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Thread: Mass Immigration to Europe

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    New Daily Record of 853 Illegal Boat Migrants, Farage Says UK Must Get Tough Like Australia

    A new daily record has been hit for illegal boat migrants crossing the English Channel, with Brexit leader Nigel Farage warning the United Kingdom should stop waiting for France to solve the migrant crisis and start getting tough like Australia.

    The Home Office confirmed, according to LBC on Friday Nov 5th 2021, that UK Border Force and other authorities had intercepted or picked up 853 migrants who crossed the Channel on Wednesday in 25 separate instances, higher than the
    last daily record of 828 set on August 21st.

    It is just the latest new record in illegal migration for the United Kingdom, with a monthly record of 3,872 people arriving in August.

    An estimated 21,000 illegals have crossed this year, and so far none have been returned to the last safe country of entry, namely France. If anything like the figures from last year, the migrants are mostly from the Middle East and Africa, per the University of Oxford’s Migration Observatory, and mostly young men. According to Home Secretary Priti Patel, almost nine in 10 of those who landed last year were men, three-quarters of those are under 40, and “many of those are economic migrants and not just those fleeing persecution”.

    Brexit leader Nigel Farage wrote on Thursday that the United Kingdom can no longer afford to wait for France’s President Emmanuel Macron to solve the English Channel migrant crisis — even though the vast majority of illegals are coming via France — and London must make the decision to, like Australia, take a zero-tolerance approach to mass migration and turn back the boats, even if Britain risks becoming a social pariah on the liberal-globalist world stage.

    I t is completely unrealistic to expect any useful returns policy to be agreed with President Macron’s administration. It simply won’t happen. Therefore, Britain must take its lead from the former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. When faced with a similar problem during his time in power, he simply ordered boats coming from Indonesia to be put under tow and returned. There was international uproar. Australia was declared a pariah state. But the boats stopped coming. Immigrants were not prepared to pay traffickers for a doomed attempt to get into Australia.

    There is no solution to this crisis that will not lead to the UN, the EU and President Biden condemning us. Boris Johnson should accept that he, like Tony Abbott, will attract criticism for taking a robust line. But the electorate will thank him for it. The alternative is for Johnson to tell the Red Wall voters, who care very deeply about illegal immigration, that Brexit was never really about taking back control of our borders. Does he dare do that before the next general election.

    Australia, under then-Prime Minister Tony Abbott, dramatically reduced the number of illegal boat migrants landing with the implementation of Operation Sovereign Bordersin 2013, where smuggler boats were either intercepted at sea and turned back or migrants sent to offshore asylum processing centres and, if genuine, hosted in third countries at Australia’s expense.

    In June 2020 Mr Abbott warned the British to get tough on boat migrants and turn back the vessels to France, or else the “trickle” in the English Channel could “quickly become a wave” of mass illegal migration. He also said France had no right to wave on the problem of illegal immigrants to the United Kingdom, and that Paris getting the problem under control would also serve France, stopping the country becoming a transit state for illegal aliens and ending migrant camps along its shores.

    Farage also predicted that illegal crossings could hit 30,000 by the end of the year, saying that he had “reliable intelligence that the traffickers are planning much larger boats for next year, capable of carrying up to 200 people at a time”.

    We can't bring ourselves to sink the boats;
    just because the occupants don't pick up their weapons until, they get to the local mosque and/or madras.

    There's no way Doris would upset his 'Friends' as he keeps calling Micron and the French. There's something not right about the way Doris and Patel are importing them in their thousands, housing them in four star hotels and benefits with £40 a week pocket money. Doris and Sunak robbed the pensioners over the triple lock, claiming they don't have the money, but they don't seem to have a problem finding money to house and feed the illegals. Looks like they are our replacements.

    Our Government and the mongrel Cabinet are failing in their first duty to protect our country and people.

    Another 853 of the replacement population safely brought ashore by Border Farce and RNLI. The population replacement programme is well on course. More champagne celebrations in Downing Street.
    If the indigenous people of Britain are to survive, the Globalist politicians and elites have to be removed - by any means necessary.

    New Daily Record of 853 Illegal Boat Migrants, Farage Says UK Must Get Tough Like Australia

    09 XI 2021.

    Mass 3rd world immigration was the reason for Brexit, the demise of the Labour Party and if it's not deal with,will end the reign of the Conservative Party. It cannot go on exponentially.

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    Interesting enough Britain's government can reduce immigration from Eastern block but still gladly take in MENA peoples without a response. You know that certain groups have paid off elected officials in most Western countries. We know that walls at borders can be effective for radically reducing illegal immigration, so US did not continue to build one after Trump. Citizens even raised some monies to complete the wall ~ nada!

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    Man from Senegal Admits to Stabbing Children And Throwing Them From 50-Foot Balcony

    A 43-year-old man has confessed to stabbing his own young children and throwing them off a 50-foot balcony in western Stockholm, which resulted in the death of one of the children.

    The man, a migrant originally from Senegal, confessed that he had attacked his own children, both of which are said to be under the age of ten and then threw them both off a fifth-floor balcony, where they were
    both found earlier this week on Sunday evening in the area of Hässelby.

    Malin Rådström, the lawyer for the man, appeared in court on Wednesday stating that her client admitted to stabbing the children and causing them to fall from the balcony. “He is, of course, very ill about this. He is heartbroken,” Malin Rådström said, Aftonbladet reports.

    The court has ruled to keep the man in custody and has ordered a psychological examination of the 43-year-old to determine whether or not he suffers from any mental illness or was suffering from mental illness at the time of the attack on the children.

    According to Aftonbladet, the migrant male who confessed to the attack is believed to have stabbed both of his children, a young boy and a young girl, while they were sleeping in their beds. He is then understood to have thrown them both off the 50-foot high balcony, leading to the death of his son, while his daughter remains in critical condition.

    Prosecutor Maria Franzén commented on the condition of the young girl saying, “I have no new information to give about how that child is doing. The injuries are serious.” Franzén also noted that while the mother had also been initially arrested, she was released although she is still under investigation and suspicion.The prosecutor also spoke to broadcaster SVT saying that the 43-year-old’s confession to the stabbing and throwing of the children from the balcony would impact the investigation but that the investigation would continue.

    It’s always the “mental illness” excuse according to these leftists. Some monsters just have rotten brains and are evil.

    Leftists are the definition of mental illness.

    Leftists are the definition of evil.

    Liberals cannot accept the fact that evil is real. Some people are predators and criminals because that is who they are. Every day they get up and think up new ways to steal from the reasonable, intelligent, and productive. It’s not mental illness, it’s their nature.

    They MIGHT throw the book at him and make stay in a country club-style prison for as long as 15 years. Poor thing. I'm sure he was treated
    much better in buggabuggaland. I don't feel the least bit of sympathy for countries that let scum like this emmigrate.

    Don’t tell Joe and Mayorkas, they’ll likely offer him asylum, and $450,000 to live in the U.S.


    The 3 rd world invasion, called humanitarian migration, will rapidly through social decay completely collapse the West. This is intentional too.

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    Dozens dead after migrant boat capsizes

    Dozens dead after migrant boat capsizes

    A group of more than 40 migrants on an inflatable dinghy leave the coast of northern France to cross the English Channel on November 24, 2021.

    Over 30 migrants have drowned after a boat capsized off Calais, France, during an attempt to cross the English Channel to the UK, in the worst-ever such tragedy yet involving illegal crossings of the waterway. The accident occurred on Wednesday, when a group of migrants tried to take advantage of calm sea conditions to cross over to Britain. The waters of the English Channel, however, are currently very chilly, which has likely contributed to the large number of fatalities.

    The capsized boat and multiple bodies nearby were initially found by French fishermen, who alerted the authorities, prompting a rescue operation. At least 31 people perished in the accident, Franck Dhersin, deputy head of regional transport and mayor of Teteghem, told Reuters. The death toll is expected to grow even further, as at least two people are still reported missing.

    France’s PM Jean Castex called the accident a “tragedy,” blaming it on human traffickers and other facilitators of illegal migration. “The sinking in the English Channel is a tragedy. My thoughts go out to the many missing and injured victims of criminal smugglers who exploit their distress and misery,” Castex tweeted.

    A similar reaction was expressed by his British counterpart Boris Johnson, who said he was “shocked and appalled and deeply saddened” by the deaths. The PM convened an emergency COBRA meeting over the incident, to assess the situation.

    The incident is the largest loss of life from a single migrant boat capsizing in the Channel. Before the Wednesday drownings, the largest such accident was recorded in October last year, when a migrant family of five died during their attempt to cross to the UK.

    The Channel has seen an increased illegal migrant flow this year, with over 25,700 people taking the dangerous journey across the waterway, known for heavy maritime traffic and strong currents. The figure to date this year is already three times higher than the total of crossings registered during the whole of 2020.

    That's at least 31 UK women, who won't have to fear being-rapefugeed' in broad-daylight"

    Lets be honest...that many fewer r4pes, that many fewer a55aults that many fewer m0ngr els. The LEFTISTS mourn. WE NATIVE EUROPEANS DO N0T. ITS 0UR HOMELAND! N0T THEIRS.

    Mother Nature does a better job guarding the borders then European governments do.

    Responsible immigration policy would have been shooting at them until they turn around. The climate for this was created by politicians who want cheap votes, cheap labor and the citizens who'll vote for them.

    That's 30 we will not need to find housing and benefits for. Its not "migrants". Its INVADERS.

    Swimming lessons are a white people thing.

    Dozens dead after migrant boat capsizes 24 XI 2021.

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