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Thread: Mass Immigration to Europe

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    Home Secretary Priti Patel is reportedly set to announce that people smugglers will face life sentences, in the latest attempt to deal with the ongoing Channel migrant crisis.

    Under current law, people smugglers only face a maximum sentence of fourteen years. However, as with most criminals jailed in the UK, they are unlikely to serve their full term, with most typically serving less than five years behind bars.

    Patel is looking to increase the penalty to a maximum sentence of life, which would prohibit the smugglers from being able to qualify for automatic early release, according to The Times. The move, which is expected to be introduced legislatively later this year, would primarily target low-end traffickers, including those who actually steer the migrant boats. A Home Office source told the paper: “At the moment the 14-year maximum sentence does constrain obviously what judges can do because that narrows the range of sentences available. “We’re not naive enough to imagine that every trial judge is going to be handing down a life sentence for anyone who’s convicted of people smuggling but by having that option available then hopefully we’ll see [life sentences] used in the worst cases, and then in other cases we will start seeing the 12, 15, 20-year sentences that these people aren’t getting at the moment. “We need the starting point for all of these serious sentences to be much higher and that means the top end has to be at the very highest and that means a life sentence.”

    The upcoming legislation will also focus on preventing migrants from filing last-minute asylum claims after they have already been rejected. Last year, little over one hundred failed asylum seekers who crossed the Channel by boat or tunnel were returned back to Europe. There is some question as to the effectiveness of increased sentencing guidelines will have in stopping the flow of illegal migrants, with a government source saying: “It’s all very well having very stiff sentences but detection is the big problem. A lot of people who work on people smuggling are obviously not in the UK.” Brexit leader Nigel Farage also expressed cynicism over the move,
    writing: “More tough talk but this will not stem the flow. The invasion this year will be even bigger than 2020.”

    The report from The Times also revealed the demographics of the migrants who illegally landed in the UK by boat last year. Iranians made up the largest block, representing 14%, followed by Albanians with 10%, Eritreans at 8%, and Iraqis at 7%. The rest of the main nationalities included: “Sudanese (7% ), Syrian (5% ), Afghan (4.5% ), Pakistani (4.1%) and Vietnamese (3.2%).”

    On Monday, the British tabloid The Sun claimed to have witnessed a French warship escorting a boat full of migrants into British territorial waters, backing up reporting of the same from Brexit leader Nigel Farage. The paper claimed that the French naval vessel “turned back when it was well inside UK waters,” adding that the British Border Force picked up the migrants after the rubber dingy ran out of fuel. Breitbart London has previously reported on similar excursions by French government ships. A source told the tabloid that people smugglers are intentionally sending off boats from the French coast with just enough fuel to reach British territorial waters in order to force a rescue. “The people traffickers, hellbent on making as much profit as possible, are only filling up the petrol tanks halfway,” the source said, adding: “This is ruthless.”

    Life sentences for the French Navy and the UK Border Farce? Why do I not believe anything that dribbles from our parlous Home Secretary's mouth, who continues a long tradition of lying to the UK public just like her predecessors?

    The rhetoric and the optics have definitely improved under Boris compared to May and Cameron...but the actions? The follow through?
    Haven't seen anything yet. Borders are still open, hotel suites still on offer, calls for amnesty getting louder, etc.
    Even if they PASS laws, how do we know those laws will even be enforced?
    If any human traffickers actually get arrested, can we say for sure that their sentences won't be reduced once the news cameras go away?

    LibLabCon will never introduce the tough measures needed ...they include concrete tangible dissuasive reasons not to 'invade' in the first place crackdowns on UK neo quislings protecting them when they get here , and NGO's for treading on HM gov. toes etc...
    Then castigating the evil smugglers and giving them the terms of punishment befitting a hostile enemy of the United Kingdom...
    Business as usual sweet FA.

    No, nothing must be done to prevent open borders Britain receiving half a million new migrants each year (ONS figures) as it has done since 2002, more than any other nation on Earth.

    Paying the French Ł28 million to escort the migrants across the channel seems exorbitant to me.

    We need a forking Home Secretary, the last few have been nothing more than Gollywog importers.

    Very dodgy sudject ‘illegal 3rd world invasion’.
    Too many NGOs involved one way or another and then too many governments involved/attached. Plus lot of people of "influence".
    Complete can of worms that governments wish to keep well hidden.

    Priti Patel to Introduce Life Sentences for People Smugglers: Report

    03 III 2021.

    “Sink those nutshells” Berlusconi.

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    I think some whites have tried to mobilize against these social problems but have endured set backs with public and government intimidation. After each terrorist attack, whites receive humiliating media speeches or responses from their own government to endure the pain and violence against us. They use the Christian reference of "turning cheek" to only feed the pockets of NGO. The cycle of abuse from governments have been to seize power and force us into complacent roles. Average people do see the failures of our government but lack power to correct the situation. Most citizen groups have failed along with voting out the profiteers. Seeing the street riots and protests, these similar tactics have been used by communist revolutionaries to bring rise to power as we have witness in Russia, Bavaria, and Hungary. I think we are seeing early stages again in the streets of Portland, Minneapolis, and Seattle, much like Europe.

    Who would not teach us our culture due to current consumer-ridden mindset or shame that objected to the old European ways? I think the elders thought that they can escape poverty, wars, and old cultural practices as they sought out supposedly a better life. Our parent and grandparents shunned it for their own personal reasons, yet they spent hard years farming and manually working instead of passing down information to us. Our large bustling families, language, and cooking died out one to two generations ago.

    "Sadly, the West is not morally superior. We do not reproduce, we are self-haters, we are decadent, we have no values, no respect for the traditions of our ancestors, nothing. In what way then are we morally superior ? Our great-grandfathers were. But it's not they who lost the West. It is our generation, and the one of our parents."

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    In the north zealand town has a "problemfamilie" been the topic of conversation for years. Now they moved and has left behind a destroyed house

    In the North Zealand town a
    "problemfamilie" has been the topic of conversation for years. Now they moved
    and have left behind a destroyed house.

    It was not long before the rumor started to spread. In stationsbyen Kvistgĺrd, north of Copenhagen all know each other, and everyone knows the "problemfamilien" on Hornbćkvej.
    Now testified by a for sale sign in front of the house that the family had moved to.

    The municipality bought the property for 2 million Euros to house a Lebanese family and then spent 825,000 Euros to renovate it.

    In the north zealand town has a "problemfamilie" been the topic of conversation for years. Now they moved and has left behind a destroyed house.

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    Family of George Nkencho call for an Inquiry and a forum between minority communities and Gardaí

    THE FAMILY OF Nigerian George Nkencho have called for a forum to be established between Gardaí (Irish Police) and minority communities following a meeting with the Justice Minister Helen McEntee.

    They have reissued calls for an independent inquiry into his death and highlighted concerns with the ongoing Garda Síochana Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) investigation. George Nkencho, aged 27, died outside his Dublin home in December after being shot multiple times by members of a Garda armed support unit while allegedly brandishing a knife.

    Nkencho was suffering from mental health issues at the time.

    Speaking today, his sister Gloria said: “We thank Minister McEntee for agreeing to meet family members today. “We were very anxious to bring home to her the huge loss of my brother, George, and for my parents the devastating loss of their son and our burning need for justice and truth.”

    Gloria Nkencho called for a forum to be set up between black and minority communities and Gardaí. She said it should “ensure any issues of racial bias are addressed, where the Gardaí interact with and are accountable to the communities they serve”. She added: “We put it to the minister that the Blanchardstown area is the most diverse in the country and will be a test case for how the Gardaí relate with black people and minorities into the future.

    Our family have been patient and not jumped to conclusions about the role played by race in George’s killing.”

    The family have reiterated their calls for an independent inquiry into the killing. They have raised a number of issues with the GSOC investigation, including an eight week delay in interviewing family members and that the garda who fired the shots remains on duty. They also say Gardaí told them George was shot five times, while their own post mortem concluded he was shot six times. Gloria said: “All of these mean the GSOC investigation has already not met the standards of the European Court of Human Rights.

    “We believe the only way to get justice and truth is a properly resourced public inquiry that explores the role of mental health, class and race in Garda actions that day.”

    His father Francis Nkencho said: “Our family are traumatised and heartbroken by the shooting of George. Nothing can ever heal that. “The only thing that can bring any closure is for a full public investigation into George’s killing.

    Any garda being investigated should not still be working — it pains us that the garda who fired the shots that day has not been suspended while the investigation is on but still has access to police colleagues, computers etc.

    “We never want to see such a tragedy happen to any family from any background ever again.“We are a law-abiding, peaceful family rearing our children like everybody else. “That is why we asked the Minister for a forum that meets with the black community regularly, deals with any issues of racism and prevents negative experiences.”

    Family of George Nkencho call for forum between minority communities and Gardaí

    14 IV 2021.

    When an immigrant commits a crime, it’s because they are ‘mentally ill’ and it’s the society’s fault for not knowing this.

    Set up a public Inquiry costing tens of millions because they're not paying for it. They pay for nothing. Once they are unemployed deport them. That would soon solve the problem.

    Probably thinks she be glorified like Doreen Lawrence who was made a Baroness, given a seat in the House of Lords, a given honorary doctorates from one University and made a Chancellor of another University and a film made about her brother.
    Doreen Lawrence - Wikipedia.

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    Nearly 570 Boat Migrants Land in UK in Four Days, Highest Number of 336 Land in One Day

    The Home Office has confirmed that 568 illegals crossed the English Channel in small boats to reach Britain in just four days.

    A total of 336 people in 19 boats crossed the channel from France on Friday, the highest figure for a single day so far this year. Another 144 made the same journey in seven boats the following day.

    On Sunday, 17 illegals came into British territory in one boat, while authorities intercepted three boats bringing 71 illegal aliens on Monday, according to the BBC.

    BBC Radio 4’s Today programme reported that the British government had given Paris millions of pounds to step up patrols along the shores of northern France, from where the vast majority of illegals depart, but the numbers keep growing. The broadcaster noted that so far this year, 3,500 illegal aliens have crossed by boat — more than double the number for the first five months of 2020. The number of crossings is likely to increase as the summer weather approaches.

    The staggering number of landings comes despite the UK government’s pledge to crack down on illegal migration and refuse refugee status to asylum seekers who illegally entered the UK after having travelled through Europe.

    The British government wants to return migrants to safe EU countries, with
    reports last month showing that some 1,500 asylum seekers who entered the country illegally could be told to go back to the last European country they were in. However, post-Brexit, there is no mechanism in place to do so. But talks are ongoing between London and several other EU member-states on bilateral migrant returns arrangements.

    Pro-migration activists have complained that the new rules would unfairly affect migrant women and children. Beth Gardiner-Smith, CEO of the refugee NGO Safe Passage, told Today that two-in-three women and children who came to the UK via illegal routes but would have formerly been granted refugee status would, under the new rules, have their asylum claim rejected. Ms Gardiner-Smith then claimed that the government’s plan is “inhumane and fundamentally not who we are [as a country]”.

    Responding to the remarks, Brexit leader Nigel Farage — who last year exposed the growing English Channel migrant crisis that themainstream media was reluctant to coversaid: “BBC Radio 4 just did a piece on the cross-Channel illegal migrants, discussing women and children’s rights.

    “No mention of the fact that a large majority are fit young men.

    “Over 300 people came last Friday alone, this is worse than ever.”

    The Brexit leader subsequently shared footage he claimed to show even more migrant boats arriving on Tuesday.

    Saturday saw protests at the port of Dover in England, a major landing point for illegals and government officials bringing them ashore, with demonstrators calling for an end to the “invasion”.

    Last month, Nigel Farage predicted that up to 20,000 illegals could land on Britain’s shores in 2021, despite the rhetoric from Home Secretary Priti Patel or the government.

    Something has got to give, it just can’t go on like this.......

    Yes, it is WE who have to give - our culture, our livelihoods, our ethnicity, our land, our freedoms, and our patience.

    And our daughters.

    What the globalist fake news media calls boat migrants are actually enemy Muslim invaders and conquerors that are the arch-enemies of all non-Muslims in the world. As not only is the globalist fake news media selling out the people of the UK but so is the open-borders globalist leftwing lunatic, hijacked and co-opted national government of the UK as well.

    This is bad yes, but it's, more or less, a public distraction against the hundreds of thousands coming in 'legally' (against the majority wishes of native Brits) each and every year.
    The government doesn't represent us!

    Two years ago a bright Breitbart commentator posted the following taken directly from the government website advising "Asylum Seekers":

    "What you'll get: You can ask for somewhere to live, a cash allowance or both as an asylum seeker.

    Housing: You’ll be given somewhere to live if you need it. This could be in a flat, house, hostel or bed and breakfast.

    Cash support:You’ll get Ł37.75 for each person in your household. This will help you pay for things you need like food, clothing and toiletries.Your allowance will be loaded onto a debit card (ASPEN card) each week. You’ll be able to use the card to get cash from a cash machine.

    If you’ve been refused asylum: You’ll be given:somewhere to live Ł35.39 per person on a payment card for food, clothing and toiletries.You’ll get extra money to buy healthy food if you’re pregnant or a mother of a child under 3. The amount you get will depend on your situation.

    Maternity payment You can apply for a one-off Ł300 maternity payment if your baby is due in 8 weeks or less, or if your baby is under 6 weeks old.If you’ve been refused asylumYou can apply for a one-off Ł250 maternity payment if your baby is due in 8 weeks or less or if your baby is under 6 weeks old.

    Applying for the maternity grant: You apply for the maternity grant in the same way whether you’re still an asylum seeker or you’ve been refused asylum.If you get pregnant after you’ve applied for asylum support, you can apply to the support team that dealt with your application for asylum support.

    Healthcare:You may get free National Health Service (NHS) healthcare, such as to see a doctor or get hospital treatment.You’ll also get:free prescriptions for medicine free dental care for your teeth free eyesight tests help paying for glasses.

    Education Your children must attend school if they are aged 5 to 17. All state schools are free and your children may be able to get free school meals...".

    Nothing has changed since I posted this. And they wonder why they still come. We must be mad, stark raving mad not to permanently remove every single politician and civil servant responsible for the treacherous destruction of our culture and society...

    Never before have we needed a change in the political system as we need it now...

    Nearly 570 Boat Migrants Land in UK in Four Days, Highest Number of 336 Land in One Day

    02 VI 2021.

    They Hate us - Why do they come to our lands? - FREE MONEY you don't have to work for and plenty of it.

    Simple – benefits are only obtained by ‘contributory’ citizens of the UK. P M Brown changed that requirement from ‘contributory’ to ‘needy’.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jagdmesser View Post
    They Hate us - Why do they come to our lands? - FREE MONEY you don't have to work for and plenty of it.

    Simple – benefits are only obtained by ‘contributory’ citizens of the UK. P M Brown changed that requirement from ‘contributory’ to ‘needy’.
    Good question, but I think you gave the answer there. Not only do they get "free money", it's those they hate that even have to pay for this.

    If there is a "needy" requirement - Shouldn't this be for just the most basic needs, then? E.g. A bunk bed and staple food on the table for them.

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    EU Looked at ‘Importing 70 Million Africans’ by 2035, Says German MEP Gunnar Beck

    Damian Wilson, RT, June 4, 2021

    A leading figure in Alternative for Germany, tipped for victory in a German election this week, Gunnar Beck is attacking the EU’s ‘deeply dangerous’ migration pact before it’s enacted under cover of a feelgood summer.

    Senior AfD figure and Euro MP Gunnar Beck said a strong election result would prove a useful weapon in his party’s battle against the European Union’s controversial proposed Pact on Migration and Asylum that looks to enlist its members in a centrally-run redistribution of asylum seekers across the bloc.

    “I have myself been working on the EU migration pact for some time and for me the enactment of such a pact would be disastrous,” Beck told “Because the EU not too long ago was talking about importing up to 70 million Africans into Europe by 2035. In my humble opinion this is not what we need to modernise our economy.

    “And while the figure seems high, when the members of our migration pact campaign – including delegates from Denmark, Estonia, France and Belgium – met with the Commission just last year, that migration figure was brought up but no one at the Commission chose to deny it. “

    That suggestion of actively encouraging inward migration to the EU has been floating around Brussels for a while, as governments across the bloc look at ways to address the phenomenon known as the ‘greying of Europe’ where ageing populations aged 65 or older and low birthrates pose ‘considerable social, economic and political challenges in countries such as Germany and Italy’ according to the Pew Research Center, a Washington-based think tank.

    Meanwhile, the migration pact currently appears stuck in parliamentary committees, the received wisdom is that it’s being deliberately stalled until the outcome of the German federal elections is known in September.Some politicians, such as former European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker believe an influx of younger workers from Africa is the solution.

    Beck suggests an alternative reason for the unusual delay.

    “It’s not gone through all the committees in the European Parliament and the negotiations of the Council [of Europe] haven’t started but I think the EU would like to push the legislation through from July onwards,” he said.

    “Now that all the countries are phasing out the lockdown and people are generally feeling better about themselves and able to leave their homes again. So the possibility is that they’ll try to use the general feelgood atmosphere – summer combined with corona relaxations – to push ahead with this deeply dangerous legislative package,” Beck said.

    And maybe Beck’s right. Because the European Parliament’s final plenary session is early July and then it doesn’t sit again until mid-September. If the pact proposals are put to MEPs in July and inevitably passed, there is plenty of time for it to lose its sting over the extended summer break. It will be just like it was there all the time.

    Russia Today

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    Somali Who Stabbed Mostly Women, 3 Fatally, Arrived During Migrant Crisis, Threatened Others with Knife Before

    Somali Who Stabbed Mostly Women, 3 Fatally, Arrived During Migrant Crisis, Threatened Others with Knife Before

    WUERZBURG, Germany (AP) — The suspect in a knife attack in southern Germany that left three women dead was ordered kept in custody Saturday on suspicion of murder, while authorities puzzled over a possible motive, examining his mental health and seeking to determine whether he was radicalized.

    The attack started late Friday afternoon when the suspect walked into a store in Wuerzburg, went to the household goods department and asked a saleswoman where the knives were, regional police chief Gerhard Kallert said. He then grabbed a knife and fatally stabbed three women in the store, before continuing to attack people outside. Six people, most of them women, were seriously injured, and one of them remained in a life-threatening condition on Saturday.

    Videos posted on social media showed people surrounding the attacker and trying to hold him at bay with chairs and sticks. The 24-year-old Somali was then stopped with a shot to the leg by police and arrested.

    On Saturday, he was brought before a judge, who ordered him held in jail pending a possible indictment on suspicion of three counts of murder, six of attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm; and another of bodily harm.

    The man arrived in Germany in May 2015 and was granted “subsidiary protection,” a status that falls short of full asylum. He had been in Wuerzburg since 2019, and was living in a homeless shelter. Officials said he didn’t have a criminal record, but there were two incidents earlier this year that resulted in him being sent briefly to a psychiatric hospital. In January, he got into an argument with residents and staff at the shelter and brandished a kitchen knife, prosecutor Wolfgang Gruendler said. He didn’t attack or hurt anyone, but an investigation was opened and he was temporarily admitted to a psychiatric hospital. That investigation is still ongoing and a psychiatric evaluation is still outstanding.

    Earlier this month, there was an incident in which someone gave him a lift and he didn’t get out of the car. That again resulted in his admission to a psychiatric unit, but he was released after a day, prosecutors said. They said there had been no pattern of increasing problems.

    Authorities also were looking at the possibility of the man having been radicalized as an Islamic extremist. Kallert said a store detective and police officers reported hearing the suspect say “Allahu akbar,” Arabic for “God is great.” Bavaria’s top security official, Joachim Herrmann, said that “further cautious indications” in that direction emerged from his questioning, without elaborating. Material with “hate messages” also was found but has yet to be evaluated, police said.

    As to whether the man was mentally ill or radicalized, “we don’t know either one thing or the other for sure at the moment, but I just want to note that they don’t rule each other out,” Herrmann said. Authorities were examining a mobile phone and other evidence.

    The case was handed over to prosecutors in Munich, the state capital, but not to federal prosecutors, who in Germany deal with terror cases.

    A fellow resident of the shelter who said he was among 10-12 people who tried to stop the suspect stabbing anyone else until police arrived on Friday described the man as being “always alone, not talking to the other people.” He added that “he was strange all the time.” “Thank God we people managed to scare him a little bit, distract him, he got tired, and thank God it didn’t turn out even worse,” the man, whose name was given only as Kadir A., told RTL television.

    Herrmann described using a shot to the leg to stop an assailant as a “textbook” move. Bavaria’s rules on use of police weapons state that firearms should only be used to make perpetrators unable to attack or flee, and that a shot which is near-certain to kill is only permitted if it’s the only way to prevent danger to the life of others.

    The rules call for officers to aim at the legs where possible.

    Liberals and lefties demand that the mentally ill go free.

    Story is... Germany protects his identity, name and face, to promote more of the same.

    Germany is always "puzzled" when a jihadi slaughters people. Same in the UK. In fact, same with Obama's America. When Maj Nidal Hasan slaughtered a dozen soldiers while screaming "Allahu Akbar", Obama said not to jump to conclusions and his team called it "Workplace Violence."

    The latest example of this cognitive dissonance comes with the official report into the suicide bombing in 2017 of the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena which left twenty-three dead.
    The report found all the usual security failures - incompetence, human error, policemen popping off for kebabs etc. - but the most stunning revelation came from an 18-year-old security officer named Kyle Lawler who'd been drafted in to guard the arena after receiving some cursory online training.
    He told the investigation that he saw the bomber, Salman Abedi, walking nervously about inside the arena precinct for about an hour, struggling under the weight of his lethal backpack. When asked why he didn't say anthing he told his interlocutors that he was frightened of being called a racist, and that he would lose his job if he got it wrong.
    This shows what a sham the Govt's ad campaign really is. The posters read "If You See Something, Say Something." But Kyle Lawler had learned the true message: "If You See Something Don't Say Anything. Shut Up."

    “But a police spokesman said that, while the attacker had a criminal record, none of his previous offences were related to terrorism”.
    Staggering. Tell that to the victims’ families.
    In Germany since 2015, still living in a homeless shelter, under psychiatric observation, probably heard ”Allah Akbar” on the tv, enters shop shoeless.
    But “deport” is not in the German vocabulary.
    And if convicted, he will spend less time in a facility than Derek Chauvin.

    So despite being a violent homeless illegal alien - he’s still living in Germany after 6 years with no signs of deportation. An example of the glacial speed we can expect Priti Patel’s Home Office to process the asylum applications of the hundreds of illegal invaders arriving at Dover every day.

    Somali Who Stabbed Mostly Women, 3 Fatally, Arrived During Migrant Crisis, Threatened Others with Knife Before29 VI 2021.

    The more commonplace incidents of this sort of thing are the less publicity about it.

    Who doesn't know that primitive stone age uneducated people, especially muslim, don't fit into industrial urban Europe?

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    The UK Border Force Security Theatre is beyond ridiculous. These people (from personal experience having seen them in action) love to act high and mighty, harass legitimate travellers, deliberately stand around doing nothing to hold up passenger queues - at great amusement to themselves, talk down to passengers, berate them, pester and hinder their legitimate movements and travels.

    Here comes the not-so-funny part. Ever notice what Border Force are up to when it comes to aiding and abetting the transport of illegals, usually by sea? They literally run taxi services for barbarian invaders and then arrest, harass and threaten citizens exposing these antics. The foreign barbarian invaders are then put up in hotels by Border Force and the UK authorities at the UK taxpayer's expense. The barbarians and rapefugees are given endless amounts of spending money, tours of football stadiums (you couldn't make this up) and free reign to do whatever they please.

    The "Conservative" Government are fully aware of and involved with and supportive of these programs. It's unreal.

    After the Ariana Grande (whatever her name is, terrible music and she's a retard skank) concert was spontaneously combusted in Manchester it turned out that the peaceful haji responsible for this cultural enrichment was carted into the UK by the Royal Navy who were generous enough to give him and his pals a free ride from the Mediterranean. The UK Armed Forces, who supposedly exist to protect the UK, are literally the transport wing of Al Qaeda & ISIS. Again, one couldn't make this up but that's the world we live in today.

    NATO, a military organization that supposedly exists to protect an alliance comprising the US, much of Europe and so on turns a complete blind eye to the barbarian land invasions. NATO in fact are the direct cause of many of these barbarian mass migrations, having bombed the countries these people come from back to the stone age.
    ~ **** Democracy! It's 2 wolves and 1 sheep deciding what's for dinner.

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