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Thread: Mass Immigration to Europe

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    100 Illegal Boat Migrants Escorted Again Into British Waters by the French Navy

    Some 100 illegal migrants successfully reached the shores of Britain on Wednesday, again being escorted through the English Channel by French government ships.

    Seven small rubber dinghies carrying between 80 and 100 illegal migrants were brought ashore by the British Border Force on Wednesday morning. Local resident Chris Johnson captured video of migrants being brought ashore at Dover. The film shows seven migrant men being escorted onto British soil by two Border Force agents. “It started at 5 am. The French were met by Border Force mid-channel on at least four migrant boats,” Mr Johnson told the local news outlet KentOnline.

    Another witness, Chris Rolf, claimed that he saw UK Border Force ships and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) alongside French naval vessels gathering in the English Channel. “There must be a large number (of migrants) going by the amount of authority vessels out,” Rolf said.

    The migrant arrivals bring the total number of crossings close to the total number of illegal boat migrants for the entire year of 2019. To date, approximately 1,800 illegal migrants have been brought ashore by the British Border force in six months of 2020, compared to the 1,890 that were taken ashore in the whole of last year.

    Despite the Chinese coronavirus lockdown that saw the British citizens under effective house arrest, a record 741 migrants landed in the country in May, with a total of 1,359 migrants reaching Britain since the lockdown was introduced in March,
    according to the Daily Mail. The leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage — who exposed the scandal of the French Navy escorting illegal migrants into British territorial waters — said: “I have warned about the invasion and now it is happening.” “People will be very angry with a government that pretends but never acts,” Farage said.

    In an interview with the arch-Brexiteer, the former prime minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, said that “as long as the French facilitate their passage, France will have a problem as well as Britain. If it takes a bit of toughness on Britain’s part — Bojo has his mojo, let’s face it — let’s send them back.”

    In May, Breitbart London revealed that the issue of French naval ships escorting migrants through the English Channel is more widespread than was initially thought. Publicly-available GPS data from the French ship’s Automatic Identification System (AIS) that was filmed by Farage last month, documented that the vessel had indeed travelled into British waters where they met with the British Border Force. The data showed that the same ship had made a similar, previously unreported, trip the week prior.

    Our politicians/establishment/MSM all want this to happen and indeed encourage it, otherwise they could EASILY stop it!

    I saw the figure yesterday was a record at 166 and nearly 2000 this year already.More information and figures from Migration Watch:-

    100 Illegal Boat Migrants Escorted Again Into British Waters by the French Navy

    04 VI 2020.

    Migrant crossings hit single day record - BBC News
    21 hours ago · More than 160 migrants travelled across the Channel in small boats in 24 hours - a record for a single day. The Border Force intercepted seven boats …

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    Irish Police /Gardaí freeze bank accounts associated with €1.5m money laundering operation

    No chance that they will ever be deported.
    Just more Romanian cultural diversity: cyber fraud, organised prostitution and theft – the cyber fraud and theft are dressing to disguise where they really made this money. Usually the Media NEVER mentions nationality or prostitution.

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    I find the talk of giving people from Hong Kong refugee status in Britain traitorous. There are millions of them. I support their democratic rights but we can't keep taking everyone in.
    Our beauty is our power, our strength. We can’t allow them to change us, to lessen us. I will never grant them that satisfaction, and neither should you!

    White Oleander

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    Mainstream Media: Ireland’s Classrooms Too White

    Ireland’s classrooms are too white and children “should learn about black history from an early age” to fight racism, according to the country’s mainstream media.

    National public broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTE) and the Irish Times both published pieces praising Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests against “police racism” which have
    erupted into violence around the world. Ireland, which has seen protests against the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd six thousand kilometres away in the United States, must do more to boost the nation’s “anti-racist” credentials, according to the mainstream media outlets.

    RTE lamented that teachers in Ireland are mostly “white and middle class” in a piece insisting it is “so important to have ethnic diversity in Ireland” because “if you can’t see it you can’t be it”. In an article entitled ‘Ethnic Diversity Matters in Irish Classrooms’, published Saturday, the state media company spoke to teachers and academics who argued that racial diversity is “enriching”.

    These included Dr Ebun Joseph, a ‘Race Relations Consultant’ who has hailed controversial scholar Noel Ignatiev — who demanded that “the white race” is “not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed” — and his call to “abolish whiteness”. “We are never going back to being a monoculture, and we disadvantage our white children when they are not exposed to people of colour in management or other senior positions,” said Joseph, who claimsthe Irish education system “teaches white supremacy”.

    The allegation that “more teachers of colour are needed” in Irish schools was echoed in an Irish Times piecelast week, which also asserted that “children should learn about racism and black history from an early age” in order to “tackle public ignorance”. “A group of young black Irish people have agreed” that these measures are required to fight racism, says the article’s author, mass migration enthusiast Sorcha Pollack. Though “racist police brutality is not a problem in Ireland”, she admits, the country’s garda is guilty of “microaggressions”, according to Pollack and interviewees including a black former student union president who denounces “white privilege” in Ireland. “I never had any issues with guards growing up but as I became a man I noticed how they approached me differently compared to white friends,” said 25-year-old Boni Odoemene.

    Breitbart London has previously written about Irish tabloid reports alleging that the country has a problem with gangs of teenagers of African origin “wreaking havoc” across Dublin.

    Contrary to the picture painted by Pollack and her interviewees of a police force plagued with racism, local officials said that officers are extremely cautious as they risk the eruption of “a mini riot” each time they try to arrest one of these criminal youths, whose offences range “from shouting and intimidating old people in large groups to assaulting and robbing people of all ages, often with deadly weapons such as large knives”. A source told the Irish Sun: “It’s not just vulnerable OAPs suffering here, innocent kids are afraid to go out and play. Gardai had to respond to one incident in Swords where a 14 year-old boy was stripped down to his pants at knife point on the street just so they could rob him and ridicule him at the same time, that’s what you’re dealing with here.”

    Last year, Breitbart London reported how gardaí (police) in Ireland updated uniform rules to allow officers to wear hijabs and turbans, with the argument that lack of ethnic diversity in the force was a “ticking time-bomb” that could force immigrant communities to “radicalise”. Garda Representative Association (GRA) spokesman John O’Keeffe warned that underrepresentation of ethnic minorities in the country’s police force would lead to “an explosion in our communities sooner than we might have ever imagined”. “If ethnic minorities are marginalised or disenfranchised, history shows us they will retreat and extremists will take over leading to the type of social chaos we have seen in many cities across Europe in recent times,” the garda representative claimed.

    Where are the cries for Diversity in China, Africa, India. There are none because the populations in these countries comprise 2/3 of the World's people and they are not white. Diversity is a Marxist Hoax only to be applied to Western Nations.

    Moses Hess prophet of communism implied In his book "The Holy History of Mankind" that whites/ Christians are not a part of mankind. This explains why communists have been and are now extremely hostile towards Christians and want us d e a d, literally. Genius of Marx consisted of reformatting Hess's delusions into an utter deceit of the communist paradise thus creating an army of useful idiots.

    It isn’t about racial issues, it is a globalist totalitarian coup. The totalitarian global(ist) elite attempting to execute this coup come from many different racial/cultural backgrounds. The CCP, EU, UN, Dems/RINOs) are all partners in the coup. Meanwhile they are distracting people with the race card. The race card is more than a distraction. It is the foundational lie they are using to advance the coup.

    Mainstream Media: Ireland’s Classrooms Too White

    08 VI 2020.

    like all the other Boreal nations,[2] we are being destroyed by the very people who have been appointed to protect us. We are being undermined by our own universities, our journalists, by those who receive cultural subsidies to produce our art, and even by those who design our buildings. And above all, we are being undermined by our rulers. This is a clique – a small clique of self-important professional bureaucrats, people who have never read a book in their lives and have no clue how to deal with long term-issues – that rules us. Unfortunately, they control our country’s decision-making process, and through a curious mix of cynicism, lack of ability, and self-interest, they manage to make the wrong decision every time. Not for much longer!

    Thierry Baudet, Forum for Democracy (FvD) is a Dutch populist party that entered politics in 2017.

    [2] Boreal, or hyperborean, is a term used to refer to northern Europe. The Dutch media has accused Baudet of using it in a racial context, claiming that he borrowed it from Jean-Marie Le Pen, using it as a synonym for “Aryan.”

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    This illegal migrants scandal makes a mockery of ‘Take Back Control’. Officials haven’t estimated how many there are for 15 YEARS

    A damning official report has finally put in writing what many of us knew anyway: the Home Office does not have a clue about the scale of illegal immigration in the UK.

    ‘Take back control of our borders’ was a cornerstone of the 2016 Leave campaign in the Brexit referendum. It was reinforced as a slogan when Boris Johnson campaigned in last year’s general election, and overwhelmingly succeeded, in getting a new mandate to push the constipated Brexit agreement through Parliament.

    But taking back control? It. Just. Ain’t. Working. Not when the beaches of the south east coast of England are used by international criminal gangs to traffic migrants to our shores like some park-and-ride scheme for shoppers.

    Now the National Audit Office (NAO) tells us, as if we didn’t know, that the Home Office has no idea
    how many of those illegal migrants have made it and settled in the UK, remaining here unchallenged. And why is that? Because they haven’t even bothered to make an estimate for 15 years.

    If it wasn’t so serious, the damning attacks would be funny, showing a level of incompetence at the Home Office that is jaw-dropping.

    “We have not seen evidence [the Home Office] has tried to actively understand and manage these challenges and it has no strategy across the work of Immigration Enforcement and the rest of the Department to reduce their frequency,” the report goes on damningly to say.

    Boris should be hugely embarrassed that this centrepiece of controlling migration, one into which he has made the odd, ill-judged foray (Turkey to join the EU, anyone?), is being shown as a chaotic free-for-all in which the department responsible is almost criminally clueless.

    If he was holding a banquet to celebrate his achievements in government so far, this would consist of a steaming pile of dung sitting on a platter mid-table and no-one would quite know how it got there, where to look or who was going to clean it up.

    As Farage says: “This government was elected with a stonking majority to deliver on Brexit. One part of Brexit was controlling our borders and what’s happening in Dover on most days of the week is we’re being made a laughing stock.”

    That’s Boris all over, you can always rely on our PM for a chuckle. But not, it seems, much else.

    Another day, Another Revelation about the Great British Clown Show, masquerading as Gov, Gov Institutions and the apparatus of State Craft, generally, I've said it for a while and will say it again, I think this generation of British people, populating the offices of GOV are contenders for the tag of worst people to ever walk the soil.

    It's no different throughout Europe with hundreds being shipped and flown in on a daily basis.
    Around 95% of all of them are young male criminals looking for a better life with free everything and cashing in.

    Genocide inflicted on the English by the far left.

    This illegal migrants scandal makes a mockery of ‘Take Back Control’. Officials haven’t estimated how many there are for 15 YEARS 19 VI 2020.

    and the globalist elite.

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    He Was “Defending Himself” From “Racist” UK Claims Brother of Reading Terrorist Who Stabbed Three People to Death

    The brother of the Libyan refugee who stabbed three people to death in Reading on Saturday night said the terrorist was merely “defending himself” against “racist countries” like the UK.

    25-year-old Khairi Saadallah was arrested after launching a vicious attack on a group of people in a park at around 7pm, killing three and injuring three others as he stabbed them in the neck.

    Authorities quickly concluded that the incident was a terrorist attack and later carried out a raid and a controlled explosion at the suspect’s home.

    However, the terrorist’s brother responded to the news story on Facebook by claiming that his sibling was a victim of “racism” and that he was merely “defending himself” by stabbing three people to death. “This is not true. Khairi defended himself … racist countries. Freedom for my brother Before !!” claimed Mo Saadallah.

    20-year-old eyewitness Lawrence Wort described the horror that unfolded during the attack. “Suddenly shouted some unintelligible words and went around a large group of around 10, trying to stab them. “He stabbed three of them, severely in the neck, and under the arms, and then turned and started running towards me, and we turned and started running.“When he realised that he couldn’t catch us, he tried to stab another group sat down. “He got one person in the back of the neck and then when he realised everyone was starting to run, he ran out the park.”

    The terrorist arrived in the UK claiming to be a tourist, but later claimed asylum on the grounds that his life was being threatened by Islamists in Libya who took over the country after Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama oversaw regime change and the fall of Colonel Gaddafi.

    The United Kingdom doesn’t have a very good history with Libyan refugees. Salman Abedi was rescued from the civil war in Libya in August 2014 by the British Royal Navy. He went on to blow himself up at an Ariana Grande concert being held at the Manchester Arena, killing 23 people and wounding 139, more than half of them children.

    He Was “Defending Himself” From “Racist” UK Claims Brother of Reading Terrorist Who Stabbed Three People to Death

    24 VI 2020.

    Three Murdered in an English Park. So Where Are the Street Protests?

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    Refugee with anti-homosexual history slaughters 3 gay men during Pride Month, but it’s TOO EARLY to speculate about homophobia?

    The UK’s MSM’s gone eerily silent over the attack, and the country’s most prominent LGBTQI+ charity, Stonewall, didn’t cite homophobia in its tweet about it, but did mention Islamophobia, racism and xenophobia. What’s going on?

    Does anyone else find it slightly odd that a crime committed in Minnesota has been top of the British news agenda for over a month, yet a shocking triple murder in Berkshire, England last weekend is already slipping down the schedules?

    The stabbing rampage that took place in Reading over the weekend could easily have passed you by over the past few days in Britain. Three men – James Furlong, Joe Ritchie-Bennett and David Wails – were all knifed to death in broad daylight, as they gathered with friends in the sunny surroundings of Reading’s Forbury Gardens.

    The alleged perpetrator has been identified as Khairi Saadallah, a Libyan refugee recently released early from prison. He has a documented history of mental health issues and drug use, and has now been arrested on suspicion of a terror-related offence – but, apparently, we need “more information” before we start speculating on his motives.

    Well, there’s some information about the victims that might be relevant: all three men happened to be gay and were killed in June, which is Pride Month. More information was also forthcoming from an acquaintance of Saadallah. The acquaintance also happens to be gay. He told The Sun that Saadallah had said to him: “In my country, disgusting people like you would be beheaded.”

    The three men who died were also all white. Saadallah is not. He has a previous conviction for racially aggravated assault. It’s believed he lived in a flat opposite a pub where the three men drank regularly.

    There seems to be some confusion about whether he is a Muslim or had converted to Christianity. A man purporting to be his cousin claims he converted to Christianity three years ago, but his mother is reported as saying he “struggled during Ramadan,” which would be an odd statement were he a Christian. However, regardless of which religion he subscribes to, it appears he has a pretty Biblical/Koranic view of homosexuality. He had been known to anti-terrorism agencies since last year, although they’d failed to open a file on him.

    In view of all of this information, it seems odd that any speculation that this act could have been motivated by homophobia, race or religion is being immediately shut down in the mainstream media. One doesn’t imagine there would be the same reticence in speculation had the attacker been wearing a cap embroidered with ‘Make America Great Again,’ or if the victims had all been minority ethnic and the perpetrator white, or even if all the victims were gay and the perpetrator had been straight and also white.

    One would imagine that it was at least worth entertaining the possibility that the motive for a suspected terrorist having stabbed three gay men to death during Pride Month might have had something to do with homophobia, and perhaps also something to do with his religion. But no, even after three members of its community were slaughtered in a park, Stonewall didn’t think homophobia was worth mentioning. It said it was “heartbroken” over the deaths, but added, “We can’t let Islamophobic, racist and xenophobic rhetoric be used to divide us. We must stand together to make progress.”

    How is Islamophobia higher on the list of things to worry about in the wake of three gay men being stabbed than homophobia? What manner of mental gymnastics have to be performed for the primary concern of an LGBTQI+ charity to be that adherents of a religion that believes that gay people will burn in hellfire are the ones really at risk here?

    It’s interesting how, following other attacks, there has been no such reluctance to cite homophobia as a motivation. Last summer, after two lesbians were attacked on a London bus, the Independent newspaper publishedan op-ed titled “The casual, bloody violence inflicted on two lesbians on a London bus is just a glimpse of British homophobia.” According to the writer, this was because “austerity, pro-Leave propaganda, and Tory rule have created a toxic environment – one where fascism, hate and toxic masculinity can flourish unchecked.”

    Right, so austerity and leaving the European Union is responsible for a lesbian couple being beaten up on a bus, but potential Islamic radicalism had nothing to do with three gay men being stabbed to death in a park?

    In another case earlier this year, a
    woman in Sunderland claimed she’d been the victim of numerous homophobic attacks. Again, the media had no worry in labeling these attacks what they were, despite no perpetrators having been arrested.

    In both cases, LGBTQI+ groups were quick to condemn the homophobia behind the attacks. So, why in this case, do we need “more information” before at least considering that this might be a motivation? Breakfast-TV presenter Piers Morgan was slammed for suggesting the sexuality of the Reading victims might have played a part in their being slaughtered. A guest on his show said that evidence suggested it was all just a “sad coincidence,” while a poster on Twitter countered, “As a gay man, I’m disgusted that you are running this story as a homophobic attack.”

    Forgive me, but shouldn’t you be more disgusted that three gay men have been stabbed to death, rather than with the speculation around the motive? The fact that the attack follows exactly the same pattern as other attacks perpetrated by Islamic terrorists in the UK should ring some alarm bells. The second London Bridge mass stabbing happened just last year, or have we already forgotten that?

    Far-right hatred and terrorism in Britain is condemned – indeed, people are often so quick to condemn it, they often turn out to have been mistaken. But for some reason, attacks perpetrated by suspected Islamic terrorists always require “more information.” Their ideology can’t have been the main motivating factor, it’s claimed. No, that would have to be “Western foreign policy” or “institutional racism” or “lack of opportunity.”

    The simple answer as to why this happens has to be that it doesn’t fit in with the prevailing narrative. We’ve had weeks of Black Lives Matter protests in this country, following the death of a man 4,000 miles away. Yet three gay men are slaughtered in our own backyard and there’s not a hint of a protest – in fact, their deaths were lower on yesterday’s news agenda than the trailing of a potentially racist airplane banner.

    Speculating on motivation can at times be dangerous, but for it to be done with impunity in one instance and actively stifled in another is a ridiculous double standard. What it reveals is that, for some reason, an ethnic-minority refugee turned potential Islamic terrorist outranks three gay men in the victimhood hierarchy, regardless of who is doing the stabbing and who is doing the dying.

    nothing new. Nothing mentioned of the 10s of Thousands of British white girls groomed. Police too scared to even follow up - let one white person question anything & its racist, Nazi and Right wing - they spend more time worry about right wingers than the rape of their own people due to the fear of being called a racist. Such is the mental apathy of the police & over lords.

    Refugee with anti-homosexual history slaughters 3 gay men during Pride Month, but it’s TOO EARLY to speculate about homophobia? 25 VI 2020.

    The UK’s MSM’s gone eerily silent over the attack” is that or is that not CENSORSHIP?

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    ‘Mass Stabbing’: Suspect Shot, Three Killed, Police Officer Injured as Major Incident Declared in Glasgow, UK

    Three people are thought to have died, with several others including police officers injured on George Street in Glasgow, United Kingdom, Friday afternoon as a major incident was declared by the emergency services.

    Glasgow city centre was placed on lockdown Friday as paramedics and police rushed to the scene of what is being reported in local media as a mass casualty event, with Glasgow Live reporting a mass stabbing. The incident appears to surround the city’s Park Inn Hotel, with injured individuals carried out of the hotel on stretchers.

    Three people are
    reported to have been killed during the incident, with Police Scotland and the Scottish Police Federation stating that among the other injured was one police officer, who is now receiving treatment. In a statement shortly after the incident, Police Scotland also revealed the suspect had been shot dead. They said:

    I would like to reassure the public that this is a contained incident and that the wider public is not at risk. Armed police officers attended the incident and I can confirm that a male suspect was shot by an armed officer… I would like to reassure the public that at this time we are not looking for anyone else in relation to this incident. I can also confirm that a police officer was injured while dealing with the incident and that officer is receiving treatment in hospital.

    I thank Tony Blair and the EU for open borders with particular thanks to Angela Merkel and all the virtuous idiots with thier little, brainless placards welcoming them to rape our children and murder others with impunity.

    We have been run over, beheaded, stabbed, blown up, our children incinerated at a concert and sexual abused on an industrial scale throughout the country.

    What will it take for us to decide enough is enough. What will it take for the sleeping lion to wake up.

    Nothing. There is no upper limit. War has been declared on us by the elite. Mr & Mrs Average are never going to face up to it. Just like many before, most would rather die quietly than fight back. There is no "sleeping lion". This is what happens when you disarm the citizenry.

    Stop this madness, stop islamisation of your country and stop mass migration from the third world!


    26 VI 2020.

    Had the perpetrator been White it would have been the first thing mentioned in the Headline.

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    Glasgow Hotel Stabber ‘Very Hungry’ Sudanese Man, Migrants Unhappy with ‘Culturally Inappropriate’ Meals

    The suspect in a stabbing spree in Glasgow, Scotland, was a Sudanese man who had complained of being “very hungry” at the hotel which was housing him and other asylum seekers during the coronavirus lockdown.

    The attacker was a Sudanese asylum seeker and he’d been telling his friends that he was very hungry in the hotel. In the past few days he was threatening people, and it was reported to the staff the day before,” said Kurdish Community Scotland activist Ako Zada in comments to The Telegraph.

    “These people had been living in their houses but were moved into hotels during the pandemic,” Zada explained — with “their houses” being a reference to taxpayer-funded accommodation the asylum seekers had been inhabiting prior to the lockdown, not their own private property. “Their money for buying food and essentials was stopped and [instead] they were fed three times a day but people were complaining at getting the same spaghetti and macaroni cheese all the time. It wasn’t culturally appropriate for them,” Zada said of the migrants, who supposedly came to Britain because they were in deadly peril in their homelands.

    The activist said that it was “completely humiliating” for migrants in Glasgow to have “their money” taken away from them after they were moved into hotels — which according to the left-wing Guardian provided “three meals a day, basic toiletries and a laundry service” as well as WiFi — and “very damaging for their mental health.”Zada also said that “Sitting in a hotel for three months was a big issue” for the migrants, who “said it was like being in prison.”

    Britain’s citizens and legal residents have also been subject to lockdown, of course, with elderly people and others considered vulnerable to the Chinese virus being expected to “shield” themselves at home with very limited contact with the outside world — and without the benefit of free meals, toiletries, laundry services, and Internet access.

    Police Scotland have said they do not believe the Glasgow stabbings were terror-related — yet sources have told The Telegraph that they are investigating whether it was inspired by
    another stabbing spree in Reading, England, which has been declared a “terrorist incident”.

    Why don't they just FO back to their own sh ho le countries? I'm so pissed off with these alien whingers. I'm even more pissed off with decades of Con/Lab/Lib Regime governments that have allowed this dystopia to happen in our once so wonderful country.

    Glasgow Hotel Stabber ‘Very Hungry’ Sudanese Man, Migrants Unhappy with ‘Culturally Inappropriate’ Meals

    28 VI 2020.

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    People arriving from Pakistan brought half of all the imported coronavirus cases in the United Kingdom since March, a report has found.

    As a result of the United Kingdom refusing to close down travel from virus hotspots during the pandemic, over 65,000 people from Pakistan — most of whom are believed to hold British passports — arrived in the country since March 1st.

    Pakistan, which is reporting around 4,000 new cases of Covid-19 per day, is considered a “high-risk” country for the virus, but despite the inability or unwillingness of the Pakistani government to introduce effective containment measures, travellers from the Islamic Republic have been free to flood into the country.

    Officials in Whitehall are reportedly worried that the revelations could spark a backlash against attempts to establish so-called open-air bridges with EU nations. British officials are also concerned that they will now have little ground to criticise countries like Portugal for failing to block imported cases from its former colony of Brazil.“We can’t take people off the list because they might import cases from their former colonies”, a Whitehall official told the paper. “Diplomatically we have to rate [them] to see actual uncontrolled spread. Imagine if people said that about the UK with our links to the U.S. We’d be fuming,” the official added.

    Pakistan International Airlines said it been flying directly to the United Kingdom without quarantine since April, with limited flights at first, however, in the past week, the airline has resumed its normal schedule of flights to Manchester and London. A spokesperson for the airline claimed that all passengers were subjected to temperature screenings and were required to wear masks.

    This week, other such as including Dubai and South Korea have cut travel from Pakistan amid a spike in cases. The Emirates airline suspended flights from the South Asian country after 30 passengers tested positive for the virus in Hong Kong on June 22nd. There has been no indication that the British government or British airlines will follow suit, however. The British government is expected to finally introduce mandatory
    quarantines for those arriving from foreign countries next month, in order to prevent a second wave of the virus. A quarantine expert at Exeter University’s medical school, Bharat Pankhania, cautioned that the government should focus its energies on screening arrivals from high-risk countries like Pakistan rather than imposing restrictions on the whole world, which would likely be largely unenforced.

    “As soon as a country reaches a set threshold, then special screening and tests are done on all individual arrivals at the border. If they are staying in Bath, for example, then the local public health director is alerted and they are subject to on-the-door checks by his or her team,” Pankhania said. “You also need to make it clear that this is a serious issue if you are coming from an at-risk country, and increase the penalties for breaches… to prison and/or £10,000 fine,” he suggested.

    Being invaded by air, land and sea, exposed to bio terrorism, and our home secretary deeply worried with someone taking a leak when all WC are F closed. Half of our crime and 90% of under-age groomers also comes from there.

    pakistanis marry first cousins Intergenerational Consanguineous Marriage (ICM) is the norm in the Land of the Paki with 60% of marriages being between 1st cousins- breed on the NHS and have disabled babies because of inbreeding kept on the NHS- all paid for by the UK taxpayers.

    Almost £50 billion a year to maintain Muslim welfare now.

    = 2 million more labour voters.

    ..... until they get their own sharia law party up and running!

    and the rest of their brood who have been allowed to join them on chain migration visas.

    Bradford has 100 mosques, 200 curry houses that deliver drugs and under age girls in uber taxis driven by Pakistan men who also collect heroin at Bradford airport from Pakistan. Drug money sent back to Pakistan via Dubai where PM Imran Khan rewards them with 15% bonus.

    I once did a bit of Taxiing in London and one of the guys I worked with was a Pakistani he also owned a Printing company. He asked me 'Do you want a new car I can get one for you from Social Services' he also bought Print Machines and when they were delivered shipped them straight off to Pakistan and never paid for them he also used to do all the printing for the Mosques FOC. They are all in it together you don't stand a chance.

    One third of Pakistani pilots have fake a fake licence. Meanwhile two days ago, it transpires that: "Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) this week said it would immediately ground 141 of its 434 pilots after a government review found them to have obtained “bogus” credentials or cheated on exams by having someone else take them." "According to a government review last year, details of which were revealed Thursday, 262 of Pakistan’s 860 active pilots hold fake licenses or cheated on exams."

    YOUR GOVERNMENT IS UNDER ORDERS TO DESTROY YOU since 1945, will you wets NEVER understand?

    UK: Half of Imported Coronavirus Cases Come from Pakistan

    29 VI 2020.

    In mass democracy only the insane get power. Those responsible for upholding the rule of law do not because they are in with the globalist cause. Every politician in the West is corrupt or we wouldn't have our countries flooded with useless 3rd worlders here to live of us. Global collapse is an imminent certainty.

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