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Thread: How False Flag Operations Are Carried Out Today

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    How False Flag Operations Are Carried Out Today

    False Flag is a concept that goes back centuries. It was considered to be a legitimate ploy by the Greeks and Romans, where a military force would pretend to be friendly to get close to an enemy before dropping the pretense and raising its banners to reveal its own affiliation just before launching an attack. In the sea battles of the eighteenth century among Spain, France and Britain hoisting an enemy flag instead of one’s own to confuse the opponent was considered to be a legitimate ruse de guerre, but it was only “honorable” if one reverted to one’s own flag before engaging in combat.

    Today’s false flag operations are generally carried out by intelligence agencies and non-government actors including terrorist groups, but they are only considered successful if the true attribution of an action remains secret. There is nothing honorable about them as their intention is to blame an innocent party for something that it did not do. There has been a lot of such activity lately and it was interesting to learn by way of a leak that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has developed a capability to mimic the internet fingerprints of other foreign intelligence services. That means that when the media is trumpeting news reports that the Russians or Chinese hacked into U.S. government websites or the sites of major corporations, it could actually have been the CIA carrying out the intrusion and making it look like it originated in Moscow or Beijing. Given that capability, there has been considerable speculation in the alternative media that it was actually the CIA that interfered in the 2016 national elections in the United States.

    False flags can be involved in other sorts of activity as well. The past year’s two major alleged chemical attacks carried out against Syrian civilians that resulted in President Donald Trump and associates launching 160 cruise missiles are pretty clearly false flag operations carried out by the rebels and terrorist groups that controlled the affected areas at the time. The most recent reported attack on April 7th might not have occurred at all according to doctors and other witnesses who were actually in Douma. Because the rebels succeeded in convincing much of the world that the Syrian government had carried out the attacks, one might consider their false flag efforts to have been extremely successful.

    The remedy against false flag operations such as the recent one in Syria is, of course, to avoid taking the bait and instead waiting until a thorough and objective inspection of the evidence has taken place. The United States, Britain and France did not do that, preferring instead to respond to hysterical press reports by “doing something.” If the U.N. investigation of the alleged attack turns up nothing, a distinct possibility, it is unlikely that they will apologize for having committed a war crime.

    The other major false flag that has recently surfaced is the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury England on March 4th. Russia had no credible motive to carry out the attack and had, in fact, good reasons not to do so. The allegations made by British Prime Minister Theresa May about the claimed nerve agent being “very likely” Russian in origin have been debunked, in part through examination by the U.K.’s own chemical weapons lab. May, under attack even within her own party, needed a good story and a powerful enemy to solidify her own hold on power so false flagging something to Russia probably appeared to be just the ticket as Moscow would hardly be able to deny the “facts” being invented in London. Unfortunately, May proved wrong and the debate ignited over her actions, which included the expulsion of twenty-three Russian diplomats, has done her severe damage. Few now believe that Russia actually carried out the poisoning and there is a growing body of opinion suggesting that it was actually a false flag executed by the British government or even by the CIA.

    The lesson that should be learned from Syria and Skripal is that if “an incident” looks like it has no obvious motive behind it, there is a high probability that it is a false flag. A bit of caution in assigning blame is appropriate given that the alternative would be a precipitate and likely disproportionate response that could easily escalate into a shooting war.

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    Trump told Theresa May he doubted Russia was behind Skripal poisoning

    Donald Trump disputed that Russia was behind the attempted murder of a former Russian spy in a tense call with Theresa May, it has emerged.

    Despite the widespread conclusion that Vladimir Putin's regime was behind the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia last year, the US president is said to have spent 10 minutes expressing his doubts about Russian involvement.

    According to the Washington Post, Trump "harangued" May about Britain's contribution to Nato in a phone call with Britain's then prime minister in the summer of last year, before disputing Russian involvement in the Skripal case.

    "Trump totally bought into the idea there was credible doubt about the poisoning," said a figure briefed on the call. "A solid 10 minutes of the conversation is spent with May saying it's highly likely and him saying he's not sure."

    The Skripals were left fighting for their lives after the novichok attack in Salisbury, while a policeman was also left seriously ill. A second policeman was recently discovered to have been injured in the attack.

    Two Russian agents, Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, were identified as the likely culprits. However, they later appeared on Russia's state-funded TV station RT, claiming they visited the "wonderful" English city as tourists to see its cathedral.

    Trump has been pursued over his relationship with Russia ever since allegations emerged that the country colluded with the Trump presidential campaign in 2016. The Robert Mueller report, which examined the claims, concluded Russia had been attempting to swing the presidential election in favour of Trump, but did not say whether there had been collusion.

    Stephen Gethins, a Scottish National party member of the foreign affairs select committee, said: "The evidence of Russian involvement in the poisoning of Mr Skripal and his daughter is overwhelming. It was an appalling chemical weapons attack that should horrify us all.

    "What is just as worrying is that Boris Johnson wants to align the UK closer to Donald Trump with his discredited foreign policy. Our closest foreign policy partners are and should remain those in the EU. We need to work with our partners in Europe to stand up to Putin's bullying of Russia's neighbours as well as attacks on human rights and democracy activists domestically."

    At the time of the Skripal poisoning, Jeremy Corbyn caused a backlash among his own MPs after appearing to question the evidence that Moscow was behind the Salisbury attack. Corbyn warned that the government should not be "rushing way ahead of the evidence" over the poisoning and warned of a drift towards a "new cold war" with Russia.

    Trump told Theresa May he doubted Russia was behind ...

    07 X 2019.

    Then it was ‘Russiagate’ now its Ukraine. MSM exercising ‘fake news’ BS. That's all it was.

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