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Thread: Mass Immigration to Europe

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    Romanian living in Ireland on €3,000 a month in benefits cons 2 pensioners out of 320, 000 euros

    A Romanian foreigner posing as a street beggar has been jailed for six years by Cork Circuit Criminal Court after he conned two Irish pensioners out of their life savings.

    Romanian Brudut Iosca (38) of Relic Road, Kilbeggan, Co Westmeath has been living and leaching off the Irish taxpayer along with his offspring for twenty years but finally after he destroyed the lives of two innocent Irish pensioners the degenerate will face some modicum of justice.

    The foreigner con artist convinced two kind-hearted yet obviously somewhat simple and naïve pensioners out of €300,000 with lies that included he was being evicted from his home, having a sick parent overseas and having life-threatening cancer the Irish Times reported.

    One 69-year-old man out of his life savings of €207,750 on dates from October 2017 to August 2018 and only raised the alarm with Gardai after Iosca asked for another €100,000 to redeem a mortgage on his house in Serbia.

    His other known victim was a woman in her 70’s whom he approached on the streets of Dun Laoghaire and convinced her to pay monthly instalments for him as he was in financial difficulties.

    The elderly woman not only gave the Romanian her life savings over a period of 2012 to 2019 but took out a loan of €15,000 to further finance him, which she is still repaying today at a rate of €300 a month.

    In a testament to why foreign parasites like Iosca come to Ireland and pray on our kindness and stupidity, it was further revealed by a Garda inquiry which established the man was in receipt of €3,000 a month in benefits from the State including disability and free travel.

    Iosca will continue to live at the expense of the Irish taxpayer in jail and upon his release will again be free to ply his trade as he cannot be deported as he is an EU citizen.

    Romanian living in Ireland on €3,000 a month in benefits ...

    The EU never made sense - except to centralise power.

    For easier management the handful of elite EU globalists decided to change their "human livestock", which had to immediately be tampered with a flood of 3rd world africons and muslims.

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    Man Jailed for Running Over 5-year-old, Slashing 10-year-old’s Neck, Stabbing Old Man and Young Mother

    A 33-year-old man received a “life” sentence for a string of gruesome attacks which saw him run over a five-year-old, slash the throat of a 10-year-old boy, and stab a mother walking with her children and a man in his seventies in the head.

    Carlos Racitalal was convicted of four counts of attempted murder for his attacks, perpetrated on four separate occasions, at Leicestershire Crown Court, along with three counts of possession of a bladed article, according to an official Leicestershire Police news bulletin.

    “The level of violence used is deeply disturbing and is one of the most shocking cases I have overseen for some time,” said Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor Andrew Baxter of Racitalal’s attacks.

    “Each one of these victims has been through a terrifying ordeal and it is down to fortune and the intervention of others nearby that all of them survived,” he noted.

    Sentencing judge Mr Justice Linden remarked that Racitalal was “one of the more frightening types of offender from the point of view of the public in that they have no inkling of what is about to happen and therefore no opportunity to take evasive action,” describing how he “went out and identified vulnerable members of the public to attack… without any reason, still less provocation.” Racitalal received four so-called “life” sentences but three are essentially meaningless, as they are to be served concurrently, and he will be eligible for release after 22 years — meaning it is quite possible he will not serve anything like the rest of his life in prison, and the Parole Board could release him onto the streets again while he is only in his fifties.

    The police bulletin avoids mentioning Racitalal’s nationality, although some local news
    reports note that he required an interpreter in court.

    “This was an extremely complex investigation with very distressing circumstances,” commented

    “Racitalal is an extremely dangerous man who had no concern, regard or remorse for any of his victims, who ranged from young children to an elderly man. Racitalal carried out his attacks with weapons including knives and a car, before then running away or driving off from the scene.

    “The dedication and commitment of officers and staff both in the investigative team and across force led to these incidents being linked. The team then worked tirelessly around the clock determined to gather the evidence and find the person responsible.

    “My thoughts and thanks are with the victims of these attacks, for their bravery, patience and co-operation during an extremely traumatic time. I hope this court result helps in some small way as they continue to move forward in their lives. “

    On what basis has he been allowed to be in the country and who was responsible for granting him permission to be here? It is because we are never given answers to these questions that these crimes continue.

    "an application for bail made by defence solicitor Rajesh Sood was refused"... kind a gives the game away.

    I think the people who signed this guy off to be allowed to live in England should be held to account.
    Builders have to do it... If they build something and it fails they are responsible.
    Doctors have to be responsible for their diseisions., Engineers, Surveyors, Police, Accountants etc. etc..
    So should the Immigration Minister, those in the Immigration Department, the Politicians who command it and the P M who allows it.

    How can they be shocking when they are daily occurrences? Such is the new normal in the age of diversity.

    Not that common?
    How many stabbings?
    How many rapes?
    How many acid attacks?
    How many rape grooming gangs?
    How many thousands of young girls violated?
    How many wife beatings?
    How many child marriages?
    How women and girls suffering from FGM?
    Yeah, just a normal day on the British country side.
    All hail the queen.
    Make me sick and disgusted.

    Because low IQ retards are much easier to control.

    Man Jailed for Running Over Girl, 5, Stabbing Young Boy ...

    11 XI 2020.

    Why does OUR Government allow it?

    Because the ‘globalists’ give them loads of money stashed away in off shore accounts to replace the indigenous people.

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    More and more I realise how there is a full on attack being launched on white people and no one's fighting back. The reason being that they're trying to make us believe that there is no war against us and that if they hate us, it's our fault

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    Over 2,000 ‘Child’ Asylum Seekers in the UK Lied About Their Age to Cheat the System: Report

    Latest figures from the UK Home Office reveal that over 2,000 supposed asylum seekers lied about their age to immigration officials, pretending to be children to improve their odds of remaining in the country.

    Since 2015, the government has investigated 3,755 immigration cases where the age of the migrant was in question. Out of those investigations, some 2,203 asylum seekers were found to be over the age of 18, after previously claiming to be minors- 59%. In reality, the actual number of fraudulent claims from migrants may be higher as cases are not opened against ‘children’ unless they appear to be “significantly” over the age of 18, after which they are age-assessed by local social workers.

    A Home Office spokesman told the Daily Mail: “We are fixing our broken asylum system to make it firm and fair. We will seek to stop abuse of the system while ensuring it is compassionate towards those who need our help, welcoming people through safe and legal routes.” Under the current system in the UK, child refugees fleeing from war, humanitarian crises, or terrorism are provided financial assistance until the age of 25. Those who are over the age of 18 are still afforded government assistance; however, the payments are much lower, incentivising the fraud.

    The problem of asylum seekers posing as children was highlighted in October when parents complained that a “child” migrant who “
    looks 40” joined a school in Coventry, England. The government has yet to reveal the age of the migrant, but images were shared online appeared to show clear signs of age. “He’s got a receding hairline for God’s sake,” one parent exclaimed.

    The problem is not a new phenomenon. In 2018, a student was pulled from Stoke High School after it was alleged that he was 30 years old rather than 15, as he claimed. In another notable example, an apparently 38-year-old man fraudulently claimed that he was a child migrant. Left-wing activists falsely claimed that he was working as a language interpreter for other migrants after photos emerged of the man online.

    Amidst the record waves of boat migrants crossing the English Channel from France, Kent County Council / (KCC) said in August that due to “months of extraordinary demands” they could no longer “safely accommodate” any more migrants claiming to be children. KCC later revealed that “around 25” of illegal boat migrants who claim to be children are in fact over the age of 18. In October, an investigation carried out by the Daily Mail revealed that the council had paid out over £300,000 of British taxpayer money on legal cases against 25 migrants accused of lying about their age. The investigation found that 13 of the legal cases are ongoing, with the other cases having been thrown out, withdrawn, or settled out of court. Natalie Elphicke, the MP for Dover, said: “No child or young person should be making the perilous small boat crossings across the English Channel in the first place.”“Those who deliberately lie about their age in order to play the system should face criminal consequences,” she said, adding that “the French must do more with the tens of millions of pounds paid over by the British taxpayer to protect abandoned migrant children and keep them out of the hands of the trafficking gangs.”

    In 2016 17 MILLION voted to take back control.
    4.5 years we are still have not to left the EU.
    No Democracy.
    No Control.
    It is pathetic.

    It is probably in the same place as the government's report on who is funding extremism and groups linked to terror in the UK. Was it not Amber Rudd who said that the full report was not suitable for the public domain? An article in the Guardian suggested that the report was being buried to protect Saudi Arabia from any criticism.

    Change the human rights laws and make the slimy lawyers partly responsible for the crimes the scum commit.

    Change the human rights, don’t you mean get rid off.

    Lets not pretend they lied and we did not know.
    The great reset is happening before our eyes and the sheep are so brain washed by the MSM they don't even care.

    Unfortunately you are right regarding the 'sheep brainwashed by the MSM'. I have friends who I regard as normally being very sensible and somewhat sceptical regarding the government but not when it comes to the much hyped Covid vaccine that is supposed to end the Covid scamdemic, they assume that the vaccine will mean that life will return to the 'old' normality that we knew prior to the start of 2020, if only that were the case.

    The UK government of whatever party has no intention of halting migration and stopping more Muslim coming into our country. They have their orders and they are being well paid for carrying them out. The civil service is the deep state.

    Over 2,000 ‘Child’ Asylum Seekers in the UK Lied About Their Age to Cheat the System: Report23 XI 2020.

    If the MSM don’t announce it or discuss it, as far as the ‘public’ are concerned it’s not important and it’s not happening. This Media blackout enables the phoney politicians to disregard public opinion about the mass 3rd world invasion of their countries in order to get their payoffs.

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    Makes me want to question whether the West and Europe in particular is obligated to accept immigration considering the political blunders it has committed in its colonies.

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