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Thread: Brexit

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    Labour is still in denial about its Brexit woes

    A new Labour report calls for the party to apologise to Leavers… and Remainers.

    Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. If grief comes in five stages, then the Labour Party, a year on from its biggest electoral defeat since the 1930s, has arrived at ‘bargaining’. In this stage, people ask themselves ‘What if?’ and ponder ‘If only…’ as a means of postponing the sadness, confusion and hurt. Some Labour members are, it seems, finally beginning to ask: ‘What if we hadn’t called for a second referendum?… If only we hadn’t betrayed our core voters.’

    Ex-party chairman Ian Lavery and former elections chief Jon Trickett, both members of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet unceremoniously dumped by
    Keir Starmer, have produced a report analysing why Labour lost so badly in last year’s General Election. In No Holding Back, they identify the party’s call for a second referendum as one of the key reasons voters looked elsewhere. They argue this policy let down both Leave and Remain voters: ‘Leave voters were too often sneered at and Remain voters were led up the garden path with a position – of overturning the referendum result – that was never seriously achievable.’ They are now calling on the Labour leadership to issue a ‘full-throated apology’ for this Brexit fence-sitting.

    Hats off to Lavery and Trickett. To have come this far must have required a great deal of soul-searching. But sadly, they still don’t get it. To argue that both Leavers and Remainers are deserving of an apology suggests that all were equally let down. This lets the Labour Party off the hook for rejecting a decision made by 17.4million voters – the largest mandate for anything in British political history. Seeking to overturn this mandate was not only a denial of the will of the majority but an attempt to invalidate the democratic process. In claiming that Remainers are deserving of an apology, Lavery and Trickett imply that a problem with the call for a second referendum was simply technical – the party was promising something that couldn’t be delivered.

    Their continued failure to grasp the enormity of Labour’s betrayal of Leave voters is made clear when they try to absolve themselves of blame: ‘Our argument, back in the summer of 2019, that seeking to overturn the referendum would lead to electoral disaster in the north and the Midlands, was drowned out by other elements in the top ranks of the party… we opposed the moves which were made to turn the party into a Remain-facing political unit.’

    Good on them for trying, I guess. But Labour didn’t suddenly begin speaking out of both sides of its mouth in the summer of 2019. It had been ambiguous about Brexit long before that. Having campaigned to remain in the EU before the referendum, the party then promised to ‘honour’ the Leave vote in 2017. Only this ‘honouring’ came with so many caveats, demands and tests that it made Theresa May’s Brexit In Name Only seem extreme by comparison. Labour’s 2019 decision to back a second referendum did not come from nowhere – it simply made explicit the compromise position Labour had taken so far.

    Saying sorry and moving on, as many in Labour would, it seems, like to do, trivialises the party’s contempt for much of the electorate. It’s also worth asking who would issue such a ‘full-throated’ apology. After all, the incumbent leader, Sir Keir Starmer, was, as Brexit spokesman, the key architect of this disastrous second-referendum policy. If Labour was truly regretful of their position on Brexit it would never have elected him party leader.

    But Lavery and Trickett stop short of calling for Starmer’s resignation. Ever the pragmatists, they point out that Labour has recovered in the polls since Starmer became leader. However, in a moment of clarity, they concede this is primarily because he is picking up support ‘among former Liberal Democrats and middle-class voters in the south’. Meanwhile, they acknowledge, in Leave-voting areas there has been ‘a glacial pace of change among voters who are still overwhelmingly in the Tory camp’.

    Lavery and Trickett acknowledge that ‘for too long in predominantly working-class areas, voters felt they were being taken for granted – and that Labour was seen as the establishment party’. What’s more, they know that undoing all this requires real change. ‘The old days of parachuting political professionals into working-class communities that they have no connection to must now end in totality’, they argue.

    Instead, they propose quotas of candidates from working-class backgrounds. Again, this badly misses the point. Voters are sick of identity politics. It’s not a few more northern accents that former Labour voters are longing for, or MPs who hark on about their childhood free-school dinners. People want well-paid, secure jobs, good schools, a fully functioning health service and decent transport infrastructure. Under Starmer, Labour offers none of these things. His support for the current economically devastating lockdown shows he has no more idea what working-class voters want than Jeremy Corbyn did.

    Sorry might be the hardest word to say. But demanding full-throated apologies for Labour’s Brexit betrayal shows that although some sections of the party might be up for bargaining, many more are still in denial.

    Labour is still in denial about its Brexit woes - spiked

    12 XI 2020.

    Careerist Starmer is an egotistical charlatan. Treason is not easy forgot. Labour, if not finished, remain unelectable.
    The biggest issue for Brexit ‘leavers’ was the continuing mass invasion of 3rd world gimmegrants.
    How can both Labour and the Conservatives parties continue to ignore that?

    A person who makes elaborate, fraudulent, and often voluble claims to skill or knowledge; a quack or fraud.

    50 days to go.

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    ‘Beginning of the End for Boris’: Nigel Farage Decries PM’s Woke Agenda, Brexit Backtracking

    It is the “beginning of the end” for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Brexit leader Nigel Farage said on Sunday, following the British leader’s ousting of Vote Leave director Dominic Cummings from Downing Street.
    Mr Farage predicted that Johnson will use the departure of Cummings and the possibility of a Joe Biden presidency to push the Conservative Party to adopt a left-wing agenda, which he said will risk the support of working-class voters in Northern ‘Red Wall’ constituencies.

    He said that Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party are “going to go green…they’re going to go big on trans rights, they’re going to go big on generally not causing offence to anybody, and I’ve no doubt taking the knee to BLM and other Marxist organizations.” The leader of the Reform Party said that Mr Johnson is no “Winston Churchill or Margaret Thatcher” and argued that the PM is “always worried about short-term unpopularity”. “I fear that if Boris is now being convinced by those around him the refreshed new lovely sort of Cameron approach to everything: let’s be cuddly and fluffy and lovely and popular in central London. If he thinks that is going to save his political career he’s in for the most almighty shock,” he said.

    Farage predicted that in light of the departure of chief advisor
    Dominic Cummings and communications director Lee Kaine, he feels it will be “the beginning of the end for Boris Johnson”, whom he claimed has squandered the historic 80 seat victory in last year’s general election. He argued that the Conservative Party has failed to understand the voters who helped secure their majority in Parliament, saying: “they are not interested in taxpayer-funded green ideas”. The Prime Minister is expected to deliver a speech outlining his green agenda, which reportedly will seek to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel engine cars by the year 2030. While the speech was trailed to take place this week, Mr Johnson went into self-isolation on Sunday evening after a member of parliament he met with was diagnosed with coronavirus.

    Mr Farage went on to warn that the promises made during the Brexit campaign are in “peril” because the “leavers are leaving Downing Street”. “We’re going through the biggest peacetime economic crisis in history, the clock is running down to the end of Brexit negotiations and yet the girls and boys in Westminster are all busy playing games all trying to stab each other in the back,” Farage said. He noted that while the main focus of the negotiations with the European Union has focussed on fishing rights and the so-called “level playing field” demands from Brussels, there has been a lack of focus on one of the driving issues of the Leave campaign, to get control of migration. Farage predicted that the final deal with the European Union will do little to restrict the free movement of people, saying: “unless we get the right Brexit deal nothing will change.”

    “If you add to that the likelihood that the duffer, Joe Biden is going to become the next U.S. president and has said already that our relationship with the USA will depend on how happy Brussels and Dublin are with the deal, you can see right now that Brexit is in great peril,” Farage noted. The arch-Brexiteer said that while he expects there to be further fights over Brexit over the coming years, he is “not going to stand by and just let this thing be just run into the long grass for us not to get the benefits that Brexit should give us. I won’t do that without standing up and fighting.” “If I’m wrong then tell me at the end of December I’m an idiot and I should have trusted Boris all the way through but I’ll make this prediction right: now Brexit is in peril,” he concluded.

    Farage is right. I don't agree with him that Corrupt Stupid Biden is the next prez. The fraud was so massive and obvious with clear ties between Dominion and the unDemocratic CP including it now appears, Harris the Hoe.
    -Brexit is in danger - absolutely correct
    -Migration will not be controlled or even considered an issue - Nigel is correct.
    -CV19 is a fraud - there is no pandemic - and it will be used as an excuse to sign a Brexit light deal.
    -Bozo does not run the country, his hoe-ogre-gf-fugly Symonds does, like Edward II his foes will see he is weak and dispense with his fat carcass.
    2020 was awful. With idiots like Bozo in power 2021 could be even worse.

    P M ‘s: Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron had group amnesia when it came to George Soros as all of them forgot to put Soros in their autobiographies !

    Boris Johnson heritage is turkish, jewish, german and a small drop of is always supporting the other side, not the english one... and ‘born in the USA’.

    Princess Nut Nut Elbows Bojo Towards the Great Reset
    17 XI 2020.

    EU imposed 'mass 3rd world migration' was the reason the British people voted to leave the EUssr.

    Sooner or later it will be dealt with, one way or another.

    44 days to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jagdmesser View Post
    EU imposed 'mass 3rd world migration' was the reason the British people voted to leave the EUssr.

    Sooner or later it will be dealt with, one way or another.
    Indeed. But I doubt that the Big Blonde Baby will be the one to do it.

    He will happily lock down the whole nation and force everyone to wear a mask, but he will not raise his voice against the Muslim rape gangs.

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    'Walk away now!' Britons furious as stubborn EU refuses to accept UK fishing rules

    BRITONS have reacted furiously to the news that Brussels is still reluctant to accept the UK's fishing red lines in a trade deal.

    Hopes of securing a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU are starting to dwindle, as the two sides have yet to agree on issues such as fishing rights and common standards. Prime Minister
    Boris Johnson briefed his cabinet yesterday on the latest progress, saying he remained "keen" to get an agreement but would not compromise on the UK's "core principles".

    The Prime Minister's official spokesman said: "The PM said that his position hasn't changed: the UK is keen to secure a deal with the EU, but not at the cost of our core principles around sovereignty and control over our laws, borders, money - and our fish. "Significant issues remain, particularly on the so-called level playing field and fisheries. "We are working hard to find solutions which fully respect UK sovereignty, but it is far from certain that an agreement will prove possible and time is now very short. "The PM said that, if we cannot find suitable compromises with our European friends, we will leave the transition period on Australia terms on January 1.

    "The PM said he was incredibly confident that the UK will thrive with or without a free trade agreement with the EU." Express readers have responded furiously to the news that Brussels will still not compromise on allowing Britain to have greater control of its own fishing waters. As a result, readers urged the Government to walk away from the negotiations and pursue a no deal Brexit instead. One person wrote: “WTO rules then. The French won’t accept any deal due to the fishing.

    “So just walk now. Then it doesn’t have to go to the EU or UK for ratification.” Another user said: "That's a problem for the EU, not us. "They have had nearly five years to sort themselves out. "It demonstrates just one reason for leaving. "No deal, WTO, will do very nicely thank you."

    A third reader fumed: "It is unacceptable that the UK govt. has allowed itself to be manipulated into more and more delays. "The EU has used this as a tactic to take back control of the negotiations. "The govt. has failed to keep in mind that the EU seeks only to benefit itself and do damage to the UK. "The only path out, at this late stage, is to terminate discussions on the grounds that the UK will not tolerate the uncertainty of a veto. No deal is still the best option."

    'make concessions' in Brexit talks

    Another person said: "NO DEAL is the safest, they cannot be trusted. "Clean break and sever all connections, we need to keep them at arm's length. "They have shown their true colours in the last 4 years, definitely NO friend to the UK." The current Brexit transition period ends on December 31 when Britain will finally leave the EU's single market and the customs union. Any deal would have to be ratified by both the UK and European parliaments before then.

    'Walk away now!' Britons furious as stubborn EU refuses to ...

    18 XI 2020.

    43 Days to go.

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    Brexit fury: Douglas Hurd turned Britons into EU citizens 'WITHOUT reading what it meant'

    DOUGLAS HURD turned Britons into EU citizens with the Maastricht Treaty - but later admitted he did not know exactly what it meant, Ukip founder Alan Sked has told

    At 11pm on January 31, Britain left the EU, putting an end to almost half-a-century of eurosceptic frustrations. The journey there was not an easy one, though, as Brexit day was preceded by a debilitating political period that bitterly divided the nation. Since the Leave vote won in June 2016, unprecedented levels of parliamentary rancour, public anger and mistrust has dominated political debate. Many parliamentarians and politicians on each side of the political spectrum tried to ignore the democratic will of the people, and attempted to scupper Brexit.

    As the country starts its new chapter outside the
    European bloc, in an exclusive interview with, Ukip founder Alan Sked recalled how the Government of the day turned Britons into "EU citizens" with the Maastricht Treaty in the late Nineties. As soon as he became Prime Minister in 1991, Sir John Major wanted to place “Britain at the heart of Europe” with the Maastricht Treaty. The Treaty is the international agreement that saw what was then the European Economic Community (EEC) evolve into the EU with initially only 12 member states.

    It laid down the groundwork for economic and monetary union with a single currency at its heart and new rules on inflation, debt and interest rate regulations. It also granted EU citizenship to every person who was a citizen of a member state.

    The Treaty, which greatly increased the powers of the European Commission, was widely unpopular and,
    according to Professor Sked, was also meant to be kept secret from the public. The emeritus Professor of International History at the London School of Economics (LSE) said: "When it was in the process of being approved in Brussels, Denmark had to have a referendum on it under its constitution. "However, the Danes didn't want to have a referendum without reading it first, so they published the Treaty in Danish. I was invited to go to Copenhagen to make speeches against Maastricht, which I did. "At the time, I was the leader of the Anti-Federalist league. "We got a copy of the Danish version and we brought it back to London and translated it into English." Professor Sked continued: "We then gave it to The Sunday Times and The Sunday Times published it as a supplement one weekend, so everyone got a copy." According to the prominent eurosceptic, that was the first time it was published in English. The British Government didn't publish an official version until nine months later.

    Prof Sked added: "The Treaty was negotiated in the House of Commons in the meantime by MPs who had never read it. "And they passed it."

    He also revealed that Sir John's Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd was asked by other MPs what the implications of becoming EU citizens were. The Ukip founder said: "He was asked for example, if it meant that Britons could have been called to serve in European army. "Hurd said he didn't know. "And he was the one who signed up the Tories to Jean Monnet's Action Committee for the United States of Europe in the late Sixties." Mr Monnet was one of the founding fathers of the EU. In 1955, he founded the Action Committee for the United States of Europe in order to revive European construction following the failure of the European Defence Community (EDC). It brought political parties and European trade unions together to become a driving force behind the initiatives, which laid the foundation for the bloc as it eventually emerged. According to Professor Sked, Mr Hurd signed up the Tories through Lord Edwin Plowden's private account in the City. He added: "The original cost was £15,000 for the first year, which was quite a lot of money in the late Sixties." The sum would be around £248,000 in today's money.

    The devious nature of conservative politicians in the past is shameful. If Boris folds this time many will switch to the reform party, both ex Conservative and working Labour voters, who are mainly ignored by the Westminster toffs.

    Brexit fury: Douglas Hurd turned Britons into EU citizens ...

    23 XI 2020.
    Education is a danger... At best an education which produces useful coolies for us is admissible. Every educated person is a future enemy.
    Martin Bormann

    38 Days to go.

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    EU Threatens to Walk Out of Brexit Talks Unless Britain Accepts Brussels’ Demands.

    Brexit deal talks are over if Britain will not give in to the European Union’s demands, Brussels’ top man is claimed to have told UK negotiators, as the clock runs down in the final weeks until Britain is expected to finally and fully leave the bloc.

    While talks between the European power bloc and its erstwhile member have dragged on for years, they have been fundamentally hobbled from day one by the simple fact that both sides want outcomes so radically different; anything approaching accommodation would ultimately be a betrayal to their own interests. Evidently exasperated at Britain refusing to yield on its own red lines, the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier is reported to have told his British counterparts that if they did not accommodate his demands within two days, talks would effectively be over, reports The Guardian. The paper notes the demand came during a Zoom call on Tuesday — physical talks having been cancelled until later this week due to coronavirus — and that European negotiators might hope that the demand would pile pressure on Boris Johnson to soften his stance.

    The claim of Barnier’s demand comes a week after comments from Boris Johnson’s spokesman, who said it remained the opinion of British negotiators that it would be better to leave Europe fully at the end of this year with no deal, as opposed to leaving with a bad deal. The spokesman said: “The PM said he was incredibly confident that the UK will thrive with or without a free trade agreement with the EU.” Illustrating where friction remained, the spokesman said: “Significant issues remain, particularly on the so-called level playing field and fisheries. We are working hard to find solutions which fully respect UK sovereignty, but it is far from certain that an agreement will prove possible and time is now very short.”

    Ultimately, the questions over a deal boil down to how the two sides view the future. British negotiators see a so-called Canada-style relationship between the UK and the EU, where both parties trade freely but where Britain is an independent nation and free to make its own way in the world, as is typical for sovereign states. For the European Union, the post-Brexit world should be as similar to the pre-Brexit one as possible, with Britain bound to obeying certain European rules and restrictions. Of particular importance to Europe is that Britain is prevented — under threat of punishment — of “undercutting” the European Union, by changing its own laws, or seeking to become more competitive in the future. Brexiteers argue regaining this freedom underlines the whole point of the Brexit project, and without it, the nation’s departure would be a ‘Brexit in name only’ / Brino.

    The European Commission’s president, Ursula von der Leyen, emphasised the EU’s view that Britain needed to shift its stance on Wednesday, and again alluded to the ‘level playing field’ Brussels demands that would tie the UK to the bloc in perpetuity. She told the European Parliament: “These are decisive days for negotiations with the United Kingdom. But, frankly, I cannot tell you today if, in the end, there will be a deal… We will do all in our power to reach an agreement, we’re ready to be creative. But we are not ready to put into question the integrity of the single market, the main safeguard for European prosperity and wealth.” Discussing the potential punishments Europe could mete out to Britain if it did decide to make its own way in future, von der Leyen continued: “We want to know what remedies are available in case one side will deviate in the future because trust is good, but law is better.”

    These latest developments are not, by any means, the first time a party to the Brexit talks will have demanded the other side be more flexible, or even that they have collapsed. British negotiators told Europe to show more “flexibility”
    earlier this month, warning that talks could fall apart otherwise — basically mirror comments to those issued by Brussels this week. Last month, talk was even more robust, with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson sensationally walking away from negotiations, declaring them to have failed and remarking it was pointless for them to go on as neither side was capable or willing of accommodating the other. Regardless, negotiators were back at the table less than a week later as if nothing had happened.

    Matt Hancock - Klaus Schwab - Soros - Gates Alert !
    Unfortunately, as the UK escapes Brussels, she gets even more trapped by Davos.
    Here is Matt Hancock signing the UK up to the ''Great Reset'' with his new best friend, Davos chairman Klaus Schwab, who is best friends with George Soros and Bill Gates.........
    So Matt Hancock is the ''go between'' linking the UK government to the billionaire global elite.
    Will Hancock retire extremely rich? I think that's very likely, keeping in with the billionaires and doing what they want usually pays well in the end !

    Major, Blair and Cameron are estimated by some rich lists to be worth $60,000,000 each upwards which to me counts as extremely rich.
    Boros is apparently broke, making him an ideal target for billionaires wanting to buy policy and legislation as from his predecessors which certainly appears to be happening.
    How did the billionaires make their money?
    Apparently partly through collusion with politicians where they buy policies and invest accordingly......

    Without the support of the US through President Trump, the UK has no chance of escaping the EU. They can't fight the super villain Global Elite alone.

    We must not allow mail in ballots in any future elections and take a good lesson from the American mass voter fraud carried out by the globalists, remember who introduced mail in voting in this country? Yes, that evil reptile Bliar.

    It's kind of like divorcing a "Total Witch"......she wants everything after the separation.....Britain just needs to "walk away".....It will do fine once it gets over the fact it was married to the EU for so long.

    EU Threatens to Walk Out of Brexit Talks Unless Britain Accepts Brussels’ Demands

    26 XI 2020.

    Most UK politicians have been working against the people for a long time. Same throughout the whole Western world and very naive not to recognise that.


    Because they are all bought with big to vast sums of money hidden in off shore accounts and advised how to handle it so it doesn't become public knowledge. This is why the Caribbean is a tax haven.

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    Fishermen: EU ‘Like Bully Who Steals Your Lunch’ and ‘Expects You to Be Grateful for a Few Crumbs Back’

    Scottish fishermen have slammed the EU behaving “like the bully who steals your lunch every day and expects you to be grateful for the few crumbs he hands back” as it continues to push for control over Britain’s fisheries.

    The European Economic Community, as the European Union then was, changed its rules to give Brussels control over national fishing waters shortly before the United Kingdom joined in the 1970s, bringing the richest fishing waters in western Europe with it. The EU currently doles out more than half of those stocks to other EU member-states — Britain left the bloc at the beginning of 2020 but remains a member in all but name through the ongoing “transition” period — and has over the years overseen massive job losses in the British fishing industry, with thousands of British fishermen either driven out of business or paid to destroy their vessels.

    Survivors had looked forward to regaining their lost fisheries after the vote to Leave the European Union back in 2016 but, despite EU loyalists having repeatedly played down the economic importance of fishing, the bloc has been fighting tooth and nail to retain its current control Britain’s waters, threatening to refuse a trade deal if they do not get it. The British government has claimed it will not give way, but many Brexiteers fear they will break their word, particularly with the departure of former Vote Leave campaign mastermind Dominic Cummings having left Boris Johnson’s team, which Brussels hailed as a potential turning point. With the transition set to expire at the end of 2020 and a no-deal on the horizon, EU negotiators are widely reported to be attempting to entice their British governments with an offer on fisheries which would see Britain’s catch increased by a meagre 15% to 18% — an offer the Scottish Fishermen Association has
    denounced as “paltry”. “Maybe, just maybe, they are at last waking up to smell the fish. They have made a small offer to give us a paltry extra share. It would be less than 10% of the total catch. Of the fish of which we now the legal owner,” commented association chief executive Elspeth MacDonald, incredulous. “It is like the bully who steals your lunch every day and expects you to be grateful for the few crumbs he hands back,” she told the Telegraph.

    MacDonald insisted the government must not give into EU demands for control over British fisheries as, in effect, the “ransom” for a trade deal, saying they should be told that “they can kiss goodbye to any fisheries deal” and “face the consequences: No access to our waters”. Britain already agreed to pay an exorbitant sum of money towards the EU’s budget in order to demonstrate goodwill at the start of the negotiations — a concession which does not appear to have achieved any reciprocal action on the EU’s part.

    Brexit leader Nigel Farage has previously said fisheries will be the “acid test”of Brexit: “have we got back our territorial waters; are we like Norway, Iceland, the Faroese, are we in control [again]”. If not, he suggested, a true Brexit will not have been achieved.

    Europeans have created an EUSSR on its way to becoming the Dhimmi state of Eurabia.

    Turns out the not-so-esteemed leaders never asked the people what they thought about the project. How many know Kohl acted liked a dictator to switch Germany to the euro? When the Germans were asked if they wanted to switch from the Mark to the Euro, some 84% of them said "No thanks". But then it was done anyway. Tells you a lot about the European UNION and its methods.

    Leftist policies require the participation of the unwilling, and that should tell you all you need to know.

    If we had a real government the only agreement would be, you turn back the boats or we will sink them. And the islamic “Hijrah” immigration jihad invasion continues. They emigrate to spread sharia and conquer unbelievers land. They will be rewarded by their fake god for spreading sharia.

    The arrogance of the EU is astounding, they will allow us X% of our own fish within our own waters.

    Fishermen: EU ‘Like Bully Who Steals Your Lunch’, ‘Expects ...

    01 XII 2020.

    30 Days left.

    There has never been democracy in the EEC / EU.

    If election results didn't suit the election had to be rerun.

    They don't bother with that anymore, the required result is made up and announced at the end of the sham election. The Republic of Ireland referendums on Divorce, Gay marriage and Abortion passed with 'made up results', like the old USSR and the US 2020 Presidential election. The Corporate Media's job is then to publicise, deliver and sell that 'result' so that we all believe there was a fair and honest election.

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    Boris Johnson’s Cabinet Backs a No-Deal Brexit if EU Trade Talks Collapse: Report

    Members of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s cabinet have backed the possibility of leaving the European Union without a trade deal, as lastest talks with the EU failed to make any meaningful progress on key differences.

    During the latest Brexit talks between the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and Prime Minister Johnson, the two leaders confirmed that “no agreement is feasible” without movement on fishing rights and issues of national sovereignty. The two did leave room for movement, however, agreeing to a “final throw of the dice” next week, as little over three weeks remain in the Brexit transition period.

    The Sunday Times reported that 13 cabinet ministers — including eight who voted against Brexit during the 2016 referendum — have backed the prime minister, should he decide to walk away without a deal. One Remainer cabinet minister told the paper: “The PM should do what is best. He has total, 100% rock-solid cabinet support.” The minister added: “Just get it done.”

    Another Remainer said: “I’d much rather we had a deal but he’s got a no-deal mandate if that is his judgment. Covid and its economic impact is much bigger and we can’t be seen to sell out on key sovereignty issues.”

    The European Union has been calling for a 10-year transition period on fishing quotas in British territorial waters while offering to return just 18 per cent of British fish to the UK in return. The EU is also trying to lock the UK into an agreement that would allow the bloc to set standards on environmental issues, labour rights, as well as setting a so-called ‘level playing field’ on state aid. Britain has rejected the notion of agreeing to such terms, particularly in light of the economic crisis caused by the Chinese coronavirus lockdowns, in which state funding for businesses may be required for the country to get out of the recession.

    French President Emmanuel Macron has been one of the main drivers behind the onerous demands coming from the bloc in the negotiations. Macron, who is up for re-election in 2022, is reportedly concerned that French businesses may face tougher competition from the UK, should the restrictions be lifted in a deal. The French Europe minister, Clement Beaune,
    said per The Telegraph: “We will not say to our fishermen we’ve sacrificed you all for them. They will be defended to the last. If there is a deal which is not good, then we would oppose it.”

    While the two sides have so far claimed to be “totally stuck” on fishing, regulations, and governance, sources in Brussels have claimed that the last-minute drama will ultimately result in a deal being struck next week. “There is no deadline, but putting my money on a Tuesday deal. This all seems very choreographed and this drama seems like a pretext for more time,” an EU diplomat said. “I still suspect we’re in deal territory, which requires a bit more time and a bit more drama. That’s what they’re buying themselves now,” another EU source claimed.

    The two principles in the negotiation, Prime Minister Johnson and EU commission president von der Leyen, are expected to have another round of talks on Monday. British sources have downplayed expectations of securing a deal, with a Downing Street insider saying that chances of a deal are “no better than 50-50″ at the moment. Another source described the Monday call as “the final throw of the dice”, adding: “There is a fair deal to be done that works for both sides but this will only happen if the EU is willing to respect the fundamental principles of sovereignty and control.” Despite officially leaving the European Union on January 31st, 2020, the UK remains under the bloc’s control until the end of the Brexit transition period on January 1st. Some have raised concerns that the UK would seek to extend the transition period in order to continue trade talks into next year.

    On Saturday night, Brexit leader Nigel Farage said that the British public will not accept an extension, writing: “I do hope that this lack of an agreement does not mean we are heading for an extension. After four and a half years, Brexit voters won’t tolerate that.”

    Jesus 4½ years of this nonsense. Billions wasted. Jobs lost. Our borders swamped with Muslims and Africans we don't want. Pathetic. And they will try to stitch a last second deal together. Enough already.
    Deal or No deal we will still be getting as many immigrants coming into the UK, in that Boris has sworn his allegiance to the UN Migration Pact. paid £28 million to France, which will still allow the boat invaders to come and remain, and is acting like a globalist communist dictator.

    These were my two main reasons for wanting out: to stop immigration, and not be tied to the communist EU.

    Carrie has done a Megan Markle on Boris and he is now a complaint simp.

    So the 'deal' (ie Association Agreement) is done !
    Just the final scene to be played then when the EU 'backs down' and gives the UK Government a fake victory to cover its a betrayal. It was always thus.

    Boris Johnson’s Cabinet Backs a No-Deal Brexit if EU Trade Talks Collapse: Report

    06 XII 2020.

    Why does Britain not recognize that Merkel’s Germany and France are intent on destroying the UK by any and every means, regardless of how long it takes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jagdmesser View Post
    Why does Britain not recognize that Merkel’s Germany and France are intent on destroying the UK by any and every means, regardless of how long it takes?
    Probably puzzled, because their respective governments are doing the same to their own countries.
    The behaviour of the EU demonstrates why one should not join this club.

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    Brexit: Farage Warns Boris Will Cave, as EU Won’t Give the UK ‘Anything’

    The European Union won’t offer the UK “anything”, warns Brexit leader Nigel Farage, who predicted on Monday that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will ultimately cave to EU demands in favour of securing a trade deal.

    As the end of the Brexit transition period quickly approaches, Nigel Farage said that French President Emmanuel Macron and EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier will offer “nothing” but forecast that Mr Johnson will ultimately sign a deal with the bloc regardless. Speaking on talkRadio, Mr Farage said that “the signs are not good” for securing a proper Brexit, claiming that the UK has already agreed to remain bound by the European Rights regime, including the European Convention on Human Rights which would be able to overrule UK courts. “But perhaps even more significantly, the Government has agreed that we’ll stay part of the European arrest warrant,” Mr Farage said. “I hope I’m wrong. I hope Boris Johnson realises that if he caves to their demands, not only will he face a rebellion within the Conservative Party but he will face a major electoral challenge from outside the Tory Party,” he warned.

    On the issue of the so-called “level playing field” on issues such as state aid for businesses, the veteran Brexit campaigner said that British negotiators “shouldn’t even be discussing” the matter. He argued that “it shouldn’t even be a consideration” because if the UK finds itself aligned to EU rules in any way, then it “is not Brexit”.“I’m afraid after four and a half years — that’s how long now Conservative prime ministers have had to sort this out — four and a half years and it is wholly unsatisfactory,” he said. The arch-Brexiteer opined that the prospect of a Joe Biden presidency will result in Boris Johnson caving to EU demands, so as to not anger the
    anti-UK globalist former vice president. While maintaining his belief that Mr Johnson will “sell out” the UK, Mr Farage warned that “if there is just even the faintest feeling that Boris has broken his promises we will be into very different politics in this country in a few weeks.

    On Monday, The Times reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron have agreed on a final offer to the UK, with the two leaders reportedly taking a more “conciliatory” approach to level playing field requirements. However, President Macron, who faces re-election in 2022, is said to be preparing to walk away from the talks in favour of a no-deal, apparently fearful that any concessions on his part on issues such as fishing rights may endanger his presidential run.

    Foreign Minister James Cleverly said that the UK will not “rollover” for the sake of a deal, saying that it “may well be that we don’t get the deal” but added that he believes it is still possible. Cleverly said that the EU must make some “small but significant concessions” before any deal is struck. “Outside the EU we can actually sign trade agreements more quickly with more countries than previously, so we do indeed hold all the cards,” he claimed. “I think if the EU recognise this they will see that actually making a few small but significant concessions can get this deal done and that will be in their interest and in our interest,” Cleverly said.

    As well we need to leave the UN. That's where the orders come from.

    Brexit was over at the second round of negotiations in 2017 when Barnier stated " There will be no concessions from the EU" IF we had walked away then, circumstances would have been different, BUT May, confirmed Globalist and traitor, just ignored the warning, and Boris has carried on. We have no hope, and no wonder, with a government of Common Purpose selling us out.

    another back door allowing more immigration by Boris at even lower wage requirement. Proposed new immigration rules contain devil in the detail – namely a very large reduction in the salary that skilled workers will need to earn in order to settle here (from just under £36,000 now to as low as £20,500).

    it's all theatre to soften us up to readily accept that the BrINO surrender treaty is: "the Brexit you voted for".
    A 'deal' of any kind does not constitute having left and is definitely not "the Brexit I voted for".

    Boris is a total Quisling who casually lies every time he's on TV. He has such a low and opportunistic character, a total chancer and shallow egotist ; a gruesome caricature of the zeitgeist who is making the gambit that he can betray and sell out Brexit voters due to the pathetic state of the opposition.

    Brexit: Farage Warns Boris Will Cave, as EU Won’t Give the UK ‘Anything

    After four and a half years of nothing but deceit from both the kleptocracy and the elitist establishment, culminating in the ongoing and most protracted negotiation with a brick wall in the history of man, it is most certainly quite clear that the racket won't give Britain anything. They didn't even recognise the UK as the UK within the racket. They saw and still see Britain as a number of EU sub Regions ruled ordered from continental capitals, and centrally governed plundered from Brussels.

    They openly planned the break-up of the UK for 2006, just after the Thirty Year Rule confirmed, that the promises made in the 1975 Referendum were nothing but an establishment pack of lies, and when Germany was about to take the Kleptocracy Presidency, (the job Blair was after). It didn't happen. The next move was to be the Constitreaty of Lisbon, stripping Britain of sovereignty while Blair undermined the UK with devolution. Still didn't happen. There was a Scottish Referendum. The people of Scotland voted to stay. Still didn't happen, now the SNP wants another referendum, and the racket wants an EU Army, (the one Clegg said was a fantasy, - before the Referendum). The British people fortuitously, voted to get out.

    But Britain, minus the so called elite, have not 'asked' for anything. They told politicians to get Britain out of a Franco German racket, that had magicked itself into a replica of the Soviet Union, that was now strangling her. Not to sign the UK into another 'deal,' with the Kleptocracy annexing Northern Ireland, controlling British commerce under Kleptocracy law, while keeping it's clutches on British fishing grounds.

    As for the Euro Peon Court of Human Rights / ECHR, which the racket require all of it's subjugated states to belong to, it is interesting to note that the EU is itself not a member. So why is a so called UK government, even considering remaining in another Euro Peon racket that has done so much damage to British interests, preventing the deportation of criminals and terrorists? In fact, why is the ECHR even being discussed alongside the Euro Peon Arrest Warrant another EU competence tentacle wrapped around the British throat. The ECHR should be going out simultaneously, but in a separate dustbin to avoid cross contamination.

    So, in a democracy, why have your politicians been able to defy the people, and prevent sovereignty for two and a half years beyond when sovereignty should have occurred at the expiry of Article 50? To say nothing of the cost of a loss of two and a half years of lost free trade with the rest of the world. There is currently only one conclusion. Britain is not a democracy, and they are not your politicians, - they belong to the Kleptocracy, evidenced by the fact that their performance has done nothing but advance Kleptocracy interests of keeping the British subjugated and paying the racket.

    They have already managed to redefine the meaning of the term 'deadline,' and if midnight on 31st December 2020, (Euro Peon time), does not see a complete end to this longest running pantomime in history, with every EU tentacle severed from British territory, the British will also be getting from their 'elite,' a new definition of sovereignty, not found in any dictionary.

    Brexit: Farage Warns Boris Will Cave, as EU Won’t Give the UK ‘Anything’

    09 XII 2020.

    22 days to go.

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