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Thread: Mass Immigration to Europe

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    200 Migrants Cross Channel In Dozens of Boats In Worst-Ever Day for Border Force

    Around 200 illegal migrants reached Britain in dozens of vessels on Sunday in what was reportedly the worst-ever day for illegal Channel crossings.

    “Many migrants see it as a ‘now or never’ moment before the UK government cracks down on crossings,” a source told The Sun newspaper. “They fear there will be a major push to curb the attempts and see July as their best opportunity,” they added — although, despite tough talk dating back to Home Secretary Priti Patel’s predecessor Sajid Javid’s time in office, such a push still shows no sign of materialising.

    The migrants reportedly put to sea in as many as 40 vessels, many small inflatables dropped off by so-called “mother ships”, with the Sun source saying that the authorities even found one migrant who had put to sea in a stolen pedalo.

    Patel was quoted by the newspaper as saying We will stop at nothing to end these crossings— although this evidently does not include simply taking migrants intercepted at sea or received on shore back to France immediately. Indeed, she has made similar statements about the Government’s determination to end illegal Channel crossings for months now, but

    The influx followed
    65 migrants in five boats — “58 males and seven females”, according to the BBC — arriving on Saturday, and 125 migrants on nine boats arriving on Friday.

    Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, who has done much to expose the sheer scale of the Channel crisis and the co-operation of the British and French authorities in ferrying illegal aliens to England, said he was not convinced Boris Johnson and Priti Patel will ever take meaningful action on the crossings. “Official figures show that approaching 500 illegal immigrants crossed the Channel this week,” he claimed in a social media post. “I predicted an invasion and it is happening. Government say they will return many,” he added. “I don’t believe a word of it.”

    The Government’s record on deporting illegal migrants from France — few of whom, if any, have any legitimate grounds to claim asylum in Britain, having travelled through a safe, first world, European Union member-state to get there — is certainly very poor, with a mere 155 out of roughly 4,000 illegal arrivals since January having been deported as of early May.

    They’re cracking down on crossings? I’d hate to see it when they’re not bothering!

    Africans and Middle Easterners belong in Africa and the Middle East. These are not migrants. They are African men and Muslims on jihad.

    Embrace cultural diversity...even if that culture hates you and wants to destroy you?
    Go to hell!
    Its not about race it is about barbaric cultures destroying our Western civilized culture.

    Britain needs their own version of Donald Trump. Boris Johnson isn’'t that man.

    200 Migrants Cross Channel In Dozens of Boats In Worst-Ever Day for Border Force 20 VII 2020.

    Dar al Harb / Dar al Islam a. In Islamic Law, the entire world is divided into the Dar al Harb, “the house or abode of war,” and the Dar al Islam, “the house or abode of peace.” All lands which are not under Muslim control and ruled by Sharia, are considered Dar al Harb – enemy lands. “Harbi” means enemy personnel, or inhabitants of the Dar al Harb. All non-Muslims, not submitted to Islamic Law in Muslim lands are considered “enemy persons, persons from the territory of war.” The term “non-combatants” does not exist in Islamic Law. All lands occupied by Muslim forces at any time in history are considered “Muslim Lands.”

    d. Allah's Apostle said, "By Him in Whose Hands my soul is, surely (Jesus,) the son of Mary will soon descend amongst you and will judge mankind justly (as a Just Ruler); he will break the Cross and kill the pigs and there will be no Jizya (i.e. taxation taken from non Muslims).”[Sacred Hadith, Bukhari, vol 4, book 55, number 657] Note: this Hadith states that the Muslim prophet Jesus will return to earth with Muhammad and will cast all Christians to hell and, kill all Jews in order that Muslims may go to ‘Paradise.’

    Understanding Sharia’s Role in the War

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    Healthcare assistant jailed for 11 years for rape of woman with Alzheimer's

    A healthcare assistant who raped a 73-year-old woman with Alzheimer's in her nursing home bed during the Covid-19 lockdown three months ago has been jailed for 11 years at the Central Criminal Court.

    Emmanuel Adeniji, 52, with an address at Royal Canal Court, Kilcock, Co Kildare, initially denied the offence to the gardaí but pleaded guilty in court. Mr Justice Paul McDermott today described his crime as "an egregious breach of trust by a qualified and experienced healthcare worker". Adeniji is a trained healthcare professional who has worked in healthcare for 15 years.

    At 3am on 3 April he went into the woman's room and raped her. Adeniji was recorded on CCTV going in and coming out of the woman's room at the nursing home. She was found later that morning in a distressed state by a staff member doing her rounds. The woman was upset but coherent; Gardaí / Police were called and she made a statement. The victim said she was in her room all the time as they were "locked in because of the virus".

    Adeniji was arrested 11 days later and denied raping the woman. However, a DNA sample from him matched one taken from the victim. He was charged and pleaded guilty. He has no previous convictions. The woman's family said they would "never forget how that man had single-handedly destroyed our Mam's life". They described how they have been unable to comfort their mother by hugging her as they normally would since the rape in April. The elderly woman remains terrified the man will return to her room. Her daughter told the Central Criminal Court: "We always said we will dread the day she loses her memory but now one day we hope she wakes up and doesn't remember."

    Mr Justice Paul McDermott described it as "an egregious breach of trust by a qualified and experienced health care worker" and "a most serious" crime against "a very vulnerable, elderly lady" who was "confined, helpless and totally alone". The nursing home was the victim's home, he said, and had been "carefully chosen" for her with her family. The effects on her were "devastating," he said. She had feelings of "depression, suicidal thoughts, nightmares and a lack of safety". Mr Justice McDermott said the family had built up trust with the staff, which had been "shattered" by this. He said Adeniji is a married father of four children, trained and employed in healthcare for 15 years. The judge said Adeniji showed little or no insight of the effect on the victim and his expressed remorse lacks depth beyond verbalised regret. His "lack of real remorse" is "to ordinary decent people, simply, grossly wrong". He sentenced Adjeniji to 11 years in prison with the final year suspended.

    RTE: Care worker who raped resident jailed for 11 years
    30 VII 2020.

    Adeniji origin

    The name Adeniji is an Nigerian baby name. In Nigerian origin the meaning of name Adeniji is : My crown has sufficient canopy to provide shelter for several people, my crown has a shade.

    Seems in the Rep. of Ireland it’s official Newspaper policy, dictated by the government, that the name of the person committing the crime is not mentioned if they are foreign and especially if they are 3rd World black or muslim. , the Sun and the Mirror all neither mentioned the name or nationality of this africoon.

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    Limerick Rep. of Ireland's new deputy mayor

    FIANNA Fáil councillor Abul Kalam Azad Talukder has been on the receiving end of racist abuse since his elevation to the position of Deputy Mayor of Limerick.

    The 52-year-old became the first Muslim to be elected to Limerick City and County Council after the local elections last summer. And last week at Limerick Racecourse, Abul received another honour as council members voted for him to wear the chains of Deputy Mayor.

    But a sour taste has been left with Cllr Talukder after beating Labour Party councillor Conor Sheehan by 31 votes to eight on the day. Speaking to the Limerick Post this week, the Bangladeshi father-of-two, who runs a number of local businesses and operates two taxis in the city, revealed that he has been the victim of racist abuse since being made Deputy Mayor.

    “People from Dublin and Waterford and different parts of Ireland have phoned me in recent days to say they are sorry. “What are they sorry for? They are phoning me to apologise about racist abuse they have read about me posted on Twitter and other online sites. But I don’t even read these abusive and racist messages. I am too busy building a better Limerick for everyone, for my family, and all families,” he explained.

    Abul first came to Limerick in 2000 and started work with Fianna Fail in 2004 as an aide to former Junior Minister Peter Power within the migrant community. His father was a politician in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and he is now following in those footsteps and making his own contribution as a representative for Limerick City West.

    Cllr Talukder is passionate about Limerick and says the city has given him a happy life. He works tirelessly to be a voice not only for the migrant community, but for all communities. He also believes that those with racist views need to be re-educated. “The people of Limerick elected me to be their representative. The members of Limerick City and County Council then elected me to be Deputy Mayor. I was the only one who speaks different, is a different colour, a different religion, and still I got 31 votes out of 39. I can’t turn around and say Limerick people are racist because they are not. “Limerick is where I call home. My children were born here and are Irish citizens. As a father and a local representative, I am focused on building a better future for them and their generation, and all people. “The people that use racist slurs to try and put me down, they are the minority. They are the ones that need to change and need to be re-educated. I love Limerick and am proud to call it home,” he concluded.

    New Deputy Mayor on receiving end of racist abuse

    30 VII 2020.

    This muzzi Paki dross is now on a pedestal like the gay Indian PM. No wonder they keep coming.

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    Patel Could Send Navy to Channel After Record 235 Migrants Cross

    Migrant Boat 'Shadowed' into British Waters by the French Navy.

    UK Home Secretary Priti Patel reportedly backs suggestions to send in the Royal Navy amid the growing migrant crisis in the English Channel, after a record 235 illegal aliens landed on Thursday.

    This week, the Union for Borders, Immigration, and Customs (ISU) had said that the military needed to be drafted in to support dealing with the crisis — particularly due to the threat of violence from migrants, and to force returns to France at sea. More than double the number of migrants have landed in the first eight months of 2020 (nearly 3,950) than the whole of 2019 (1,850). Migration Watch UK has
    warned that more than 7,500 could land by Christmas.

    After yet another new record for the highest number of migrant landings in a single day, Patel had reportedly told Home Office staff to draw up plans for the Royal Navy to turn back boats the boats to France. The minister has reportedly been given legal advice that doing so is permissible under maritime law. A Home Office source told the Daily Mail on Thursday: “The final straw was this record number, which led the Home Secretary to demand this new initiative. The real solution must come from the French – we want the French to take them back.”

    In May, Nigel Farage reported that he saw French navy vessels escorting migrant boats into British territorial waters, the mainstream media finally confirming the observations in August. Patel’s predecessor as Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, declared the Channel crossings a “major incident” as long ago as December 2018. Britain could use smaller craft, rather than the larger navy vessels, with the newspaper saying the Royal Marines may be drafted in, as well. Navy ships and UK Border Force vessels reportedly tested methods in May and June to repel and stop illegal migrant boats, including floating “booms” and nets to entangle propellers. “These are all options that are being considered. The Home Secretary is furious about this daily total, which we think is as high as 250. “She has instructed her officials to speak to the Ministry of Defence about how we can proceed. She has also requested a discussion with the French interior minister, Gerald Darmanin,” the source told the Mail.

    The Home Office claims will likely anger pro-open borders and mass migration activists. The Refugee Council has told Home Secretary Patel to make it easier for migrants to come to Britain. It suggests creating “regular routes” to the country, including expanding the “resettlement programme” and so-called “humanitarian visas”, as well as reforming rules on “family reunion”, also known as chain migration.

    Solicitor Toufique Hossain has also branded as “extreme” Patel’s office allegedly flagging illegal Channel migrants for expedited return to France. Mr Hossain told The Guardian on Friday: “Refugees are fleeing death, war, and torture. That is why they are prepared to risk life and limb, death by drowning, imprisonment and enslavement along the way. Far from dismantling the hostile environment, Priti Patel is taking it to its extreme.” In fact, boat migrants are virtually all coming from France, which is a safe, first world EU member-state. Under international law, asylum seekers are required to apply for refugee status in the first safe country of landing. Even before leaving French coastal towns like Calais, migrants from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia have travelled through several safe countries before taking off for Britain.

    Chris Philp, Minister for Immigration Compliance and the Courts, said according to The Mirror on Friday: “I share the anger and frustration of the public at the appalling number of crossings we have seen today. “The crossings are totally unacceptable and unnecessary as France is a safe country. “We work closely with France, and I will be in Paris early next week to seek to agree stronger measures with them, including interceptions and returns. “This situation simply cannot go on.”

    Nigel Farage has been at the forefront of exposing the scandals of migrant landings on England’s east coast.
    Last week, the Brexit Party leader revealed that hotels had shut their doors to British bookings only to be “filled up with illegal migrants”, likely who had been bussed from Kent after landing on Dover’s shores. On Thursday, Mr Farage released another report which revealed that a charity had treated illegal aliens to a VIP tour of the famous Anfield stadium, home of Liverpool Football Club. Farage said: “All these people will be sending selfies and pictures back to their countries, wherever they come from, and the message is: ‘Come on down, get into the country, hotels, 40 quid a week spending money, full board, trips to Anfield… It’s stone bonkers.”

    It should be glaringly obvious by now that globalists are calling the shots in this country along with many more. Government after government of both major parties have promised in their election manifestos to stop or control immigration but nothing ever happens. It doesn't really matter who is in power. Overall control is with the unelected global elite.

    Isn't this what Brexit was about? Stopping all this immigration and regaining control of our country?

    There is only one conclusion to be drawn: they emphatically do wants to see the demise of Britain. Forget Russia; the ethnic Briton's enemy is it's political class, its Establishment and its government. Sadly that pertains to the majority of the European family from Australasia, through Europe to the USA

    Patel is complicit in this illegal invasion. If she wanted, she could have cracked down long ago. A governments primary role, is too protect their citizens and borders. Instead this fifth columnist hides with her boss. Anybody who believes this immigrant turd, actually wants to stop this invasion, needs their heads tested. Patel is an Ugandan immigrant. She will always be on the side of immigrants, legal or illegal it doesn't matter to her or her creed.
    Here's the four top jobs in government and where they're seeded from.
    1/ Johnson = Turkish Muslim stock.
    2/ Sunak = Indian Hindu.
    3/ Patel = Ugandan Indian Hindu.
    4/ Raab = German Jewish stock.
    The four of them represent an axis of evil and clear and present danger to our country and people. Their policies are proof of this. It's New Labour on steroids.

    The serving military is too busy censoring social media when they should be in the channel with orders to open fire

    Patel Could Send Navy to Channel After Record 235 Migrants Cross

    07 VIII 2020.

    Why is the issue of 'Mass migrant invasion' of the West totally ignored by MSM?

    The government are following the Globalist UN Migration Pact and sticking two fingers up at the indigenous Brits. This is about destroying Britain so it is forever part of globalist world territory. Ethnic diversity is Non-White Privilege, the means to the end to break the democratic consensus, forged in this country over 1000 years and allow direct globalist rule by big corporations. When they talk about fighting racism they actually mean enslaving us and exterminating those who resist.

    'We are entering a post-democratic age' Peter Mandelson.

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    Police stop RT interview with asylum seeker as we investigate the controversy of migrants living in hotels all around the UK

    Hundreds of illegal migrants arriving daily on small boats and dinghies are being housed in 3- and 4-star hotels across the country, causing consternation among local residents. Why are officials being so silent over this?

    As a journalist in Britain, you don’t expect to be shut down by the police. But that’s precisely what happened during RT's visit to the 3-star Bell Hotel in Epping, about 17 miles north of London. No blame can be attributed to the officers, who were only responding to a call from the hotel’s management.

    The question is, why were they even alerted?

    The reason for that is unclear, but it’s just one of a number of unanswered questions about the controversy surrounding hundreds of asylum seekers being housed in hotels up and down the country, some operated by well-known chains like Hilton, Holiday Inn and Radisson.

    Social media has been ablaze with a list of around 20 establishments being circulated by activists, highlighting where the asylum seekers are staying. Some people are privately concerned that rogue elements may begin to turn up at these hotels to confront the migrants, which in the worst circumstances could possibly spark violence.

    Nigel Farage, the Brexit Party leader, posted a video of him visiting a Hilton hotel in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire but despite a big reaction, the mainstream media has generally avoided the matter.

    On our visit to The Bell Hotel, we were unsure what to expect. Some hotels reportedly have security guards, but when we arrived, there was no answer at the entrance and the front door was locked. However, many of the rooms are in small buildings surrounding the reception, so we walked over and spoke to three asylum seekers. The first was from Kuwait, who spoke very little English, however he managed to confirm he had arrived by boat. The second noticed us from his bedroom window and informed us that he had come from Sri Lanka, with his wife and child. The third was a charming young Kurdish man - also with his wife and kids - who had previously worked as an interpreter back home and was keen to find employment in England. He began to speak at length, detailing his motivations and why he wanted to build a new life to offer hope for his children.

    The government’s position? Silence

    But despite no one appearing to be unhappy, the interview was cut short as the police arrived – in total, four officers in two cars, one of which was unmarked. They informed us the management has said we were trespassing on private property and the officers politely escorted us off the premises - and also informed us where we could continue filming. We subsequently interviewed three concerned local residents who voiced frustrations about the lack of communication from the authorities about the housing of asylum seekers.

    The entire process is shrouded in mystery and misinformation.

    The issue has also become more prominent due to the flood of asylum seekers arriving in Britain, mainly by small boats or dinghies from France (some apparently escorted across by French Naval ships), along the Kent coast, mainly into the port of Dover. Thursday alone saw 235 people – including a heavily pregnant woman – cross from France, the highest amount ever in a single day. That brought the total number of arrivals so far in 2020 to 3,948 –
    more than double the amount for the whole of last year.

    There are also videos of migrants being loaded onto waiting coaches and bussed to various parts of the UK. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, a decision was made to house them in hotels – which have been closed to ordinary guests. This process is being managed on behalf of the Home Office by three private companies; Serco, Mears Group and Clearsprings Ready Homes.

    Each firm controls different regions of the UK, with the cost amounting to Ł4 billion over 10-years.

    RT contacted Serco and Clearsprings – The Bell Hotel is under their jurisdiction – for comment but they advised us to contact the Home Office, who have yet to supply a response to our questions. We also got in touch with the MP for Epping, Dame Eleanor Laing but her office referred us to Epping Forest District Council, who have not responded.

    If the media’s questions aren’t being answered, then is it any wonder members of the public feel ignored? There are worries about the authorities not knowing who these asylum seekers are, with some online videos showing them discarding their identity cards into the sea before reaching land. There are claims that some are actually illegal economic migrants, rather than genuine asylum seekers.

    ‘If you complain, you’re called a Nazi’

    In all of this, there’s a large group of local residents who feel they no longer have a voice. RT spoke to several of them, but most were unwilling to go on the record, for fear of losing their employment or being targeted.

    One woman, whose husband served in the British Army’s Royal Engineers regiment, told me:
    “There's a silent majority in this country who are seething. As soon as you call out mass immigration and kick up about it, you’re called a racist or a Nazi but we aren't - it’s a way of shutting us down.
    “No one has a problem with genuine refugees who are running away from raping, pillaging and ISIS, but what we have got a problem with is, our people being on a waiting list for social housing, and these refugees going straight into fully-furnished homes. It's all being done without people’s consent.
    “And if you say anything on social media, the police investigate you for a hate crime and it makes you absolutely sick.
    “I know a guy who told me he said something on Twitter and the next thing, it was in the local paper and the police were investigating him. He was scared to lose his job and then not be able to afford his mortgage.
    "Ordinary people are being persecuted. We feel we don’t have a voice, but we pay our taxes and it's out of control. I don’t blame those people, I blame our government for not stopping it. Why aren't they sending these people back? We feel let down and like we’ve been slapped in the face by our own country.”

    Some residents living near a number of the hotels claim to have seen a rise in petty crime since the migrants arrived. Others say it’s only young men who are arriving - but RT’s experience in Epping was contrary to this, with several women and children on site.

    Back in June, the case of Badreddin Abdalla Adam highlighted this when the 28-year old Sudanese man went on a frenzied knife attack, stabbing six people, before armed police shot him dead. It transpired his room in Glasgow’s Park Inn had a single window, which faced a brick wall. So after weeks in what was described as a “prison-like environment" and a lack of correspondence about his case, eventually he snapped.

    The Home Office contracts state that the three companies have a duty to consider “the dignity, well-being and support” of the asylum seekers. But the tragic episode in Glasgow suggests differently, along with numerous reports of bad conditions being endured. RT’s visit to Epping also raised questions, as the people seemed to be left to their own devices, with none being clear when their cases would be heard and with no evidence of on-site support.

    There appeared to be an air of being stuffed into a hotel and forgotten about. The Kurdish family of five, including three young children, are all staying together in one room. If the authorities were open and explained what is happening at the ports, about why buses are there waiting for asylum seekers before they arrive - they could also defuse a lot of the tension amongst the general public. This type of opening up of things could also help the asylum seekers assimilate into society, if they are granted the right to stay.

    What certainly shouldn’t be happening is for the police to have to respond to calls that prevent the media from finding out what’s happening on the streets of Britain.

    That’s because it’s a British Establishment agenda. It doesn’t matter that the public voted for three consecutive governments to stop this and a fourth of you count the Brexit vote as part of that. 10 years later and 4 fraudulent political manifestos and here we all are. The British people don’t have a real democracy. They have the upfront face value democratic vote, for democratic window dressing, then as soon as that’s over it’s back to the bankers agenda, regardless of what they said they do to get “elected”

    Police stop RT interview with asylum seeker as we investigate the controversy of migrants living in hotels all around the UK
    09 VIII 2020.

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    UN Tells UK: Don’t Use Navy to Stop Illegals, Migrant Numbers Are ‘Low and Manageable’

    The UN Refugee Agency and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) have told the UK not to use the navy to repel illegal boat migrants coming from France, claiming that Britain can cope with the constant stream of new arrivals because numbers are “low”.

    More than 4,500 illegals have crossed the English Channel and landed on Britain’s shores in the first eight months of 2020 — more than double the 1,890 who arrived in the whole of 2019.

    Last week, the British government announced that it had
    askedthe military to aid UK Border Force and is considering an Australian-style push-back programme to force boats of illegal migrants back to France. Not only are the French reportedly playing hardball over accepting back the migrants, but the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the IOM — which has said that mass migration is “inevitable, desirable, [and] necessary” — are telling the UK not to repel the boats, either. The bodies claimedin a press release that they were “troubled by the proposal to intercept boats and return those attempting to cross the English Channel irregularly”, alleging it could cause “harmful and fatal incidents”.

    “Although increasing numbers of people have been crossing the Channel by boat this summer, the numbers remain low and manageable,” the globalist bodies said, implying that the UK should simply continue to accept the high number of illegal incursions into Britain. “People forced by wars and persecution to flee their homes and people on the move frequently embark on risky journeys in many parts of the world,” they added.

    While the agencies talk of people ‘fleeing’ wars and persecution, migrants who cross from France to the UK travelled through several safe countries in which they should have claimed asylum — including France itself. The UNHCR even admitted in May that 70% of the Mediterranean boat migrants do not qualify for refugee status.

    “Our collective response should be comprehensive and complementary — from saving lives to combating smuggling rings, expanding legal options, and ensuring that all those who are in need of protection can effectively access it,” Pascale Moreau, UNHCR Director for Europe, said, effectively ruling out nations’ rights to reinforce their borders and repel illegal aliens. While UN leaders such as its general-secretary, António Guterres, have claimed that “migration is inevitable and will not stop”, other countries have proved that position wrong. During the 2015 Europe migrant crisis, Hungary became the gateway between the Balkans and Western Europe for migrants from the Middle East. The government of conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán built fences and walls, increased border patrols, and pushed back illegals at the border, reducing the numbers of migrants from 391,000 in 2015 to just 1,184 in 2017.

    Australia was also a success story, with its Operation Sovereign Borders. By repelling boats at sea, then-Prime Minister Tony Abbott has reduced the number of migrants from 20,000 a year to zero by 2015. The antipodean country had also come to blows with the United Nations, which has been claiming for years that turning back migrant boats was illegal. However, Australia’s High Court ruled in 2015 that maritime interceptions were legal, setting a precedent for nations worldwide.

    Mr Abbott recently gave a word of warning to the UK that unless it got tough on illegal immigration, the nation would suffer its own migrant crisis. He also dispelled the myth that stopping boats was dangerous, pointing out that destroying the smugglers’ business model ultimately saves lives at sea. The method was also proven by then Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini, whose practice of rejecting the boats resulted in a drop in deaths in 2018 as migrants stopped taking the dangerous journey from Africa to Europe. “This is the fundamental truth that policy makers in Britain need to understand. To stop people from setting out for Britain in unseaworthy boats, you have to ensure that they never arrive; or that if they do arrive they are swiftly sent back. Especially if people setting out for Britain in overloaded dinghies are going to be rescued and taken where they want to go, the boats will keep coming,” Mr Abbott said in June.

    “Plainly, this will require a degree of determination and planning on Britain’s part. The French may not like to hear ‘they shall not pass’ from Britons… Still, in the long run, this is for France’s good too; as the only way to clear the camps in Calais is to ensure that none of their occupants can ever get across the Channel and stay,” he added.

    Not just stop funding the about stop funding 'foreign aid' By next year that will be Ł14.5 BILLION. Yet places like India (Ł95Million)....are the first country to land a robotic spacecraft on the far side of the Moon. WHO paid for that? China and India are both richer Countries...WHY do they need AID?

    I believe....(and the more I read about it....the more I am that it is true) the idea is to 'waterdown' those irritating Celtic/Anglo-Saxon Britons....because they are 'too hard to control' and 'will not do as they are told'! There is a huge effort being put into throttling us....and getting rid of the likes of Donald Trump (who is again 'uncontrollable') and getting the Technocrats in control of EVERYTHING! ......REAL.1984 stuff! Where did they get their money from???? WHY are the likes of T May getting paid quite so much money to 'speak'....exactly what is she being paid for?(past favours?...she is a failed PM and as far as I can see has NOTHING worth hearing!) We have A LOT of questions that need answering!

    They are from ethnic background so intent on power and corruption that they fail to build their own countries up from the broken states they are ... and want to TAKE what the western peoples have already built ! We all know though that if they ever gained that control ... our countries would very soon look like their own trashed lands ! The problem is politicians like Boris who claim to be one thing .... but then take orders from the likes of the UN ...globalist POS that he is!

    The opinions of the UNHCR and IOM (International Organization for Migration) are as valid as asking an alcoholic if he would like a beer. 75% of Brits polled recently want the illegal (yes, illegal) immigration to stop, and they didn't appoint the nation destroyers of UNHCR or IOM.

    UN Tells UK: Don’t Use Navy to Stop Illegals, Migrant Numbers Are ‘Low and Manageable’

    16 VIII 2020.

    All of the socialist left want a world free of borders, where the whole 3rd World, can live in any Western country of their choosing regardless of the consequence collapse.

    Reply to the UN by giving the UK a UN-Exit referendum NOW.

    Three-Quarters of Britons See Illegal Migration in Channel as Serious Issue

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    ‘British FBI’ Bust Pakistan Heroin Ring, Seize 59 Properties Worth Ł17m

    Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has seized some 59 properties worth an estimated Ł17 million after busting an organised crime ring importing massive quantities of heroin into Britain from Pakistan.

    The serious and organised crime focused law enforcement agency, roughly equivalent to America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), got ringleader Ameran Zeb Khan and seven other men in the dock for sentencing in July 2017 after a years-long investigation kicked off by UK Border Force discovering a 165 kilos (over 360 pounds) of uncut heroin concealed in a shipment of industrial lathes.

    The NCA boasts in an official statement that the Birmingham-based criminals “were imprisoned for a total of 139 years and four months” — although, as is often the case with reports on British sentences, this is misleading, as adding up multiple sentences across multiple people, some of which individuals may be intended to serve concurrently, tells the public little about how long anyone will actually serve in custody, particularly as it is standard for convicts in Britain to be automatically released on licence halfway or two-thirds of the way through their terms.

    Possibly more effective are the civil recovery investigations the NCA has been conducting over almost a decade into “dozens of individuals who were suspected of financial links to [the] drug dealers in East Birmingham”, leading to the seizure of the dozens of mostly private residential properties.

    The NCA found that the drug dealers “would use family members and wider associates to hold properties on their behalf… to conceal and launder the proceeds of their unlawful conduct”, with income being generated from properties rented out in Birmingham, Bangor in Northern Ireland, and a gym named Rampage Fitness.

    The NCA now reports that it has sold off all but one of the properties, with the proceeds being “paid into the public purse” in a move its Head of Asset Denial, Andy Lewis, described as “display[ing] the power of civil investigations working in tandem with criminal ones to take high harm organised crime groups down.”

    Birmingham Pakistani Drug ring sent to prison of 139 years 4 months for bringing 165 kilos of uncut heroin into the UK - works out at about 18 years each.

    Drug gangs, rape gangs, terrorist gangs, slavery gangs & vote rigging gangs are all the same thing.

    Want some dope, head to the mosque, want some weapons, head to the mosque, planning a terror attack ,head to the mosque for aid and assistance. The mosques are their command and control centres, about time our dumbo's in Westminster woke up to that fact and closed them down.

    If the BBC mention it, they will blame it all on Colonialism.

    ‘British FBI’ Bust Pakistan Heroin Ring, Seize 59 Properties Worth Ł17m

    28 VIII 2020.

    Besides making a lot of money supplying the UK with large quantities of narcotics they’ll take much pride in destroying the ‘kaffir’ society.
    The sentences they are given are a joke rather than a deterrent. Sentences should reflect the misery, harm and death the offence causes.

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    Arrests as anti-immigration protesters clash with police and block A20 into Dover

    Rival groups assemble in the coastal town in Kent to demonstrate over the arrival of thousands of migrants in small boats.

    Nine people have been arrested after anti-migrant protesters clashed with police and blocked a dual carriageway into Dover.

    Rival groups assembled in the coastal town in Kent to demonstrate over the arrival of thousands of migrants in small boats.

    Kent Police said the arrests were for alleged offences including racially aggravated public order, violent disorder and assaulting an emergency worker.

    Many protesters wore Union flag face masks and carried banners, while some shouted "England til I die" and sang Rule, Britannia.

    At one point, several officers were seen restraining a person on the ground.

    There have been other sporadic clashes, with at least 100 police officers at the scene by the A20.

    Earlier, a group of around 60 people shouting anti-migrant slogans were seen moving along Dover seafront.

    It is thought that groups from across the country travelled to Dover.

    Meanwhile, pro-migrant activists gathered in Market Square in the town in a demonstration organised by the Kent Anti Racism Network.

    Addressing a crowd of about 100 people, Peter Keenan from Kent Refugee Help said when society sees those who are fleeing war and turns them away, "that says something about the state of your society".

    He added: "We are not those people. We are standing up and welcoming people who are in desperate circumstances fleeing from awful situations."

    On Friday night the words "Rise above fear. Refugees welcome" were beamed on to the White Cliffs of Dover by humanitarian charity Freedom From Torture.

    More than 1,450 migrants arrived in the UK by small boats in August - believed to be the record for a single month - according to analysis.

    The number of migrants to have crossed the sea to Britain this year is now more than 5,600, figures from the PA news agency show.

    This week saw a new single-day record for migrant arrivals, with 416 crossing the English Channel to reach UK shores in small boats on Wednesday.

    Downing Street said that the figure was "completely unacceptable".

    Home Secretary Priti Patel recently vowed to make the route "completely unviable" for those crossing the Channel to seek asylum.

    Sky News

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    Birmingham Stabbings: Witness Claims He Saw ‘Black Guy’ Stab Woman ‘Several Times’ in Neck

    A man claiming to be an eyewitness to part of the Birmingham stabbing spree says the suspect is a “black guy” and to have seen him stab a woman “several times in the neck”.

    Early eyewitness reports of a confusing night of violence in England’s second city linked the police-declared “major incident” to multi-ethnic street brawls featuring “many gunshots”, but police later said that they were seeking just one individual for the stabbings, which have so far left one man dead and seven people injured, two critically.

    “It does appear to be a random attack because we haven’t found any links between the victims, either in their nature or in where they were socialising,” claimed Chief Superintendent Steve Graham, with the BBC saying that police line was that they did not have evidence the stabbings were terror-related, a hate crime, or linked to gangs or disorder — and that they were
    refusing to release a suspect description.

    However, David Brown of The Times has now released a video of a man claiming to be a witness to part of the stabbing spree which identifies the suspect as “a black guy, between 20 to 25, wearing a hoodie [with two vertical white stripes], a black cap, [and] black trousers”: The account by the witness, identified as local bar owner Savvas Sfrantziz, was also reported by Sky News, who published a recording of him saying he saw the suspect “stabbing [a] girl several times in the neck” from “about 20 yards away.” “She started screaming: ‘He’s stabbing me’,” Sfrantziz said, saying that bystanders were initially slow to act because they thought the suspect was only robbing her for a necklace. “It was a busy time and people started panicking when they saw the girl on the floor — and there was another guy further up in the middle of the road,” he recalled. “You could see blood all over the English guy. The girl was unconscious, but the guy was screaming ‘he stabbed me’ and swearing at his attacker. It happened within seconds.” Sfrantziz said the attack “looked very random, the way he did it,” as he “just went up to her and just stabbed her. I’ve never seen anything like it.” He described the suspect as eerily calm, and that “he didn’t even run, he just walked” away from his victim until two male bystanders chased him from the scene.

    As of the time of publication, Sfrantziz’s account of the stabbings remains unconfirmed, and West Midlands Police is telling social media users referencing videos of it that they are “working through CCTV and witness statements [and will] issue images and a description as soon as we are able to.”

    In the NWO legal system, only whites are racist and evil.

    How dare you observe reality accurately!

    Black Lives Matter replaces Allahu Akbar.

    The British Deep State covers up terrorism and punishes those who expose truth and facts.

    Birmingham Stabbings: Witness Claims He Saw ‘Black Guy’ Stab Woman ‘Several Times’ in Neck

    06 IX 2020.

    Dismiss the top Police who are not doing their job and replace them with bureaucrats who will get the job done.

    Crime like this will not just continue but increase unto 'the punishment fits the crime.'

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    Suspect Arrested for Birmingham Mass Stabbing After Huge Manhunt

    British police arrested a 27-year-old man in the early hours of Monday morning on suspicion of murder and seven counts of attempted murder following a string of stabbings in a busy nightlife district in the central England city of Birmingham over the weekend.

    West Midlands Police said the suspect remains in custody after being arrested at around 4 a.m. Monday.

    The arrest follows a large-scale police manhunt in the wake of the stabbings in the early hours of Sunday morning. Police released CCTV footage of the man they said was wanted on suspicion of murder.

    A 23-year-old man was killed in the attacks and a man and a woman, ages 19 and 32, remain critically ill in hospital after suffering serious stab wounds.

    Following the arrest, Birmingham Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Steve Graham, said one line of enquiry “ultimately led us to an address in the Selly Oak area this morning where a man was arrested.” “Clearly this is a crucial development but our investigation continues,” he added.

    No name, no surprise.

    No mention of his 'ethnicity' or 'colour'........Why do you suppose that is?

    Funny how when plod were looking for Russians after the Salisbury attack the CCTV was crystal clear I recall.

    There were so many witness's and so much footage that we cannot possibly conceal it, or people will notice that we routinely hide the ethnicity of attackers. Unless they are white.

    blqck, muslim or both--a hate monger and a Marxist--protected by the UK filth


    So it turns out to be a Somalian muslim and a recent immigrant. None of us here were surprised.
    As the police always hides the identity of the perpetrator, when it is a muslim.
    I suspect that what happened in Birmingham will be taken off the news quickly, in the same way the Reading terrorist attack was from earlier in the year.

    Not motivated by hate? What was his motivation then? Trying to save the planet through population control?

    Suspect Arrested for Birmingham Mass Stabbing After Huge Manhunt

    07 IX 2020.

    Usual story template: Religion of peace at it again but not mentioned. Known suspect(s) fleeing war and as a consequence has mental problems?

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