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Thread: Mass Immigration to Europe

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    EU Nationalists Vow to Block Migrants

    Quote Originally Posted by Verđandi
    Orban: "Some civilizations are capable of reproducing themselves, western civilization isn’t."
    Zoltan Simon, Bloomberg, September 23, 2021

    Europe’s nationalist leaders called for pro-family and anti-immigration policies to resolve a demographic crisis, even as declining populations and severe labor shortages force them to open their doors to foreign workers.

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban hosted the leaders of the Czech Republic, Serbia and Slovenia at a demographic-focused forum in Budapest, where he said immigration was a threat to the survival of western civilization rather than an antidote.

    “Some civilizations are capable of reproducing themselves, western civilization isn’t,” Orban, who’s become a trailblazer for fellow nationalists in the European Union, told the forum on Thursday that also included former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence. “Worse, it can’t even decide if that’s a problem.”

    Opposition to immigration has underpinned a nationalist turn sweeping across much of eastern Europe. That has been accompanied by the rolling back of democratic freedoms in countries like Hungary, Poland and Slovenia, straining relations within the EU.

    Meanwhile, Poland followed Latvia and Lithuania this month in declaring a state of emergency at its eastern frontier to stem a surge in arrivals of undocumented migrants from Belarus. The three EU members say Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is sending people, mainly from Afghanistan and Iraq, across the border to trigger a crisis in retaliation to sanctions from the bloc.


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    Orban: Mass Migration Agenda Part of ‘Global Plan’ to Create ‘New Proletariat’ in the West

    Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán believes the mass migration agenda is part of a “global plan” to create a “new proletariat” in the West, advanced by people who care nothing for culture and national identity and consider only economics.

    Speaking at the 4th Budapest Demographic Conference, organised as a forum where pro-family policies and other measures to reverse population decline without resorting to mass immigration, Orbán addressed attendees including former U.S. Vice President
    Mike Pence, the President of Serbia, the Serbian President of Bosnia, and the prime ministers of Slovakia and Slovenia, noting that the cause of national conservatism had “suffered sensitive political losses” in recent years.

    “President Trump was not able to continue his work” in the United States after January 2021, he lamented, while former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now in opposition — “and God knows what will happen in Germany this Sunday” when Angela Merkel’s notionally centre-right party may be displaced by a left-wing government possibly including the communist Marxist Left Party in national elections.

    “Like those before me, we are concerned about the advent of the New Marxist, New Leftist ‘woke’ movement, as it is called in America. We can see that already in kindergartens they want to miseducate our children; they use children as Pride activists, they are telling children about the ‘free choice of genre — this is part of the New Marxist ‘woke’ programme,” he warned.

    Decades of Soviet communist domination, however, has “inoculated” former Eastern Bloc countries such as Hungary and Poland against “the ‘woke’ virus”, in his view — “our history is protecting us against the cultural left.”

    As a result, the Hungarian leader suggested, his government and likeminded administrations in the region can see the divide on demographics more clearly. “Is it a problem that the population is in decline?” he asked.

    “The West… just does not want to maintain itself. Let’s not beat around the bush: certain civilisations are able to reproduce; the Western civilisation is not able to reproduce — so much so that they are unable to decide whether this is a problem at all.

    “Some are of the opinion that this is not a problem, and they argue that by increasing productivity and by developing technology fewer people will be able to generate more goods, more public good. Mechanised production, artificial intelligence, an automated economy — human labour doesn’t count anymore. That is the technocratic, Silicon Valley solution,” he explained.

    “And there are others who sense the problem of declining demographics and they want migration. They believe alien peoples from distant lands should be moved in and that will stop the demographic decline. But mass migration… the millions of people who have been lured here, are basically a global plan of moving in the new proletariat,” he accused, adding that the promoters of this worldview “do not take into account the cultural aspect of democracy.”

    Migration, Orbán explained, “is an identity issue” — and “a country will only be viable if its citizens share largely the same values — if not, the nation, the country, will fall apart.”

    Hungary’s plan to reverse demographic decline while rejecting mass migration to maintain its cultural identity and social cohesion, Orbán told the conference, is built around the fundamental principle that “the state has to protect the family, and the state has to do away with all the obstacles to establishing families” as the building blocks of society.

    To that end, the Central European country’s family policy was constructed around the principle that “having children should be an advantage financially, not a disadvantage,” given the plain fact that “negative economic consequences” for starting a family “will discourage many from having children” in the first place.

    The Hungarian leader acknowledged, of course that “it is very easy to dole out money to families, you don’t need much brains to do that — but we know that if we dole out too much money that will first slow down economic performance and later destroy the economy,” and so his administration has pursued “unorthodox” steps to strike a balance between family support and consistent economic growth.

    These have included the introduction of grandparental leave, the suspension of student loan repayments for young women expecting a child — and student debt forgiveness after a certain number of children — as well as exempting mothers of four from income tax for life, and government-backed loans for the purchase of family homes and cars, among other measures.

    Mothers, he explained, were at the heart of the policies, due to the hard fact that women are most likely to enter the workforce at the time when they would otherwise be most likely to have children — something they may end up drastically delaying or never doing at all, even if they would like to, if there is no “economic rationale” for it.
    “We want women to be able to choose,” he said, explaining that “if they want, they can work” — but that they should never feel they “need to work” to survive under the Hungarian economic model.

    As a result of the policies, Orbán claimed, “we have almost doubled marriages” and enjoyed a “41% decline in abortion” since 2010 — but the experiment has not come without its consequences. “I should tell you honestly, we are defending ourselves, Hungary is defending itself, against attacks from the Western left; they are attacking the traditional family model” he warned.

    These attacks have not come only in the form of direct criticism of the economic policies aimed at empowering couples to start families — and save the country at large from a demographic time bomb — which are often painted rather ungenerously as a retrograde plot to turn women into“baby machines” — but through part of a broader cultural push to “relativise the notion of the family”.

    The favoured “tool” for this, Orbán alleged, is “the LGBTQ and the gender lobby”.

    The Hungarian leader has earned fierce criticism from the EU for recently passed legislation aimed at tackling this by making it illegal to promote LGBTQ content on things like changing gender to minors in schools and the media, but he believes the Hungarian position is not so far away from that of the Western European public as the outcry would suggest.

    “In Western Europe and in Brussels, nobody has ever asked the people about LGBTQ propaganda or about migration,” he said.

    The Soviets were not mass importing people into Eastern Europe like the West was doing. They get to see what awaits their countries if they allow mass immigration by looking west.

    Orban and his FIDESZ Party have it right. Uneducated, illiterate people should be returned to their country. Since the societies in these countries are 400 years behind in evolution, they should be allowed to evolve at their own speed in their own lands

    A subluminal collective national death wish. It is like we are all in a hospice and still believing the doctors (governments) when they tell us how well we are looking and will soon be going home.

    Eastern Europeans are still moral Christian people with the values we had fifty years ago before the decadent and degenerate race to the bottom pushed by socialist government, dictatorial, totalitarian media and marxist education.

    mass migration agenda is part of a “global plan” to create a “new proletariat” in the West, advanced by people who care nothing for culture and national identity is this not the definition of the Coudenhove Kalergi plan clearly stating to populate Europe with 'chocolate people'?

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    Afghan refugee given 30 months in jail, only a third mandatory, after sexual abuse of 7-year-old in scandal that shocked Austria

    Afghan refugee in Austria sexually abused of 7-year-old given 30 months in jail but will serve only a third.

    A court in Austria has sentenced a teenage refugee from Afghanistan to 30 months in prison, of which he is only obliged to serve 10 months, after he sexually abused a girl, age seven. The victim was awarded €500 in compensation.

    On Wednesday a court in Ried, Upper Austria reached a verdict concerning the shocking case of an Afghan teen who had lured a seven-year-old neighbour to a basement before sexually abusing her.

    The judge gave the teenager a 30-month prison sentence for serious sexual abuse, although he will only need to spend a full 10 months behind bars. The teen was prescribed therapy and has been given a probation officer. The court ruled that his residence must also be moved to keep him at least 10 kilometers away from his victim. A court spokeswoman confirmed the verdict in remarks made to ‘Oö. Volksblatt’ on Thursday.

    According to Austrian news agencies, the teenager had lured the girl to the basement of an apartment building on June 12. When he got home, the father of the girl was told by another daughter that the seven-year-old was in the basement with the teen.

    The father reportedly found him as he pulled up his trousers in the basement. A tussle ensued in which the father was knocked unconscious. He was then taken to hospital.

    The girl later confided in her father about what had happened in the basement.

    The court also awarded the young girl €500 in compensation for pain and suffering. She may receive more money through civil law.

    Many Austrian papers have suggested the ruling is soft. Almost half of all 8,486 inmates behind bars in Austria are foreign citizens despite foreigners only accounting for 17% of the population.

    The German police, and justice system are tired after dealing with that 96-year old from a care home.

    Why aren’t the refused entry and sent to a MUSLIM nation? No, why not? Because other "caring" and "loving" muslims don’t want them. Wonder why?

    Even the average shop-lifters get longer sentences than that. What are they trying to achieve except to encourage even more migrants/refugees to come in to the EU?

    R T:
    Afghan refugee given 30 months in jail, only a third mandatory, after sexual abuse of 7-year-old in scandal that shocked Austria
    01 X 2021.

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    Four in Ten French Support Reducing Immigration Numbers to Zero

    Four in ten French say they would like to see immigration numbers reduced to zero
    , according to a poll released this week as all leading French presidential candidates adopt tough migration policies.

    The poll, conducted by the CSA Institute for CNews, was released on Thursday and states that 41% of those who took part in the poll were in favour of stopping all immigration to France, both illegal and legal immigration.

    French over the age of 65 are the most likely to support a total immigration ban at 45%, while young people 18 to 24 are also represented highly, with 42% agreeing with a migration ban, CNews reports.

    In terms of political belief, there is a huge gap between those who support right-wing candidates to those who support left-wing parties.

    Supporters of populist Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) overwhelmingly support a total migration halt at 92 per cent, while 93% of Green Party supporters are against the measure. In total, a majority of those on the right, 72%, are for the proposal while a large majority on the left, 86%, are totally against it.

    Immigration is set to be one of the major topics of next spring’s French presidential election and so far all of the leading candidates in the race have adopted various tough policies against mass migration, including incumbent President Emmanuel Macron. The French president recently
    reduced the number of visas granted to North African nations that refused to take back their deported citizens, when it was revealed that countries like Algeria accepted just 22 nationals, despite nearly 8,000 being eligible for deportation from France.

    Populist candidate Marine Le Pen, meanwhile, hasproposed a referendum on the topic of immigration if she becomes the next French president, which will include halting family reunification or chain migration, increasing deportations, and ending birthright citizenship entirely.

    Centre-right presidential hopeful Xavier Bertrand has also commented on what he has called a laxity in the French immigration system and has promised the end of giving residency to illegal migrants and said he will also increase deportations.

    Accurate polling will show that nobody but the political criminals want more immigration.

    Submitting to conquest is suicide.
    Fast or slow, conquest is conquest.
    And conquest is permanent.
    Remember Byzantium.

    Yup, Byzantium, heck Rome itself fell to Germanic barbarians so "gradually" that nobody can put a date on it's exact fall because the germanic tribe "migrants" stopped assimilating and just started recognizing their local chieftains more.
    In the same way, is America even America anymore? There are proposals to change the US flag to something more "equitable", once that occurs, are we still America?
    Just like Rome, the change has been so gradual nobody really can put an exact date on when America ended and this new LGBT nation started. Maybe they'll admit it when it starts flying a flag just like when the EU started flying a flag and rolled out their currency and people suddenly woke up and realized their european nation states were gone and replaced.
    It's sad it takes changing the flag for people to ACTUALLY wake up and realize their nations are gone.
    The US embassies are already raising the the anti-God, anti-American LGBT flag, people need to wake up.

    Every country has to or they'd collapse under the economic weight of the free lifetime benefits they provide to the illegals.

    The First World countries with liberal governments are all being overrun by illegal aliens, and their citizenry is going to pay the cost.

    Illegal goat-humpin pedophile aliens given the vote by the French and the rest of the EU. As taught in the Quran the purpose of Muslim migration is to conquer Europe and the world.

    Four in Ten French Support Reducing Immigration Numbers to ...

    12 X 2021.

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    Italy: Pakistanis Arrested After 13-Year-Old Boy Raped in Public Park

    Italy: Pakistanis Arrested After 13-Year-Old Boy Raped in Public Park

    Police arrested two Pakistani asylum seekers in the northern Italian city of Aosta for allegedly raping a 13-year-old boy in a public garden. Ali Raza, 25, and 23-year-old Usama Mazhar were said to have spent Friday afternoon with the boy, with the three of them having been seen drinking alcohol.

    That evening, the two Pakistanis, who were granted subsidiary protection in Italy, took the young teen to the gardens near the Aosta train station and raped him, newspaper La Repubblica
    reports. According to investigators, a witness passing by saw the abuse and called the police, who later arrived on the scene and found the teen in a state of shock. The victim was taken to a hospital and was only released on Sunday, while the two Pakistanis were tracked down by police and arrested.

    The case echoes another incident of child abuse that took part in the city of Brindisi in 2018, when two Pakistani nationals were accused of raping a boy who was waiting for a train at the city’s railway station. As in Aosta, both of the Pakistani men were in their twenties and the victim had to be taken to a hospital due to the severity of the sexual abuse he had suffered.

    Earlier this year, another case came to light involving two Pakistani migrants in Rome, who allegedly forcibly confined a 19-year-old German woman and are said to have sexually abused her over a period of several months before she was able to escape and alert authorities. Reports stated that the woman had moved to Italy with her 29-year-old Pakistani boyfriend some two years prior to the incident and had shared it with her boyfriend’s 36-year-old Pakistani friend. After the woman escaped, police arrested the pair.

    I am so angry that I feel there is no punishment bad enough for these barbarians

    The problem isn't the barbarians.
    The problem is the people who allowed them to come to Italy (and France, and the UK, and America) and settle.

    Most if not all European countries have seen an increase in crime/rape as a result largely of Muslim migration/invasion.
    • France: A 17% increase in rapes from 2017 to 2018.
    Germany: Victims of rape and “sexual coercion" rose by 41% in 2017.
    • Sweden: A 12% increase in reported sex offenses in 2016.
    England and Wales: A sharp increase in sexual crimes.
    Even in Canada Over 50% of those wanted by the Ottawa police have Muslim names while Muslims are only 6.7% of the population:

    I’ll bet the majority aren’t even reported. Those are the ones we know about, the tip of the iceberg. These muslem men are savages,there is no other word for them. The blame lies firmly on the shoulders of those politicians throughout most of Europe who have either encouraged, or taken no preventive action to halt, the invasion by this Third World trash. The current British government is a classic example.

    This is the Italian government's fault for not properly stocking the park with comfort goats.

    13 X 2021.

    Reverse this - say two Italians went to Pakistan and raped a young Pakistani boy, what would happen to them? It would be a capital offence.
    In Italy these two Pakistanis will maybe, get 6 months and then released. They won't even be deported.

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    Sir David Amess: Conservative MP stabbed to death

    Conservative MP Sir David Amess has died after being stabbed multiple times at his constituency surgery in Essex.

    Police said a 25-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder after the attack at a church in Leigh-on-Sea. They recovered a knife and are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident. A counter terrorism team will lead the investigation.

    Boris Johnson has spoken of his shock and sadness at the loss of "one of the kindest" people in politics. Home Secretary Priti Patel has asked all police forces to review security arrangements for MPs "with immediate effect", a Home Office spokesman said.Sir David, 69, had been an MP since 1983 and was married with five children. He is the second serving MP to be killed in the past five years.

    The investigation into the attack will be led by the Metropolitan Police's specialist Counter Terrorism Command, who will determine whether it was a terrorist incident.A government source told the BBC the man arrested is a British national who, according to initial inquiries, is of Somali heritage.

    The prime minister said Sir David had an "outstanding record of passing laws to help the most vulnerable".

    "David was a man who believed passionately in this country and in its future. We've lost today a fine public servant and a much-loved friend and colleague," said Mr Johnson.

    BBC: Tory MP Sir David Amess stabbed to death. 15 X 2021.

    The UK is home to the largest Somali community in Europe, with an estimated 108,000 Somali-born immigrants residing in the UK in 2018 according to the Office for National Statistics. In 3 years that number will be well increased! They do not assimalate into the mainstream but shout very loud about discrimination!

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