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Thread: Regarding our racial Quagmire

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    Question Regarding our racial Quagmire

    As I walk the streets of the BIg Apple.
    I am noticing that all of today's youth are acting and dressing like the nigger.
    It is very clear that the jEw is the cause of this.
    20 years ago when MTV first came out.
    All you heard and saw is "White" music.
    Thus, the average white kid acted and dressed "White"
    Including myself.
    To act anything other than white was unheard of.
    Sure, the styles were different, longer hair, blue jeans, rock shirts, denim jackets, cross ear rings, etc.;
    But, it was nothing even remotely representing the nigger.
    The owners of shows like MTV, are the same as the were in 81'

    The bottom line is, that the jEw is promoting niggers into "Icons."
    So, the white youth has nobody to look up to but filthy niggers.
    They are promoting, that it is OK to be black. They are promoting that it is OK to have sexual relations with niggers.

    Lets say you were dating a white girl, and you were getting intense with her.
    Then you found a photo of her ex boyfriend, blacker than the ace of spades.
    White light would you see her in then?
    Would you continue the relationship?

    You see, the main problem is what our youth is exposed to, and the people who are promoting anti white movies, shows and clothes.
    When you are young, you are easily influenced.
    This is not the teens fault.
    Because, they don't know any better.
    It is very important for parents and fellow whites, to guide the mislead youth.
    That way they, they DO NOT get tainted with Negro bacteria.
    Once you go black, there is no coming back.

    Females have to realize that once they go black, no real white man will ever touch them.
    You can never wash off nigger.
    It is with you for life.
    Kind of like an internal tattoo.

    I will get into more into this, on other threads.

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    I agree this is a fucked up thing that is happening I grew up in Philadelphia,Pa. and I must say that back then you were hard pressed to even locate a nigger in sections like olony and northeast phila... come to think of it I didn't know what a nigger was until they flooded our neighborhood one day and fucked up our property values... and quite honestly I hope the same for my children and yours... not that I want to see niggers in your nieghborhood but on the contrary... that growing up they don't even know what one is until they can understand how wrong they are. Unfortunately today in those same neighborhoods you are now hard pressed to find a white.... disturbing.

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    Any White female that has relations with a shit-skin is a race traitor...She can swing from the same rope as her boyfriend.

    White males who have relations with shit-skins will find themselves swinging from a rope also.

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