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    Quote Originally Posted by jagdmesser View Post
    If any one person was responsible for bringing about Brexit it was Merkel and her marxist attitude and policies about human rights and mass migration. Regard and respect for everyone but Europeans.

    So we buy less German products and pay the extra 20% tax on them.

    I am really glad the UK is out of the EU.

    Indeed, Merkel was just the figure-head, there. She represents a class of Eurocrats, Cultural Marxists and their pawns that want to transform European nations and to a amorphous mass of consumers made ready for a globalitarian system. If you don't like it, You are a NAZITHATWANTSTOGASSIXMILLIONJEWS.

    This is literally what it came down to.

    Reminds me of what happened in South Africa 30 years ago. While the givens are different. Gaslighting was rife then as well. The outcome was essentially High Treason with Whites losing sovereignty and some corrupt clique put into power, terrorists that posed as liberators.

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    Auf wiedersehen, Frau Merkel… you will not be missed by many of us in Britain

    Auf wiedersehen, Frau Merkel… you will not be missed by many of us in Britain

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel poses with Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson before their bilateral meeting at Chequers, the official country residence of the Prime Minister, near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Britain July 2, 2021.

    Few in the UK will shed any tears at the imminent departure of German chancellor Angela Merkel, the ‘Queen of Europe’ who has taken a hard-line stance against the UK over the years – particularly since the Brexit vote.

    Merkel has been visiting Britain for the last time as Chancellor, meeting Prime Minister Boris Johnson at his country residence, Chequers. No doubt Johnson had a number of issues on the agenda, most particularly her insistence on Brits being banned from travelling to Europe, and the Northern Ireland Protocol. However, I suspect he won’t have got very far, because Merkel is both obstinate and has proven in the past to be no friend of Britain.

    In fact, I would go as far to say that Merkel is one of the principal reasons the UK left the European Union. Her unbending adherence to EU rules ensured that successive British prime ministers banged their heads against a brick wall when attempting to negotiate with the bloc. Indeed, Merkel
    warned British MPs as far back as 2014 that the UK would not receive any special treatment if it tried to renegotiate its membership of the EU, and she proved true to her word.

    This was the attitude David Cameron, the then-British PM, encountered when he attempted his renegotiation with the EU in 2016. Indeed, on the eve of the Brexit referendum, Cameron pleaded with Merkel to be flexible over the EU’s policy of Freedom of Movement. Of course, his pleas fell on deaf ears and the rest, as we say, is history. Since the Brexit referendum, Merkel’s attitude towards the UK has hardened. In the days following the vote she warned Britain that the up-and-coming negotiations “would not be a cherry-picking exercise.” She set out her stall early, and rigidly stuck to it. Johnson will now encounter this same stubbornness as he attempts to work around the Northern Ireland Protocol. Although Merkel has called for a “pragmatic solution,” she has made it clear that the protection of the EU’s single market is sacrosanct. I cannot see any way around the impasse, because it is a case of the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object.

    Merkel’s contempt for the UK has really been highlighted during the current Covid crisis. Take, for example, her attitude towards the British Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. At first, she denounced it as unsafe and refused to allow people under 60 to have it, claiming it led to blood clots. This nonsensical policy had to be reversed when it became clear that Germany was falling behind in its vaccine rollout. Indeed, Merkel herself had an Oxford-AstraZeneca jab, if only to prove it was safe. For the record, her second jab was Moderna.

    Now she is calling for Brits to be banned from EU states, labelling the UK a “country of concern.” This contradicts the policy of UK government, which plans to allow Brits to travel to amber-list countries “later in the summer” if they are fully vaccinated. Although this potential ban will not affect Germany, it will cripple the tourist industry in Spain and Portugal. Even Tony Blair, a cheerleader of all things European, has stated that Merkel’s travel ban “makes no sense.”

    If Merkel is contemptuous of the UK, she is positively enamoured by the EU. She is part of the older generation of politicians who believe the EU is the answer to all Europe’s problems, and if the people do not like it, then tough… they must learn to live with it.

    I have seen Merkel’s zeal for the EU in person. When I was a Member of the European Parliament (2009-2019) she came to address us on numerous occasions. Every time we knew what we were going to get: a guarded and dull speech, which would be lauded by the Eurocrats as if it were the Sermon on the Mount. Indeed, when Merkel came to Brussels or Strasbourg, it was as if the Queen of Europe was in attendance.

    One speech in particular sticks in my mind, as it was the one occasion that Merkel let her mask slip and revealed her true ambitions for Europe. To a packed European Parliament in 2018, she announced that the EU needed to have its own army. Now, we had been saying for years that this was being planned. Indeed, when Nigel Farage claimed that the EU had ambitions for its own army back in 2014, it was passed off by Nick Clegg, the then-Deputy Prime Minister, as a “dangerous fantasy.”

    So, to finally hear it confirmed by Merkel was like music to our ears. It was a real ‘gotcha’ moment. We naturally barracked her for admitting this, and she turned to us and said, “this is great, I am annoying some people.” She was mistaken, she was not annoying us at all – she was just confirming that what we had been saying for years was true. We were over the moon, because the military ambitions of the EU had been exposed, and to hear it come from the lips of the bloc’s most powerful leader made it all the sweeter.

    Thankfully, Merkel will not be around for much longer. She will be replaced as German Chancellor in September by Armin Laschet, another Christian Democrat. Laschet is certainly more pro-British than his predecessor. He is the Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia, which was part of the Britishoccupied zone after the Second World War. Laschet has said that North Rhine-Westphalia is “intimately bound up with the United Kingdom and the remarkable dedication of our British friends.” This is all bodes well for future Anglo-German relations.

    In the meantime, it is auf wiedersehen Frau Merkel… you will not be missed by us on this side of the English Channel. But before you go, I would like to thank you Merkel from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work in helping us achieve Brexit. You get top marks for that!

    I was often bemused by the title of Merkel's party, the Christian Democratic Union. It is neither pro-Christian, nor pro-democracy. Then I realised that whatever a western politician says, they mean the opposite.

    The EU is not really of any consequence in the world , used by Washington as a tool against Russia , but its powers don't really extend beyond the commission in Brussels .

    EU is full of corrupt politicians just like the rest of the world's governments, pulling strings, waving flags and fighting amonst each other. Every time I have the pleasure of meeting an EU citizen in England they always tell me how he government are not in touch with their citizens. It's like a game of power.. once the UK is fully out, the EU will just fight with itself until another Country leaves.

    An EU army isn't for Europe, it's for the EU. Merkel is anti-nation, she is a globalist/supranationalist.

    We are enjoying being a free democracy again ,our economy is booming , we enjoy superior wine and meat imports from our fellow Anglo Saxon friends in Australia and export them the finest warships money can buy. The majority of our people understand that Europe and its EU Dictatorship are jealous of our freedom, that the EU is not and never has been our friend. As for Merkel, her legacy is the destruction of German culture.

    Merkel has gained the glorious place in Islamic history for the total Islamisation of Europe. What a great achievement.Merkel and the rest of the leaders in western/central europe are uniformly traitors & terrorists.

    Auf wiedersehen, Frau Merkel… you will not be missed by many of us in Britain 07 VII 2021.
    1) Islamified Europe,
    2) destroyed German culture and
    3) pushed UK out of the EUssr.
    Without Merkel there would never have been Brexit.

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    Close ranks means to be supportive of each other in times of need.

    ‘A Common Front’: 10 EU Members Join France to Condemn UK Over Post-Brexit Fishing Licences

    The UK and France are locking horns over London's refusal to let 75 French trawlers fish near the island of Jersey in the English Channel. Paris insists that Britain barring French fishermen from the area breaches the sides’ Brexit agreements.

    10 EU member states have joined France to call for “a common front” against London over its handling of a spat with Paris pertaining to the UK’s post-Brexit fishing licence requirements. In a statement on Monday, Paris’ allies, including Germany, Spain, Italy, and Belgium, condemned the British actions as "incomplete and inappropriate".

    We therefore call on the United Kingdom to promptly respond and undertake further technical work work in accordance with […] the agreement”, the document pointed out.

    French Fisheries Minister Annick Girardin described the statement as something that was designed “to push the UK to respect the Brexit deal”.

    The statement claimed that Britain’s demand for geolocation data from small fishing boats to prove their traditional grounds “is not provided for in the [Brexit] deal, and is not required by European regulations”.

    This joint declaration marks an important step because only a collective response will allow the European Union to contemplate serenely the continuation of the negotiations with our British partner”, she added.

    The remarks came after a raft of countries, including Germany, Spain, and Italy, lashed out at Paris over its statement last week to slam the UK’s “unsatisfactory behavior” and its “clear failure to comply with provisions” of the Brexit trade deal.

    France Refuses to Compromise in UK Fishing Row, Senior Diplomat Says

    Also last week, France’s Secretary of State for European Affairs Clement Beaune threatened the UK with “pressure” to the point of severing energy supplies if Britain fails to fully adhere to the terms of the Brexit deal.

    Brexit Minister David Frost, for his part, asserted that it was “unreasonable” to accuse the UK of not acting in good faith when allocating post-Brexit fishing licences to French boats. We have been extremely generous and the French, focusing in on a small category of boats and claiming we have behaved unreasonably, I think is not really a fair reflection of the efforts we have made. We have granted 98% of the licence applications from EU boats to fish in our waters according to the different criteria in the Trade and Co-operation Agreement, so we do not accept that we are not abiding by that agreement, he noted.

    This was preceded by French officials warning of potential "retaliatory action" against Britain after UK authorities rejected dozens of license applications from French trawlers seeking to fish in waters off Jersey, a British Crown dependency situated some 22 km off the French coast.

    Jersey authorities announced that they had denied fishing licenses to 75 French vessels, granting them to 64 boats along with 31 provisional licenses which will be valid until January and were issued pending the provision of additional information. All unlicensed boats will be required to stop fishing in the area within 30 days.

    ‘A Common Front’: 10 EU Members Join France to Condemn UK Over Post-Brexit Fishing Licences 12 X 2021.

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