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Thread: Learning to Live With "MLK's Dream"

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    Post Learning to Live With "MLK's Dream"

    Learning to live with MLK's dream

    There is no parade of white hoods planned. Those went away decades ago. So Tom Metzger, the leader of the White Aryan Resistance, will spend today drinking a beer. Maybe at his house. Maybe at the bar.

    "I tell everybody, 'They give you a day off, celebrate whomever you want to celebrate,' " Metzger says.

    Metzger won't be celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Instead, he says he'll celebrate some of the leaders of the White Power movement. But he'll keep that to himself. He has no one to celebrate with, and doesn't dare make a big show of it.

    Metzger's brand of racism isn't popular anymore, especially among Whites, something Metzger can't believe. "Our biggest problem is White people, not Black people."

    It might seem like there is still a long ways to go in terms of civil rights in this country. But talking to a White supremacist, you realize just how far this country has truly come.

    "It was my generation that dropped the ball," the 64-year-old television repairman says from his home in Fallbrook, Calif.

    There was a time when a White supremacist could count on his government. Not anymore.

    So, while President Bush speaking out against affirmative action might seem like a step backward, it's not. In Metzger's mind, at least. Not when compared with memories of Alabama Gov. George Wallace surrounded by troops, ready to keep a Black student out of class.

    And maybe Sen. Trent Lott's defense of Strom Thurmond showed some deeply held racist beliefs. But it still depressed Metzger, because Lott waffled so quickly on it.

    "There really isn't, among the elite classes in this country, real racism," he says.

    Time was, if a minority family moved into a nice neighborhood, the White families would move out. It doesn't happen that way anymore.

    "Some of it may be dying," Metzger admits.

    The trouble, according to Metzger, is that the races started mixing, in business and society, sometimes forced, sometimes not, and a lot of the hate went away.

    "Anytime you put two races together they're going to mingle. Social scientists knew that from the very beginning," he says. "After a few generations, it would be fine."

    So Metzger has had to adjust to a world where it's impossible to live life as a true White separatist.

    "I deal with (minorities) in business. I just don't mix with them socially. If you're buying food and you're not going to deal with any non-Whites, you're going to go hungry."

    The White Aryan Resistance was recruiting in Arizona. A WAR member named Dennis Mahon spread racist literature around Gilbert two years ago.

    But the movement wasn't very successful. Metzger won't say where Mahon is living but hints that he has moved out of Arizona. There are still "associates" of Metzger here, but he says they're pretty much the same ones he has known for the last 20 or 30 years.

    Meanwhile, Metzger is slowly but surely seeing his dream of racial purity disappear. Whites are still at the top of government and business, but instead of using their positions to drive races apart, they more often overtly work to bring diverse people together.

    "There's plenty of White power," Metzger says, "just the wrong kind of White power."

    With membership dropping, Metzger says he may start reaching out to Blacks who feel they might be better off living separate from Whites, meaning that even the White supremacists could have integrated meetings.

    "I'm sure we can work together."

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    << With membership dropping, Metzger says he may start reaching out to Blacks who feel they might be better off living separate from Whites, meaning that even the White supremacists could have integrated meetings. >>

    I know Metzger is open to that. He's spoke at Nation Of Islam meetings before.

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