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Thread: Mass Immigration to Europe

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    200 Migrants Cross Channel In Dozens of Boats In Worst-Ever Day for Border Force

    Around 200 illegal migrants reached Britain in dozens of vessels on Sunday in what was reportedly the worst-ever day for illegal Channel crossings.

    “Many migrants see it as a ‘now or never’ moment before the UK government cracks down on crossings,” a source told The Sun newspaper. “They fear there will be a major push to curb the attempts and see July as their best opportunity,” they added — although, despite tough talk dating back to Home Secretary Priti Patel’s predecessor Sajid Javid’s time in office, such a push still shows no sign of materialising.

    The migrants reportedly put to sea in as many as 40 vessels, many small inflatables dropped off by so-called “mother ships”, with the Sun source saying that the authorities even found one migrant who had put to sea in a stolen pedalo.

    Patel was quoted by the newspaper as saying We will stop at nothing to end these crossings— although this evidently does not include simply taking migrants intercepted at sea or received on shore back to France immediately. Indeed, she has made similar statements about the Government’s determination to end illegal Channel crossings for months now, but

    The influx followed
    65 migrants in five boats — “58 males and seven females”, according to the BBC — arriving on Saturday, and 125 migrants on nine boats arriving on Friday.

    Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, who has done much to expose the sheer scale of the Channel crisis and the co-operation of the British and French authorities in ferrying illegal aliens to England, said he was not convinced Boris Johnson and Priti Patel will ever take meaningful action on the crossings. “Official figures show that approaching 500 illegal immigrants crossed the Channel this week,” he claimed in a social media post. “I predicted an invasion and it is happening. Government say they will return many,” he added. “I don’t believe a word of it.”

    The Government’s record on deporting illegal migrants from France — few of whom, if any, have any legitimate grounds to claim asylum in Britain, having travelled through a safe, first world, European Union member-state to get there — is certainly very poor, with a mere 155 out of roughly 4,000 illegal arrivals since January having been deported as of early May.

    They’re cracking down on crossings? I’d hate to see it when they’re not bothering!

    Africans and Middle Easterners belong in Africa and the Middle East. These are not migrants. They are African men and Muslims on jihad.

    Embrace cultural diversity...even if that culture hates you and wants to destroy you?
    Go to hell!
    Its not about race it is about barbaric cultures destroying our Western civilized culture.

    Britain needs their own version of Donald Trump. Boris Johnson isn’'t that man.

    200 Migrants Cross Channel In Dozens of Boats In Worst-Ever Day for Border Force 20 VII 2020.

    Dar al Harb / Dar al Islam a. In Islamic Law, the entire world is divided into the Dar al Harb, “the house or abode of war,” and the Dar al Islam, “the house or abode of peace.” All lands which are not under Muslim control and ruled by Sharia, are considered Dar al Harb – enemy lands. “Harbi” means enemy personnel, or inhabitants of the Dar al Harb. All non-Muslims, not submitted to Islamic Law in Muslim lands are considered “enemy persons, persons from the territory of war.” The term “non-combatants” does not exist in Islamic Law. All lands occupied by Muslim forces at any time in history are considered “Muslim Lands.”

    d. Allah's Apostle said, "By Him in Whose Hands my soul is, surely (Jesus,) the son of Mary will soon descend amongst you and will judge mankind justly (as a Just Ruler); he will break the Cross and kill the pigs and there will be no Jizya (i.e. taxation taken from non Muslims).”[Sacred Hadith, Bukhari, vol 4, book 55, number 657] Note: this Hadith states that the Muslim prophet Jesus will return to earth with Muhammad and will cast all Christians to hell and, kill all Jews in order that Muslims may go to ‘Paradise.’

    Understanding Sharia’s Role in the War

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    Healthcare assistant jailed for 11 years for rape of woman with Alzheimer's

    A healthcare assistant who raped a 73-year-old woman with Alzheimer's in her nursing home bed during the Covid-19 lockdown three months ago has been jailed for 11 years at the Central Criminal Court.

    Emmanuel Adeniji, 52, with an address at Royal Canal Court, Kilcock, Co Kildare, initially denied the offence to the gardaí but pleaded guilty in court. Mr Justice Paul McDermott today described his crime as "an egregious breach of trust by a qualified and experienced healthcare worker". Adeniji is a trained healthcare professional who has worked in healthcare for 15 years.

    At 3am on 3 April he went into the woman's room and raped her. Adeniji was recorded on CCTV going in and coming out of the woman's room at the nursing home. She was found later that morning in a distressed state by a staff member doing her rounds. The woman was upset but coherent; Gardaí / Police were called and she made a statement. The victim said she was in her room all the time as they were "locked in because of the virus".

    Adeniji was arrested 11 days later and denied raping the woman. However, a DNA sample from him matched one taken from the victim. He was charged and pleaded guilty. He has no previous convictions. The woman's family said they would "never forget how that man had single-handedly destroyed our Mam's life". They described how they have been unable to comfort their mother by hugging her as they normally would since the rape in April. The elderly woman remains terrified the man will return to her room. Her daughter told the Central Criminal Court: "We always said we will dread the day she loses her memory but now one day we hope she wakes up and doesn't remember."

    Mr Justice Paul McDermott described it as "an egregious breach of trust by a qualified and experienced health care worker" and "a most serious" crime against "a very vulnerable, elderly lady" who was "confined, helpless and totally alone". The nursing home was the victim's home, he said, and had been "carefully chosen" for her with her family. The effects on her were "devastating," he said. She had feelings of "depression, suicidal thoughts, nightmares and a lack of safety". Mr Justice McDermott said the family had built up trust with the staff, which had been "shattered" by this. He said Adeniji is a married father of four children, trained and employed in healthcare for 15 years. The judge said Adeniji showed little or no insight of the effect on the victim and his expressed remorse lacks depth beyond verbalised regret. His "lack of real remorse" is "to ordinary decent people, simply, grossly wrong". He sentenced Adjeniji to 11 years in prison with the final year suspended.

    RTE: Care worker who raped resident jailed for 11 years
    30 VII 2020.

    Adeniji origin

    The name Adeniji is an Nigerian baby name. In Nigerian origin the meaning of name Adeniji is : My crown has sufficient canopy to provide shelter for several people, my crown has a shade.

    Seems in the Rep. of Ireland it’s official Newspaper policy, dictated by the government, that the name of the person committing the crime is not mentioned if they are foreign and especially if they are 3rd World black or muslim. , the Sun and the Mirror all neither mentioned the name or nationality of this africoon.

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    Limerick Rep. of Ireland's new deputy mayor

    FIANNA Fáil councillor Abul Kalam Azad Talukder has been on the receiving end of racist abuse since his elevation to the position of Deputy Mayor of Limerick.

    The 52-year-old became the first Muslim to be elected to Limerick City and County Council after the local elections last summer. And last week at Limerick Racecourse, Abul received another honour as council members voted for him to wear the chains of Deputy Mayor.

    But a sour taste has been left with Cllr Talukder after beating Labour Party councillor Conor Sheehan by 31 votes to eight on the day. Speaking to the Limerick Post this week, the Bangladeshi father-of-two, who runs a number of local businesses and operates two taxis in the city, revealed that he has been the victim of racist abuse since being made Deputy Mayor.

    “People from Dublin and Waterford and different parts of Ireland have phoned me in recent days to say they are sorry. “What are they sorry for? They are phoning me to apologise about racist abuse they have read about me posted on Twitter and other online sites. But I don’t even read these abusive and racist messages. I am too busy building a better Limerick for everyone, for my family, and all families,” he explained.

    Abul first came to Limerick in 2000 and started work with Fianna Fail in 2004 as an aide to former Junior Minister Peter Power within the migrant community. His father was a politician in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and he is now following in those footsteps and making his own contribution as a representative for Limerick City West.

    Cllr Talukder is passionate about Limerick and says the city has given him a happy life. He works tirelessly to be a voice not only for the migrant community, but for all communities. He also believes that those with racist views need to be re-educated. “The people of Limerick elected me to be their representative. The members of Limerick City and County Council then elected me to be Deputy Mayor. I was the only one who speaks different, is a different colour, a different religion, and still I got 31 votes out of 39. I can’t turn around and say Limerick people are racist because they are not. “Limerick is where I call home. My children were born here and are Irish citizens. As a father and a local representative, I am focused on building a better future for them and their generation, and all people. “The people that use racist slurs to try and put me down, they are the minority. They are the ones that need to change and need to be re-educated. I love Limerick and am proud to call it home,” he concluded.

    New Deputy Mayor on receiving end of racist abuse

    30 VII 2020.

    This muzzi Paki dross is now on a pedestal like the gay Indian PM. No wonder they keep coming.

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