I need help. Sonderkommando-H (H for Hexen-Witches) seems to have been an SS creation. The purpose of this organization was to collect information, allegedly to be used against the Catholic Church, if need be, regarding the Inqusition and the church's crack down on practitioners of ancient Germanic religion. Then, the focuss seems to have shifted to gathering information on this ancient Germanic religion and its magical practices. A huge card-catalogue was developed by the SS containing information concerning this--hence the name Kartothekia, shortened to Karotechia by members. Members began referring to each other by runic names given at time of SS initiation in their written communications.

Things developed. In the Ahnenerbe, the Abteiliung zur Ueberpruefung der Sogenannten Geheimwissenschaften (The Division for the Examination of the So-Called Secret Sciences), as well as the Dept. for Pre-and Early History, run by Karl Maria Willigut were undermined and eleminated by the success of Karotechia. Soon, Karotechia was recording incantatins to summon ancient and unearthly gods. The internet reports disasters concerning this and loss of life for SS members. Karotechia was seen at this point as a possible occult weapon to be harnessed and directed at the Allies.

In 1944, Kartechia was said to have discovered a Germanic Necronomicon. Karotechia was said to be researching mysterious lost alien cities in Antarctica, buried under the ice. Karotechia members were said to have taken part in the activities of the Nazi survival groups (Die Spinne, Immergruen, die Bruderschaft, ODESSA, and so forth). In this mix of Nazi groups, Karotechia members were said to be feared and not trusted.

I have read a good report on the internet in German about this group. There is lots of garbage, some of which I have repeated here. My question is: Does anyone know anything about this organization? Please respond if so.