now Forcing Migrants Over Border at Gunpoint in ‘Hybrid Warfare’ Bid to Destabilise EU 24 VIII 2021.

    Did the EU bring this on themselves by supporting another Soros financed backed Revolution?

    Even now they don’t get the message because the EU is a totalitarian state run by Marxist Commissars aiming to be a much bigger empire regardless.


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    300 Afghan citizens 'to arrive in Ireland within weeks' under refugee and reunification programmes

    AN ESTIMATED 300 Afghan citizens are expected to arrive in Ireland in the coming weeks, following the devastation in Afghanistan as the Taliban takes over the country.

    Around 300 people will be welcomed to Ireland under both refugee and family reunification programmes, RTÉ News reports.

    Minister Simon Coveney had already confirmed that Ireland would accept 150 refugees fleeing the Taliban, and would be waiving visas for 45 Afghan citizens who escaped the country. He added that "a lot more" refugees are expected to arrive in Ireland over the coming weeks and months as Ireland joins dozens of nations in offering a helping hand to the desperate Afghan citizens trying to escape the country.

    Five of the refugees are women with university qualifications in the science and technology industries, who have already fled Afghanistan after being targeted by the fundamentalist Taliban.

    They, along with over 150 others, will be resettled under Ireland's Irish Refugee Protection Programme (IRPP).
    RTÉ News reports that over 100 other Afghan citizens will be welcomed to Ireland as part of the family reunion programme, which allows family member to join a relative who is already living in Ireland.

    These 103 people have already applied for family reunification, and their applications will be fast-tracked following the devastation in Afghanistan.

    Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, Roderic O'Gorman told RTÉ News At One that his department are focused on bringing the most vulnerable members of the new Afghan society to Ireland under the refugee programme. These include women, children and human rights defenders who could be a target for the Taliban.

    It is unclear when exactly the Afghan citizens will arrive in Ireland as there are no direct flights and they will spend some time in another country before being welcomed, however it is expected that the estimated 300 people will arrive in the coming weeks.

    300 Afghan citizens 'to arrive in Ireland within weeks' under refugee and reunification programmes 27 VIII 2021.

    Ireland to provide €1 million in humanitarian support to Afghanistan

    Ireland to accept 150 Afghan refugees fleeing Taliban, confirms Simon Coveney

    First it was 10, then 100, 150, 300, 1000, etc.
    Of course, there's no account of ‘chain migration’.
    Goon Coveney does what he’s told by the EU commissars that pay him. MSM then sell it to the people. No discussion allowed.
    Republic of Ireland's population is just under 5 million. Since joining the EU it’s population has increased by 67%. 20% is foreign born.
    What will more ‘chain migration’ do to the population of the Rep of Ireland?

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    EU is split on taking Afghan refugees, and it’s hard to blame those who don’t want another mass influx

    EU is split on taking Afghan refugees, and it’s hard to blame those who don’t want another mass influx

    Afghan men struggle for a position outside of the main gate as violence escalates for migrants waiting to be processed at the increasingly overwhelmed Moria camp on the island of Lesbos on October 22, 2015 in Mytilene, Greece.

    The countries that bore the brunt of the European Union’s refugee crisis five years ago are now expressing doubts over the wisdom of accepting those fleeing Afghanistan. As harsh as this may sound, I understand their concerns.

    Cracks are beginning to develop within the EU regarding its response to the inevitable Afghan refugee crisis. Whereas some member states want the bloc to continue with a liberal approach and welcoming fleeing Afghans, others seem determined not to see a repeat of the mistakes made five years ago.

    These differences burst out into the open yesterday, when the EU’s interior ministers met in Brussels. For example, Luxembourg’s Jean Asselborn, who is keen to pursue a liberal policy, argued that “it can’t be just the UK that has pledged 20,000 settlements. Europe must also go in that direction.”

    Asselborn was shot down by Germany’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, who signalled that his country was not overly keen to repeat the folly of five years ago. He angrily responded that “Mr Asselborn should look at the problems of the big countries in the EU more” because “we’re not talking about hundreds of people, but about many thousands who are already in Germany, and we have to make sure... that these people are not a security risk.”

    It seems as though the EU states that bore the brunt of the last crisis are turning on those who were largely unaffected. It is also interesting that those countries who want to maintain a liberal approach are both small and Western, such as Luxembourg and Ireland. Yet those who are demanding a tougher approach are either Eastern European member states, which were crossed by hordes of migrants heading west, or those Western countries that were the final destination.

    Many EU members would prefer to see refugees stay in Afghanistan’s neighbouring countries rather than come to Europe. As a result, a €600 million
    package has been put in place for Afghanistan’s neighbours affected by the crisis, including Pakistan and possibly Iran.

    Austria’s Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said, “The most important thing now is to send the right message to the region: ‘Stay there, and we’ll support the region to help the people there’.” Yet even before this current crisis, Austrian politicians had made it clear that they did not want to see another influx of Afghans. In recent times, the Austrian public has been outraged by crimes committed by Afghan asylum seekers against women. Indeed, a poll conducted for The Oesterreich newspaper revealed that up to 90% of respondents backed the Austrian government’s decision to continue deporting failed Afghan asylum seekers, regardless of what is going on in Afghanistan.

    Similarly, in France, President Macron has been warned by the Institute for Justice, a respected think tank, not to open the door to Afghan refugees, as the result would be a crime wave. Pierre-Marie Sève, the author of the report, warned Macron that it “would be a serious mistake that would further clog up the courts, further aggravate insecurity and certainly cost the tranquillity, even the lives, of our fellow citizens.”

    Another concern for EU politicians is the prospect of further terrorist attacks. Since the huge influx of migrants in 2015–16 Paris, Brussels, Berlin, and Manchester have all witnessed terror attacks. This led Slovenia’s Interior Minister Ales Hojs, whose country occupies the EU’s rotating presidency, towarn that “we are afraid this situation could again result in terrorist attacks on EU soil.”

    There is clearly a shift in opinion amongst Europe’s politicians, which is a point I made recently when highlighting the number of walls and fences that have started to appear on the continent’s borders. This change was epitomised by Denmark’s Immigration Minister Mattias Tesfaye, who recently told a Swedish magazine that “my dream is zero asylum seekers in Denmark,” before adding that “I believe that the existing European asylum system cannot be defended either morally or politically.”

    Fleeing Afghans will find Europe a very different place than the Syrians did five years ago. This is no fault of their own, but the result of policy failures during the last refugee crisis, the criminal behaviour of some asylum seekers, and the fact that many who made their way to Europe five years ago were not actually refugees, but economic migrants posing as such.

    It seems, however, that Europe is finally about to get tough on this issue. For those of us who argued for tighter measures during the last crisis, it is all coming five years too late.

    Paul A. Nuttall is a historian, author and a former politician. He was a Member of the European Parliament between 2009 and 2019 and was a prominent campaigner for Brexit.

    Love the photo from the camp at Moria. All single young men. What could possibly go wrong with letting them all into Europe? After all, they are sure to be fine, upright, devout, followers, of the, Religion of Peace.

    Right or wrong, you protect your country and your civilization. No one else will.

    Blaming the public instead of the politicians not fair. The public never asked for this and never voted for this.

    You voted in the Politicians who created the wars. Governments don't vote themselves into power.

    If and when the next wave of migrants hit EU it will collapse. And it should.

    How many British/Americans got citizenship in Afghanistan? What councils do they control ? How many children did they have ?

    EU is split on taking Afghan refugees, and it’s hard to blame those who don’t want another mass influx 02 IX 2021.

    The bought Marxist globalists who hold the positions of 'politicians' will never stop unto the Kalergi plan of a chocolate nation free Europe is complete. Only the pace of the change can be altered.

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    Cost of Housing Asylum Seekers Jumps 42% to £1.4 Billion in Britain

    The cost of housing and supporting asylum seekers has ballooned to nearly £1.4 billion last year, amid record waves of migrants pouring across the English Channel and the Home Office failing to deport migrants.

    In the year leading up to June, the British taxpayer shelled out £1.359 billion to support alleged asylum seekers, with many being provided free accommodation and other forms of welfare assistance. The figure represents a 42% increase over the previous 2019/20 recording period when £956 million was spent on supposed refugees.

    Currently, there are 62,817 migrants receiving taxpayer-funded asylum support, with a total of 115,000 awaiting the decision on their asylum claims, the Daily Mail reported. While their asylum claims are being processed they are provided free housing accommodation, free access to the National Health Service (NHS), free dental and eyesight care, education for their children, and a weekly allowance £37.75 to £39.60 per week, all at taxpayer expense.

    The paper calculated that every day the taxpayer is paying £3.7million to prop up the system. For some context, in 2015, the
    daily bill was £726,000 for a yearly total of £265 million.

    In the year leading up to March, Priti Patel’s Home Office was only able to deport 2,420 failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants.

    The rising cost of housing asylum seekers comes amid record flows of illegal migrants across the English Channel from France put additional strain on the generous services provided to migrants. To date, over 12,400 boat migrants have landed on British shores, almost all of whom will apply for asylum status. This is compared to 8,410 for the whole of last year, and less than 2,000 in the year prior.

    While Home Secretary Priti Patel has repeatedly promised to get tough on illegal migration — calling for increased jail time for illegal migrants as a deterrent and possibly holding asylum seekers in a third country to process their refugee claims — the government has rejected taking the simple decision to just send the boats back to France unilaterally.

    The chairman of Migration Watch UK, Alp Mehmet said: “As illegal crossings of the Channel shoot up, so will the cost of the asylum system and burden on the taxpayer – already at staggering levels. “The only way to check this uncontrolled trend is to return substantial numbers of irregular arrivals and failed asylum seekers. Alas, this appears to be beyond the Government’s competence.”

    The amount of money spent on asylum seekers is set to rapidly increase in the wake of President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. In response to the Taliban taking control of the country, the British government has promised to take in at least 20,000 refugees from the country in a new resettlement programme aimed at helping women and girls at risk from the radical Islamist regime. On Wednesday, the Home Office announced that it has committed £200 million to cover the costs of the Afghanistan Citizens’ Resettlement Scheme in the first year, alone. Some of this will be going to purchasing big homes for large families of Afghan refugees, as the government is reportedly concerned about keeping the Afghans in hotels for protracted lengths of time.

    At least £12 million will be spent on helping Afghan refugees enter and attend schools, with English language support, with another £3 million going to the cost of their healthcare. At least £12 million will be spent on helping Afghan refugees enter and attend schools, with English language support, with another £3 million going to the cost of their healthcare. “We owe a great deal to the brave Afghans who worked alongside us and we want to make sure they have certainty and stability to be able to thrive in the UK,” Home Secretary Priti Patel said.

    They are not asylum seekers, they are freeloaders who want our hard-earned money. Proof? You've heard a great deal of news about "British citizens" in Afghanistan. But who could these "British citizens" be? Answer::: Many are Afghanis who claimed asylum in Britain, got asylum (and all the perks such as children's allowances, free medical, free education that go with being a British citizen), and then went back to Afghanistan to carry on business as usual, flying back to soft-rip-off Britain whenever it suits them.Our welfare state is the biggest game-puller in town for these freeloaders, and we, the workers are being gamed as fools----and the media are ignoring this major scandal.

    The mainstream media aren't simply ignoring this scandal; they are complicit in the cover-up.

    They all claim asylum claiming persecution in their homeland so weak Britain gives into them and then they fly home for a holiday to tell the rest of their families its easy in the UK where you get 'free money'.

    Boris and Patel, more great work for these two NWO brigade leaders

    The British net taxpayer is literally paying to be replaced in our homelands.
    We cannot vote for change because now the takers from the system, exceed the number of contributors.
    Hopefully the spiral to collapse occurs whilst the demographics are still recoverable.

    Cost of Housing Asylum Seekers Jumps 42% to £1.4 Billion in Britain. 03 IX 2021.

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    Germany: Afghan Knifes Woman for Working, Then Elderly Man Who Tried to Help

    Germany: Afghan Knifes Woman for Working, Then Elderly Man Who Tried to Help

    BERLIN (AP) – A 29-year-old Afghan man in Germany attacked and severely injured a 58-year-old landscape gardener who was working in a park in Berlin, allegedly because he didn’t like the fact that as a woman she was working, police said Sunday.

    The attack in the city’s Wilmersdorf district took place Saturday afternoon, and a 66-year-old passerby, who tried to come to the woman’s rescue, was also severely injured.

    Police said the attacker, whose identity was not given in line with German privacy laws, allegedly approached the woman and talked to her. Then he suddenly pulled a knife and stabbed her several times in the neck. He also attacked the man who tried helping the woman. The victims’ identities were also not released.

    Berlin’s general state prosecutor’s office said Sunday the assailant was arrested on charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault. Police said in a statement the suspect may suffer from a mental illness. However, prosecutors and criminal police are also investigating him on suspicion that his attack may have been motivated by Islamist ideology.

    Most people don't know they are in a war until their own butts are on fire.

    Even then, there will be those who have flaming posteriors, and refuse to believe it, seeing the attackers as friends and allies (i.e. the left)

    “ Police said in a statement the suspect may suffer from a mental illness.”
    All German police officers are fully qualified psychiatrists and doctors of medicine, and are able to diagnose mental illness instantly - especially in foreigners.
    Not many people know that . . .

    Nothing to do with Islam, even if Mohammedans are involved.

    Inbred too. Islam is a double edged sword.

    Islam is & has always been at war with Western Civilization, subjugation of the entire world is forever the long term goal, but mostly now it's via migration & infiltration (time they figure is on their side), but you must expect sudden jihad eruptions by individual Muslims who think violent attacks could be a ticket to paradise.
    Qur’an 9:111 “Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties, for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah, so they kill and are killed.

    Germany: Afghan Knifes Woman for Working, Then Elderly Man Who Tried to Help 06 IX 2021.

    As if she has done Germany enough harm, Mad Marxist Merkel wants another session of these migrants before she leaves office.

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    Tory MPs Finally Back Farage’s ‘Send Back the Boats’ Approach to Illegal Migration From France

    Tory MPs Finally Back Farage’s ‘Send Back the Boats’ Approach to Illegal Migration From France

    There is growing pressure within Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s own party to enact the “high-octane measure” of adopting Brexit leader Nigel Farage’s proposal of sending boat migrants back to France, as record numbers of illegal aliens continue to pour across the English Channel.

    In the past two days, alone, the number of migrants landing in Dover has totalled more than half of all illegals that arrived during the entirety of 2019. So far this year, an estimated 13,500 migrants have reached the UK by travelling in small rubber dinghies from the beaches of France. Estimates have predicted that by the end of the year, between twenty and thirty thousand could arrive through this method, compared to 8,410 last year.

    With Home Secretary Priti Patel failing to enact any meaningful measures to stop the record waves of migrants, Conservative MPs have for the first time have begun arguing in favour of adopting an Australian-style send back the boats approach to deal with the crisis. Conservative MP for South Thanet, Craig Mackinlay told The Guardian: “Immediate relief is in the hands of the French authorities. We need to up the stakes and consider immediate removal back to France of all who arrive via this illegal route and disregard diplomatic niceties. “This, above all else, would show, and rapidly, that the route does not work and the migrants would simply not waste their money in trying it. “I know that the home secretary is as frustrated as many of us and I have recommended such a high octane measure to her.

    The call was seconded by Tory MP Lee Anderson, who said that he personally told Priti Patel to adopt the measure in a meeting in London on Monday, saying that he also knew of other MPs backing the idea. “I said we should drop these illegal immigrants, not migrants, off on a French beach and send the French government a bill for the cost of the journey,” the Ashfield MP said.

    The Conservative MP for Dover, — the main landing point for migrants — Natalie Elphicke
    wrote on social media that she was also in favour of the move: “If the French won’t stop the small boats then we need to.

    The statements from Conservative MPs marks a significant turn in party opinion to the migrant crisis, coming in line with immigration hardliners such as Brexit leader Nigel Farage, who has consistently argued that the only way to stop illegal immigration in the English Channel would be to send the boats back to France. Mr Farage and others have long argued in favour of adopting a similar policy to that enacted under former Australian Prime Minister’s Operation Sovereign Borders, which all but cut off illegal boat migration from places such as Indonesia by turning the boats back and holding alleged asylum seekers in third-party countries.

    Last year, Mr Abbott said that before he enacted the strict immigration policy, Australia was in a similar quandary as the UK, as they were forced to pick up boat migrants in unseaworthy vessels and bring them to Australia’s shores. Mr Abbott also correctly predicted that if Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government failed to get tough and send the boats back to France, the numbers of migrants landing in Britain would only increase.

    On Tuesday evening, Mr Farage suggested that Home Secretary Priti Patel should be sacked, saying that she “keeps talking tough and delivering nothing and if there is a reshuffle coming this week maybe she’s one to go”. Yet he predicted that whoever replaces her will have little impact on the situation, saying: “We’re still part of the European Convention on Human Rights, which makes deporting anybody anywhere very difficult and we have a government that is clearly not conservative in any way.

    Mr Farage said that by refusing to turn back the boats, Boris Johnson’s government is “utterly disrespecting the wishes of the Brexit-voting majority which was to take back control of our borders,” adding: “never in the history of our nation have our borders been abused as openly and as visually as they are at the moment.

    Mr Johnson attempted to defend his Home Secretary’s abysmal record on migration, telling the House of Commons that Priti Patel is “working right around the clock to ensure that we not only encourage the French to stiffen their sinews and stop people making the journey, but we use every possible tactic available to us as well.

    The French Interior Ministry said on Tuesday that the UK should be “cautious” about taking migrants back to their country, which as a safe, first world country, should be where they apply for asylum. Ironically, Calais MP Pierre-Henri Dumont said that sending the migrants back to France would be a breach of their human rights, suggesting that his own country is worthy of fleeing from. “Not giving a chance to children to be protected is something that should be tolerated in modern society. We are talking about human rights and dignity,” the French MP said.

    Whatever the question - we all know folk like Farage, Trump, Orban et al are 100% correct and all the libtards are moronically cretinous and always 150% wrong!

    The chief culprit is globalist Fataturk Boris Johnson.

    'I am strongly in favour of common sense, common honesty, and common decency. This makes me forever ineligible for public office.' H. L. Mencken.

    Instead of allowing a government agency, the pathetic Border Farce and the RNLI (Funded by charitable donations no less!) to act as a taxi service, and then suffer the awesome cost of accommodating ungrateful criminals (Since that is precisely what illegal migrants are), it would be far cheaper for government to spend cash on expanding the Royal Navy and commission coastal protection vessels, as was done in WWII, with MGBs and MTBs. When the crisis was over, these boats could be usefully employed on fishery protection duties.
    Small (circa 50 foot) fiberglass hard chine boats, with a couple of .50 inch calibre Browning machine guns, to patrol and protect the channel and herd the migrant's boats back to France. Or sink a few as an example. As Marshall Foch said in WWI "Pour encourage les autres!".
    OK, so the Left Wing and Bleeding Heart Libtards would scream about the normal human rights offences, however, the smugglers would have a hard time selling their proposition, thereafter.
    We have given the bloody Frogs millions and millions and the bastards do nothing!
    What a load of crap the current political class have become!

    Why in the F U * K would anyone with half a brain on TINY islands be OK with endless people coming (and staying) in? These endless people comprising 98% fighting age men. Oh, and one or two who need wheelchairs. Britain, mugs of the world. Working all hours to pay for the breeding poor in nations thousands of miles away whilst our own country croaks, creaks and buckles under the strains of idiocy we never even needed to saddle ourselves with, whilst paying for all that too!

    Tory MPs Finally Back Farage’s ‘Send Back the Boats’ Approach to Illegal Migration From France

    08 IX 2021.

    The main reason the majority of the people of the UK voted for Brexit, was 3rd worlders coming to be 'looked after' by the welfare state which they have no right to and have ravaged.

    How far are we from Jean Raspail's Les camp des Saints?

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    UK Tops 15,000 Migrants in a Year for First Time

    Simon Rushton, The National, September 17, 2021

    More migrants landed on the English south coast on Friday, taking the total to more than 15,000 for the year.

    In the three days to Friday, more than 400 landed as Home Secretary Priti Patel visited the Border Force base to watch the operations on Thursday.

    The UK is sending out a tough message to migrants, warning them against trying to make the illegal voyage across the English Channel but, for many, it’s the dream destination.

    “This unacceptable rise in dangerous crossings is being driven by criminal gangs and a surge in illegal migration across Europe,” said Dan O’Mahoney, the UK’s clandestine Channel threat commander.

    “The Channel is one of the most dangerous and busiest shipping lanes in the world. Many migrants come from some of the poorest and most chaotic parts of the world, and many ask to claim asylum once they are picked up by the UK authorities.”

    More than 15,100 people have successfully reached the UK in small boats — more than for the whole of 2020, when there was a reduction in attempts due to the pandemic.

    On Friday, a man carried a young child on his shoulders, wrapped in a blanket and wearing a woollen hat. They were among a group of people seen arriving in Dover on Friday amid bright and breezy conditions at sea.

    At least 655 migrants have arrived in the UK since Monday after making the journey across busy shipping lanes from France. Many more have been stopped in France.

    The crossings continued as Ms Patel met Border Force officers in Kent on Thursday.

    Migrants have long used northern France as a launching point to reach Britain, either by stowing away in lorries or on ferries, or — increasingly since the Covid pandemic disrupted international travel — in dinghies and other small boats organised by smugglers. The numbers so far are substantially lower than the week before.

    A record was set for the year when 1,959 people made the crossing in the week to September 10 — the highest total for any seven-day period in 2021, data compiled and analysed by the Press Association news agency showed.

    Last year, about 8,500 people made the journey and several died in the attempt.

    The National

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    Anaesthetist nearly killed his partner with drugs during exorcism rituals

    A hospital anaesthetist Hossam Metwally who injected his partner with drugs during a series of exorcism ceremonies, leaving her close to death with multiple organ failure, has been jailed for 14-and-a-half years.

    Hossam Metwally (61) made dozens of video recordings of himself administering fluids through a cannula to Kelly Wilson while chanting as part of a “dangerous perversion” of the Islamic Ruqya ritual. Ms Wilson (33) was found at Metwally’s home in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, on July 4, 2019, in a deep coma, on the brink of a cardiac arrest and with a fluid line inserted in her chest after engaging in an exorcism ritual the previous evening.

    Metwally, who worked at the Diana Princess of Wales Hospital in the town and also ran a pain clinic from his home, denied injecting anaesthetics into Ms Wilson during an eight-week trial at Sheffield Crown Court but admitted further counts of voyeurism against two female patients following his conviction. The court heard yesterday that he took pictures and moving footage of the women, without their knowledge and in a state of undress, when they attended his clinic. He also altered some of the images to make them appear indecent and erotic.

    Judge Jeremy Richardson said: “You are a disgrace to your profession. You will not be a doctor for very much longer. I trust you will never, ever be a doctor again. “You perverted medical practice for your own ends. You are also not a very good doctor because you very nearly killed the woman you said you loved.

    Metwally qualified as a doctor in Egypt and worked in Saudi Arabia before going to the UK in 1996 and Grimsby in 1999. He had a “vast stock of drugs” at his home.

    The trial heard that he “fed” Ms Wilson’s drug addiction and administered potentially lethal anaesthetic drugs to perform Muslim exorcism rituals known as Ruqya – a valid practice that an imam told the court would never involve drugs or sedation.

    Extracts from 200 clips recorded by Metwally over four years were shown to the jury.
    They included footage of Ms Wilson strapped to a bed, in a bath and of a white liquid being administered.In one clip from 2016, Metwally can be heard chanting and after he revives his partner with smelling salts, she asks “have you raped me?” and requests the police.

    Anaesthetist nearly killed his partner with drugs during exorcism rituals 22 IX 2021.

    61 year-old takes advantage of a vulnerable 33 year-old - "“fed” Ms Wilson’s drug addiction".

  10. #480

    TAKEAWAY DELIVERY driver will deny murdering London primary school teacher Sabina Nessa

    A TAKEAWAY DELIVERY driver will deny murdering London primary school teacher Sabina Nessa, a court has heard.

    Koci Selamaj, 36, was remanded in custody ahead of an appearance at the Old Bailey in London on Thursday. Selamaj’s lawyer Aidan Harvey indicated a not-guilty plea to a charge of murdering Nessa, 28, at Willesden Magistrates’ Court today.

    Nessa, who taught a year one class at Rushey Green Primary School in Catford, also in south-east London, was allegedly attacked as she walked through Cator Park in Kidbrooke, south-east London, on her way to meet a friend on 17 September. Her body was found nearly 24 hours later covered with leaves near a community centre in the park.

    Selamaj, who is understood to have been working as a food delivery driver in Eastbourne, but is originally from Albania, appeared calm as he stood in the glass dock, wearing a grey prison-issue tracksuit and blue facemask. Accompanied by two guards, he did not remove his mask, speaking only to confirm his name, address and date of birth during the hearing, which lasted for about two minutes in front of a packed press bench and public gallery.

    Prosecutor Umaima Peracha said: “The charge against the defendant is that of murder at a park in Kidbrooke. “This is an indictable only offence, and I would ask you to send this to the Central Criminal Court (the Old Bailey).” Selamaj was not asked to formally enter a plea to a single charge of murder, which states: “On 17 September 2021 at Cator Park, Greenwich, London you murdered Miss Sabina Nessa contrary to common law.” But asked by District Judge Denis Brennan for an indication of his plea, Selamaj’s lawyer Aidan Harvey, said: “I have indicated on the form it will be a not-guilty plea.” Harvey earlier told the court that although an Albanian interpreter was in the building, his client’s English was “sufficient for today’s purposes”.

    The judge told Selamaj: “We will of course have an interpreter booked for you at the Crown Court but today I send you to the Central Criminal Court. “Your first hearing there will be, in fact, a bail hearing on 30 September with the plea and trial preparation hearing being on 26 October.” He added: “I will remand you in custody until that appearance on 30 September at the Central Criminal Court.”

    Selamaj, from Eastbourne, East Sussex, was arrested in the seaside town in the early hours of Sunday and charged on Monday. A light-coloured Nissan Micra was seized in a leafy residential street about half a mile away. On Friday, hundreds of people gathered for a candlelit vigil organised in Pegler Square, Kidbrooke, in memory of Nessa.

    Jebina Yasmin Islam, Nessa’s sister, broke down as she addressed the crowd. She said: “Words cannot describe how we are feeling, this feels like we are stuck in a bad dream and can’t get out of it – our world is shattered, we are simply lost for words. “No family should go through what we are going through.”

    Takeaway driver will deny murder of teacher Sabina Nessa, court told

    28 IX 2021.

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