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Thread: The Complexes on Perperikon Mountain in Bulgaria

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    The Complexes on Perperikon Mountain in Bulgaria

    The mountain of Perperikon was inhabited by humans since the dawn of history. The earliest traces of human civilization discovered so far at Perperikon were dated to the late Neolithic Period, 6th-5th millennium BC. Every month, this place considered holy, not only by Thracians and Ancient Greeks, but also by Christians reveals fascinating stories.

    Some experts are even ready to affirm that if Bulgaria’s ministry of Culture makes an adequate road and transportation system, as well as presentable hotels in populated areas near the historical site and of course a good publicity campaign, Perperikon may just become one of the most visited places in Eastern Europe. They base their theory on the fact that today when the site of Perperikon is still being excavated and the ways to get to the site are really not adequate and some very long, more than 1500 tourists come to visit the site every week-end…and in all of the last tourist season around 400 000 visitors mainly from Western-Europe, America, Australia and Bulgaria came to visit Perperikon. Pretty impressive when the main road to the site is made from rocks and some are so big you have to climb them. You could find more detailed information on the official site of Perperikon.

    The location of Perperikon

    Plan of the Palace

    Plan of the monastery complex

    Tombs found in the monastery

    The holy mountain of Perperikon

    The "beautiful" road

    The Ruler's tomb
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