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Thread: The Suicide of Europe - The How and Why

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    The Suicide of Europe - The How and Why

    The civilization born of Judeo-Christian values, ancient Greek philosophy and the discoveries of the Enlightenment is staring at the abyss, brought there by its own hand. To put it starkly: Europe is committing suicide.

    How did this happen?

    It’s a complicated story, but there are two major causes.

    The first is the mass movement of peoples into Europe. This has been going on steadily since the end of World War II but sped up massively in the migration crisis of 2015, when more than a million migrants poured into Europe from the Middle East, North Africa and East Asia.

    The second, and equally significant, is that Europe lost faith in itself—its beliefs, its traditions and even its very legitimacy.

    Let’s take a closer look at both causes.

    For decades, Europe encouraged people—mostly from the Middle East and North Africa—to come as temporary workers. Nobody expected them to stay. Yet they did. And nobody asked them to leave, even those who came illegally. As one British immigration minister put it in 1999, “Removal takes too long, and it’s emotional.”

    And, of course, why would they leave? The economic opportunities were far greater in Europe than from where they came. And if the work dried up, there were generous welfare benefits to be had.

    For a time, immigrants were allowed—even encouraged, thanks to the European commitment to “multiculturalism”—to pursue whatever culture they wanted. But that didn’t work out well. The leaders of Britain, France and Germany admitted as much in 2011, when David Cameron, Nicholas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel dramatically announced that multiculturalism had failed.

    So, the immigrants were then asked to assimilate and embrace Western values. If that happened, European governments reasoned, all the financial costs, even the occasional acts of terrorism, could be overlooked.

    But it never happened. And immigration just increased.

    During 2015, Germany and Sweden added 2% to their populations in a single year. By 2017, the most popular boys name in United Kingdom was Muhammad.

    So, why did European leaders decide Europe could take in anyone in the world, whether fleeing war or simply seeking a better life, no matter how different—or even opposed—their values were to European values?

    The one-word answer to this question is guilt. Aren’t these refugees, the thinking goes, fleeing the consequences of European imperialism? Didn’t we mercilessly exploit these unfortunate people in their home countries? Aren’t we the cause of their misery?

    Accepting them into Europe is meant to be a wiping-away of this guilt. This is especially true of Germany. In allowing one and a half million people into her country in 2015, Angela Merkel was, in effect, proclaiming to the world that Germany, the great aggressor of the twentieth century, the architect of the Holocaust, would be the humanitarian superpower of the twenty-first. A noble sentiment, perhaps, but who pays the price? The ordinary citizens of Europe, who have seen crime and terrorism increase exponentially. Their fears and frustrations have been largely ignored—or worse.

    In October 2015, the German government designated that 800 newly arrived immigrants were to be housed in the German town of Kassel. Concerned residents had a meeting to ask questions of their representatives. As a video recording shows, the citizens were calm and polite. Then, at a certain point, their district president informs them that the refugees are coming regardless of their objections and anyone who does not agree with the policy is “free to leave Germany.”

    This official attitude—if there is a problem, it’s not with the refugees, but with the citizens—reflects the sense of what I call “tiredness”—a feeling among the elite class that the European story has played out: that we have tried religion and all imaginable forms of politics, and that each has, one after another, led us to disaster. We taint every idea we touch, so who’s to say that the world wouldn’t be better off without us?

    Of course, only people who have no idea how lucky they are could take this view. Ironically, no one knows this better than those refugees who truly did assimilate and who defend Western values. Extraordinary people, like Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who left the Netherlands because she believed in the principles of the Enlightenment more than the Dutch did. Or Hamed Abdel-Samad in Germany, whose life is threatened by fellow immigrants because he defends European values.

    This is the stuff of suicide, the self-annihilation of a culture.

    It is possible that ordinary Europeans will join their leaders in this pact. But recent opinion polls suggest that they have no intention of doing so. How they act on that intention will be the great story of the years ahead.

    Are we about to witness the end of Europe, or its re-birth?

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    Left-Wing Journalist on Sweden’s Migrant Suburbs: “Everyone Knew it Would End in Disaster”

    A left-wing journalist in Sweden who vehemently supported mass immigration has changed her tune, admitting that when it came to Sweden’s crime-ridden no-go areas, “everyone knew it would end in disaster.”

    Aftonbladet’s Lena Mellin now acknowledges that Sweden’s attempt to integrate huge numbers of migrants from Africa and the Middle East has failed. “All parties, with the possible exception of the Left Party and the Sweden Democrats [SD], who hardly affected the reality on this point, should be ashamed,” writes 64-year-old Mellin. She accuses politicians of having “largely neglected the development in some of our suburbs” despite the fact that “everyone knew it would end in disaster.” Numerous people pointed out the hypocrisy of Mellin admitting she knew integration was failing yet still refusing to abandon her support for mass immigration.

    “Incredible! Lena Mellin, of all journalists one of the foremost advocates for mass immigration and multiculturalism, one of the worst SD-haters, claims that ‘one has known for years’ that it would go to hell,” tweeted Ted Ekeroth. “For more than a decade Sweden’s ruling class — including political leaders and the media — has denied that there are any problems in the country’s banlieues (is a suburb of a large city. Banlieues are divided into autonomous administrative entities and do not constitute part of the city proper.) caused by the mass importation of Third World immigrants. Except for problems caused by those WAYCIST (taken from the word racist meaning somone who is bias against someone ) Swedes, of course,” writes the Gates of Vienna blog.

    “Now it seems that the truth about cultural enrichment has become so blatant that it can no longer be denied. The response of the Swedish media establishment? “We knew all along that things would end badly; we just forgot to tell you.” And they blame the politicians.”

    Sweden continues to experience huge problems with violent crime, shootings, explosions and grenade attacks, mostly as a result of turf warfare between rival migrant gangs. Authorities in Malmo responded by
    inviting local gang leaders for pizza, while the Swedish government recently announced it would commit $175,000 to funding Drag Queen Story Time events where men dressed as women read and perform to children.

    Left-Wing Journalist on Sweden’s Migrant Suburbs: “Everyone Knew it Would End in Disaster”

    19 XI 2019.

    Sweden PM Claims No Link Between Rising Gang Crime and Mass Migration

    Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has claimed that there is no link between the high number of migrants the country has taken in recent years and the rising problem of gang violence.

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    Sweden: Total Demographic Disaster

    Doomed Whites support their own destruction.

    Sweden: Total Demographic Disaster

    ALL PEOPLE ARE equal and completely interchangeable, with the obvious exception of your Jewish rulers, who were chosen by g*d (you weren’t, sorry). With this amazing truth in mind, it makes perfect sense to flood your ancient homeland with the worst available genetic aliens. We’ll just miracle them into good little consumers and hedonists, don’t even worry about it. These 80-IQ Brown rapists and breeders are going to save your pension and help you win the vital “people race.” Any objection to the kosher planned demolition of your country is clearly “racist” and possibly even “xenophobic.” Besides, everything is fine. It’s not like you’re rushing toward a tipping point which will signal the end of your nation as a meaningful entity or anything.

    According to newly released statistics, nearly 20% of the Swedish population, or one in five people, were born outside of the country as of 2019, a new record. Wow, a new record! What an exciting time to be alive! Think of all the great food and music, the deeply spiritual moon cult faith, the grenade and acid attacks, the rape gangs…

    A total of 1,960,000 foreign-born people now reside in Sweden according to Statistics Sweden who notes that the number of foreign-born residents has nearly doubled between 2000 and 2019, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports. When I consider this massive invasion of hostile foreign aliens here to loot and destroy the word that immediately comes to mind is sustainable.

    Iraqi migrants have also seen a surge in numbers since 2000 and as of August 2015 have replaced Fins in second place to Syrians. As of August of this year, there were 190,209 Syrian-born migrants, 145,602 Iraqis and 145,487 Finns

    It’s pretty obvious what needs to be done. We must stop all that immigration from Finland.

    The municipality of Södertälje has had some difficulties with integration over the last few years with several incidents of homophobia reported including a group of Syrian migrants attacking a homosexual migrant in 2017 and local officials claiming that pride flags had repeatedly been sabotaged and taken down. Your country is literally burning and the only problem we’re allowed to talk about is the time enemygrants harassed analists. My faggot flag was taken down by “women and children fleeing war.” This is Clown World.

    Several areas of Södertälje have also been listed by Swedish police in prior reports on “vulnerable areas,” commonly referred to as no-go zones, with the areas of Ronna, Geneta and Lina being listed as “particularly vulnerable.”

    We’re going to get the most amazing eulogy from our Jewish enemy, I can’t wait.

    This is just the end-game. The damage was done long before, and they did it to themselves.
    All of Europe—-Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Spain—-many, too many people in these countries did not want to have children, or more than one, anyway. I cannot understand this. Who would not want to see himself and his wife replicated in another human being, that they themselves produced?
    “Ah, but (the Jews, the Environmentalists, the Vegetarians, the economy, the atheists, whatever) told me not to have children!”
    So now they are getting migrants, fake “children” who will support their old-age pensions. Keep dreaming. NO sympathy from me. . . . and so Europe passes into legend, into fairyland. It will make for some interesting semi-historical fantasy novels. Camelot, all over again, but this time write large, involving all of Europe.

    Sweden: Total Demographic Disaster

    20 XI 2019.

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    Sweden: Statue of Virgin Mary Stolen and Found Chopped Into Pieces

    A bronze 200-kilogram statue of the Virgin Mary has been found cut up into six pieces days after it was stolen from a Roman Catholic church in the city of Gothenburg.

    The statue, which was around 1.75 metres (5’7″) in height, was stolen from the St. Mary Magdalene’s church in Hisingen, where it lay in a custom-built area outside of the church building, Goteborgs Posten reports.

    The statue was later found on Thursday afternoon in a storage room next to a transformer, cut up into six different parts. Doris Wennerberg, the parish assistant at the Mary Magdalene Catholic Parish, said that she hoped the statue could be put back together and placed back where it had been stolen from. “We will review the security, it has been stolen once so there is a risk that it will be taken again and perhaps in an even worse way. It must be repaired and we must get a new safety device before we can set it up again,” she said.

    According to criminal and freight inspector at the Stockholm Police Jan-Åke Törnhage, thefts of bronze objects and statues are becoming more and more common across Sweden, with thieves likely looking to melt the statues down in order to sell the metal.

    The theft comes just over a year since Swedish crown jewels belonging to former Swedish King Charles IX along with the funeral crown of his wife Christina of Holstein-Gottorp were
    stolen from Strängnäs cathedral. The jewels, said to be worth 65 million kronor ($7.2 million), were later recoveredby police several months later in the Stockholm area and a 22-year-old man was arrested in connection to the theft.

    Church desecrations and robberies have been a major issue in other European countries like France where an estimated three churches are attacked every day on average.

    Sweden has turned into an Islamic Caliphate but we all knew that would happen. Enjoy your multiculturalism Sweden. You deserve everything that happens to you now.

    How many more indications of the islamic muslim invasion of Europe and Christianity do they need?

    Will the Swedish msms report it?

    Sweden: Statue of Virgin Mary Stolen and Found Chopped Into Pieces08 XII 2019.

    MSM reporting of criminals ethnicity is banned and if that doesn’t work ban reporting the crimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jagdmesser View Post
    MSM reporting of criminals ethnicity is banned and if that doesn’t work ban reporting the crimes.
    What's the evidence for the ban? -Instructions-

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    I've observed it is only with obvious reluctance and brevity that the American MSM have been reporting the race and/or religion of terrorist attackers... Unless, of course, the perpetrator happens to be of white European descent. And then they usually get the reason for the criminal conduct wrong by speculating they were "white supremacists".
    Aside from an ever increasing number of mortals who have willfully chosen to worship Satan and his minions, our battle has always been against the powers and principalities operating surreptitiously throughout this twisted world.

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    Sweden in Uproar Over Video of Immigrant Gang Abusing, Urinating on Swedish Boy

    In recent years, a new phenomenon of “domination crime” has emerged across Scandinavia, referring to gross unprovoked violence with the intention to humiliate.

    A video of an immigrant gang humiliating a Swedish boy by beating him and urinating on him, published by the news outlet Samhällsnytt, has sparked strong reactions in the Scandinavian nation. In the video, at least two perpetrators are seen and heard hitting and kicking the boy, while calling him names such as “bastard” and “motherfucker”, and forcing him to open his mouth. It is yet unclear when and where the abuse took place, but Samhällsnytt alleged it occurred in Stockholm.

    ​The case appeared to resonate with the Swedish public, triggering massive outbursts of indignation.

    'Reverse racism does not exist'. Well it really doesn't. There is only racism. Has it ever happened in Swedish history that a bunch of Swedes abused and pissed on an immigrant while filming it? No. Expel these animals. They have nothing to do in Sweden”, writer Luai Ahmed tweeted.

    ​“I'm boiling with rage. I suffer so immensely with the Swedish boy in the clip. Do you politicians even understand what you have done? These damn lowlifes must get out of this country. Age does not matter. They are going out!” journalist Mira Aksoy tweeted.

    ​“Had the roles been reversed, it would have been written in the media for weeks, with extra news coverage... [Prime Minister] Löfven would have been complaining about racism, demonstrations would have been held, etc”, another Swede reacted.

    ​​“Cultural enrichment. These doctors, engineers and taxpayers only share their culture, you understand. He should be grateful for this because he as a Swede has no culture whatsoever and would never manage without their indispensable help in society. Understand that!” another one scoffed bitterly, satirising the official
    rhetoric about immigration.

    ​Comic strip writer I Fablernas Land (”In the land of fables”) retorted with a caricature of the Swedish establishment led by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and cabinet ministers urinating on the public from a podium.

    ​Still others referenced the phenomenon of “dominance crime”. So-called “domination crimes”, a new crime description coined in Denmark, have been spreading across Scandinavia. The term refers to gross, unprovoked violence with the intention to humiliate, in particular committed by immigrants against locals.

    According to the news outlet Document, domination crime is taboo in Norwegian courts, despite numerous occurrences. According to Document, instead of throwing the book at the perpetrators, they receive a penalty discount for coming from a different culture.

    “Cases are being explored for extenuating circumstances. This is how perpetrators get the feeling of having special rights”, Document reported.

    SPUTNIK: Sweden in Uproar Over Video of Immigrant Gang Abusing, Urinating on Swedish Boy

    19 XII 2019.

    EU compels member states to put all their money into social services, benefits, free schooling, housing for loads of immigrants that invade and who in turn don't work and attack anything that’s not their former culture. Everything offends them.There is no appreciation of kindness, which they consider as weakness. They are offensive because that’s how they take over a district, suburb, town, region and country.

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    ​“I'm boiling with rage. I suffer so immensely with the Swedish boy in the clip.
    Here's a notion I can't get behind.

    Nietzsche and a reading of the Book of Job has highlighted for me the folly of pity, which entails suffering with others.

    A great man like Frederick the Great preferred to suffer alone.

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