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Thread: Study: 83% Of Rapes In Denmark Are Committed By Migrants Or Their Descendants

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    Study: 83% Of Rapes In Denmark Are Committed By Migrants Or Their Descendants

    A recent study, by newspaper BT, reveals that 10 in 12 rapes committed in Denmark are by migrants, or their descendants. The review was based on sentencing reports between January 2016 and May 2017 and the figures have increased.

    The perpetrators were from Macedonia, Somalia, Bulgaria, Iraq and Eritrea. It is commonly know that Africa has a higher rate of sexual assaults than other areas of the world. These were also rapes where the victim did not know the attacker, which in Europe was more rare.

    Inger Støjberg, the Integration and Immigration Minister said:

    “It’s completely horrible. And that says something wrong with some of the immigrant communities in Denmark. It’s something we’ve seen through many years that crime rates are much higher in immigrant circles than it is among Danes. And when I see these very rough rapes – including assault violence – it’s a clear sign that you have not integrated.”

    This gives more evidence to the theory that immigrants to not leave the third world behind. The shocking statistic from Denmark reveals the contempt they feel for the society that has allowed them in. Though some were illegal immigrants and commit a number of rapes before being caught.

    Whilst some try to make excuses for the reasons behind the rapes, in 2017, rapes had increased 196%. This is since the Liberal party took over in Denmark and allowed more migrants based on official statistics.

    Despite this, Marcus Knuth, who is a Danish MP for the Party said at the end of 2017 that migrants need to be sent home, regardless if they have jobs or not. Many people countered his statement saying that the immigrants were filling jobs which were needed.

    However, these statistics from Denmark should be enough to make anyone want serious changes brought in.

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