What's odd about France and the Franks, is that despite the reversal of name origins, France is actually Celtic and Belgium is Germanic, interspersed with the ultramontane Romance stranglehold. It's the same principle as recognition for the Celtic heritage of Bavaria, Austria and Bohemia/Czechia on one hand and the Baltic heritage of Prussia/Kaliningrad on the other.

Nevertheless, there's no effort to promote common Celtic heritage between the Gallic French and Bretons. What's the point of Walloons separated from France, aka Gaul? Similarly, why aren't Artois, Flanders, Zeeland and Holland consitituting one country more properly called France? What's the point of Frisians separated from the Netherlands instead of living as one body? Wouldn't it make more sense to have an Italo-Celtic country called Gaul instead of France, with Belgium instead called France, then Friesland instead of the Netherlands, Saxony instead of Germany?

These are identity questions that require folkish answers, not civic obeisance to bureaucracy. What would it take to change?