This morning, I was driving to work on the interstate highway and this happened:

I'm in the middle lane and the car isn't going that fast, so pull in behind the vehicle in the passing lane. The passing lane vehicle dropped speed, so I went back to the middle lane. When I see the other vehicle speed up, I give the passing lane another try and not only does the driver slow down again, but throw out his cigarette at me. I got back into the middle lane and pulled up fast enough to pass him from there, so he flashes his high beams at me. He gets impatient and falls back, to switch all the way over to the slowest lane and I speed up, thinking I might make room behind me at the same time. I ended up driving 110 MPH ahead and he speeds up in front of me, as I'm passing a semi-trailer, instantly creating a hazardous situation, by forcing himself through the narrow gap, just to be in front of me. I beeped my horn at him and then he slowed down again, so I beeped again, as he finally moved out of the way and in front of the semi-trailer in the middle lane. I drove by and he whipped out his pistol and waved it at me, as I told him he doesn't own the road. I just keep going and then he speeds up far ahead again. I lowered my speed to take the next exit to my destination, while he went God knows where. This drama had to have gone on for about ten miles. I've never seen someone do that before!

On the other hand, I had to take summer school in 11th grade and this rich Jew Ben Kaplan decided that he thought it was funny to run me down on the sidewalk as I went to class that morning. He was driving a new vehicle his parents got for him when he turned 16. I told the campus cop about this and the bastard was banned from the rest of the summer, so he had to make it up next year or something.

Those are the worst examples I've had to put up with.

What are your stories?