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Thread: Identitarianism as LARPing

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    Identitarianism as LARPing

    I've witnessed the spectacular phenomena of Americans being singled out for LARPing, as if we're illegitimate bastards without the genetic right to Germanic inheritance. Does upholding the 1650s English Commonwealth and Protectorate religious and political arrangements in exile from the Stewart Restoration not count as validly English, because we are not under the monarchy of the later British "Commonwealth" (an insulting inversion of the historical English example, 1649-1660)? Who is truly Irish, between the North at Belfast and the Republic at Dublin? How does schism invalidate half of a Folk, over differences of framework for the sense of right governance? Let West and East Germans commit fratricide over the issue of who is real and fake...

    Maybe Icelanders are not Norwegian, because Denmark took over, still the case for the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Maybe Prussia was nothing but a LARPing festival for expat Germans in the Baltic, hence, Germany itself was united by LARPing. Maybe Austria isn't Bavarian, because of the Hungarian union. Maybe Flanders isn't Dutch, because of Celtic Belgian cohabitation with Romance "French"--the Flemings are actual Franks but unknown as such on a social basis. Hell, France is LARPing in the extreme, but not actively so, by being Germanic in name only, whereas they're supposed to be actually Celts, yet speak Romance languages on the whole.

    What does every Bavarian do when wearing lederhosen and dirndls, but LARP? Every time people wear uniforms from past battles of their ancestors and reenact the meaningful events of their Folk history, so that it never dies in obscurity, that is LARPing. There's no Germanic nation that doesn't preserve its ancestral legacy through LARPing. Rituals and traditions, wearing costumes and reciting legends or sagas are what keep the flames of heritage alive. People are, of course, free to choose from a vast array of rich cultural trappings in order to represent Germanic heritage before the world, to the edification of all generations and regions.

    I don't value American Civil War reenactments that highly, because it was an aberration to me and I have ancestors on both sides, having to live among the memories, but the French and Indian Wars, the Revolution and War of 1812, as well as the Mexican and Spanish wars, all seem worthwhile to LARP about. I think I have only been inclined to a slight non-Germanic interest, in some self-loathing Arthurian fantasy. That's easier to bridge with the Legend of Prince Valiant, than accepting Welsh and Tudor propaganda about my ancestors. I was sickened by my attempt to coddle and accommodate British identity in place of or superior to my English roots. I'm glad I put it behind me, to feel natural in Germanic studies and appreciation. I don't mind bagpipes and kilts, but am no Scotsman.

    If we don't live out our ancestry, we won't be in touch with it to pass it down. I care that my sons speak English rather than French or Latin, as used to be the case if English Folk wanted to get our government to listen to us in our own land--I had to learn them in order to understand historical documents between Hastings and the Hundred Years' War. That language red tape ended with the colonization of America and the execution of Charles I, the abolition of Prelacy, etc. LARPing is hardly an American phenomenon, for every time one sees a Confederate flag on fora like this, there are HRE, Prussian, Reich and Nazi along with Vinland flags.

    God forbid Americans identify as a portion of the total English population, for that means the death of ("German American?") Volksdeutscher aspirations in the wake of Soviet ethnic cleansing. Boers must accept the Mugabe purge and implode in the face of the Zulu warriors' LARPing descendants. If it is good for the goose, it cannot be bad for the gander. No more hypocrisy, please. Skadi is just VR LARPing, better known as RPG. This is where we brainstorm and communicate our worldviews and experiences with LARPing: It's where the Germanic Folk in our entirety debate and argue about us vs them and membership criteria. LARPing is cultural activism, folkishness made manifest.

    When I am the third in my line of British Englishmen to take an American Englishwoman to wife, I have to nullify the differences inasmuch as they have been healed by the time my father and I were born. Dad's mother and mine are both British and American in ancestry, although my wife is just American and it can be judged by this choice, that I have left Britain behind, to match my stateside interests. That doesn't mean I haven't any interest in England, but to the contrary, since I have come to accept American bias about Englishness. Gone are my former attachments to rank and posturing in the old aristocratic system. That doesn't make me any less English. Unlike David Cameron, I actually come from an English family, not some Scottish clan. Anthony Eden and (Scottish) Harold Macmillan along with Churchill, all had American background and they ran the UK from No. 10 Downing St.

    Who is going to attack Neopaganism for the LARPing parody it is? I don't, although I used to dismiss Christian heritage in favor of Asatru attitudes. I would rather put them both into perspective, where they fit in Folk history and society, past and present. If I mean to value my ancestors, I cannot discard my good Christian grandparents (especially since I'm godson to all four of them!), whatever the state of society since. I strenuously object to those aspersions cast at Christians in the sense that we are LARPing in emulation of Jews, taking Luther and throwing him out the window by using his treatise on Jewry to dismiss everything else he stood for. When you throw out the baby with the bathwater, you completely miss the point. There becomes no basis for the ideology, when you uproot it. For instance, antisemitism as a convention is rooted in Christianity, so bashing Christianity just does Jewry favors and makes you a "righteous Goy". It's nice to be used and abused, to be foolish, isn't it, shills?

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    I had to Google 'LARPing' :

    Live Action Role-Playing Game

    You are writing much text , which is difficult to read because of the long sentences.

    Life is a bitch and then you die ...
    Nothing much left after dead .

    The rich ones can leave much more
    and the academics leave a New World behind them.

    You seem to struggle with your heritage and want to adjust "rightfully" into
    the environment you were born into by parents not much interested in
    customs , traditions , history and heritage thus leaving you with nothing ,
    except a crappy Christian Religion , that has the disadvantage to be
    younger than the Jews with their Torah / Old Testament .
    Mk 10:18 What do you call me a good master, no-one is good .

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