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Thread: Islam as the Totality: The Final System of Human Slavery

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    Lightbulb Islam as the Totality: The Final System of Human Slavery

    Islam as the Totality: The Final System of Human Slavery
    By: Robert Koslov

    Many Muslim apologists have rightly called attention to the reality
    of Islam being a 'total' system -- governing not only the personal,
    but everything else as well. Whether we're talking about the
    spiritual, social, political, education, or economic realm -- Islam
    is, more than anything else, a system of everything. Now, some will
    say that this is nothing new and that every other system in the world
    is 'total' to some degree as well. Communism, Capitalism, Zionism,
    Socialism, National-Socialism, and Fascism all have a totalness about
    them -- and each has contributed to the state of the world at
    present. Each has been used by the powers that be to further lock
    down and consolidate their hold over penal colony Earth.

    The differences between these systems and Islam are not that they are
    really different, but that Islam actually incorporates them into
    itself. The 'genuise' of the Islamic system is that it not only
    anticipated these systems, but was crafted to specifcally supplant
    them as the final human system -- locking humanity and the planet
    into an abject state of slavery to a 'god' separated and distant not
    only from the universe -- but from man particularly. Out of all of
    the forms of monotheism, Islam goes the furthest in actually
    turning 'god' into a blackhole that swallows EVERYTHING --
    rendering every level of the material universe into nothing more than
    a mechanistic machine run by this removed 'god' who sends down his
    draconian 'divine laws' to keep men bound not only to himself in separation,
    but also to the material world itself. Ever stop to think why there's
    so much emphasis on the material 'rules and regulations' in Islam?
    While not only reflecting the reality of a people that cannot internally control
    themselves which require an outside force to subjegate them and their
    carnal selves, it also says something about this god of Islam as

    It's not very difficult to see that man becomes nothing more than a
    slave-tool in Islam who can only OBEY and gives up all hope of other
    choices. This is presented as liberation!

    God and creation are
    utterly separate. God could NEVER manifest WITHIN creation. And man
    could NEVER rise to be in Union with God. True enough, men are GIVEN
    free will by whoever the being is that presents himself as god in
    Islam -- but the choices are only two -- SUBMIT to the will of god
    and become one of his slaves -- or die.

    It's no big mystery as to why the non-Muslim world, particularly the
    European World, is such a threat to this system. Though hardly perfect
    and certainly being prepared for destruction, its 'relative freedom'
    simply has no place or use -- either for Islam or the powers that be.
    Islam cannot, by its very nature, exist alongside any other system.
    Once it takes hold, most NEVER will escape it. Indeed, the death
    sentence is pronounced for those who do attempt to leave it. The fact
    that there are those in the European World who act as apologists for
    Islam and suggest it is harmless, misunderstood, or is being unfairly
    criticized and targeted are either naive, blind, or willfully trying
    to destroy European humanity as they serve their masters. The reality, though,
    is that European civilization, as a whole, suffering from its own brand of a predatory, total-
    like system in the forms of Finance Capitalism and a misguided and misapplied Liberal Democracy, cannot, in its current condition, overcome or meet the challenge posed by the
    Islamic system. Both are certainly predatorial, but Islam's total
    predation not only anticipates all other systems, but as was said
    earlier, it absorbs them to itself. The god of Islam certainly
    appears to be a brilliant and master planner. The question now
    becomes: how are we, by our own actions, contributing to its spread --
    bringing about our own demise?

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    Post AW: Islam as the Totality: The Final System of Human Slavery

    Just look at the founders of Christianity and Islam: Jesus Christ was a docile man, who disliked any kind of violence. The day he was caught by the temple guards, Jesus prohibited Peter to protect him. He even cured the guard, whose ear was chipped by Peter. Jesus asked everybody to treat everyone as himself. And Jesus was not interested in temporal affairs. He gave to the emperor what should belong to the emperor and to god, what should belong to god.

    But Mohammed is the whole opposite of Jesus. Mohammed was a commander, who conquered his birthplace Mecca, because Mecca refused his new religion, than Mohammed conquered the Arabian peninsula. Mohammed was also a bandit, he attacked caravans to defray his subsistence. And his religion made laws. Not only laws, how to pray to god, or something like this, ascertained laws for the whole live. Today we would say, Mohammed created a new family laws, new criminal laws and new civil laws. To be a good Muslim force everyone to follow that laws and whenever the laws of Allah are in contradiction to the laws of the country where he is, a Muslim has to decide for Allahs law. Islam does not want the soul of its believers, Islam wants the complete man and that makes Islam similar to a totalitarian state. Islam is a threat to our society and to our European heritage. It is barbaric religion with barbarian punishment. Islam does not know real peace, until the whole world prays to Allah. The relationship to disbeliever states could just be war or cease fire. And cease fire is just the break between two attacks.

    As more and more Muslims came to Europe, they become more influence, more influence for them means first mosques, head scarf and special butcher and in the end sharia for everyone.

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