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Thread: Mass Immigration to Europe

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    Quote Originally Posted by jagdmesser View Post
    It’s inevitable that throughout Europe there will be a clash between the immigrants and their supporters and those that oppose mass migration and its consequences.
    It seems the imvader-groupies get disposed by their beloved "refugees" on a larger scale already.

    What I'm thinking about right now is the impact of mass migration on the distribution of epidemics like the new coronavirus from China.

    P.S.: One of the links above gave trouble, but it already has been archived:

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    Quote Originally Posted by jagdmesser View Post
    Before the 'genocide' is accomplished there will be a day of reckoning like there's never been before.
    Not if we are smart about it. The trick will be to force them out little by little by slowly raising the pressure on them one group or category at a time. There is no need to attack them all at once. That would be counterproductive.

    When that day comes, we should begin be slowly strangulating them financially. Encourage them to leave by taking away their benefits, their access to free health-care, their insurances. Freezing their bank accounts, nationalizing their property. Cancel their work permits etc. etc. One small step at a time.

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    German Paper Admits Most ‘Boat Migrants’ Not Real Refugees

    German newspaper Die Welt has admitted that most of the migrants coming in boats across the Mediterranean are not genuine refugees and are unlikely to gain asylum status.

    The paper’s political editor Marcel Leubecher made the admission in an editorial article for the paper this week, noting the rise of migrants crossing into Europe both into Italy across the Mediterranean and across the Aegean sea into Greece.

    “Contrary to popular belief, the majority of those arriving in Italy are not refugees. The main countries of origin for boat migrants in January were Algeria, Ivory Coast, and Bangladesh,” Leubecher wrote.

    He went on to note that 95% of the asylum applications from the aforementioned countries were rejected and that Libyans made up hardly any of the asylum seekers who arrived in Europe despite their country being in the middle of civil conflict.

    According to Italian Interior Ministry data, while the highest number of migrants set out to Italy from Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and even Turkey saw large numbers of migrants set sail for Italy from their shores as well.

    While many of the migrants coming into Europe are unable to claim asylum or refugee status, a high number remain in Europe, despite orders to deport them. In 2018, the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)
    admitted that only a small fraction of failed African asylum seekers have actually been deported from the country and most have a high possibility of never being deported at all. Even when migrants have been deported, many of them simply return to Europe. A total of 28,283 migrants are known to have returned to Germany since 2012 after being deported, 5,000 of which have done so on multiple occasions.

    Other countries like the UK have not fared better when it comes to deporting illegal failed asylum seekers. According to a report released last month, just 15 per cent of migrants coming into Britain illegally are actually sent back to their country of origin.

    An admission that mass deportation will never be followed through with. This is not a crisis it is a"progressive" plan, the first part of which was the removal of Gaddafi.

    So how do these 'boat migrants' live when in the EU then.
    If they are refused Asylum Status - who keeps them financially? - no doubt the reason why infested countries are having to put up 'Council Taxes', delay pensions and curtail benefits to fund the invaders.
    Read a few months ago that 'invaders' who reached the EU were given 'Debit cards' which were topped up monthly - amounting to more than indigenous workers on minimum wage were earning.

    Take fingerprints and DNA then make it clear that once they have been rejected for asylum, they will never receive state benefits or state housing benefits.This is a simple and cost effective method to deter these refugee holidaymakers.

    sink three boats. .. . .NO MORE WILL COME.


    Mass migration will undoubtably bring down the EUssr but they see it as a price worth paying to destroy the nations of Europe.

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    More than 100 migrants make desperate bid to reach UK in record-breaking day

    The Home Office has revealed 102 asylum seekers crossed the Channel into Kent in six separate incidents with Iraqi, Iranian, Afghan and Pakistani men being picked up

    More than 100 migrants have made it to Britain today - smashing the record 90 who arrived yesterday.

    The Home Office has revealed 102 asylum seekers crossed the Channel into Kent in six separate incidents.

    Yesterday, last August's record of 86 arriving in a single day was eclipsed in a year that saw nearly 1,900 make it to the UK.

    Despite the latest crossings, the Government still insists its security tactics are working. In the first crossing at 1am, Border Force agents intercepted a rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) carrying 26 men and six women who said they were Iranian and Iraqi. An hour and 45 minutes later another RHIB carrying 12 men and a woman who claimed to be Iranian and Afghan nationals were picked up. At 3.55am a Border Force vessel detected a small boat with 14 men and a woman on board and brought them to shore. Around 8am, Kent Police officers detained a group of eight men and a woman on Sandgate Beach, Folkestone, who all said they were Iranian. Two hours later 10 Iraqi, Iranian, Afghan and Pakistani men were picked up on a RHIB. At 10.45am a Border Force vessel intercepted a RHIB crammed with 23 people - 16 men and seven women - who presented themselves as Iraqi, Iranian and Syrian nationals.

    The migrants are usually taken into Dover to be checked before being questioned by immigration officials. Seven people from the incidents claimed to be minors. The Home Office said that "subject to age assessment, will be transferred into the care of social services".

    French authorities have also been dealing with multiple small boat incidents and have detained around 30 people. Security Minister Brandon Lewis said: “We are tackling illegal migrant crossings on all fronts, right alongside our French and Belgian partners. “We have extra patrols on French beaches, drones, specialist vehicles and detection equipment which has been deployed to stop small boats leaving European shores and we’re supporting security enhancements and increasing intelligence sharing in Belgium and France. “And it’s working. The majority of migrants who attempt this journey are being stopped, only 25% have made it to the UK this year, compared with 48% last year.”

    Dover and Deal MP Natalie Elphicke said blasted authorities on the other side of the Channel.
    She said today: “It beggars belief that another flotilla of small boats got past the French again today. "These are serious security lapses and we need an urgent explanation from the French as to what they are doing to get a grip on this situation. “I am mindful that the search and rescue operations this week have involved all three border force vessels, RNLI lifeboats, HM Coastguard, a plane, a helicopter, ambulance services, police and much besides. "These are emergency services for the UK, diverted from vital day-to-day operations.” On Twitter she said "More illegal small boat crossings reported today. It is essential that we put a stop to this appalling trafficking trade & protect vulnerable people from making these dangerous crossings across the English Channel.”

    More than 100 migrants make desperate bid to reach UK in ...
    39 minutes ago · More than 100 migrants have made it to Britain today - smashing the record 90 who arrived yesterday. The Home Office has revealed 102 asylum seekers crossed the Channel
    07 II 2020.

    All muslims too.

    How much proof do people need that RACE MATTERS.

    Hijrah: Migration for the Cause of Allah Hijrah: Migration for the Cause of Allah

    THE WHITE HOUSE--Atlanta Pastor Michael Youssef was born in Egypt, lived there and among Muslims many years, and knows Islam inside out.
    He warns that millions of radical Muslims believe it is their religious duty to dominate all other political systems and religions. He says they are firmly set on setting up a long-prophesied global caliphate to rule a conquered world.
    In his new book The Barbarians Are Here, Youssef explains that he's calling Islamists barbarians because they fit the specific meaning of the word.
    "A barbarian is a person who is not part of our civilization, who wants no part of our civilization, and who seeks the conquest and destruction of our civilization," he writes.

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    ‘House the Irish First’ – Protesters Block Housebuilding for ‘Non-national Families’

    Desperate Irish protesters whose families have been waiting up to 15 years for social housing have blocked the construction of new homes for “non-national families”, demanding “local houses for local people”.

    “We watch these houses being built, and none of our children on the list are getting them,” one middle-aged woman, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Irish Times. “They can be 10, 12 years on the list, and they’re going nowhere. There’s no explanation as to why,” she complained.

    The ‘House the Irish First’ protest movement, most of whose members are women, has been blocking the housebuilding project at Ladyswell Road in the predominantly working-class Dublin suburb of Mulhuddart since January. The protesters, who believe too much social housing is going to “non-national families who are not from the area”, are demanding at half of the new homes are set aside for local people on the housing list for the local authority, Fingal County Council.

    “We have heard there are two lists,” another protester told The Irish Times. “We don’t know how it works. What we do know is the list for the girls from around here has not dropped, and non-national families are moving in. We are tired of seeing the girls move out of the area, away from their family supports. Our communities are being broken,” she said.

    One of the young women concerned said she had been on the list for seven-and-a-half years already, living cheek by jowl with her sister’s family in a home afflicted by damp, and is still only number 860 out of 6,959 applicants.

    Interrogated on the question of whether or not the name ‘House the Irish First’ was racist, one of the women said their group had “nothing to do with racism” but that the housing situation “stokes racism… it makes you bitter…. we haven’t a problem with anyone who needs a house, but it has to be done fairly”.

    Fingal County Council insisted it has “long-established policies which are the fairest way possible of allocating housing to those on the list”, based on “meeting the housing needs of the community which includes the elderly, the disabled, the homeless, the Traveller community and also a growing migrant population.”
    Mulhuddart’s demographics have transformed dramatically in recent years, with 40% of residents having been born abroad.

    A nation's obligation is to its real indigenous citizens.

    What's racist about the Irish first? The needs of the owners should always come first. But for the Left it's whatever gives them the advantage. Ireland, it appears has already fallen to the Marxists, with very few seeing the truth.

    It used to be the case that people who intentionally made themselves homeless were not given any priority at all for housing. All Third World migrants moving to Europe (without first having secured a job and accommodation) have intentionally made themselves homeless. They should not therefore receive any kind of social housing, and should be invited to return to their countries of origin.

    The reason they are given priority of course is because they are the replacement population. The globalist elite in charge of Ireland are in the process of ethnically cleansing the indigenous white Irish by population replacement.

    Of course the young have seen fit to elect Sinn Fein instead. Their immigration policy is Brits out - everybody else in.

    The South were a lost cause the day they elected Verruca. Just like those Brits that voted in that scumbag Mayor of London.

    Ireland is trapped in the EU so can't lift a finger to help their own. In the EU it's "Foreigners First".

    The SNP have allowed the same thing to happen in Glasgow...immigrants are priority in Glasgow...for everything,....... they pay for NOTHING !


    The EU is like ‘immigration’ when people catch on, it’s too late. The game’s lost.

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    Bosnian Minister Warns 100,000 Migrants Heading For European Union in Coming Weeks

    Bosnian security minister Fahrudin Radoncic has claimed that as many as 100,000 migrants could be heading from Greece to Western Europe in the coming weeks.

    Radonic stated that the Bosnian border would be unable to handle a wave of migrants stating, “Our border is very permeable. We don’t have enough [guards] or material resources.” The Bosnian minister went on to add that the situation in the migrant camps within Bosnia is becoming worse by the day as the already overcrowded camps receive even more migrants, Austrian tabloid Kronen Zeitung reports. “We are missing at least 1,200 border guards. In practice, it currently looks like a police officer has to monitor 25 kilometres of the border. That is impossible!” he said.

    The Vucjak migrant camp, located near the Croatian border, was slammed by various groups for its harsh conditions and was cleared in December when the Bosnian government
    transferred the migrants to another area near Sarajevo. Prior to the evacuation of the camp, NGO Doctors Without Borders (MSF) labelled the camp a “dangerous and inhumane place”.

    Peter Ven der Auweraert, a regional coordinator for International Organization for Migration (IOM), also made similar predictions to Minister Radonic in December, stating that when the weather in the area improves, “some people will start moving”. “The reality is, as you know, that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a pure transit country,” he said.

    In Greece, where most of the migrants that travel the Balkan route first enter Europe, the government also forecast a surge in new arrivals. Manos Logothetis, the government commissioner for the initial reception of refugees, predicted that Greece could see as many as 100,000 new migrants in 2020.

    Other areas of the Balkan route have also seen increased activity, such as the border between Serbia and Hungary where, in January alone, 3,400 migrants have made attempts to cross the fortified border fence.

    The NATO bombing of Serbia paved the way for this invasion.
    There won't be any peace for western Europe until Erdogan and the neo-Ottoman threat he poses is ended, and as long as supine bureaucrats in Brussels still hold sway who believe they can pay Erdogan tribute. Both are evil, and a plague on Europe.

    This story has already been reported. The Bosnians are only repeating what Hungarian PM Orban said a day or so ago about the impending invasion. He noted that Hungary and its neighbors--Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Slovakia--are coordinating a response to Erdogan's latest weaponization of illegal migrants against Europe.


    21 II 2020.

    How can the people of Europe not see this danger and how Saudi Arabia and Turkey are behind it?
    Cultural marxist education and MSM programming has left the European people without even the will to defend their homes, families, culture and people.

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    The immigrants will never stop on both sides of the Atlantic unless we force them to stop, and they know this! You can take away the benefits, but the conditions are so bad in some countries that they'll live on our street corners and beg for monies or food. Many are looking for higher paying jobs and want the remittances to send home to their "wonderful" countries for luxury items. Mexicans have told me that their houses may look "drab' from the outside to prevent robberies, but the interior can be wall to wall beauty and comforts. The Western governments de-fund the borders causing these problems to arise so that the average citizen has to pressure the government to do their jobs.

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    Increasing numbers of so-called “asylum seekers” arrive in Europe legally

    BRUSSELS (AP) — Increasing numbers of people applying for asylum in the European Union are arriving from countries with visa-free travel agreements with the bloc, notably from Latin America, rather than entering without permission, the EU’s asylum agency said Wednesday.

    More than 714,000 people applied for asylum or some form of international protection in Europe last year, up 13% from 2018, the European Asylum Support Office, or EASO, said in its latest report on asylum trends in 2019.

    “Most of the increase is accounted for by the large number of applications lodged by applicants who are exempt of visa requirements when entering the Schengen Area,” the agency said, referring to the passport free travel area that includes 22 EU states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

    The visa-free applicants were mostly from Venezuela, Colombia, El Salvador and Honduras. Venezuelans lodged 45,000 applications, more than twice as many as in 2018.

    EU countries often grant asylum to people fleeing their home countries in fear for their lives or of persecution there. People who come in search of jobs and better living conditions are routinely denied permission to stay.

    The political crisis in Venezuela sparked an exodus in mid-2015 which has climbed steadily in the face of crippling hyperinflation, food and medicine shortages, and high crime. According to the United Nations, a total of 2.3 million have fled in the last three years alone.

    Refugee agencies predict that the total number of people who have fled the country could reach 6.5 million by the end of 2020; beyond the estimated 5.6 million people who have left war-torn Syria since 2011.

    EASO said Colombians lodged more than three times as many applications last year compared to 2018. The number filed by people from El Salvador doubled. People seeking asylum from Honduras, Nicaragua and Peru lodged more than 6,000 applications, at least doubling in number over a year.

    About 85% of people who have fled Venezuela remain in Latin America and the Caribbean. Colombia hosts the greatest number of refugees and migrants — an estimated 1.4 million Venezuelans — while Peru is sheltering some 860,000, ramping up pressure on those countries.

    Spain is often a destination for people from the region. The number of people born in Venezuela who live in Spain jumped from 165,000 in 2015 to 255,000 over three years, according to Spain’s National Institute of Statistics.

    The post Increasing numbers of so-called “asylum seekers” arrive in Europe legally appeared first on Voice of Europe.


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    Locals mount opposition to new mosque planned in Lucan, Dublin, Rep. of Ireland.

    RESIDENTS IN WEST Dublin are seeking to reverse the recent decision of South Dublin County Council to grant planning permission for a large new centre and mosque for the area’s Muslim community.

    Two groups of local people have lodged an appeal with An Bord Pleanála against the proposed Lucan Islamic Community Centre planned for a site in Balgaddy. South Dublin County Council approved plans by South Dublin Maktab, a registered charity, last month for the new centre and mosque off the Newlands Road. They provide for the demolition of existing buildings on the site and the construction of a community centre and place of worship in a new detached, three-storey building which will also feature a minaret and dome. The centre will include a prayer room and gallery, an exercise room, mortuary, prayer room, two classrooms, library, event room, childminding rooms, kitchen, restaurant and community health rooms as well as three retail units and two apartments. An underground car park will provide 69 parking spaces.

    The Balgaddy Working Together Community Group, which represents people living in the Foxdene, Méile an Rí and Tor an Rí estates in Balgaddy, said they acknowledged the need for a centre to cater for the needs of the Islamic community but believed the chosen site is inadequate because of traffic levels and its proximity to a residential area. Over 200 people signed an objection by the group which called on South Dublin County Council to consider a land swap with the charity by offering a site for the community centre and mosque in a more suitable area with better transport links. “The planned development of Clonburris should be considered as the planning allows for places of worship and would be better suited to cater for a development of this size and capacity,” Donna Mayne, the group’s secretary, said. Similar grounds of appeal have been made by another group of objectors from The Oaks estate in Balgaddy.

    South Dublin Maktab said it had been catering for the religious, spiritual, educational, social and cultural needs of the local Islamic community for several years from its current base on the premises of the South Dublin Football League at Ballyowen Park in Lucan. The charity said its proposal for the new centre, which is located across the road from its current premises, arose out of the need to build a permanent facility for the Muslim community in the area. It said the new centre would hold five prayer gatherings every day but did not anticipate that they would attract large crowds.

    ‘Much-needed amenity’

    Dr Abudul Mughees, the charity’s chairperson, said the daily prayer gatherings would usually consist of 20-80 people with each session lasting about 20 minutes. “There will be no amplified call to prayer through any external public address system,” he added. Dr Mughees said the biggest attendance would be around 400 people for the weekly Friday prayer which is held from 1pm to 2pm. However, he said such a gathering might be divided into smaller groups in more than one session of prayer out of respect for the wider community by refraining from creating any excessive noise or disturbance. “This issue of respect for others is central to the impost important purpose within our community of gathering for regular prayer,” he observed.

    Dr Mughees said it was the intention that other facilities of the centre would be available for use for the benefit of the local community. He pointed out that it was the intention to use the community health rooms for a low-cost limited GP service for all people living in the area, while the events room could be hired out for meetings and various social events. However, Dr Mughees said the charity believed the religious and educational activities would have a priority over other activities and alcohol and smoking would be prohibited in the centre.

    Plans for the centre were supported by two local councillors, Paul Gogarty (Ind) and People Before Profit’s Madeline Johannson. Gogarty said the customised prayer, meeting and community facility would provide a more suitable location that could better handle parking and traffic issues. He added: “The proposed building on a long-disused site, while visibly striking, appears sensitively designed so as to limit any potential impact on existing residents.” “This is a much-needed amenity building and place of worship designed largely, but not exclusively, for a sizeable religious minority who have already been gathering in this area for some year and most of whom live locally,” Gogarty said. He claimed providing such a facility was in the interests of proper planning and development of the area.

    A ruling on the appeal is due to be delivered by An Bord Pleanála by 23 June.

    Sure why not, try building a church in a Muslim country and u’ll see what answer u get!

    Who is in favour of Mosque design 1? Ok so you are all for design 2.

    get used to this it’s Coming Soon to a Town near you

    Locals mount opposition to new mosque planned in Lucan

    27 II 2020..

    How Many Mosques Does Dublin City Offer?

    By Halal Trip | 12, May, 2014

    Dublin, the bright capital city of Ireland offers years of rich history and heritage. The friendly and jovial spirit of the town resonates throughout Dublin and its vibrant personality and charisma make it a brilliant destination to visit. A diverse multi-cultural community resides in the town and its sizable Muslim population and Halal-friendly facilities will make Muslim travellers feel right at home.

    The growth of Islam in Ireland has increased rapidly over the last few years, making it the fastest growing religion in the country. The Muslim community in Ireland is well organised and there are several mosques located across the country. Now, around 63,000 Muslims reside in Ireland, which is nearly a 30% increase since 2011. Many of them reside in Dublin, which is why most of the mosques in Ireland are located in Dublin. Some of the mosques in Dublin include - the Islamic Foundation of Ireland (Dublin Mosque), the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland (ICCI), the Al-Mustafa Islamic Educational & Cultural Centre and the Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre.

    The most prominent mosque in Dublin is the Dublin Mosque, which currently headquarters Islamic Foundation of Ireland. Located on the South Circular Road of Dublin, the Islamic Foundation of Ireland is the official representative body of the country's Muslim population that addresses the religious and social needs of the community. The Dublin mosque building itself was a 13th century-fashioned building that was later converted into a mosque in the 1980s and is presently capable of accommodating up to 500 people during prayer times.

    Plans are also underway to construct an enormous mega-mosque complex in Dublin – soon to become one of the largest mosques in the continent of Europe. The mosque will be built on a land area that stretches across six acres and will feature a wealth of facilities such as a restaurant, conference room, kitchens, schools, fitness centres, libraries, as well as an Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool.

    In addition to the many mosques in Dublin, several Muslim schools, prayer halls and Islamic centres are located throughout the city. Some of the Muslim schools in Dublin include the Muslim National School - which was one of the country's first Muslim schools for primary school students to be established via state funding - as well as the North Dublin Muslim National School, Al-Falah Weekend Islamic school, Evening Quranic School and the Weekend Qur'an School, which were all set-up to address the religious needs of the country's growing Muslim population. Muslims can attend these schools to equip themselves with useful knowledge about Islam.

    Access to mosques and prayer facilities in Ireland will not be difficult, Dublin in particular. The Muslim community in the area is extremely helpful and would be happy to be of any assistance to travellers. The abundance of mosques, Halal restaurants and Halal-friendly accommodation options will undoubtedly ensure Muslim travellers to Dublin a fantastic visit!

    How Many Mosques Does Dublin City Offer? | Halal Trip

    Mosques and Islamic Centres in Ireland

    • Islamic Educational & Cultural Centre Ireland
      31 Coolmine Industrial Estate, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15,
      Republic of Ireland.
      Tel: 01-5156206 / 087-6764122
    • Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland (ICCI)
      19 Roebuck Road, Clonskeagh, Dublin 14, Republic of Ireland.
      Tel: 01-2080000
    • Islamic Foundation of Ireland (IFI)
      163 South Circular Road, Dublin 8, Republic Of Ireland
      Tel: +353 1 4533242
    • Tallagh Mosque
      Unit 2 Greenhills Business Centre, Greenhills Road,
      Tallaght, Dublin24,
      Tel: +353 1 4523416
    • Anwar-ul-Madina
      Moore Street Dublin 1
    • Cork Muslim Society
      The Mosque is located behind the Gilabbey Veterinary
      Hospital on Vicars Road, Togher, Cork.
      Tel: 087-6363121
    • Galway Mosque and Islamic society
      13 Sandyview Drive, Riverside, Galway
      Tel: 091-751621
    • Ballyhaunis Mosque
      Clare Road, Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo
    • Limerick Mosque
      Old Dooradoyle Road, Limerick.
      Tel: 061-227054
    • Tralee
      7 Caherslee, Mount Hawk, Tralee.
    • Ennis
      10 Springfield, Ennis, Co. Clare.
      Tel: Mohammed Khoudiri – 086 88990636
    • Cavan
      9 Drumnavangh Close, Cavan.
      Tel: 049-4371697
    • Dublin Prayer halls
      Royal College of Surgeons
      Trinity College Dublin
      Dublin City University
      University College Dublin
      Lucan mosque – 1 Liffey Road, Lucan, Dublin
      Islamic Information Center – Camden Street
      Black Pitts Road – Off South Circular Rd
      Tel: 049-4371697

    Mosques and Islamic Centres in Ireland - Islamic Centre ...

    43 years ago before the Rep. of Ireland entered the EU it was a completely Catholic / Christian country with very few muslims and no mosques. Now the 'Poster Boy of the EU' has doubled it's population from 2.8 million to over 5 million with immigrants, many of whom are muslims.

    Northern Ireland is a different matter and permission to build Mega Mosques will be a lot less forth coming.

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