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Thread: Study: Nearly Half of Women in Swedens Vulnerable Areas Feel Unsafe After Dark

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    Study: Nearly Half of Women in Swedens Vulnerable Areas Feel Unsafe After Dark

    Nearly half of the women in Swedens vulnerable areas, sometimes referred to as no-go zones, feel insecure in their own neighbourhoods in the evening, according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Br).

    The new report released on Friday claims that 48 percent of women living in Swedens often heavily migrant-populated vulnerable areas say they feel insecure about being outside, as opposed to women in other parts of the country, where the average is only 30 percent.

    For men, the sense of insecurity is much lower in vulnerable areas, with only 22 percent admitting to feeling unsafe, but the figure is dramatically higher than in the rest of Sweden, where a mere nine percent of men feel insecure.

    In some cases, the insecurity and concern of women in socially vulnerable areas are significantly higher, compared with men in the same areas, as compared to both women and men in other urban areas, said Br investigator Sofie Ahlin.

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